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You are More Powerful than You Know

There’s no denying that violence and mayhem are rapidly increasing in the world. The good news is that many people are finally waking up as to why this is occurring. They’re seeing more clearly the crimes that have been committed against all of us across the world.

But it is getting more and more difficult, even for those of us who have understood what’s been going on for a while now, to maintain a sense of equilibrium or inner calm about all the darkness that’s occurring. It’s easy to slip into fear and despair.

At times, we can’t avoid the sense of anxiety our body automatically goes into when hearing about the war in the Middle East escalating. And it doesn’t help to see all the reactions to it in people around us, often filled with hatred, blame and divisiveness.

And then, there’s our personal lives that are often not flowing along smoothly, either.

Loss and change on many levels seem to be constant. Important relationships are throwing up unexpected challenges, and changes in finances are becoming concerning.

Because of all this, you may feel you’ve been wobbling lately in your sense of optimism about yourself and the life you wanting to live — as well as in your hope that humanity is moving closer and closer to the shift into the Fifth Dimension. This is totally understandable.

Focusing on the Deeper You

But this is the time now to avoid focusing on the thoughts in your mind and the emotions that arise from them. And it’s also the time to dismiss any conclusions you may automatically come to about what a wreck you are, or what a mess your life and the world are in – and dismiss them.

Instead, you can choose to pay closer attention to the deepest knowing you have about yourself.

Just for a moment, see if you can become aware of the profound sense of inner strength you have developed in the last few years.

For much of the time, you have perhaps had to be focused on just making it through one challenging situation after another; it’s all you could do. But take the opportunity now to just tune in: Isn’t it rather remarkable how you’ve made it through these last few years, intact? And aren’t you much stronger and wiser, with a much deeper knowing of yourself?

Perhaps you have been compelled to trust the Divine much more than ever before and have realized that always, always, you have been taken care of. This is such an important realization! No matter how dire things may have become on some level, you’ve always somehow made it through.

And maybe, simply because of all the challenges you’ve lived through, you’ve been able to experience yourself

more often as the luminous sphere of Light that your body/mind lives within. Perhaps you’ve been amazed in recognizing the vast and powerful Being of Love you actually are.

Realizing What You’re Offering to the World

Even when you’re not able to hold it together emotionally for a while – or when your mind is going crazy with negative thoughts you can’t avoid – it’s important to realize that you are still holding a powerful, high frequency that is affecting others around you. Your inherent spiritual awareness ensures this.

Even when you feel you no longer know what your spiritual purpose is anymore, you need to remember that just your presence on Earth is enough during these times.

It has an enormous impact in this world. You emit a powerful frequency and are emanating your love and compassion into the collective, even when you’re not aware of doing this.

You have perhaps always taken it for granted that you have a natural sense of love and compassion for people and all life on Earth. Maybe you’ve never truly valued your inherent sense of justice – or your spiritual awareness – or your ability to understand people’s suffering and give solace to them. But all these qualities are exactly what is needed so badly during these times to usher in the New Age.

You Are powerful

It’s so important to get this. You truly are powerful. And you’re here now, during these times, to offer to the world all of who you are, as a Being of Love, Light and Wisdom. This is your spiritual purpose.

So, no matter how difficult it may seem to get for a while, do your best to not give up. Just keep going.

Know that your Light continues to shine powerfully, whether you’re aware of it or not. Be aware that you are part of a universal network of Light that is steering humanity into a much higher frequency.

And keep remembering that it will get better eventually. We are definitely on a positive timeline now. This is actually what is bringing all the Dark up to the surface. It just needs to be seen a little more clearly now, so it can finally be dealt with and eliminated.

Navigating the Chaos as We Transition into the Fifth Dimension

Meanwhile, to feel even greater comfort and inspiration, you might enjoy my latest interview at the recent Cosmic Truth Transcendence Global Event.

Uplifting Video

And here’s a 5-minute video that will greatly lift your spirits. It came out five years ago, but probably means all the more today. It’s a performance by a huge group of Israelis and Palestinians, all singing together.

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Are You Prepared for October 4?

I am always very cautious about being an alarmist in this current world we’re living in. There is already more than enough going on that warrants a great deal of attention and critical thinking.

And yet, I am drawn to share some very concerning information about what may be happening across the US, and in certain other parts of the world, on October 4.

You may already be aware of it and have maybe given it some thought; but maybe you dismissed its importance, as I originally did.

It’s the announcement that FEMA and the FCC will be putting out an emergency broadcast that will be hitting every cell phone, radio and TV, on that date at 2 pm ET. It is said that the purpose of the test is to “ensure that the systems continue to be effective means of warning the public about emergencies”.

This may be so; there might be nothing to be concerned about. However, there are those who seem to be legitimate who say this broadcast is going to be used for another much more nefarious reason – even if all our devices are turned off.

Of course, this can sound very much like “conspiracy theory”. As always, it’s difficult to know for sure whether this is accurate information or not. There is so much mis- and dis-information on the internet these days. But you may wish to watch the video below in order to decide for yourself whether to take it seriously or not – just in case it is.

