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A while back, I published a youtube called “A Message for Starseeds”. A surprising number of people have watched it so far and have commented  on how much they related to what I said. I was amazed to realize just how many of us there are who know we are Starseeds and how many more are still in the process of waking up. It really is exciting news!

A lovely woman by the name of Isabelle Harford offered to transcribe the video into written text. I have decided to post her transcription here for those who either missed the youtube or prefer to read information.

* * *

Hello and welcome.

Today I have a message for all Starseeds.

If you are listening to this, it is likely that you know or suspect that you are what has been called a Starseed — a highly evolved Soul who has come to Earth from somewhere out in the stars, either from within this solar system, or perhaps from the outer reaches of this universe.  Or maybe even from another universe.

And — you know you have a mission here to assist humanity in some way during these times of great transformation into a much higher level of consciousness, known as the Fifth Dimension.

There are a lot of experiences many Starseeds report that you might relate to. For example, you may be someone who really loves the Earth Itself very much. But perhaps you have never quite felt at home here.

Maybe you have always felt different, or like an outsider in certain ways, that you don’t quite fit in. And you haven’t ever quite understood what goes on here in this world. Like why things like war exist, or how people can be so cruel to each other at times.

Maybe there are times you have feelings of deep homesickness, although you may have no idea where your home could be.

Or perhaps, although you may love your family here, you sense they are not your “real” family somehow. That somewhere out there you have a family that is more like you.

And maybe there have been times when you’ve felt you’ve just had enough of living here. You cannot take it anymore. And you’ve just wanted to leave.

And yet, you have known you are supposed to be here. You have a mission of some sort to accomplish. So you have chosen to stay and to carry on, wherever life might take you.

If you relate to any of these things, just know it is likely you are a Starseed. And if you really relate to these experiences, you may have just arrived here very recently. It could even be your first incarnation
on this planet.

Or — you might have been here for thousands of years, incarnating over and over again, each time attempting to accomplish your mission. And yet the feeling of not quite being at home here still persists.

Either way, in your heart, you are likely excited and eager for the show on Earth to finally begin — for Ascension to truly begin happening in
an obvious way.

But maybe at the same time you are feeling really weary at this point — impatient, discouraged, waiting for the planetary event to take place, whatever it is going to be.

And also weary due to a seemingly unending process of personal Ascension you are experiencing.

And this is understandable. The process of Ascension is taking longer than many of us ever anticipated. And a whole lot seems to be coming up at this point for everyone on the planet to handle and to resolve.

This is especially so for Starseeds — many of whom have taken on some collective karma, as well as their own. You may feel this at times, that somehow, what you are in the middle of clearing in yourself does not even feel like it is yours. Or at least is not all yours.

You know, I imagine, if you are like most Starseeds, you are very serious about your own Ascension process. And you have been conscientiously working on yourself for a while, maybe even for decades.

And maybe you have the belief that the suffering in your life is due to the fact that you have done something wrong, or that there is something not right about you. You are broken in some way and you have to fix yourself, you have to work to heal yourself. And you have to do all this in order to wake up and become enlightened.

And maybe you have concluded that, since you are not enlightened yet, you are obviously not worthy, because you have shortcomings, and you still have issues to resolve. So awakening is not available for you, because you are not healed enough, or you are too lazy, or you do not meditate
enough — or whatever.

Maybe you even feel you have not even gotten what awakening is all about. Or that you only understand about it at an intellectual level, so you must not be all that evolved yet.

Or, you get stuck on certain things, like not being able to forgive someone, or how to give up your cigarette habit, or how to love yourself enough. So obviously, you must still be in your ego — that terrible ego that has always tripped you up, and so you’ve got to work on this.

And maybe challenges keep happening to you. No matter what you do, it seems you never quite pass the tests that come up because they keep happening over and over again.

And you have really failed when it comes to manifesting: you just don’t seem to be able to manifest the joy and abundance in your life you desire.

And, of course, in believing all these ideas, you probably experience shame and guilt, and self judgment. And then, when you find yourself experiencing these feelings, you feel even more guilt and shame for not getting the teachings out there that tell you that highly-evolved people only experience positive, uplifting emotions.

