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Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.

Meditation for 12-21-21
A Crucial Turning Point for Humanity

You probably realize that meditating for humanity on the solstice twice a year can be very powerful. But are you aware of just how crucial it will be to do this on the coming solstice on December 21?

This is perhaps the most important date since the December solstice in 2012, when the portal to the Fourth Dimension opened, and humanity and the Earth began the intense and exciting journey into the Fifth Dimension.

On this coming December 21, we will be experiencing the pivotal point of this journey and entering a whole new phase of freedom for humanity for the first time in almost 26,000 years.… Read more ...

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5D Reality is Already Here
Can You Feel It?

A new Reality is emerging – a reality existing within a bandwidth created by the high-frequency waves of light that are now flooding the Earth like never before. It’s a reality filled with joy and freedom and harmony, one in which you can create a life you’ve always yearned for.

No longer is this new 5D Reality simply a dream, a hope, or a vision of a better future: it is already here, now more available than ever, awaiting our discovery of it.

This new Reality may not be obvious to you. In looking around at the world at this point, you might think it’s crazy to believe in its existence.… Read more ...

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Why is the World Falling Apart?

You are probably aware, at least to some extent, of what the answer to this question is.

In fact, if you’ve been following the disclosure information for some time now, you may be all too well-informed about the situation humanity is currently in – and you might be wondering if we will ever be able to turn things around to create the New Earth so many of us envision.

At this point, you may even be doubting everything you think you know about Ascension and the Fifth Dimension; the planet certainly doesn’t seem to reflect the images you probably have about these concepts.… Read more ...

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Dismantling your Inner Critic

Do you ever get fed up with that irritating voice in your head that is always ready to tell you how inferior or inadequate you are – or how you’re doing something wrong?

How, no matter what you’ve done or how you’ve done it, it tells you either that you shouldn’t have done it, or that you should have done it better in some way – faster, more calmly, with more confidence, or more love – or whatever?

Or maybe you hear messages at times that simply tell you that you’re a terrible person, and you don’t deserve to be happy – or to be financially secure, have loving relationships, or rewarding work.… Read more ...

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Keeping Focused on Love, Joy and Peace — No Matter What

So, things are really heating up out there. We’ve been warned for some time about this period of time we’re now entering. And it’s probable that the Afghanistan crisis – along with unbelievable lockdowns in certain countries – are just the beginning of ever-increasing chaos in the world that will be occurring for a while.

Perhaps the most important thing to do, whatever happens or doesn’t happen, is to not get caught up in the events that are apparently occurring out in the world. In particular, it’s wise to not totally believe anything you read or hear from any news source, mainstream or alternative: there is a lot of misinformation being reported that is either purposely or unconsciously skewed to fit one agenda or another.… Read more ...

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Are You Ready for What’s Ahead of Us?

If you’ve been aware of what is occurring across the planet lately, it’s likely you are noticing a sharp uptick in dire situations that are currently happening around the world – floods, earthquakes, fires, triple-digit temperatures, droughts and water shortages, food shortages, and disruption of transportation.

And all this, of course, is on top of ever-increasing lockdowns and fear-inducing reports about a new variant and stronger mandates to get the shot and a certain kind of passport.

Staying Positive

Perhaps like you, I have managed, through all we’ve been experiencing in the last year and a half, to keep positive about our future; and I do still remain positive and optimistic.… Read more ...

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The Secret Key to Speeding up Your Ascension

I think we’re all weary of how challenging the ascension path has been so far – so much pain and fear to release, so much loss, so much waiting for “something” to happen to indicate the Earth and humanity are indeed ascending.

Making this quantum leap into 5D is no easy task, especially as we’re taking our physical bodies with us – something never achieved before in this universe.

And yet, ascending we are – at least those of us who have made the choice to do so in this lifetime. Although it is not always clear, the process of ascension can become obvious, once you begin making choices now, as much as possible, to begin living in 5D consciousness.… Read more ...

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What will 5D Earth be Like
and How Can We Begin Living in 5D Today?

I was recently asked to speak on zoom to people who were part of a world-wide group known as Connecting Consciousness, an organization that was originally formed by Simon Parkes.

The main topic was the 5D Earth, but there were many other topics I covered, especially as discussion and questions arose. The link to the video is below.

Some of the topics include what exactly 5D is, what the New Earth will be like, and how to begin living in 5D consciousness NOW, even before the Earth makes its shift. I offer a short guided meditation on how to create a “5D Bubble” in order to keep in a high frequency of love and light and peace, no matter what is happening.… Read more ...

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Is Ascension Impacting Your Relationships?

If you are experiencing challenging conflicts in your relationships, it is no surprise. Indeed, it appears to be a common ascension symptom at this point.

Ever more powerful 5D frequencies are now flooding the Earth, causing a rapid rise in the vibration of everyone and everything on the planet. So disruptions in relationship patterns are naturally occurring, because most of our relationships have at least some 3D elements weaving through them — and nothing resonating with 3D energies can go with us into the Fifth Dimension.

If a relationship is important to you, any disruptions in it can be extremely distressing.… Read more ...

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Interview with Planetary Activation Organization
Sunday, March 21

Please join me online for this interview!

Register for the interview HERE.

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To Take the Shot – or Not

As you’re likely aware, there is tremendous controversy about the famous (or infamous) inoculation that’s currently being offered to people at this point.

Like with so many other issues today, there is a wide division of opinions on the matter. Many are scrambling madly to receive the shot as quickly as possible, while others are vehemently affirming they will never, ever get it. And, unsurprisingly, this is sometimes causing deep contention between family members and spouses.

