Living in 5D
While in a Crazy 3D World

2019 is promising to be a year of increasing chaos in the world.

This is especially true if the reports about thousands of sealed indictments, military tribunals, increasing numbers of migrants at the US borders, and ongoing battles in Washington DC about returning troops—and everything else—are accurate.

Even if none of these situations actually manifests or worsens, the geopolitical scene remains alarming on many fronts. It’s enough to keep you in a state of low-frequency anxiety about what may transpire in the days to come.

How then can we continue our journey into the Fifth Dimension amidst all this chaos and uncertainty?… Read more ...

Crises, Disasters & Tragedies:
Opportunities for Rapid, Radical Evolution

Crises, disasters and tragedies all give us an opportunity to ascend more rapidly.I don’t think there’s anyone these days who isn’t having to handle one kind of crisis or another — whether it’s happening in their own life or in that of others they know.

This is a time in the Ascension process in which all negative third-dimensional patterns, thoughts, emotions, and actions — from this life and from past lives, as well — are arising within us to be seen, understood and finally resolved. The powerful waves of Light flowing into the Earth at this point are demanding this.


Running the Lightworker Obstacle Course

Running the Lightworker Obstacle CourseFor those of us who feel we have a spiritual mission to accomplish, the crises seem at times to come one right after another.… Read more ...

Frustrated with Your Healing Process?
5D Healing May be Your Answer


5D HealingFor many of us, the process of ascension demands the use of a variety of healing methods to assist in clearing out old, limiting patterns of emotional imbalance and ill health.

These uncomfortable patterns are arising for just about everyone these days, and it can be difficult to make it through everyday life if they are not recognized and addressed in a conscious manner.

Indeed, you may find that certain health and emotional issues keep arising, over and over again, no matter what you do. Or maybe you have experienced healing at some point—but then later on, you find you’ve “lost” the healing.… Read more ...

Choosing 5D Consciousness

choosing 5D consciousnessThere’s a lot to read these days about the Fifth Dimension and what it will feel and look like once we have ascended into this higher dimension. The beauty and peace of an existence within this higher frequency can cause an intense longing.

Just imagine walking around in a consciousness of profound well-being on all levels—peaceful, happy, free—with an open and loving heart. Present, curious, enthusiastic, optimistic. A sense of feeling powerful, confident and capable.

In other words, experiencing a state of being in which a number of emotions are absent, such as fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, a feeling of lack, and survival fears.… Read more ...

Dealing with the “Inner Police” in Your Head

Inner freedom comes when the inner police are gone.One of the most salient features of 5D Consciousness is the complete absence of guilt, shame and self-doubt. Can you imagine experiencing this? Can you feel the glorious sense of inner freedom this would bring you?

Perhaps you have experienced this feeling from time to time, but have found it difficult to hold onto when challenging circumstances arise. It’s rare to be totally free of these emotions. They appear to be an inherent part of the human psyche.

Some would even argue these emotions are healthy and necessary. That may be true for a very small percentage of the population dealing with sociopathic tendencies.… Read more ...

Are You Suffering from “Ascension Weariness Syndrome”?

Ascension can be exhausting.If you’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted these days, you may be suffering from what could be called Ascension Weariness Syndrome. Many of us seem to be passing in and out of a profound feeling of weariness as the ascension process continues over time.

It seems to include three kinds of exhaustion: physical/energetic fatigue, emotional exhaustion due to so much change and uncertainty occurring in our lives, and a profound weariness of waiting and waiting for something that doesn’t quite seem to be happening yet.

Physical/Energetic Fatigue

The galactic central sun is streaming positive energies toward earth.The physical and energetic fatigue many of us are experiencing on and off can be understood fairly easily if you understand that there are powerful emissions from the galactic central sun that are currently streaming toward Earth.… Read more ...

What is The Event?

The Event may be happening very soon.The following is a chapter from my latest book, Triumph of the Light: Story of Humanity’s Enslavement and Impending Liberation. I am posting it here, as it outlines what will likely be the most important event to occur within humanity’s evolution to date. And there are some indications that it may be happening at some point in the near future.