At the end, easy ways are offered in which to avoid the danger as much as possible. So, even if it ends up that there is nothing to worry about, it won’t take much to do things to avoid the danger, if in fact there is.

Other information is also given about the overall agenda behind this broadcast, backing it up with documented evidence they present about the discoveries, inventions and the intentions of using such broadcasts.

The Bigger Picture

If this kind of dark information is new to you, or if you have avoided it in the past, you may wish to read the pdf below of one of the chapters in my latest book, Living Free in 5D, called “Negative Forces Impeding our Evolution”. In it, I outline the larger picture of what has been controlling humanity for thousands of years – on the many different levels behind the one we can see occurring on the planet.

In general, it describes the reality of the multidimensional spiritual war that is occurring during these times – and why it is so important for us to be awake to what is happening. It also describes positive forces that are successfully pushing against the negative ones, presenting hope for the future we are now shifting into.

Ch 2 – Negative Forces Impeding Our Evolution – living free

Staying Calm and Positive

As always, it’s important to stay as positive and calm as possible. We need to remain strong in our knowing that we are here for these times and that our presence here on the planet makes a difference in how things are going to play out.

We need to keep in mind that, although we are moving into the most intense period of these times in which the old world will be collapsing, we can make it through. We already have the instructions within us for how we can do this — and for how we can each play the part we’ve come to play in helping to free humanity.

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We are Living in Two Realities

During these strange and wild times we’re currently living in, one interesting thing you can discover is that there really are two very different realities available to us now.

Depending on your frequency and how much you choose to be aware, you can notice how very different your experiences can be from day to day, both internally and externally. And that you’re probably actually flip-flopping back and forth between two realities.

3D Reality

One reality is the old, familiar one in which increasing amounts of chaos, disruption and division in the world are occurring, and you sometimes find yourself really reacting to it.

In addition, you probably also find yourself facing profound challenges in your personal life at times, and you’re reacting to them with either despair, fear or rage, or some combination of these. Other times, in this reality, it just feels kind of boring, nothing new happening, kind of flat. It’s clear, of course, this is the reality we can call 3D.

5D Reality

And then, the other reality is one that can suddenly appear, seemingly for no particular reason. It’s the one in which all the external chaos may still be happening, but you’re somehow not focused on it.

Everything seems to be going very smoothly for you in your life, and you’re feeling happy and peaceful – even at times, excited and full of fun and adventure. You feel greater clarity about your life, a lack of self-doubt and anxiety.

When in this reality, you may find yourself suddenly struck by the beauty you see around you in the world. Or, out of the blue, you are filled with profound love for people – or all of creation, feeling a sense of total oneness with all that is. You find that synchronicities – even miracles – are occurring for you. You are easily provided with things you didn’t even realize you needed, even before you need them.

And, even if things are a little rough in your life, you nonetheless realize you’re feeling stronger, more awake, and less reactive than ever before. You’re somehow learning to deal with challenges in a much more peaceful and effective way.

Shifting between the Two Realities

This reality may not be the full experience of 5D yet – but it is certainly the beginning of it. It’s a glimpse into it, a sense of getting a foothold into it, at least for a while.

And you can see how extremely different it is from the experience of being caught in 3D reality, especially in the way this lower dimension is manifesting these days during these transitional times we’re now passing through.

The shifting between these two experiences of reality can be kind of crazy-making. And, once experiencing the 5D reality, the falling back into 3D reality can really be a let-down.

But you can realize that your experience of one reality or the other tends to depend on the frequency you’re able to hold. You become aware that, in order to land more and more in the higher-vibration reality, your frequency needs to match it. And that you have the power to choose that frequency.

So how can you become aware of this choice when you really want to experience it?

Love vs Fear

You’re undoubtedly aware of the familiar refrain from the Course in Miracles: that we always have a choice of acting either from fear or love.

And you probably agree this is good to remember,  that it’s a real key in keeping your frequency high, thus attracting the 5D reality.

But you kind of have to stay on it, right? You can’t just think it’s a good idea and then forget about it as your life continues on, throwing challenges at you left and right. When you’re in the thick of it, it isn’t always easy to remember this wisdom.

You have to stay awake and keep conscious of your immediate reactions of hurt and anger in difficult situations and not fall into them.

At times, you need to keep aware in every moment, with every decision you make and with every person you interact with, to stay in charge of your mind and your emotions. You have to maintain your focus to make sure you’re not falling into fear.

And, actually, as wise as the love vs fear teaching is, it seems a bit too simplistic at times. It’s not always clear how to respond to situations with love: Feeling love toward whom? How to express it? What if feeling love is simply too hard to come up with in the moment? In addition, it’s not always fear we’re feeling. Sometimes it’s anger, despair, depression or even horror.

It can be helpful to have some guidelines, ways in which to approach situations that can help us find the love within us to respond with. When greatly triggered, love doesn’t always feel immediately accessible.

Here are some simple but powerful suggestions that might be helpful to do this.

