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The Ascension Lightworker Guide

A Handbook for Weary Souls

(Published 2020)

Ascension Lightworker GuideIf you are still reeling from the intense and complex events that have occurred worldwide since the beginning of 2020 and are experiencing unprecedented change, loss and uncertainty in your life, this book will be a godsend. Drawing on 45 years as a transpersonal therapist and energy healer and her long-time experience on a spiritual path, author Vidya Frazier spells out a surprisingly hopeful and exciting explanation of all that is occurring.

She then offers a great variety of tools and keys for how to handle the challenges you may experiencing during these tumultuous times. However, this is not just another new age book giving advice and suggestions on how to heal yourself and wake up spiritually. It focuses on how to do this specifically in today’s world, when so much rapid change is occurring, both externally and internally.

The information and tools presented are offered within the context of the spiritual paradigm of Ascension. This context explains the current chaos in the world as a form of intense and rapid awakening that is occurring worldwide, due to the rise in frequency of the planet Earth into what has been called the Fifth Dimension. Hundreds of prophesies throughout the ages have foretold this planetary phenomenon and the quantum leap in consciousness that would be occurring within humanity during these times.

The Ascension Lightworker Guide will give you hope, guidance, and a sense of great excitement about the future. And if you are someone who knows you’ve incarnated to be an active Lightworker during these times, it is a must-read.

One review:

“I have read all of Vidya’s books, and they have been a Godsend for me, this one included. The Ascension Lightworker Guide is a treasure trove of helpful tips on how to navigate current times. A septuagenarian, Vidya writes from decades of experience as a psycho-therapist, energy healer, spiritual seeker, and receiver of spiritual guidance. Vidya provides us light workers/sensitives/energy healers with a larger context within which to understand our current lives: we are being challenged to go through an ascension process, shifting from 3D (third dimensional), ego- and fear-based ways of being and doing, to 5D (fifth dimensional), love- and soul-centered ways.

“The core of the book is twenty short, focused, and incredibly helpful chapters which teach us how to escape from different 3D states of being — mental-emotional states such as angry, anxious, depressed, stuck in grief, powerless, and having difficulty manifesting. Vidya teaches us, step by step, emotion by emotion, unhealthy thoughtform by unhealthy thoughtform, how to go through this process, and in doing so, live our lives more and more in 5D.

“If what I am writing resonates with you, I recommend this book to you most highly; it will help you on your spiritual path. I also highly recommend Vidya’s individual sessions as a ascension counselor.”  — Julie Matthaie

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Triumph of the Light

Story of Humanity’s Enslavement and Impending Liberation

(published 2017)

Triumph of the LightIf you’re disturbed by the increasing chaos, disasters and violence playing out on the world stage, this book will help you understand why this is all happening. It will introduce you to a world that may sound like science fiction or conspiracy theory–but becomes a fascinating story difficult to dispute or deny, as it finally makes sense of what is happening.

The “story” presented here is largely based on information revealed by increasing numbers of courageous whistle-blowers from within the military, intelligence communities and researchers who are speaking truths long kept secret from the public. It becomes clear that humanity has actually been controlled for thousands of years in insidious ways most people are unaware of. And that there is a battle currently being waged for humanity’s liberation from this control.

Triumph of the Light may lead you to question your beliefs, your conditioning, and what you’ve believed to be true about the world and humanity’s history. Although disturbing in many ways, what’s offered here is also exciting and uplifting, as the author gives great hope for our future. It becomes clear that, even with all that is now occurring, humanity is actually on the verge of an incredible leap in consciousness into a state of much greater freedom, harmony, justice and spiritual awakening.


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Embracing the Transformation

Riding the Energies of the Shift
with Ease and Passion

(published 2015)

Ascension - Embracing the TransformationASCENSION – Embracing the Transformation is the second book on the subject of Ascension written by Vidya, following a year and a half after the publishing of Awakening to the Fifth Dimension. This book is a comprehensive report of what Vidya has witnessed happening in the last few years for the many people she knows and works with who are consciously on the Ascension path.

She also shares in this book details about her own journey, along with practical and effective suggestions on how to surf the crest of the Ascension wave—both its challenges and its exciting, yet sometimes confusing, shifts and openings.

She has found that many people at this point are feeling disoriented, discouraged or stuck, not understanding how to proceed in their lives due to so much change and the many challenges they are facing. Some people are also shifting rapidly into higher consciousness and are not quite sure how to navigate their way into the unknown territory that lies ahead of them.

No matter where you may be on your own Ascension journey, this book will guide you through many of the challenges you may be encountering and explain to you why they are happening. It will also guide you in creating a life in which you are operating more and more from a fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Topics include:

  • The Ascension “clean-out process
  • Biological upgrades and recalibrations
  • Ascension symptoms
  • Dissolution of karmic bonds
  • Relationship challenges and healing
  • Significance of self-love
  • Our galactic heritage
  • Speeding up the process
  • Ascension Miracles
  • Expressing your soul mission
  • Living as a multi-dimensional being
  • Our galactic heritage
  • Speeding up the process
  • Ascension Miracles

“This is a superb, very thoughtful, perceptive and inclusive journey through the myriad facets of transformation showing up in our lives related to the radical changes we and the planet are currently experiencing. Vidya Frazier has her finger on the pulse of this time through her direct experience—within herself, with the many she works with, and with her wide network of those embracing this shift of the ages. You’ll feel recognized by her compassionate, knowing voice, your specific experiences—be those confusion, challenge and/or ecstasy—clearly described and contextualized in this valuable report.” Marigold, CA

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Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

A Guide for Navigating the Global Shift

(published 2014)

Awakening to the Fifth DimensionFeeling a strange sense of disorientation in your world? Or an increasing need to adapt to change very quickly? Perhaps a loss of old relationships or a disturbing lack of passion about your life?