So, if you are experiencing suffering, that means you are not very enlightened; and if you feel shame, that means you simply do not love yourself enough, so this is something else you have to work harder at.

Is any of this familiar to you? Doesn’t it make you tired just to hear it?

Have you ever noticed that no matter how much work you do on yourself, no matter how much healing you have accomplished, no matter how much spiritual practice you have done over the years — there is always, always more to work on?

You may have times in which you feel good because you are feeling better and positive things are at last happening in your life.
But how long does that ever last? Really?

Doesn’t some new challenge always seem to come along eventually
to pull you down into self-doubt again?

Perhaps you’ve learned through hard work in healing yourself and a lot of spiritual practice to meet life’s constant challenges with greater ease, balance, neutrality, and inner strength, and you feel good about this. (Which you definitely should, because this is truly an accomplishment if you
can do this.)

But doesn’t that sometimes really make you weary? All these challenges you have to constantly meet in a balanced way? All these things to learn and practice and heal and fix – and seemingly never-ending?

Does it ever feel as if it’s sometimes not fair, that it doesn’t make sense, that something is not right about all this?

If God is all Love, why is it so hard? Why is there so much suffering? Is it really your own fault? Is something really wrong with you? Are you not good enough?

You know you are basically a good, loving person attempting to live a good life, being kind, caring and sincere in your intentions and your actions. Why is this not enough?

You might believe, well, it is probably because you were not so good and kind and caring in past lives. You made poor choices. So now you are having to balance that, now you have to pay for what you have done. It is your fault for not following God’s dictates about love, or for not understanding the laws of the Universe — or whatever.

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, the whole system that is set up here on Earth in the Third and Fourth Dimensions is stacked against you?

That maybe the whole karmic and reincarnation system has somehow been tampered with in order to keep you on the Wheel, experiencing negativity over and over again, so that it is next to impossible to ever get off it? That maybe your difficulty in waking up spiritually is actually not your fault?

Well, if you have, guess what? you are right!

Now, I know this may sound like a radical idea. What do I mean, your karma is not your fault? Or the difficulties you have had in getting off the Karmic Wheel have to do with some sort of tampering with the whole system itself?

Before you dismiss this possibility, just take in what I am saying here and try it on. See if something within you doesn’t resonate with this.

First of all, I am not saying that you don’t have to clear and balance the karma you have created. It is true that you do. It is your responsibility
to do this.

What I am suggesting is that there is a different reason for your having to do this than what you might think. It is not because you have done “bad” things in the past you have to pay for. It is not because you are somehow flawed, and you need to heal and fix yourself because you are unworthy in some way, not evolved enough. And that you should be feeling shame and guilt about yourself for all of this.

The reason you are responsible for balancing and clearing your karma and releasing all the negativity in your thoughts and your emotions is because this is part of the agreement you made in coming into Earth as a Starseed or Lightworker in the first place. It was part of the deal when you came in to incarnate into human form in order to help humanity to learn about love and how to get free.

And it was the only deal available at the time.

If you were going to come to this planet — which was known to be a fallen planet, one that had fallen into the dark depths of third-dimensional reality — you had to fit into the plan here that all human beings were subject to. Which was a system that had been hijacked by dark forces that had actually taken over the karmic system and tampered with it, making it next to impossible for people to make their way off the Wheel.

So in coming here, you had to go with the program, so to speak. You had to do your best to keep the Light in view at all times and act from higher consciousness. But if you failed, you would have to pay the consequences — which was a challenge that turned out to be much, much harder
than you’d anticipated.

The darkness in third-dimensional Earth was much more powerful than you could have imagined. Even the most powerful and evolved souls coming here had ended up caught on the Karmic Wheel big time!

This isn’t just some woo woo made up stories to make you feel better. Doesn’t it make sense? Doesn’t it answer a lot of questions that have never really been answered by any spiritual teachings you have studied?

The structure in how the dense Third Dimension operates is actually set up in a way that is skewed to inhibit your evolution, inhibit your waking up to your own power, and inhibit your ability to free yourself.

