Awakening to 5D with Ease & Confidence
Online Class

Wanting to understand the Ascension process better? Or  know more clearly what the Fifth Dimension is all about?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by all the change, loss and confusion happening in your life.

And perhaps the chaos and disruption that’s occurring in the world at this point is greatly disturbing you.

If so, and you are still somewhat new to the concepts of the Fifth Dimension and Ascension, these classes will give you a clear introduction to what these terms refer to and will help you make sense of what you’ve been experiencing during these times of great turmoil on the planet.

If you already have some understanding about the dimensions and the Ascension process, these classes will give you an opportunity to review what you know—and to remind you about why you are experiencing what you are during these times and what you’re here to do.

Either way, there is a lot of clear and meaningful information in this course about all these things, laid out in a logical flow to facilitate your understanding of it, on both an intellectual and spiritual level.


Level One: $35 – Level Two: $35 – Both Levels: $55


Level One

In Level One of the course, after a general introduction to the great Shift that’s occurring, the focus is on your personal Ascension process. In five podcast recordings, you’ll learn about:

  • The 3rd, 4th & 5th dimensions in a clear and comprehensive way
  • Common Ascension symptoms
  • How to navigate through the “Ascension Void”
  • How to shift from 3rd dimensional consciousness into 5th dimensional consciousness
  • How to activate your spiritual mission


Level Two

In Level Two, you will learn about your role in the collective Ascension that is also occurring to humanity as a whole. In five podcast recordings, you’ll learn about:

  • Experiences as a Starseed
  • How humanity has been controlled and manipulated by an elitist group known as the Cabal and is now being liberated
  • Disclosure about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth
  • The huge solar flash known as The Event that is predicted to occur in the near future
  • How to ride the waves of Ascension with ease and confidence



Level One: $35      Level Two: $35      Both Levels: $55