ASCENSION ANXIETY: How To Calm Yourself While in the Throes of Ascension

Are you feeling anxious more than usual lately? You may be experiencing “Ascension Anxiety”.

There are huge changes currently occurring on the planetary level. For a while now, there have been increasingly powerful streams of high-dimensional Light pouring into the earth, compelling us to give up old, low-dimensional strategies and patterns we’ve been stuck in, so that we can shift toward fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Although this Light is also helping us to let go of these patterns more easily than ever before, the process can be scary and painful if we are being forced to give up what has made us feel secure and safe in the past.

Just recently, we have also been under a tremendously powerful astrological configuration – which will continue on through 2020 – that is currently amplifying this effect, both in our personal lives and on the collective level. Geopolitical situations have heated up, and disclosure of some rather upsetting information about our world and our governments is due to occur.

All of this will likely iron out eventually and bring in some wonderful news; but meanwhile, there is much fear in the world about what is occurring. So anxiety has become a common ascension symptom, even for those who haven’t felt much of it in the past.

I’ve therefore created this mp3 that offers information and tools to help you navigate these times of great transition as calmly as possible.


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