What You Can Expect from a Quantum Healing

Quantum healingsDuring the Healing: Everyone experiences the healings in their own unique way—and may even experience one healing differently from another one they receive. Some people have all kinds of experiences: insights, memories, releasing with tears or laughter, blissful openings, energies running through their bodies.

Others report being able to feel when the healing begins and can track which parts of their body are being worked on. Many people just fall into a deep and restful sleep. Yet others experience almost nothing at all. There is no right way to experience the healing. It’s important to simply trust that it’s happening, even if you’re not feeling anything.

After the Healing:  Some people immediately start feeling the healing while it is happening or shortly thereafter. Indeed they may experience the healing beginning to take place as soon as they make the appointment. And in fact, the healing does actually begin as soon as you have committed to having it and the time has been set.

However, the results of the healing often begin to most clearly manifest the day after the healing takes place. You may realize on a subtle but profound level that something has happened, released or cleared. There can be a feeling of “something missing” that was there before—and now there’s just clear, empty energy there. Something may happen in the sleep state the night of the healing that helps to anchor in the healing more deeply.

Psychological clarity and a sense of well-being often appear very quickly, especially after the post-healing talk. Physical healing often takes place more slowly, although it can happen very quickly if the issue has developed fairly recently and there is strong faith in the healing. Old injuries or long-time conditions and diseases may take longer to completely heal—and at times require a number of healings over time. Each healing releases “layers” of the issue and gives more relief.

Healing Crisis: Although it’s rare, occasionally it’s possible to initially experience what might be called a “healing crisis” after a healing. This can manifest as a sense of intense energy passing through your body, or as an experience of feeling the symptoms that are being cleared are suddenly heightened. These are signs that the healing is working, but they of course are uncomfortable.

If this happens for you and you’d like me to “slow down” the healing, simply call me and I can do this.

Your Responsibility in the Healing

 Faith in the Healing: Your maintaining faith in the healing is very important. It can be helpful to understand the terms “faith” and “belief” in the following way:

Belief is something we just have; we can’t do a whole lot to change it directly. We either believe or disbelieve in something based on our past experiences and what we’ve learned to believe because of them.

Faith is something active we can choose to have. We can decide to have faith or trust in something and act upon it. We may not fully believe a healing can work for us, if we’ve never had one before—or one that has worked. We may have doubts if we actually “deserve” to be healed. Or we may have doubts that a long-distance healing can actually have an effect.

But we can focus on trusting it; we can tell ourselves it’s working; we can steer away from thoughts and words of doubt about it. And it’s this that’s important to do—practice having faith in the healing. This, more than anything, will help you get the most out of the healing and help it to fully manifest.

Eventually, as you practice having faith in the healings and you begin to see the results, your belief about them will naturally increase.

Choosing to Stay Healed: Even though negative emotions and core beliefs are released within the healing, it is your responsibility to keep from creating them again. For instance, if resentment you’ve held toward someone is cleared, you may feel a faint “ghost” of that resentment arise within you at some point in the future when you’re with that person again.

If you’re watching closely, you’ll see that you have the choice at that point to either move down that same habitual path and develop a feeling of resentment again—OR you can turn in a different direction and experience a more positive emotion.

The pull toward resentment won’t be what it was in the past, because the foundation is gone. But a residual habit of resentment might still be present. It is up to you to choose which way you will go. Once you begin choosing a different path consistently, that path will become your “default” path with that person.

Or let’s say you’ve asked to have digestive problems healed. During the healing, foundations are released from your stomach and new instructions are given to the DNA—and the healing takes place. Your stomach pain fades and then disappears.

However, if you continue to eat in an unconscious and unhealthy manner, you may create the same digestive problems all over again.



Quantum healing is not just about getting rid of psycho-emotional patterns and body ailments. It will accomplish this. But more importantly, it’s about helping you to wake up to how you live your life and how much love you give yourself.

It’s about helping you to become fully conscious and responsible for your thoughts, emotions and actions so that you can have the power to create the life you want to live.



Sometimes it’s difficult to find another direction to move your attention toward if the negative habit still feels too strong. If this happens, then turn your attention toward yourself with compassion.

Instead of feeling irritated or disappointed with yourself for feeling drawn toward resentment—or unhealthy eating habits—again, feel compassion for yourself for the hurt that lies beneath the resentment or habits. With the foundations removed, simply focusing on compassion for yourself will cause any lingering negative emotions or habit patterns to dissipate and disappear.

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 “Although I felt/saw very little during the session, I awoke to the most peaceful day I can ever remember….and throughout that day the inner quiet remained.  For one with such a busy mind, it was a miracle experience!  🙂  That is an experience I can return to as an aid to access the peace that  I know is naturally within.   And, speaking of returning, I do plan on future healing sessions with you.  And no doubt you will also be hearing from several of my friends!”  —Carolann, TX

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  1. Hannah Minkovitz says:

    I am assuming that you can do these sessions from a distance?
    Thank you

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Yes, these healings are all done in the “quantum field”. I speak first on the phone or skype with the person, then do the healing later, while they’re lying down–wherever they may be in the world. You can reach me at vidyafrazier101@gmail.com, if you’re interested in finding out more. –Vidya

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