Learning to Ride the Ascension Energies

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This last month has been one of great intensity for many of us—physically, emotionally and mentally. No surprise, I guess, considering the numerous powerful solar flares occurring, along with two eclipses and who knows what-all else is happening in the skies.

As always, I’ve been aware that all of the challenges happening during these times have been designed to clear out old patterns not in alignment with the new Ascension energies currently flooding the Earth. And knowing this has helped.


Pushed and Shoved and Stretched

But what a ride it’s been! Perhaps more than ever before, I have felt pushed and shoved by the Ascension energies—ever forward, feeling compelled to take the next challenging step required, without even a brief opportunity to gather and collect myself from the last tumble. And stretched—consistently stretched out of my comfort zone.

 There have been times when I’ve had no break in time at all to simply relax—there was just one thing after another I needed to do. And other times when the emotional or mental challenge present seemed overwhelming, given what I was being required to accomplish or endure.

At one point, I was complaining to my guides about this: When was I going to get a break? When was I going to be able to relax some before the next wave was going to hit me? What I heard in a very gentle voice was first of all an acknowledgment that yes, indeed, much was currently being thrown my way to accomplish, integrate, and recover from.

This acknowledgment was comforting to hear. But then I heard that it was not all the stuff happening that was causing my overwhelm–it was the way in which I was responding to it.

Three Ways to Meet the Ascension Energies

Indeed, they said, there were three different ways in which I could choose to meet all that was happening. The first option was to continue as I was doing: Attempt to keep everything straight in my mind, figure it all out, keep constant track of what I needed to do and when I needed to do it, and keep pushing my body forward. In other words: I could continue to try to stay in control of everything—and continue feeling pushed around and overwhelmed in the process.

The second option was to learn how to surf the wave of energy, rather than feeling pushed by it: I could let go of trying to control it (which I can’t, anyway—silly me for ever thinking I could). And instead, feel how the flow is moving and simply choose to align with it—and ride it. I would see, I was assured, that if I did this there would be no overwhelm. Everything I needed to do, experience, or say would be given to me in the moment it needed to happen. I wouldn’t need to hold everything in my mind or try to keep in control of everything I was doing.

“This all sounds good,” I responded, “if I have the energy to do all this—to stay alert and ride the wave. But what about when I am so tired and brain-dead that I can’t even do that?”

“Well, your third option is to choose to be carried by the wave of energy.”

Letting the Ascension Energies Carry You

images (2)“Oh!” I exclaimed, as a vision of a beautiful white chariot suddenly appeared in my mind—with a very comfortable chair resting securely within it. Out in front was a luminous Pegasus, ready to carry me off into my life.

I stepped into the chariot and settled back into the chair—and off we flew. Soon I realized there were angels on both sides of me, helping to guide the chariot. What bliss! I was suddenly in tears, overcome with relief.

It was such a delicious experience—and has been ever since each time I’ve used this image when I have felt in overwhelm, either about not enough time, not enough brain cells to remember things, or not enough stamina and energy to make it through whatever is going on.

And during those times when I do have energy and a clear mind, I practice surfing the wave. I’ve discovered that this can be such fun—sensing where the wave is taking me, all the twists and turns, and moving with it. And what a thrill to ride an energetic wave of such force—not needing to know where it’s taking me—simply trusting it’s where I need to go.

The amazing thing is realizing that what I was told is true:  I can just let go of trying to remember things I need to do at the right time. Over and over again, right when I need to remember to do something, I am reminded. Everything flows and emerges, all in right timing.

The Waves Come and Go

ancientmystic-200I have enough experience now to know that these waves of Ascension come and go in our lives at this point on the journey. And there are resting times in between them in which we can relax and integrate what we’ve been experiencing, releasing, and learning.

We can take the time during these periods to fully experience the new feelings of clarity, lightness, balance and fulfillment that are flowing in, in the aftermath of the receding energetic wave that crashed into our life.

As the saying goes: Ascension isn’t for sissies. And those of us who have chosen to make the shift into the Fifth Dimension consciously, knowing we’ve volunteered to assist others in the process, seem now to be experiencing an ever-increasing force of change and movement in our lives.

How fortunate to know there are different ways in which we can meet the challenges—they don’t all have to be hard!


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