Riding the Waves of Disclosure

Are You Nervous about the Election?

surfing the waves of disclosureIf you are following the news recently, you may be experiencing a great deal of confusion and fear. For many, the disclosure that is occurring through wikileaks and other sources is causing great distress. Reality appears to be taking a sharp dive into the depths of science fiction and even horror.

Reaction of Denial

It is only natural to initially move into denial about the kind of disturbing information that is coming out and the events that appear to be unfolding. It can be an automatic reaction to insist the disturbing information must simply be politically-engineered misinformation.

And some of it may well be. But there’s really nothing reliable out there anymore we can depend on for the truth about what’s actually going on in the political arena. If you depend on mainstream news, you know you’re likely not getting all the news—and probably not the most accurate and unbiased news, knowing the corporations that own the news stations.

But are the alternative news sources on the internet any more reliable? In some cases, probably. But there are rogue journalists out there, purposely giving misinformation for one reason or another. In the end, we can only guess and choose what appears to us to be real events happening in the world.

 Presidential Election Circus

bigstock-143875412For many educated and intelligent people, the current US presidential election has been a circus from the beginning, given the two candidates involved. It has been truly unbelievable to many in foreign countries who are watching the charade, and highly embarrassing to those Americans who are stymied at the apparent choice they have been given between corruption and unhinged lunacy.

With all that is happening, certain questions inevitably come up: Is voting for the “lesser of two evils” really a choice? Would that just be a vote to continue and strengthen the corrupt governmental machinery? And, given what is now known about the vulnerability of the voting machines in the US, can you even trust that your vote will be honestly counted?

Reactions to the Disclosure

No matter what may transpire in the election, it’s likely that disclosure is going to continue, and more and more dark evidence of what has happened at the highest levels of government will be revealed.

For those who have not had a clue about anything nefarious happening beneath the surface of what they generally read or watch on TV news, continued disclosure in the political and other arenas may prove to push them over the edge for awhile.

For those who are not surprised by the news because they have long been steeped in what has been called “conspiracy theories” by unbelievers, the challenge may be to not fall into smug or superior righteousness or an “I told you so” stance.

No matter where we stand in taking in the information and misinformation as the events play out, these are definitely times of great uncertainty and chaos. How far will the current stream of disclosure take us? What further chaos and fear might it catapult us into? And how will we handle it?

Choice to Simply Watch the Show

In CinemaOne thing that’s clear is that those of us who can see the bigger picture of humanity’s Ascension have the option to step back and simply watch the drama that is unfolding. We have the choice to not add to the negativity that’s out there with an “us vs them” attitude.

We can avoid fearfully anticipating a fascist government if a particular candidate happens to win—or a cabal-run government if the other one does. We can choose to remain calm, trusting, and neutral in our responses to everything that transpires.

Certainly we can vote if our hearts dictate that action. But at the same time, we can choose to not adamantly take sides or become overly-attached to outcome. We can decide to not engage in diatribes against anyone, no matter how corrupt or “evil” or ridiculous we may think they are.

Beacons of Light

Lighthouse on the island against night skyIndeed, we can be beacons of Light throughout this whole dark drama. We can spend time holding light for humanity, meditating on peace, praying for harmonious outcome, and living our lives within the highest vibration we can manage.

We can know that these kinds of actions are powerful, that they do affect the collective consciousness—and, with consistent focus, we can help to ultimately usher in a whole new 5D consciousness to the planet.

As Ascension Lightworkers, that is what we are actually here to do during these times. Rather than getting caught up in the fray, our job is to stay calm, balanced and neutral. It’s to remain loving and generous and gracious with everyone around us.

And it’s to keep focusing on the bigger picture, knowing that humanity is in the process of Ascension. No one said this would not be a messy process. All reliable sources of prophesy about these times have described a period of transition from the Third Dimension to the Fifth that would be chaotic, confusing, and highly disruptive in all areas of life—both in our outer reality and our inner personal lives.

3D Structures are Crumbling

This transitional period is a time in which all corrupt and dysfunctional 3D structures that are not in resonance with love, harmony, justice, and oneness need to crumble, collapse and fall away. This is true in all arenas—governmental, economic, education, military, politics, healthcare. They cannot continue to exist and function on a planet that is so rapidly evolving to a higher consciousness.