It’s been called “The Event” and it involves a quantum shift of consciousness that will affect all of us in profound ways we can only now imagine. If you have already read and heard about The Event, let this be a summary and reminder for you.… Read more ...

Following the News
through a 5D Lens

Watching the news can be distressing.

If you’re someone who follows the news on a daily basis, you likely find it difficult to avoid feeling either angry, depressed or fearful about what you’re hearing—or all of the above. Most of the time what’s reported is somewhat distressing in one way or another.

And, to make matters worse, these negative emotions probably get absorbed into your everyday consciousness as you go about your life, dampening your whole outlook on life. It’s hard to not be affected by so many different reports of conflict, injustice and corruption occurring in the world.

So how can you continue to be someone who deeply cares and wants to know what’s happening in the world—and not get pulled down into negative emotions and the sense of powerlessness that tends to accompany them?… Read more ...

Experiencing 5D Oneness

experiencing 5D OnenessOneness is a word that’s used a lot these days in spiritual circles. The word reminds us that we’re all connected in a deep and important way. And that we therefore need to try to live and work together harmoniously, taking everyone concerned into consideration.

This is a notion most of us would agree with. It feels compassionate and resonant with a truth we feel within our hearts. And for the most part, we try to live our lives guided by this principle.

3D Sense of Separation

At least until we’re triggered by something someone does or says—and bam! the old, familiar 3D feeling of separation arises again, and we’re stuck in emotions and thoughts that are far from an experience of Oneness.… Read more ...

Handling Ascension Stress

handling ascension stressI’ve been hearing from a number of people lately that they’re experiencing new levels of stress in their lives. I’ve been noticing this with myself, as well.

Some of it can be understood as a reaction to the ever-increasing craziness that’s happening in the world and also to certain changes we’re all facing in our lives as part of our ascension process. But sometimes the feeling of inner stress doesn’t make any sense. Anxiety, anger, worry—or just plain grouchiness—at times will suddenly overwhelm us, for no apparent reason.

And, to make things worse, all our usual spiritual practices we’ve used in the past for raising our vibration and clearing our fields somehow don’t seem to work very well when these irrational spells come on.… Read more ...

Triumph of the Light
Story of Humanity’s Enslavement and Impending Liberation

Triumph of the Light If you’re feeling disturbed by all that’s occurring on the world stage these days—the increasing chaos, disasters and violence—you might be interested in a book I’ve just published, called Triumph of the Light — Story of Humanity’s Enslavement and Impending Liberation. It will help you understand the reasons for everything that’s going on.

This book is one I never imagined I’d be writing. Up till now, I’ve basically focused my writing and teaching on the personal journey of ascension, only referring to the collective ascension of humanity as a backdrop for this individual process.

But I became aware at a certain point some months ago that this larger ascension process is one that now must be highlighted, as there are many significant events, both on-planet and off-planet, that are occurring to bring about humanity’s liberation into a freer consciousness that can shift into the Fifth Dimension.… Read more ...

Es-tu une Semence d’Étoiles?

Ceci est une transcription du message youtube “A Message for Starseeds” par Vidya Frazier (traduit par Isabelle Harford):

Bonjour et bienvenue,

Aujourd’hui j’ai un message pour toutes les Semences d’Étoiles.

Si tu es en train de lire ceci, il est probable que tu saches, ou que tu suspectes que tu es ce qui a été appelé une Semence d’Étoiles – une âme hautement évoluée, qui est venue sur Terre depuis quelque part des étoiles – soit de ce système solaire, soit peut-être depuis ailleurs dans l’univers. Ou peut-être même depuis un autre univers.

Et – tu sais que tu as une mission ici, qui est d’assister l’humanité durant ces temps de grande transformation vers un niveau de conscience beaucoup plus élevé, connu sous le nom de Cinquième Dimension.Read more ...

Are the “End Days” Upon Us?

Are End Days here?It certainly does seem as if the “End Days” are upon us. So many disasters and terrifying events happening in so many places, one after another. Just here in the US, we had the cataclysmic stream of hurricanes, then the horrific Las Vegas shootings, and then the devastating fire storm that hit Northern California last week—all in a very short period of time.

To make matters even more disturbing, there are dozens of reports—many of them by credible scientists and insiders— stating that all of these events, as well as many other similar ones in the past, have been purposely engineered in some way.… Read more ...

