Finding Your Way through the Ascension Void

The Ascension Void feels arid.Does your life feel flat and uninspired lately? Have you lost all enthusiasm for creating something new and exciting for yourself?

Perhaps your old passions have inexplicably died and you feel directionless. Maybe you don’t even know what you want or what you believe anymore. Your future feels bleak. In certain ways, you don’t know who you are anymore.

With all this, you may think there is something very wrong with you. It can certainly feel like it.

Welcome to the Ascension Void

However, these kinds of feelings are generally not indicative of anything being wrong with you. Instead, they are a sign that you may have reached a mature part of the Ascension path, called the Ascension Void.

The Void is a period of time in which all ideas of who you’ve always thought you were are in the process of being peeled away and examined to see how much truth is in them. Whatever turns out to be 3D baggage will fall away, as you will not be able to take it with you into the Fifth Dimension.

Indeed, everything you’ve taken on as heavy low-vibrational energy during your time spent in the Third Dimension must be left behind—including all roles, relationships, and images of yourself that are based in 3D ego consciousness. And all unresolved issues you developed in 3D must also come to the surface to be acknowledged, resolved, and released. This is what is happening while you’re in the Ascension Void.

This experience is obviously not a very comfortable one. A lot of inner change is occurring, leading you ever more deeply into unknown territory. All your old reference points are disappearing. And loss in many different arenas of your life may be occurring.

But this is all in good order; it is a necessary step. The journey you’re making from the Third Dimension into the Fifth Dimension requires this. Essentially, the Ascension Void is a cocoon in which you can begin making your transformation into your 5D Self.

Finding Your Way through the Ascension Void

In the audio below, I have described in detail common experiences of people passing through the Ascension Void, and offer some important keys for learning to flow with it with as much ease as possible while you are journeying through it.



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9 Responses to Finding Your Way through the Ascension Void

  • LD says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear! I’ve been going through most of what you describe over the past 6 months. So reassuring to know this is normal for the phase of ascension I’m going through now. And that it won’t last forever! Your recommendations on how to deal with this phase are very helpful. Thank you so much for sending out this valuable information!

  • Frances Blackburn says:

    Thankyou dear Vidya.
    For me a synchronistic talk
    Bless you

  • Deborah Ruggles says:

    Thank you.

  • Gabe Nelson says:

    Oh thank heaven for you Vidya and this invaluable information you put out. I feel so honored to have met and worked with you. So much love thank you. We got to stay strong folks we can do this 💛

  • Kani says:

    Dear Vidya,
    I wonder how long this void is going to take (it has already taken up several years of my life until now). I feel like there is absolutely nothing to gain anymore from a situation that doesn’t seem to change.
    I have been unemployed for years and I see no added value in it at all anymore. What bothers me the most is the fact that I have to deal with the job centre and justify why I still have no job (despite being highly qualified and applying for jobs rather frequently); but I feel like the universe (or my subconscious for whatever reason) blocks me from getting a job. And at the same time I kinda know in what field I wanna work in but I have no definite ideas what exactly I want to do. I am really wondering why I am in this situation? It is frustrating and it does get upsetting. I feel like enough is enough.

    Much LOVE

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Hello Kani,

      I really hear how frustrating this must be for you. Yes, several years is a lengthy time in the Void, even considering all you picked up for probably thousands of years when you’ve incarnated in the Third Dimension. As you intuit, there is likely something (I’d guess maybe a deep fear or guilt) hiding in your unconscious that is keeping you there, unable to move forward. You might want to try some free-form writing to try to ferret it out. Start out with a strong intention to get to the bottom of it. Then just start out writing about how frustrated you feel and why and all the emotions you’ve been feeling. At some point, allow your unconscious to just take over and write whatever comes to you. Let it bring you back in your life and deep into inner hidden places inside. Allow whatever emotions arise to express and release. You may be able to get unstuck this way. much love to you–Vidya

      • kani says:

        Thank you Vidya. I have done this in the past already; I’m not that bad at writing and expressing myself and used it as a tool to vent.
        I have been purging and processing at least since 2002 so I’m generally in a much better place now emotionally than I was years ago. I have a twin flame connection behind me (that was painful, but an ascension boost as well I feel), so I feel like the worst part is behind me. It’s the passion thing (or lack of it) that annoys me.
        Maybe I should elaborate what bothers me exactly: it is the fact that I have to deal with the job centre on the one hand. I hate going there and feel like I have to justify why I’m still jobless. Then again, I don’t know what to do for a living. I strongly feel that it is not my path to get an income the conventional way: by applying for jobs, getting an interview and then eventually being hired and working 8 hours a day. I’m far from lazy, I’m actually rather energetic, but I feel like this is not my path.
        My intuition, which is quite strong, tells me to trust and that things will unfold, but I wonder how long does that take? There definitely is still some fear/guilt attached to being unemployed but I don’ t believe that that’s what’s preventing me to get an income. I just know that looking for work the usual way will not bring me success, but I don’t know what will if that makes sense? It’s that pressure on the one hand from the job centre to keep looking for a job the conventional way (otherwise I will get sanctioned) while at the same time knowing it’s not my path and it’s not gonna work and simultaneously not knowing how to get an income without relying on the government and thus feeling lost.
        Sounds rather complicated, I know.
        Will try the free form writing. Thanks again for replyig. 🙂

  • Sujith Jagadam says:

    Dear Kani
    I can understand your situation very well.. I have gone through the same situation as yours. I will tell you things out of my wisdom. After a gruelling Search for job for years with lots of rejections, delays and everything stopped in my life. Nothing is moving further. From all those experiences I learned an immensely valuable art of living.. To let go. I let go all my past. I became so open to this life. Got ready to accept the life as it comes. I dropped all my thoughts and fights. I stopped clinging to the mind set that the job is must. I learnt that job is a need. If you don’t get what you wanted then just go with the flow. Don’t even swim just float. Let this existence decide your life path. You better forget all your ambitions.. Passions.. Forget your past.. If you can’t be alive with out a job then get a job which you can find easily and just to satisfy your basic needs. The problem with you is that you are still clinging to the job. Don’t cling anymore. Let go. Just allow the life however it comes… Even it kills you… Trust it. We are eternal beings.. You gonna lose absolutely nothing. May be your clinging to job is stopping you from moving further.

  • Shared here, thank you so much! Trying to send listeners to your YT Channel as well!

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