And this is exactly what we’re currently witnessing in the world at large—and in the US, in particular. It’s becoming clear that many governments world-wide have been steeped in corruption and lies for many decades—even centuries. This all needs to be revealed so it can be remedied.

But there will likely be many ups and downs, and backward and forward steps in the process to reach these goals. Indeed, it may take what looks like a real disaster in an election process to finally wake people up and empower them to take more control. People in numbers with strong intention have much more power than most people realize.

Riding the Waves of Disclosure with Calm and Neutrality

Above all, it is important that we not give into fear. If we can stay in the moment, we can ask ourselves: Is anything actually fearful happening to me right now? Or am I just projecting something fearful into the future I think may happen, based on my experience of the past? Ninety-nine percent of the time, fear arises in this latter manner. Our old 3D mindset just seems to do this.

ascension bubbleBut if we can stay focused on love and keeping our vibration high, we don’t need to fall into fear. And we can be there with compassion for other people suffering through these times of disillusionment, panic and despair.

With that in mind, we can even experience a sense of excitement and joy in seeing what is currently unfolding. We can keep remembering that the disruption, chaos and uncertainty are all signs that Ascension is occurring.

It may look really dark now; but in time it will be clear that what we’re witnessing at this point is simply the beginning stage of a process in which humanity will eventually step into a true spiritual maturity and freedom for the first time in thousands and thousands of years.

How amazing that we are here to not only witness this phenomenal event—but to actually participate in it!


About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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8 Responses to Riding the Waves of Disclosure

  1. Hi Vidya,
    I love this. I have been tracking the HC mess for a long time, follow Wikileaks, and it has been driving me nuts to see my very intelligent friends and family refuse to look at the evidence, continue to only watch mainstream media, and the ‘lesser of two evils’ dance. One long-time friend stopped speaking to me because she could not deal with the truth, which was surprising as she is a passionate truth seeker. This is so of so many, so i am relieved that you speak of the denial. I just posted this to my two FB pages and a group i am in…i think it will relieve many people. The horror of the dark side here is frightening, yet, it is what is happening and i am with you in the witnessing rather than participating in a vote i cannot make. Thank you so much!

  2. Oakley says:

    Most appreciated Vidya,
    Thank you for being so accessible and supportive.
    I find myself feeling so blessed and excited to be “bearing witness to the these times. But at the same
    time it is so lonely
    I have learned the hard way to even breathe the beauty of our choices and just how safe we all are labels me “out to lunch”
    I could use a little advice on how to be a loving Ascension Lightworker without saying anything lol. Yesterday I seemed one of the “human race”team. Today I feel as if I’ve stepped through a door and emerged in a whole new place where Im keeping my mouth shut. Thank you. Namaste

  3. shyla says:

    Hi Vidya!,
    Sending you Love and Blessings. Wow, what a great ride, huh? ~Shyla

  4. Bernie says:

    Thank you Vidya, so beautifully articulated!

    Some years ago, I was Blessed to be in a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. What you so beautifully articulated in your article explains precisely my experience through the 45 hours that I was under siege in a hotel.

    BEING a beacon of Light and Love that brought balance to a very out of balance situation.

    Love always

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Vidya for being a voice of reason and truth. I am truly grateful to know that this is the time I came here for, and to watch the unfolding of a new reality for our planet and humanity. My faith that all is in perfect and divine order according to a higher plan is what keeps me from sliding over the edge through all this ridiculousness. And occasional reminders from you and other visionaries of our time.

    Many blessing to you

  6. Thank you Vidya,
    I was feeling a bit caught up and overwhelmed in the chaos. I prayed and asked for someone to talk to and you came to my mind. Thank you so much for your world of wisdom. I have posted them and will bookmark your letters and reread them to remind me to stay present and in love and light.

  7. Lupa says:

    Thank you with total gratitude for these wise words, Vidya.

    I’m with Oakley re feeling like I must keep my mouth shut in certain circumstances, feeling lonely with my Truth.

    Cleared my schedule today in case any nosy peeps out there asked me if I VOTED. AARGGH!

    I am the loving, STEALTH Lightworker!

    Great to connect with everyone here!

    It’s all about The Big Picture…


  8. Silo says:

    Thank you with all my heart for the reminder of who I AM.

    Infinite Love~

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