Are You a Starseed?

5D Consciousness is happening!+ + +

A while back, I published a youtube called “A Message for Starseeds”. A surprising number of people have watched it so far and have commented  on how much they related to what I said. I was amazed to realize just how many of us there are who know we are Starseeds and how many more are still in the process of waking up. It really is exciting news!

A lovely woman by the name of Isabelle Harford offered to transcribe the video into written text. I have decided to post her transcription here for those who either missed the youtube or prefer to read information.… Read more ...

Aligning Yourself with the Eclipse Energies

The eclipse energies are very powerful.Are you having fun with the Eclipse energies? They’re really an intriguing mix.

Many are experiencing the powerful disruptive current zigzagging through them, feeling intense changes occurring in their lives. Others are experiencing the beautiful, smooth and peaceful current that also seems to be present with them.

Both these energies weave in and out of each other, giving us a heightened, ever-more-interesting ride toward the Fifth Dimension.

It’s important to learn how to flow with these energies in a balanced and awake manner. And also to realize that there are many opportunities that have opened up for us with these new energies.… Read more ...

A Message for Starseeds

Are you a Starseed?Are you a Starseed? If you’re reading this, you likely are. If you get excited about ascension and are drawn to information about the Fifth Dimension – and you also feel you are here to assist humanity and the earth during these times of great transformation – you most definitely are.

As a Starseed, you may sense or even remember your home in an advanced civilization somewhere out in the stars, and you may at times get “homesick”, wanting to return there.

And yet, you also know you have come to Earth with a commitment to do whatever you can to bring greater Light, wisdom and love to assist the human race in its evolution.… Read more ...

Finding Your Way through the Ascension Void

The Ascension Void feels arid.Does your life feel flat and uninspired lately? Have you lost all enthusiasm for creating something new and exciting for yourself?

Perhaps your old passions have inexplicably died and you feel directionless. Maybe you don’t even know what you want or what you believe anymore. Your future feels bleak. In certain ways, you don’t know who you are anymore.

With all this, you may think there is something very wrong with you. It can certainly feel like it.

Welcome to the Ascension Void

However, these kinds of feelings are generally not indicative of anything being wrong with you. Instead, they are a sign that you may have reached a mature part of the Ascension path, called the Ascension Void.… Read more ...

Fed Up With Old, Chronic Emotional Patterns & Behaviors?

Try this New Ascension Healing Tool

Ascension symptoms are generally mild.Are you experiencing chronic anxiety, depression or anger patterns more often than usual lately? Or maybe you’re feeling more disturbed about certain habits or addictions you’ve developed over the years?

If you’ve been on a conscious Ascension path for a while now, these old patterns and habits may be upsetting you more than in the past. They can be irritating and even painful at times, as they tend to bring up a sense of inadequacy, shame, and unresolved hurt and anger.

What’s currently happening is your unconscious mind is in the process of emptying itself of negative experiences–with all their low-vibrational emotions and beliefs–that cannot shift with you into the Fifth Dimension.… Read more ...

How to Shift from 3D to 5D

The idea of shifting from 3D to 5D may be relatively easy to grasp—at least intellectually. But making the journey itself is something else. As the Earth shifts higher and higher with the help of the high frequency Ascension energies streaming in, we are being compelled to shift along with her.

And it’s not always easy to keep up. It can get really challenging if your life feels like it’s falling apart and you’re experiencing a lot of loss and charged emotions. Or if you’re not at all sure what is ahead of you, where your life is leading you.

It can be helpful to have a type of map that helps you find your way through the Fourth Dimension with as much ease and speed as possible.… Read more ...

Experiencing Ascension Symptoms?

If you’re feeling as if strange things are happening to you in your life and you sometimes feel as if you may be going crazy—you probably don’t need to worry. You may just be experiencing what have been called “Ascension Symptoms”.

You may be in the middle of a process known as “Ascension into the Fifth Dimension”—a wild ride into a much higher consciousness we are all being thrust into at this point, as the Earth makes her own ascension into this higher dimension.

There is a wide range of Ascension symptoms people are experiencing—some of them physical and some psychological.… Read more ...

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