Paradoxical Ascension Symptoms
Am I Going Crazy?

Ascension Symptoms can be paradoxical.

As we move ever-more deeply into the Ascension process that is unfolding everywhere now, many of us are at times experiencing increasingly intense Ascension symptoms.

Some people I know are having serious physical symptoms, exacerbated symptoms they’ve either chronically had or those they’ve had in the past but thought they’d already healed from.

Others are experiencing a lot of emotionally-charged situations—again in a heightened form and also with a feeling that they’re in a repeat experience of something they went through in the past. Fear, anger, emptiness and despair waft in and out, causing a puzzling disruption in their lives.

Releasing 3D “Baggage”

It can be confusing and even frightening to be having these experiences if we don’t understand what’s going on. But it can make sense if we understand that we are now moving into times in which all our 3D “baggage” truly needs to be revealed to us so it may be recognized and released, because it cannot go with us into the Fifth Dimension.

Ascension symptoms are generally mild.Many of us have been experiencing physical and emotional symptoms for a while now that we know are the results of the rapid awakening process taking place in us during these times. Some of us have experienced huge loss in our lives—in our relationships, our work, our interests and passions, and in our identity. We may make the mistake of thinking all the most difficult aspects of it are now over and that we’ve come out the other side.

In some cases, this may be true. But for many of us, we’re realizing we’ve perhaps gone through a lot so far and learned to navigate into new territory with trust and gratitude—but there is still further to go.

Deeper issues are now arising out of our unconscious—issues we not only developed in this lifetime but in former ones, as well. And these issues are now playing out in our lives, both physically and emotionally, bringing us at times to ever-new levels of loss and uncertainty.

For those of us experiencing this, it’s truly a time for grit and perseverance. We need to just keep going on, going on. And trust that at some point “Ascension Clean-out” will have completed itself.

Paradoxical Ascension Symptoms

Ascension symptoms of great awakeningBut what’s really interesting is that most of us experiencing this intense clean-out and releasing are also having some of the most profound awakening experiences of our lives. I hear reports from people I work with who are grappling with really intense situations in their lives—but who are also sharing with me incredible insights, realizations and deep spiritual awakening experiences they’re having.

These experiences are filled with deep joy and a peace they’ve never known before. They often offer an opening into a whole new chapter of their life in which a much greater freedom can already be felt.

What can get very confusing—and at times amusing—is that these two kinds of paradoxical experiences can actually be happening at the same time. Someone can be in excruciating pain, either physically or emotionally; and right along side of that they’re in tremulous joy about a new spiritual opening they’ve just experienced. It can be positively crazy-making!

Ascension is Both a Death and a Birth

death and birthIt all can make sense if we realize that Ascension is about shifting into higher consciousness, yes—but it’s also about having to let go of the old consciousness we’ve lived with all our lives, and indeed for many eons of time while living the Third Dimension. For this reason, the whole process can very easily produce paradoxical experiences.

It’s no longer a matter of slowly waking up to our spiritual natures and gradually laying aside old patterns and beliefs of who we think we are. The awakening process taking place in each of us—especially those of us on the “front lines”, so to speak, of the Ascension transition—is an unusually rapid one, so the “birthing” Ascension symptoms and the “dying” symptoms can be happening all at once.

The key, of course, is not to put a whole lot of focus on what is leaving and those aspects of ourselves that are dying. If we engage with these negative experiences that are up for releasing—if we resist them, judge ourselves for feeling them, or try to over-analyze them—this will halt the releasing process. We need to be aware of them, acknowledge them and accept them being in our space for the time-being; but it’s important to stay neutral about them and not give them energy.

Keep Focused on the New Awakening

tenacityInstead, it’s much more effective to pay attention to the experiences we are having of greater awakening, freedom and joy. It’s important to remember that what we place our attention on and continue focusing on is what we will continue to create in our lives.

So staying focused on the new joy and freedom coming into our lives is what will not only bring in more of the same—it will also help the old to evaporate and release from our lives.

The “dying” Ascension symptoms are certainly not much fun to experience. But if we can trust that they will be temporary, that they are simply up for releasing, it can be a lot easier.

And when we take in the longer view of where we are going and what is unfolding in front of us—truly, is there anything more exciting that could be happening?


About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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21 Responses to Paradoxical Ascension Symptoms
Am I Going Crazy?

  1. Grace Jones says:

    Hello Vidya!