How about fascinating new openings in consciousness? Profound experiences of love and joy that seem to arise out of nowhere? Or the awakening of exciting new spiritual abilities?

If so, you are part of an increasing group of people awakening very rapidly all across the planet in what has been called the “Shift.”

In her book, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Vidya Frazier clearly describes this global event in terms of a dimensional shift—a monumental collective movement to a higher level of consciousness known as the Fifth Dimension.

She also explains how those who are currently riding the waves of Ascension into this new dimension are experiencing profound changes that can be both wondrous and confusing—and sometimes tumultuous. She describes how we can navigate these changes with both ease and grace.

Other themes include:

  • Common physical, mental and emotional
    ascension symptoms
  • How to raise and sustain your vibration
  • Opening to love
  • Learning trust
  • Experiencing oneness
  • Waking to your spiritual mission


If you have intuitively known about the Shift and the process of ascension—but have found it difficult to speak about it to others—this book will help you describe it in clear and heartful terms.

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“Vidya offers a refreshing, concise roadmap to follow to bring clarity from confusion and wonder and excitement from potential fear of walking in unknown territory. This guide is a grounded, practical tool to understand and walk the path of the ascension journey. Vidya’s explanations of the dimensions, what to expect as we travel, tools to assist on the journey… Vidya’s own excitement and authenticity about this global shift rings true throughout the entire book.” —Shri Estes, AZ


“Vidya has a down to earth and clear way of explaining all the changes we are witnessing and experiencing… Her book is like a long walk with a good friend who nudges me in the right direction with concrete suggestions.” —Tina FireWolf Powell, Asheville, NC

Listen to Rev. Charlotte McGinnis give a talk based on this book


“This is definitely the “go to” book about the radical personal and global changes taking place as the evolutionary process accelerates. An excellent overview of what’s happening and, even better, its specific personal challenges along with wise guidance on how to meet them.” —Marigold, Sebastopol, California


“There is hope found in these pages and most of all, a call to inner love and compassion that is not only possible but easily achievable through simple exercises fueled by your choice and intention. It can be read again and again to inspire on difficult days or to propel you forward with grace on your journey.” —Rhonda Marin, CA


“Vidya Frazier’s book is a tremendous “guide book”, a navigational tool, an oh so clear speaking…The richness of her depth, obviously from experience, was very calming to me. I am SO grateful for this!! It cleared up a lot of my questions as I am knee deep in this process :-)” —Georgia Dow, Grass Valley, CA

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The Art of Letting Go
A Pathway to Inner Freedom

(published 2002)

“In this book, Vidya demystifies the confusing concept of enlightenment. Speaking with deep and compassionate understanding of human suffering, she lays out a pathway to spiritual freedom that is simple and practical, yet profoundly powerful.

“Gently, she encourages us to let go of our mistaken identity with our ego and points consistently to our true self that is already free, here and now, living in peace and harmony with all that is.

“Vidya Frazier’s compelling description of her own journey of awakening has confirmed and validated my own…”—Margit Jacob, founder & director of the Napa School of Yoga

“Her warm and friendly style is encouraging and validating…At long last, we have a feminine approach to enlightenment—soft, heartfelt, and embracing of human frailty—yet profoundly ringing of Truth.” —Anthea Francine, MP, CPPS, contributing author of Our Turn, Our Time


Review of
“The Art of Letting Go”

by Jim Gilkeson, Author of Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth

Spiritual teachings can have a way of sounding like pronouncements from a mountaintop, disembodied, immutable and teflon-coated. They often need translation into the language of everyday people and everyday life in order to connect. There is, after all, a difference between a spiritual visionary and a spiritual teacher.

Of course, both of these gifts can, and do, show up in the same individual, and these are the persons who should be teaching, writing, counseling.

Vidya Frazier’s book, The Art of Letting Go: A Pathway to Inner Freedom (Blue Dolphin Publishing), is an example of what can happen when a transforming experience is allowed to ripen and unfold over time. Her own personal awakening has had time to settle in, and as a result, she speaks with her own voice, calm, assured. As a counselor, she has had plenty of exposure to the knotholes people go through. As a person who has gone through plenty of knotholes herself, she has compassion.

One of the many things that The Art of Letting Go has going for it is Vidya’s  talent for heading off many of the typical misunderstandings that arise around mountaintop teachings. As I read Vidya’s book, I thought to myself several times, “Good! It’s about time somebody did this who has an understanding of how language is used and misused in spiritual teaching.”

Vidya has that kind of understanding, and takes the time to patiently tease out important distinctions: “letting go” has much more to do with accepting what is than with denying and dissociating from ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in; emotions are not the same as feelings; “letting go of your story” doesn’t mean ceasing to have a biography.

The Art of Letting Go is a clear-headed and compassionate manual for re-identifying with our essential self. It is written in everyday language, with plenty of personal examples and case histories, and practical, doable exercises for relaxing the internal grip we have on our concepts about ourselves and about life. This is no small thing, because, as Vidya amply points out, these concepts are what keep alive a fundamental misidentification in us.

I was relieved that Vidya also acknowledges how difficult “simply letting go” can be, and suggests ways to practice a new set of skills. This book is a great resource for anyone who is ready to get on with the task of learning to identify with their true, eternal self. Sooner or later, we all have to let go—if only at the moment of our death – and open to the bigger, more expansive life that is, and always has been, available to us. And if we have to do it, we may as well make an art of it.

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