In case you are still indecisive about the subject, feeling you don’t know enough about it, I thought I’d offer some information that might be helpful to you.… Read more ...

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How is the Quantum Leap into 5D Affecting You?

Despite all the years that some of us have been talking and thinking about the quantum leap into the Fifth Dimension that humanity would be making at some point, I think the reality of it has never been able to fully register in us. Until perhaps now.

I have always been aware that there would be some hard inner work we’d all have to do, a great purification of all 3D patterns we’d have to endure, losses we’d have to experience, and a period of great unknowing we’d probably need to live through.

And I’ve always expected a great deal of chaos both in the world and within many of us in making the monumental leap in consciousness.… Read more ...

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The Quantum Leap into the Fifth Dimension has Begun
How to Handle the Chaos

I have just posted the youtube below with this same title on it, which sounds rather innocuous – and you may decide to just save it for later when you have time to listen.

But you may wish to listen to it sooner rather than later, because there is some important information in it that may be greatly affecting us all soon. I have used this title to avoid censorship, something that has recently happened on a massive scale on youtube and all social media platforms — as well as within the mainstream media.

In the first part of the youtube, I lay out the bigger spiritual picture of what is now occurring in the world at large, and this is important to understand.… Read more ...

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Shifting into 2021:
Standing Strong in Peace and Love

Please join me for a radio show on which I will be interviewed by Host, Sharon Wikoff, on

Monday, January 4, at 12 noon Pacific Time

We will be discussing what we can expect to occur in 2021. We will focus, in particular, on information about the US election – much of which has been distorted or omitted from the mainstream news – and the ramifications of what may be happening just ahead of us on January 6 when the electoral college delegates meet with Congress to determine who will be the next president.

I will be presenting information from alternative investigative journalists and whistle-blowers, many of whom have now been massively censored.… Read more ...

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Mass Meditation for the Aquarian Age
December 21

As you’re likely aware, this entire month is full of exciting astrological events, all greatly affecting us. But December 21 is perhaps the most important day that will impact all of humanity and our progress toward entering the Fifth Dimension.

On this date, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct each other in Aquarius, and will be so closely aligned physically, they will appear as one big star in the sky. Some have named this phenomenon the “Christmas Star”. To add to the power of this conjunction, this will also occur, of course, on the winter solstice.

December 21, 2020 has been referred to by many as the “beginning of the Age of Aquarius”.… Read more ...

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Ascension Anxiety
How Shift into 5D Consciousness

Ascension anxiety is difficult to handle.If you’re like many people these days, you’re probably dealing with one issue or another that can pull you into anxiety. It’s no wonder, with all that’s happening in the world and the stress it’s causing in people’s personal lives.

Perhaps you’re dealing with financial survival issues, or a serious physical health problem. Or maybe it’s an important relationship that’s wobbling or ending, or a past trauma or wounding that has never been resolved.

It can sometimes feel like nothing is safe anymore. You might barely catch your breath after making it through one challenge, only to find you’re having to let go of the next thing that was helping you to feel safe.Read more ...

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Navigating your Way through the Chaos

A month ago, we were all thinking that 2020 had been a rough and chaotic year. And yet, we are now beginning to realize those earlier months were probably just a mild preview of what is still ahead of us. On many levels, we are likely heading toward even darker and more tumultuous times.

The confusion and fear amongst most people around the world continue to rise, as predictions of greater challenges and confusion abound, especially around the Covid-19 situation and the US election.

How can we prepare to meet these increasing challenges, while continuing to stay in tune with 5D consciousness – and on track with our spiritual missions?… Read more ...

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Mass Meditation for the US Presidential Election

As we’re all aware, there is great turmoil within our midst about the upcoming US presidential election on November 3. So many people are feeling anxious or angry — or despairing about the poor choice we’re being given.

There are also predictions of violence and false flags occurring before, during and after the election. So it seems really important that we do what we can to help bring a sense of stability, calm and sanity to America during these times.

This is late notice – but the inspiration just hit me to create a mass meditation as we approach the November 3 date.… Read more ...

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Challenges of Being an Ascension Lightworker
Amidst the Covid-19 Crisis

Not that long ago, being what could be called a “lightworker” felt pretty easy – it simply entailed being on a conscious spiritual path, generally holding light and love for everyone, and being of service to others.

Today, it’s a different story. Now that the world is fully in the throes of ascension due to the high-frequency waves of Light flooding the Earth, being a lightworker is not so simple. The world is falling apart; many people are in fear and pain; and loss, change and uncertainty reign everywhere. Our role has become more intense, more focused, and more demanding.

We are not just assisting others in the usual ways we have in the past: we have morphed into being “Ascension Lightworkers”, assisting people in awakening very rapidly into an immensely higher state of consciousness – whether we do this in a visible, active way, or in a quieter way of holding a high frequency of light for others to experience.… Read more ...

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Mass Meditation on 9/11
To Extinguish Fires on Entire West Coast

So far, 2020 has felt like a weird, chaotic sci-fi movie we’ve all been living in. In the last couple of days, those of us in California have been experiencing what’s now morphing into a violent horror film – filled once again with hundreds of raging, out-of-control wildfires. Along with highly toxic air quality – and eerily strange skies that glow neon orange.

People who have finally been able to go back home after being evacuated in the last two weeks are now being evacuated again. People who somehow survived the disastrous Paradise fire two years ago, having lost absolutely everything, are now also having to evacuate once again.… Read more ...

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