How to Shift from 3D to 5D

The idea of shifting from 3D to 5D may be relatively easy to grasp—at least intellectually. But making the journey itself is something else. As the Earth shifts higher and higher with the help of the high frequency Ascension energies streaming in, we are being compelled to shift along with her.

And it’s not always easy to keep up. It can get really challenging if your life feels like it’s falling apart and you’re experiencing a lot of loss and charged emotions. Or if you’re not at all sure what is ahead of you, where your life is leading you.

It can be helpful to have a type of map that helps you find your way through the Fourth Dimension with as much ease and speed as possible.… Read more ...

Experiencing Ascension Symptoms?

If you’re feeling as if strange things are happening to you in your life and you sometimes feel as if you may be going crazy—you probably don’t need to worry. You may just be experiencing what have been called “Ascension Symptoms”.

You may be in the middle of a process known as “Ascension into the Fifth Dimension”—a wild ride into a much higher consciousness we are all being thrust into at this point, as the Earth makes her own ascension into this higher dimension.

There is a wide range of Ascension symptoms people are experiencing—some of them physical and some psychological.… Read more ...

New Audio: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

Although more and more people seem to have at least some idea what the terms “Fifth Dimension” and “Ascension” refer to, many more are now hearing them for the first time. And many of these people, I’m finding, either don’t have time for reading books on the subject or simply prefer listening to information to reading about it.

I have therefore recently created an audio YouTube called “Awakening to the Fifth Dimension”, in which I give a broad overview of the Ascension process and what it means to awaken to the Fifth Dimension.

If you’re new to the subject, this is a good introduction to start with.… Read more ...

Activating your Spiritual Mission

Not everyone has a spiritual mission.Everyone incarnating on the earth has what could be called a “spiritual purpose” or “soul purpose”. Before birth they have drawn up a soul contract outlining, among other things, a general purpose for the incarnation.

This might be to learn about love, or to experience empowerment, or maybe to serve as a mother to many children.

However, not everyone has what could be called a “spiritual mission.”

This is a very specific kind of purpose that certain mature souls take on during their incarnation with the goal of serving humanity and the earth as a whole. These people know themselves to be here to serve in a particular way, using their unique gifts, experience, abilities, and spiritual awareness.… Read more ...

Challenges of First-Wave Ascension Lightworkers

If you consider yourself an Ascension Lightworker—someone who knows it’s their spiritual purpose to assist humanity and the earth through the Ascension process during these times—you may be feeling especially challenged lately.

Sure, you’re probably used to the shifts and losses that have been occurring in your life, especially since December of 2012. But perhaps in the last few months, you have felt pushed to the wall at times with all that is happening.

The new frequencies that are now streaming onto the earth are more quickly than ever unraveling many structures, systems and patterns the world over. But maybe you look around and see that other people you know seem to be doing okay with it all—and in some cases, are actually taking off in their lives.… Read more ...

Riding the Waves of Disclosure

Are You Nervous about the Election?

surfing the waves of disclosureIf you are following the news recently, you may be experiencing a great deal of confusion and fear. For many, the disclosure that is occurring through wikileaks and other sources is causing great distress. Reality appears to be taking a sharp dive into the depths of science fiction and even horror.

Reaction of Denial

It is only natural to initially move into denial about the kind of disturbing information that is coming out and the events that appear to be unfolding. It can be an automatic reaction to insist the disturbing information must simply be politically-engineered misinformation.… Read more ...

Responding to Global Violence and Chaos

resond to chaosIt’s getting a little scary now, watching the world fall into increasing chaos and further depths of violence and uncertainty.

As I explained in my last blog, “World in Transition”, this progression toward greater negativity in the world has been predicted by many sources describing humanity’s ascension process into a much higher consciousness known as the Fifth Dimension. We are in transitional times now when all negativity that cannot go into this higher dimension is arising and being revealed in order to be healed and released.

However, it’s been one thing to read in past years about the coming chaotic times; it’s another to actually begin living in them.… Read more ...

