Ascension Lightworkers Have a Specific Task

Ascension lightworkers have a specific task.I used to assume that everyone on a conscious spiritual path was here on the planet at this time with a specific mission to assist humanity and the Earth through the Shift into the Fifth Dimension. I have realized this is apparently not so.

Have you noticed that some spiritually-focused people you know light up immediately when you begin speaking about the Shift occurring on the planet—and some don’t?

Some people are right there with you, excited about the planetary transition into the Fifth Dimension (or at least are interested in learning about it). And some people, although very committed to their own awakening and might generally consider themselves “Lightworkers”, simply don’t relate to it very much.

We are a Particular Group of Lightworkers

 Lightworkers work together to usher in the new age.We who do light up around assisting the Earth and humanity through the Shift into the Fifth Dimension are a particular group of people. We know deep within us that we have volunteered for something very specific this lifetime: we have a commitment to help usher in the new age that we know is dawning for humanity.  We are here to assist people through the transition and to help create the New Earth. We have no doubt about this.

For some of us, it’s strange that friends who have been into the same spiritual awakening pursuits together with us for years are simply not interested in hearing about Ascension or the New Earth. They somehow can’t relate to it. Their eyes kind of glaze over when we start speaking about it. At times, we even sense judgment from them, as if they’re thinking we’ve gone off in a strange and not very enlightened direction.

It’s now clear to me that not everyone interested in spiritual awakening has signed up for the same mission that certain other ones of us have. They’re here undoubtedly to help contribute in an overall way to raising the vibration on the planet—but they’re not here to focus specifically on it. Their soul purpose or mission is something else.

That’s why when we do find people with the knowing and excitement about Ascension, their friendship can be so precious. And it’s why finding community around the Shift is so important.

The Completion of the Bodhisattva Vow

Ascension lightworkers may have taken the Bodhisattva vow.Most people I know who are consciously involved in the Ascension process and are moving more deeply into their soul purpose to assist humanity (or at least wanting to begin it) can relate to having taken the Bodhisattva vow at some point in their evolution. This is the vow in the Buddhist tradition to continue incarnating back on the planet over and over again to assist others in their awakening into spiritual freedom—until every last soul on earth is free.

This is a serious vow—an incredible commitment, requiring a massive amount of compassion for humanity. I’ve known for a long time that I at one time took that vow (or maybe even numerous times in different lifetimes). And there have been times in this lifetime when I’ve wondered if I could possibly get out of it.

I always saw this process of every soul on earth becoming free as an incredibly long, slow and arduous one, stretching probably over thousands of years. And I have felt such a soul-deep weariness this whole lifetime. How could I continue till the end of time, living through even one more lifetime on Earth, even as awake as I’d become?

Until I realized one day that this is what Ascension is all about. Every soul on earth who desires freedom and full awakening (either consciously or unconsciously) now has the opportunity to achieve this. It isn’t going to take thousands of years more of reincarnating over and over again—it’s going to be a relatively short period of time. We are actually there at that point now: it will only be a matter of years.

And many people will not even have to leave their current body to experience it—most will shift into the Fifth Dimension with the body they are now using.

It feels amazingly good inside of me to realize that my involvement in assisting others to realize what is happening in the Ascension process is actually bringing my Bodhisattva vow to completion. Whether other people get what is happening on the conscious level—or feel excited about the fact it’s a planetary phenomenon happening—is irrelevant.

All that matters is that every soul left on the Earth when she ascends will be going with her into full awakening. And that’s what brings me unbelievable joy.

Ascension Lightworkers are Being Prepared

 We are being prepared for the Fifth Dimension.Something else I’ve noticed: Those of us who know we are specifically Ascension lightworkers are also moving very rapidly and intensely through the clean-out phase involved in the Ascension process. Although incredibly beautiful and exciting awakening breakthroughs are happening on numerous levels inside us, the changes and losses in our lives are also whirling through our lives, sometimes one after another.

Most people around us are going through their usual lives—with perhaps more stress than ever before—but without any real sense that something new is happening. Yet we are living lives with unusual highs and lows. “Tests” are showing up regularly to see how quickly we can let go of old dysfunctional patterns, relationships that no longer work, and identities that no longer fit. Depressions and anxieties show up out of nowhere. There’s a feeling of being thrust into the Unknown without a roadmap.

Undoubtedly, we are all being prepared very well to be wayshowers and guides for when things truly begin to fall apart on the planet, something predicted to happen in the near future by visionaries and indigenous elders for a long time. (Actually, you don’t have to listen to visionaries to get that this is going to be happening—you just need to follow the news and connect the dots.)

At any rate, whenever our lives start flying apart around us, it’s good to remember who we are and what our purpose is as Ascension lightworkers. We need to keep the bigger picture in mind and realize that there’s a purpose to all that is occurring within our lives and in our being.

And it’s helpful to remember that we’re not alone in this process. Not only do we have immense support from the invisible realms—but on this physical realm as well. Ascension lightworkers are waking up all over the world. There will soon be more and more opportunities for us to work together to usher in the new age emerging.

We can relax, knowing that we will all find our places with each other—and fulfill what we’ve come here to do.




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