    I read your first 2 books, both of which inspired and encouraged me to allow expansion, leting go on every level and opening my heart to better understanding of this exquisite journey. I have just placed my order for your new one and cannot wait to get started as part of my “focus plans” for the rapidly unfolding future. The most remarkable gifts I am receiving are incredible – quickening at the same time forcing me to stay ‘in focus’ slowing me down… Sleep patterns and rhythms, dreamscapes, past lives … You name it ! Like looking through a monocular (in fact I actually bought one!)
    The infamous Valley Fire on Sept 12 last year, which wiped out all traces of my past I recognize and am so grateful for, was part of this experience and process…a blessing in disguise! I hope I am making some sense of this spilling over of intense sensations and sensitivities.
    The shift am now experiencing as crazy expansions and contractions simultaneously, is propelling me forward beyond wildest dreams – finally I am out of a deep .. Ennui!
    With love and Gratitude,

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Wow, Grace–what a wild ride you’re on! Definitely in the throes of the Ascension process. How wonderful you can put a positive spin on your past being wiped out in that fire. And yes, the expansions and contractions can take place simultaneously–very strange, indeed. Thank you for sharing all this. love, Vidya

  2. Michael Hsu says:

    I like to thank you Vidya for this very insightful article. For some time now, I’ve been experiencing feelings or situations that make me wonder “Am I going crazy”? For example, what I used to enjoy doing I no longer get any pleasure, people I used to spend time with I now purposely distance them, my physical body is going through all sorts of weirdness, my unusual sleep pattern (always wake up around 1am) and many other unpleasant situations related to my family and financial matters. Yet through it all, I managed to stay relatively calm which reinforced the idea that I must be going crazy to not show more emotion like a “normal” person would. I don’t know how best to describe my feelings other than somehow I know all will be well in the end. Some may say that is the peace of God. So I’m very happy to have come across your article which makes me feel maybe I am not going crazy after all.

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Hi Michael — Your description of your current experiences make me smile–a perfect “poster child” for the Ascension process! Yes, you describe so well how strange, opposing experiences can be happening both at the same time. Thank you for sharing. –Vidya

  3. Nicole says:

    It is so wonderful to read everyone’s stories … It truly helps me realize I’m not going crazy !!!!! Starting last summer I had a person come into my life that shattered all emotional reality as I knew it. I felt “broke open” and not in a bad way but a confusing way. I had the feeling they were there to teach me a lesson. Along with that feeling I had and still have an innate feeling “something is coming” and I am being “prepared”. But for what I didn’t know ? I thought instantly I was going to loose someone close to me to death. My emotions since last summer have been on overdrive (not normal for me). It has caused me to search and search and read everything I can for an answer. Sometimes I get an overwhelming sad feeling that I want to go home. I am by no means depressed or suicidal !!!! I just know it’s harder here. I know what I am going through will not stop until I accept it. I have begun to accept and change, let go of the old me and make a new one. I have experienced vibrations through my body whooshing in my ear …like I can constantly hear my heartbeat. I feel “weird” like I’m numb or out of my body ??? I have always been more of an empath. That has also been amped up. As I let go of some of my issues it can make me almost physically sick … But immense peaceful after it is over. So bizarre but so very awesome. Thank you everyone for your stories and love and light to all.

    • Alyxe Lett says:

      Hi Nicole,

      I’m new to this website and haven’t read or purchased anything yet (except for this comment thread), but when I read your comment, my heart almost stopped because I’ve been experiencing a lot of the same symptoms as you. For a long time now I’ve had these weird sensations of kind of being out of my body/dizzy and it’s only intensified in the last year, to the point I thought I was having heart problems. But my doctor hasn’t found any problems with me. But I also get that weird wooshing thing in my ear and the world can sometimes be a bit “wavy” to me, if that makes any sense. I also can get overwhelmingly sad all of a sudden and I often feel like I no longer belong on this planet. I’ve always known I was an empath of sorts, but in recent years my emotions are even more intense and I feel them all so very deeply all of the time (I can cry at the drop of a hat, or get angry instantly, etc.). Like you, I’ve thought I’ve been going crazy, so I’m searching all over the internet and reading everything I can. Your message definitely resonates with me and giving me some hope that I’m not crazy after all.

      • Sarah says:

        HI Nicole, I just wanted to say ME TOO! My life was going along normally until June 6th when I was sitting on my couch reading and all the sudden my heart felt like it wanted to pound itself out of my chest. I actually called the paramedics I was so afraid. The doctor said there was nothing wrong. I wore a heart monitor and they couldn’t find anything. Sadly, ever since that day my health has been less than it ever has been but no one can find out what’s wrong. I cry easily, get angry easily. Today it occurred to me that maybe I was acting like I did when I was younger, before I went through these spiritual changes. I get the weird wooshing sound in my ears, it seems to be mostly in the morning or anytime I am sitting really still. I have always been an empath and lately I can’t stop overly agitated or frustrated, scared etc people from getting into my space and then I resonate to it and I feel the same awful thing. I used to be so good at controlling that. Now I will have panic attacks. I wake up at night. It’s just so hard to understand. I meditate regularly, exercise regularly, spend plenty of time reading spiritual materials. I’m scared that this is my new forever and that is enough to make me go crazy regardless of who else is feeling it. I know I sound really negative right now and that bothers me because I am usually such a dyed in the wool optimist but I have never experienced anything like this! Hope you’re doing better. Goodness, thanks for posting!