World in Transition
From 3D to 5D

The world is in transition from 3D to 5D.


Everywhere we look today, we see a world in transition. It can seem as if global events are totally out of control, the “bad guys” are winning, and that there’s no hope for humanity. The whole idea of the world shifting from 3D to 5D can really feel like an illusion.

This viewpoint is totally understandable. Even when following the alternative news on the internet, rather than simply watching the mainstream news (that always seems to focus on the negative and simply doesn’t report all the news for whatever reason), it can seem as if humanity is finally going to extinguish itself through one disastrous event or another.… Read more ...

Ascension Energies Amping Up

Ascension energies are amping up.It seems for many of us lately that the Ascension process is gaining in both intensity and speed. Especially since the beginning of 2016, there have definitely been new Ascension energies flooding in, giving us an experience of transitioning that is more pronounced than before.

And the energies have a different flavor from what we’ve experienced in the last few years. They’re hard to describe. In one way, there seems to be a firmer push with them. We’re being compelled to move forward somewhat faster now, whether we feel ready to or not.

There’s also a demand to be ever-more vigilant about what we think and do and to see what we are creating for ourselves.… Read more ...

Paradoxical Ascension Symptoms
Am I Going Crazy?

Ascension Symptoms can be paradoxical.

As we move ever-more deeply into the Ascension process that is unfolding everywhere now, many of us are at times experiencing increasingly intense Ascension symptoms.

Some people I know are having serious physical symptoms, exacerbated symptoms they’ve either chronically had or those they’ve had in the past but thought they’d already healed from.

Others are experiencing a lot of emotionally-charged situations—again in a heightened form and also with a feeling that they’re in a repeat experience of something they went through in the past. Fear, anger, emptiness and despair waft in and out, causing a puzzling disruption in their lives.

Releasing 3D “Baggage”

It can be confusing and even frightening to be having these experiences if we don’t understand what’s going on.… Read more ...

Do You Have a Fear of Awakening?

Many people have a fear of awakening.The following is an excerpt from my recent book, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation. It addresses an inexplicable fear some of us are encountering at times on our path of Ascension—a fear that something frightening or unpleasant might happen if we continue to fully awaken to who we are.

Fear of Awakening

Consciously, of course, we all want to fully awaken to who we truly are. However, we may have unconscious fears about this happening.

For instance, we may fear our own awakening because of how it might impact our relationships and our comfort around other people. Marianne Williamson speaks eloquently about this particular fear:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.… Read more ...

Ascension “Clean-Out”

The following is an excerpt from my recent book, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation. It addresses an aspect of the Ascension process many of us seem to be experiencing recently and can be rather discouraging—something I call Ascension “Clean-Out”.

Ascension "Clean-Out" is common at this time.One Challenge after Another

In reflecting on my own experience and observing others I know, I see that we are all going through periods of what I can only call “Ascension Clean-Out”. Sometimes these periods last weeks, months—maybe even years for some—in which we meet one challenge after another and need to constantly focus on releasing old patterns, beliefs and emotions.

In a way, these periods of clean-out are no different from what any of us has experienced in the past; there have always been times in life when we’ve gone through difficult passages.… Read more ...

Ascension is an Adventure

Ascension is an adventure

Many of us who have been consciously experiencing the Ascension process for the last few years might hesitate at this point to call our journey to the Fifth Dimension an “adventure”. If we were initially excited about it a few years back, by now the process itself has perhaps rubbed some of the sheen off our enthusiasm.

Sure, there have been some high points, some expansive awakenings, realizations, and huge growth. But at times there has also been a great deal of loss and challenge. And there have been periods of time in which it feels as if nothing at all is happening, that nothing much has changed.… Read more ...

 Shifting to 5D Relationships

If you are deep into the Ascension process at this point, you are probably realizing that one of the areas of your life that is undergoing a “dimensional remodel” is that of your relationships with other people. This can be a challenging process.

