New Audio: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

Although more and more people seem to have at least some idea what the terms “Fifth Dimension” and “Ascension” refer to, many more are now hearing them for the first time. And many of these people, I’m finding, either don’t have time for reading books on the subject or simply prefer listening to information to reading about it.

I have therefore recently created an audio YouTube called “Awakening to the Fifth Dimension”, in which I give a broad overview of the Ascension process and what it means to awaken to the Fifth Dimension.

If you’re new to the subject, this is a good introduction to start with. It can also be something you can recommend to other people who might be interested in learning about it if you don’t feel equipped to describe it yourself.

Or you may be someone who’s tired of trying to speak about it to people who don’t seem to get it. 🙂


This is the first audio in a series I’m calling “Conscious Ascension”. You can look for others on Youtube, as well, at:

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