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Neural Pathway Realignment Technique

If you’ve been dealing with old chronic emotional or behavioral patterns that you just can’t seem to resolve—take heart! The fact that these patterns are arising in you is a sign that you are moving along on your Ascension path.

You can’t take these old low-vibrational patterns with you into the Fifth Dimension, and so your attention is now being drawn to them to be resolved.

What’s happening is your unconscious mind is beginning to empty itself of all the experiences you’ve had in your life that were in some way so upsetting and traumatic that you couldn’t handle them at the time. And you are now getting the message that you need to find a way to experience the disturbing emotions and beliefs you formed about yourself in the experience, so that you can release them—and be free to move into a higher vibration.

How We Develop Uncomfortable Patterns

It is well nigh impossible to go through life and not experience certain traumatic experiences that are too difficult for us to handle at the time—especially when we are children. So when we’ve had these disturbing experiences, what we’ve done with all the emotions and beliefs that arose from them, is to push them into our unconscious minds. And this has been handy, in a way, in that we haven’t been devastated by the experiences at a time when we couldn’t handle them.

However, what has happened instead is that we have developed a chronic emotional symptom or behavioral pattern that is often disturbing to us. These patterns are like a reminder from the unconscious mind that we still carry these experiences with us with unfelt emotions and negative beliefs about ourselves that need to be resolved.

Common Chronic Symptoms and Behaviors

The chronic emotional symptoms we tend to develop are greatly varied, but they commonly involve a feeling such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Depression or Despair
  • Intense Anger
  • Shame or Guilt

Behavioral symptoms might manifest in an addiction to:

  • Cigarettes
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Food
  • Sex

More complex and chronic symptoms might include such patterns as:

  • Poverty consciousness
  • Lack of professional success
  • Failure to develop a fulfilling love life
  • Feeling of inadequacy within groups of people
  • Chronic self-judgment


If you have any of these kinds of patterns and have attempted to heal them over the years through therapy or self-help programs without success, you may be especially disheartened.

Perhaps you’ve learned to “manage” the patterns well; you’ve learned how to somehow get around them, hide them, or barrel your way through them when they arise. But this can become tiring and disturbing, especially if you’re sincerely attempting to raise your vibration and move swiftly along your Ascension path.

Neural Pathway Realignment Technique

Now you can find help with a self-help tool that assists you to effectively eliminate these patterns in a permanent and rapid manner, called “Neural Pathway Realignment Technique” or NPRT. In applying basic principles and methods used in therapies known as Coherence Therapy and Memory Reconsolidation, this online class provides both audio and written instructions to help you eliminate the disturbing patterns you have developed in your life that are now up for you to resolve.

This process can also be used to eliminate  physical symptoms, although it is recommended that you begin with emotional or behavioral issues to start with.

Download the Online Class

For just $45, you can learn how to heal yourself of chronic symptoms and behaviors and never experience them again. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. And you can follow them over and over again for every disturbing pattern that is now coming up for you to deal with. Each time you use the process, it gets faster and easier.

And you experience greater and greater freedom and an openness to a life lived in a higher vibration.

“I just completed your course and was able to watch the 2 conflicting visualizations meld into one right before my mind’s eye. I smiled and thought “wow that is amazing”. Then,  I suddenly felt a sticky bubble (like bubble gum) pop from around me and a moment of feeling lighter and a full breath of fresh air filled my lungs. Well, that was a lovely unexpected benefit.

I am encouraged by the results that have transpired and saw tangible shifts in how others respond to me and my needs without my even saying a word. Simple yet powerful shifts in my energy field, as well as in my mind and emotional field.” –Rhonda Marin, Paradise, CA

Note: Once your payment goes through, wait 10 seconds, and the class page will open on your screen.


Please Note: NPRT is a psycho-educational self-help tool which, while adapted from resources on Memory Re-consolidation and Coherence Therapy, does not claim to be a representation, facsimile or replacement of either.

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