Relationship patterns are shifting dramatically for many of us. We are being compelled to take a good look at our relationships currently in our lives and seeing what may no longer be resonating with the higher vibrations we are now embracing.

            Looking at Our Old 3D Relationship Patterns

Many of us are finding that the people we’ve related to for much of our lives are people with whom we have little in common anymore.… Read more ...

Ascension Symptoms—or Psychic Attacks?

Ascension symptoms and psychic attacks can feel the same.Note: I am posting this blog with a great deal of reluctance and would not post it at all, except for the persistent urging of my inner guidance to do so. The whole notion of psychic attack is such a negative one, and I generally hesitate to focus on negative subjects.

Yet I keep hearing that this subject is important to address during these times of Ascension when more and more of us are awakening and raising our vibrations. We need to be aware of the existence of psychic attacks, as we may be increasingly vulnerable to experiencing them—especially those of us who are Ascension lightworkers.Read more ...

Letting Go of 3D Habit Patterns

Operating with 3D HabitsWhen we look at what’s going on in the world, it can sure seem as if we’re all still in the Third Dimension. War, injustice, and greed still seem to reign.

And, at least occasionally, it may feel as if we are still in 3D, as well. Although we are well aware of the Shift taking place within and around us, our old ways of operating may still feel like they’re in place. We can still fall into fear, anger and depression at times.

The truth is we are no longer living in 3D reality; that reality closed off on the earth back in December 2012.… Read more ...

Exhaustion, Sleep, and More Exhaustion

Ascension can be exhausting.

Exhaustion. Just about everyone I’ve spoken to in the last couple of weeks has reported an unusual amount of exhaustion. I myself can barely drag myself from my bed to my chair most days.

For some, of course, actual illness may be responsible. And, if so, then it’s important to check it out. I also imagine astrologers could tell us about something in the skies that might explain it. And perhaps just plain aging in some cases may have something to do with it.

But I’m not convinced that this ongoing and debilitating exhaustion—and often a need to sleep more than usual—that many are experiencing can just be explained away by the usual reasons.… Read more ...

The Disappearing Self

The third-dimensional self is disappearing.It can get really weird to be part-way through the Ascension process. Aspects of your personality self are falling away. New aspects are emerging, but you may not relate to them yet. And they don’t fit comfortably with the other parts that are in the process of disappearing.

Your life may be shifting dramatically, as well—relationships, your work, your health. It can all be very disorienting. You can feel fractured and unintegrated.

The only way to make sense of these experiences is to understand that part of you is living in a fourth-dimensional reality, with some lingering third-dimensional habit patterns—and part of you is now living in fifth-dimensional reality.… Read more ...

Recognizing Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

ascension bubble  Most of us on a conscious path of Ascension have experienced moments—or even expanded periods of time—of what we might call fifth dimensional consciousness in our daily lives.

These are times in which we have felt ourselves living in a state that is free of all third dimensional concerns, emotions, and limitations. Profound peace, joy and freedom can fill us, radiating a sense of bliss throughout our entire being.

But for most of us, these experiences eventually seem to fade. And it can be easy to fall into depression or even despair when this happens. We can feel a deep sense of loss and wonder what we did wrong to lose these experiences.… Read more ...

Are You Suffering from Ascension Blues?

 Ascension blues are no fun.So here we are in January 2015. On the one hand, we can say “Good God, how did this happen—it’s 2015 already?!”

And on the other hand—in remembering all the excitement back in December of 2012—we might say, “Two whole years have passed now—and this is all that’s happened?!”

Some are asking “Why hasn’t disclosure happened yet? I thought the galactics were going to finally show themselves publicly.” Or “Why is there still fighting and conflict in the world—where is the peace and harmony that was going to happen?”

Still others who’ve been waiting fervently for the Reval or the Global ReSet to happen are likely feeling utterly discouraged at this point, after all the hype about its imminent arrival at any moment for the last two years.… Read more ...

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