It is set up to create self-doubt, shame, guilt and a feeling of unempowerment over your life. You could call it a type of third-dimensional implant that was placed in your consciousness that actually works to keep you feeling separate from Source and gives you the message that you are unworthy to wake up.

You know that voice in your head that is always ready to tell you you’re doing something wrong? You are not doing it fast enough, or well enough, no matter what you do? The one that very reliably tells you there is something wrong with you, you are not good enough? The one that consistently creates a sense of shame, guilt, and self doubt?

It has been called the superego, or the inner critic. It has always been explained that it is part of the human psyche and just has to somehow be dealt with.

But guess what? It was never part of the original human blueprint, nor was it a part of your blueprint as a Starseed when you first came into being, or when you came to Earth.

This superego is not natural to you. It is designed specifically to dumb you down, make you feel bad about yourself so as to keep you weak and feel like you have to constantly do better. It’s just part of the darkness that is still empowered here.

Shame and guilt and self-doubt are emotions that are not even known in the Fifth Dimension, or above, where you originally came from. They simply do not exist. They are emotions that arose during the Fall of Consciousness into the Third Dimension, along with all those other emotions we call “negative” — like hatred, jealousy, resentment, depression, anxiety. These are products of this fall; they are not a natural part of who you are.

Now, the good news is that just knowing this and remembering this — that this apparatus in your head is not a part of who you are — will begin diminishing its power over you.

Whenever you begin feeling shame or guilt, or whenever self-judgment or self-doubt starts bringing you to your knees, just remember that this shaming apparatus inside your head is not a natural part of you.

And this will empower you to move out from under its control. The same thing goes for whenever you begin feeling disconnected from Source or your higher Self. Just recognize this feeling for what it is: there is something there acting to prevent this knowing of your connection. And see how this realization can suddenly help you shift out from under its influence, and you can begin feeling
your connection to Source again.

It is like a game of “Gotcha” — you start hearing the voice or feeling the disconnected feeling, and you catch it: Gotcha! You remember it is not really a natural part of you — it is something foreign to you that has been implanted there. Like some sort of AI that has no consciousness of its own. It’s just a programming designed to play the same negative messages
over and over again.

So if you can catch it like this when it happens, you’ll immediately start feeling better, and more empowered.

But the main thing I want to tell you is that this whole situation set up here that is hindering your awakening and your joy and freedom is beginning to come to an end at this time.

There are high dimensional energies of Light streaming onto the Earth at this point, assisting the Earth and humanity to continue to rise into the upper Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth.

And, as this continues, this whole corrupted system that has essentially enslaved us in ways that have made it incredibly challenging to wake up and to live in joy and harmony and love, is going to fade away. Indeed, it is actually already happening.

If you pay attention, you can notice that things are easing up in certain ways. Yes, your life may still be crazy in some ways, with challenges on many different fronts. And the world out there is definitely falling apart and it is likely to continue like this for a while.

But if you look past all the craziness and feel into your higher knowingness, you can tune into the stream of Love entering the planet that is in the process of transforming the world and each of us as individuals.

It is knocking apart and collapsing all structures that are corrupt and out of alignment with integrity and love. And it is shaking loose all emotions and belief patterns in us that are also not in alignment with fifth-dimensional qualities. The kind of transformation we are in the process of making is huge!

And things will look chaotic and crazy for a while; it will get really rocky. But if you keep remembering that this is all part of the transformational process that needs to happen in order for the Earth and humanity to enter the Fifth Dimension, it can make your own personal transformation a whole lot easier.

And — very importantly:

Be aware that there is a multitude of motherships of benevolent ETs surrounding the Earth now, here to help to liberate humanity. Some of them are probably familiar to you. There are likely members of your star family, your star tribe, out there.

And they are all working assiduously on the level they know how to work on, to counter the dark forces here that have essentially been controlling humanity for thousands of years. And so this whole corrupted system we have been struggling with, the whole limited and distorted third-dimensional reality we have been living in, is going to be shifting at long last!

And if you can take that in, you will be able to experience a sense of great relief. You have been waiting for this for a long, long time.

