Are the “End Days” Upon Us?

Are End Days here?It certainly does seem as if the “End Days” are upon us. So many disasters and terrifying events happening in so many places, one after another. Just here in the US, we had the cataclysmic stream of hurricanes, then the horrific Las Vegas shootings, and then the devastating fire storm that hit Northern California last week—all in a very short period of time.

To make matters even more disturbing, there are dozens of reports—many of them by credible scientists and insiders— stating that all of these events, as well as many other similar ones in the past, have been purposely engineered in some way.

Both the End Days and the Beginning Days

With all this, it’s only natural to be experiencing fear, anxiety or despair—especially if you have been directly impacted by any of the terrifying events that have been happening. The world seems so out of control and unsafe. Where will the next drastic earth change hit? Where will the next terrorist attack occur?

It can very much feel like the end of the world is happening. And, actually, it is—we have moved into the End Days that have been predicted in many spiritual texts and spoken about throughout the ages. We are seeing the end of the world—the world as we have known it.

We're in In-Between Times.What’s not so well understood is that this means we are also in the “Beginning Days”. Or perhaps, more accurately, a place that is in between the two, described by certain indigenous tribes as the “In-Between Times”—times in which all the old corrupt social and political structures must collapse and fall to make way for a new world in which peace, love, justice and harmony will reign.

These turbulent times are not new on Earth. The planet and humanity have been here before. Similar chaotic and disastrous events, both within the world of humanity and on the Earth herself, have happened before. And always, they have eventually resolved in a higher consciousness and peace on Earth. It’s a cyclical thing.

The Battle between the Dark and the Light

What we’re experiencing now is also an enactment of the battle between the Dark and the Light that’s playing out. We see that drama in the events in the world, and we experience it within ourselves. The Dark is being pushed to the surface everywhere, because it’s time for it to be purged and released.

Choosing the LightThe planet and all of us riding with her are in the process of shifting into a dramatically higher dimension than they have been in for eons of time—and the Dark cannot go with us. It must be seen clearly in all its manifestations and then released.

So, understanding all this can perhaps bring some sense of relief—everything isn’t as out of control as it may seem. There is a plan, an unfolding, a positive direction we are ultimately going in—however chaotic and scary it may seem at this point.

Nonetheless, it can certainly be frightening trying to negotiate so many unknowns at once in our lives. Yet, as Lightworkers, we know we can’t succumb to lower-dimensional emotions and reactions when disastrous events occur—or at least remain in them if they do arise. As difficult and confusing as these times may be for us, we know that we incarnated very purposely during these times.

We knew these In-Between Times would be happening, and we knew we wanted to be part of them, in order to make the ascension ourselves—and also to assist in every way we could to help humanity to shift into higher consciousness, as well.

Time to Become Light Warriors

We need to become Light Warriors.So the time has come now—the time to graduate from just being Light Workers to becoming Light Warriors. It’s truly time to step out of any fear or anger reaction we may have about what is happening around and within us—and shift into our powerful, sovereign Selves, remembering who we are as glorious Beings of Light who can create unity consciousness.

It’s time for us to step forward and create the 5D World we hunger for, the 5D World we have known and loved well in ancient times before the Fall of Consciousness. This Light that we are, and the love and wisdom we hold, are needed in the world now more than ever. We need to summon our courage to speak the truth as we know it in our hearts and truly become the leaders, guides and way-showers into the Fifth Dimension we know ourselves to be.

This may involve taking physical action in the world. Or it may involve spending more time in meditation and prayer. It could include taking our individual healing more seriously, and truly discovering how to love ourselves unconditionally. Whatever form it takes to raise our vibration and maintain it is helpful. Every ray of Light we can shine into humanity’s collective consciousness at this point is important.

Choosing 5D Consciousness

It's important to choose happiness.Above all, it’s important to choose happiness and well-being, no matter what is happening—as this is an immensely powerful decision to make for our ascension and for the dispelling of darkness both within and around us. Knowing how to stay in joy and well-being, despite what may be occurring around us, is a core element of 5D consciousness.

We can nurture this consciousness by adopting optimism and a loving, non-judgmental attitude toward everyone—even those making fools of themselves in Washington and in other places on the world stage.  🙂

Our state of mind is perhaps the one thing we can have control over. We can be in charge of how we meet challenges, if not the challenges themselves. We are creator Beings and we are much more powerful than we’ve ever known.

Let us move forward, together as a cohesive group, and meet whatever further disasters may be unfolding before us. Let’s be prepared. There will likely be more events and disasters we’ll need to find our way through before we are finally fully free to create the New Earth.

But, remembering who we really are, we can do it.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, to help you to relax into the silence of your Being during times when fear, anxiety, despair or anger arises in response to the events occurring during these “End Times”, I offer here a guided meditation that may assist you.




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