Ascension Coaching Sessions

Ascension symptoms are occurring more and more intensely in everyone, as we continue to shift ever-more-rapidly in consciousness toward the Fifth Dimension. If you’re like most people these days, you may be encountering huge changes, loss or disruption in your life —  in your relationships, your work, your home, or your financial situation.

In particular, you might be experiencing what Vidya calls the “Ascension Void”, a period of time in which a feeling of a deep void appears in your life; old interests and passions seem to fade, old relationships fall apart, and lifelong careers become uninteresting. In addition, you may even feel a strange sense of a loss of your very identity. In general, your life tends to become rather small and flat.

If you’re not aware of the necessary process of letting go of your 3D identity that is occurring in the Ascension process, it can feel very confusing and even terrifying. And, of course, with all the chaos that is also occurring out in the world since early 2020, all these concerns are greatly exacerbated.

Vidya offers  Ascension Coaching Sessions — either online or by phone — to assist you in dealing with all these kinds of challenges and uncertainty that are arising within your Ascension process.

Often, in these sessions, information about past lives may come to her that can help you understand why certain things are occurring in your life — as well as information about your origin as a starseed.

In addition, you may experience a healing during the session through the energy exchange that occurs. Whatever comes forth, you will likely receive suggestions about how you can handle the challenges you are currently faced with, including helpful healing and awakening tools you can use on your own.

In general, you will become aware that there is nothing “wrong” with you; indeed, there is really nothing to “fix” about yourself — there’s simply 3D “debris” you’re needing to let go of, so that the true YOU can begin to shine forth.

 To make an appointment, please contact Vidya at [email protected] or call 707-824-0735.

The sessions are $125/hour.