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Ascension is now occurring more and more rapidly, and the leap you are being compelled to make into 5D consciousness is a profound one. It is no longer simply a next step in your spiritual awakening that you can focus on at your leisure.

In order for this quantum leap to be as smooth and comfortable as possible, it’s important to become aware of everything within you and in your life that you cannot take with you — such as unhealed traumas, unhealthy patterns in relationships, and stuck emotions like fear, hatred, despair or depression.

It all must be seen, experienced, healed, and then released. This can feel like a monumental task, especially given all the challenges you are also dealing with in the external world during these chaotic times.

To assist you in this daunting Ascension process,Vidya currently offers three types of sessions: Quantum Healings, Ascension Readings, and Ascension Coaching Sessions.

Quantum Healings

Quantum HealingThe Quantum Healing that Vidya offers is a powerful energetic form of healing that takes place in the Quantum Field. The healing occurs on the level of the DNA — a level that is much deeper than many other types of energetic healing.

There is no assumption in Quantum Healing that there is anything “wrong” with you that has to be “fixed”. You are whole and perfect, just as you are and always have been. There are simply energy patterns that have attached to your DNA that have been blocking you from experiencing this true essence of who you are. When these patterns are released, you will experience your authentic soul-infused Self more clearly and begin to function from a higher vibration — and then step forward more fully and freely into your life.

The healings are given remotely.  Read More

Ascension Readings

If you have questions about challenging experiences you are experiencing, it may be helpful to receive an Ascension Reading from Vidya. She can give you information about the particular energetic changes that are occurring within you and clarification as to why they are occurring.

Questions about relationships, your work, your spiritual mission, and your spiritual gifts can all be answered. You will also be given suggestions about what next steps you might take to keep yourself steady and empowered as you proceed along your journey into the Fifth Dimension.

In addition, you may also receive greater clarification about the external context of your life, how the events in the world may be affecting you, causing greater confusion and emotional impact on your sense of balance and clarity – and what you can do about them. Read More.

Ascension Coaching Sessions

Ascension Coaching Sessions are hour-long sessions offered either online or by phone. They are designed to assist you in dealing with all challenges and uncertainty that are arising within your Ascension process.

Often, in these sessions, information about past lives may come to Vidya that can help you understand why certain things are occurring in your life — as well as information about your origin as a starseed.

In addition, you may experience healing during the session through the energy exchange that occurs. Whatever comes forth, you will likely receive suggestions about how you can handle the challenges you are currently faced with, including helpful healing and awakening tools you can use on your own. Read more.

For more information about any of these sessions, contact Vidya at [email protected] or call 707-824-0735.