It could be happening sometime soon. Or it may take a while longer. But however it all happens, in whatever timing, do keep remembering why you are here. And that you have come to help liberate humanity in any way you know how. Just your presence and focus on the Light is helping.

And as I said:

Remember — there is nothing wrong with you.
There never has been. You have simply been caught in the energies of a fallen planet.

And, although yes, you still have to balance and release the karma you have taken on — remember as you are doing this that you agreed to do it when you volunteered to come and assist humanity and the Earth.

You agreed to take on everything the Third Dimension was going to dish out to you. You knew it was going to be rough here, that you’d lose your inherent knowing of who you were: a powerful Being of Light, totally connected to Source, and that you’d be subjected to the extremely limited and constrained conditions humans were experiencing in the darkness
of consciousness here.

And yet, being the powerful evolved Soul you were, you still agreed to do it. You took on a mission to come here and attempt to work within the ranks to do your job.

It is true, it has been harder than you ever imagined it would be – the darkness of consciousness here has likely stunned you. And yet, you took it all on, consistently making your way through the density, the darkness, the lack of awareness. And you continue till today attempting to hold steady with the Light, no matter how rough it gets.

If anything, you need to realize that just by still being here, doing your best, holding on to any knowing of the Light at all —
You have been victorious.

You have triumphed against tremendously high odds.
Be aware that you are already accomplishing your mission, even if it feels like you have not quite started it yet.

Know that you are already doing it.
And know that you are to be congratulated for this.
See if you can appreciate yourself for just keeping on, keeping on.
And feel your victory.

It really won’t be that much longer. After all the time you have already spent here, diligently attempting to transmute the dark into the light, the time you have to go now is nothing.

Hang in there the best you can, Dear Starseed: the time for
liberation is nigh.

I send much love and many blessings to you.


About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you!!!

  2. Karma says:

    Reading this literally has helped me literally continue this life as I️ was ready to end my life all together, I️ know that I️ am solely alive and on this planet to help others. I️ have been suffering a great deal for a very long time seeking help from above with everything in me. I️ feel as if I️ can breathe again because I️ read this and I️ know I’m my heart I️ needed to hear it. I️ am so ready to move on to peace and love and light I️ feel as if I️ can’t take life at all anymore. I️ need help and guidance, and I️ need to help anyone I️ can in any way I️ can with more effort. Hoping with a heavy heart that more awaken and that I️ can help them end their suffering just as much even more than I️ want to end my own. With much love and light -karma

  3. Eva says:

    Finally I get around to reading and listening to these posts . Finally…a construct that fits with my experience ! Thank you !

  4. Iulia says:

    Thank you for your joyful sharing. Everything is possible I constantly hear within myself : Love, Light and Happinness. And every tiny wish inside us makes it happen. Love you All ☀️

  5. Terisse says:

    Hello Vidya,
    Well now, this was quite an interesting and helpful read. It confirmed the Daily Guidance info I channeled for the masses yesterday (Jan 6, 2019), your info coincides with mine and confirms what I channeled was correct. After a year or more of not putting out my “Deck of Soul Cards’ Daily Guidance, Quick Pick Of The Day”, I was a bit nervous yet happy to finally be doing it! Yes!
    Yesterday’s Guidance Card selected is titled “Transfusion”- Tip Of The Day: Cycle Of Life, Creating A Shift From Within) ( I am so grateful that I got the information right and on point! New Year, New Beginnings for me! HA! After completing it and sharing it with various social networks (Still in the process of doing so), I really felt uplifted and still do! Whew! The funny thing is that I was really concerned and nervous about putting it out there but, I did it anyway! Thanks again for sharing this info and providing the confirmation I needed. Peace Blessings to you! <3

  6. Robin says:

    I needed this today. Thank you so much.

  7. Shaun says:

    G’day Vidya keep shining that beautiful light friggin Great read makes so much sense with my superconscious coaching. Super book out there called “You’re Not Broken” written by Christopher Duncan so spot on we don’t need to heal ourselves we are super conscious beings but the IA implants that makes it so much easier Thankyou much Warmth, Love and Light always Shaun n Crew

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