        • Denise Ghalebi says:

          Hi Nicole,
          Oh yes, do I resonate with everything you have all said! I thought I had heart problems too for the same symptoms, weird noises in my ears and almost panic attacks, and I practice as a Psychotherapist !
          I ended up having a telephone reading with an excellent Medical Intuitive who confirmed that I don’t have a heart problem, my hormones are out of synch and a few other imbalances but nothing more serious. It has put my mind at rest but still get some strange feelings on and off. I think I am far too sensitive for my own good and at times have also really wanted to go back home but I know I chose to be here right now so I’d better get on with it!
          Love and light to you all, Denise

      • cin says:

        hi just read what u said nicole from june 14, 2016, today is december 9, 2017 but i totally identify with what u have shared, i am moving forward and starting to assimilate more and more. i have been experiencing this starting about 15 years ago. l live on the east coast but ended up in san diego when my husband got ill and transitioned. came back to the east coast after that.

        i get it. on the prior journey i went through all the ascension things u have been going through. i really get connected to letting go when i go into a tale spin. but u are doing fine i’m sure
        best cindy

  4. Bryan Howard says:

    Hello Vidya:

    Very, very insightful and precious article, ¿Do you think it’s possible that the Ascension process can deplete your neurotrasmitter levels ( Dopamine and Serotin ) because of the lethargy and apathy sensations;and What’s your opinion on caffeine intake during this process, because sometimes a cup of joe can help you to overcome the symptoms of lethargy and apathy of the process,

    Thank you and best regards

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Absolutely, the Ascension process messes with our hormones! However, it’s not really “messing” with them; it’s simply attempting to shift them to a higher vibration to match the new energies flowing through our bodies at this time. And so a lot of processes in the body can get a little bumpy and screwy at times during this process.

      I have no opinion about coffee or any other substance we ingest during these times, because our bodies truly are all unique. The thing to do is to test it out on your own body in an honest way, as unattached to outcome as possible. Coffee may make it easier to get through some of the challenges you’re encountering–but it may also cause problems in other ways. Just test it and observe. And remember to love yourself, no matter what you end up eating or drinking. This is much more important in keeping your vibration high and your body healthy.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I feel like I am caught between heaven, hell and the matrix. I’ve felt a ” death” so to speak, being in the grave and then arising from the dead with a new life. New me. Major highs then lows to terified , crying and can’t get to a safe place inside.

    I have also experienced connecting with my twin flame. The highs and lows, realizing. I’m the runner and he has been chasing me through prior lives, wanting me to stop experiencing and stay with him. Also that he has always taken the harder journey and giving me the easier. Just like Christ did for us.
    Now, he has disappeared. I don’t know where I am half the

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Hi Jennifer–that’s really expressing it well–being caught between heaven and hell. This is an apt description of what a number of people are going through. Incredibly wonderful things are happening, and really awful things as well–often both at the same time. It can be crazy-making. It is apparently what the journey from 3D to 5D can be like. We’re all having to let go of all 3D beliefs and emotions and habits, which often can feel like a letting go of our whole identity. The good news is that if we can be courageous enough to cooperate with the process and consciously choose to let go of what is not working, we can slip into a whole new reality which can give us even more than we were hoping for. In the really hard times, remember to call on inner help. It may take more than a few moments for it to come, but it will come. Archangels and Ascended Masters are there more than ever now, waiting to be asked for their help. –Vidya

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  7. WICKHAM says:

    I’m 80 years old and have been decluttering my home and my mind for several years. Just recently I’ve felt such a rush of love for everyone and a great peace in my home. My husband died suddenly 2 years ago and we had quite a lot or problems in the last few years. I wanted to clear the negative energy but it’s so peaceful for no reason. Brilliant! Point I’m making is that since I feel good towards everyone, I also feel a great sadness at times and also think I’m losing it. loved you article and will now purchase your books. Probably the oldest person to feel this way but so glad I found you

    • Stefan says:

      Thanks for sharing and great to see an 80y old with such a young spirit. Greetings from Belgium.

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  9. Kani says:

    Dear Vidya,

    Yes, this process has been very contradictory to me as well.
    I have been on this path for quite a while. It has been 14 years now and I was pushed into it (that’s how it felt anyway) at the age of 21.
    I feel that I have gone through the hardest and toughest bits (you know how extremely hard and painful and scary it could be at times and many times I thought I can’t take it anymore) and feel like I have left them behind me. The worst part is over. Thank God, because I feel the energies back then were much harder for Ascension people than they are now, plus I had much more of my own baggage to deal with and process. Guess I am one of the forerunners.
    What is bothering me a bit is the complete absence of interest in most things. It is bothering me but not bothering me at the same time. I still feel peace and inner joy but at the same time this apathy that has been accompanying me for quite a while now is there most of the time. So there is joy and peace but wanting to know whether I’ll have a passion ever again simultaneously. It is very interesting indeed. I reckon I’ll just keep being in the moment and it will sort itself out.
    Much LOVE

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  12. Janet says:

    Excellent read and I am more at ease at to what’s going on inside me. Thank you for sharing this information; this information will continue to remind me that what is happening is natural.

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