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What People have Said about Vidya Frazier over the Years

“Vidya is a masterful and compassionate channel of wisdom and compassion. My experience of talking to her was of being deeply listened to and cared for. Her voice is angelic yet powerfully compelling. Her light presence is felt even over the phone and across the country.

Vidya gave me a distant healing which is changing the course of my life. She eliminated old fears and blocks to my moving towards integrity and happiness. She magically tapped into my history and all the self-work I have done and weaved it into a strong new solution to old problems. I did everything she recommended and it has worked!

She even worked on physical symptoms in my body which have disappeared. What makes Vidya a unique healer is her willingness to surrender herself and her ego to the higher consciousness process and to be its pure vessel. Human beings like her help the rest of us cross the divide into our true divinity so we can enjoy happiness as our birthright, with ease. Thank you Vidya.” —Biliana, Cambridge MA

* * *

“Vidya is a highly evolved spirit who personifies unconditional love. Her very presence opens me and I begin to shift even before a word is spoken. My work with her has covered a span of several years and a myriad of issues. The constant with each session is Vidya’s clarity, knowledge, and wisdom. She has the ability to listen compassionately, ask questions and guide me into deeper truths. This happens easily as I work within the safe haven of her non-judgmental, compassionate field. Vidya manifests such breadth and depth that I have found no issue beyond her ability.  With her guidance and support, I have created a life of beauty and bounty. Vidya remains a source of inspiration and strength for me.”  —Susan S, CA

* * *

Quantum Healing offers the most powerful and profound healings I’ve experienced over many years of working with healing modalities, and Vidya is a master.  This work clears the deep layers and history underlying both physical and psychological issues for ever more clarity and freedom of the body-mind.  —MA, CA (a hugely grateful client)

* * *

Although I felt/saw very little during the session, I awoke to the most peaceful day I can ever remember….and throughout that day the inner quiet remained.  For one with such a busy mind, it was a miracle experience!  🙂  That is an experience I can return to as an aid to access the peace that  I know is naturally within.   And, speaking of returning, I do plan on future healing sessions with you.  And no doubt you will also be hearing from several of my friends!  —Carolann, TX

* * *

I found Vidya Frazier’s Quantum Healing to be extremely powerful and enlightening.  She was able to tune into body, mind & soul levels of this being and to identify and begin the healing of core patterns that have slowed my progress on this spiritual path.  It opened my heart and mind to these areas, and empowered me to continue this healing on all levels of my being.  I would strongly recommend this mode of healing to any and all on a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment!  —Sheri Reece, LCSW, CA

* * *

“If I could give Vidya Frazier reviews beyond 5 star, I’d shout from the mountain top. She is the real thing…a natural teacher, guide, compassionate wise woman who has lived these truths and by that, empowers and frees others. I’m both grateful and blessed.” —Patricia B, CA

* * *

“Working with Vidya, I was able to experience for the first time the ecstatic state of Oneness with all life. The bliss of this experience has transformed my life.”  —Jon R, CA

* * *

“Vidya’s insight, tools, techniques and support richly enhance and often jumpstart my process toward opening and remembering the truth of who I really am.”  —Sandy S, CA

* * * 

“Vidya saved my life. She has a unique holistic approach to her practice that I have never found anywhere else. She is an energetic healer, teacher, guide and counselor–and an Amazing Soul.  Her breadth of wisdom is like one-stop shopping on the road to Awakening! She has a gentle grace and a clear approach to her teaching. It is like sitting in counsel with a great Elder from distant lands and a galaxy far away…she has the ability to answer all my life questions and help me understand what I am going through with such ease.  She is LOVE in the purest sense of the word.  No matter what you are going through in life...she will hold an unconditional space for you. I feel rich beyond measure, just being in her presence.”  —Tina F, NC

* * * 

“Vidya has been an incredible adviser for me.  She has held a space of unconditional love through my most vulnerable times.  I am convinced my love relationship would not be as healthy today, or possibly even alive at all if it hadn’t been for Vidya’s shared wisdom, love, and counsel.  She is precious to my life partner and I, and to this day we continue to call upon her for her amazing healing capabilities, and wisdom.”  —Sirena H, NC

* * *

“With Vidya’s guidance, I was able to gain profound insight into myself and a renewed sense of the richness of life.” —Ruth R, AZ

* * * 

“Vidya is the ideal guide for exploring the subconscious. She’s wise, honest, and real, and she knows how to create a safe environment for going behind the veil.” —Elaine W, CA

* * * 

Vidya’s very presence helped to transform me. She’s so peaceful with herself, so still, that I’d always relax and drop deep within myself, just being around her. —Robert M, CA


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