Focusing on the Love You Already Feel

For instance, if you’re having difficulty in trying to find love within yourself when you’re with someone who is really challenging or irritating you, one thing that can be helpful is to first bring to mind someone you already love.

Take the time to feel that love in your heart; feel the softening of your emotions, the way your body and your mind relax with it. The love is already there with you; there’s no struggle to find or create it.

Then, when you’re really feeling the full sensation of this love, you can see if you can bring your focus to the person you’re having difficulty with. Perhaps you can realize they are a fallible human being, like all of us – probably doing the very best they can, given the situation and what they truly understand on a spiritual level. Maybe you can then feel some empathy and compassion for them and respond to them with love.

Love for Yourself

Another way to transition into a loving response to people or situations that are challenging you is to turn toward yourself with compassion.

All too often, you can fall into judging yourself or even feeling self-hatred when you’re in difficult situations. And this is what is making it hard for you to respond with love to the situation or person you’re in conflict with.

If you can find the wisdom within you to see that you, yourself, are doing the very best you can, given the situation and the wisdom you hold, you can be aware of the sense of compassion for yourself that will well up inside you. During these times when ascension is really challenging you, when all your unresolved traumas are surfacing, and grave uncertainties in your life are developing, you really do deserve compassion, understanding, patience and support from yourself.

Once you can begin to experience this self-love, then compassion and understanding have an opportunity to blossom in you in your response to whatever or whoever has been troubling you.

The Magic of Gratitude

Yet another focus that can be greatly helpful when you’re finding it difficult to respond with love is to turn toward gratitude for anything and everything in your life.

It can sound trite, but if you’ve ever tried this, you can see how powerful a feeling of gratitude can be when you’re feeling despairing or full of outrage at what life is dishing out.

It may seem at first like you’ve got nothing to be grateful for; but, if you just stop to contemplate it, you can realize there is probably a great deal. So much more could be hitting you – so many more tragedies that other people are experiencing, so many more serious difficulties you could be facing.

Once a sense of gratitude begins filling you, love isn’t far behind. You can feel your vibration rising and be aware of how to approach the difficult situation in a higher- frequency way.

The Power of Trust

Moving into trust is yet another powerful decision you can make when you feel yourself reacting with fear or other low-vibrational responses to life. In the end, it is what is going to pull you through these times.

As crazy and frightening as things can now get, as the third-dimensional world continues to collapse, it’s important to keep remembering that this must occur so the new world can arise out of its ashes.

And as scary as your own personal experience of dismantling can get, the same thing is true: your 3D identity has to be let go of, so your full fifth-dimensional Self can come  fully onboard. Trusting the process is what you have to finally come to. And in doing this, you are then open to experiencing the new reality that is now increasingly available to us.

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Ascension Ain’t Easy

Remember when the idea of ascension sounded like an exciting and blissful journey in which we’d somehow magically blossom into our true multidimensional selves as we shifted into the Fifth Dimension?

Well, in some ways, it is kind of like this, right? We do have those incredible periods of time in which magical synchronicities occur, joy flows through us, and deeper and deeper spiritual awakening occurs.

Sometimes we expand in our awareness of all-that-is, and we discover ever-greater inner horizons to explore. Deep love streams through us, and profound gratitude fills our hearts.

But then — there are also the times when the ascension process gets really, really hard. Old dysfunctional patterns assail us, sending us into depression or self-pity. Unresolved traumas are reactivated.

We bring old woundings into new relationships. Familiar ways of coping with challenges no longer seem to work. And unsettling anxiety dogs us, sometimes seemingly for no reason at all.

It helps to understand that this is all to be expected in our ascension process into the much higher frequency of the Fifth Dimension. It’s a monumental leap in frequency we’re making. All this third-dimensional debris has to come up to be seen, dealt with, and resolved; we can’t bring it with us where we’re going. So we find we just have to call up emotional reserves we never knew we had, and continue to muscle our way through it.

How Much Longer Will This Go on?

But it can get really old, can’t it? How much longer is this going to go on? How many new challenges are we going to have to meet?

How much more of the Unknown are we going to need to walk into, sometimes fearing for our very survival? How much more loss are we going need to live through?

And of course, it’s not just personal issues we’re dealing with – the chaos in the external world is certainly contributing to our uncertainty and anxiety, as well. Reports from certain hopeful sources do come in, trying to assure us that positive progress is being made to bring down the dark forces now attempting to further weaken us. And yet, nothing is ever really clear that this is occurring.

There’s no knowing how much longer we will need to wait for life to feel safe again for us. And we sometimes wonder, Will it ever be safe again?

Or is the world really going to change so much, with so much of it having collapsed, that we’ll have to go through a long period of deprivation?

No one seems to know answers to these questions. There are always predictions, but they never quite seem to come true. So it becomes overwhelming at times, when there seems to be no end in sight.

We can see that, through this process, we’re getting stronger, more awake, more powerful, in knowing who we are. But there are times when it truly seems we just aren’t going to be able to continue on experiencing what we are.

At Times, Trust is All We Have

What it seems to call for in the end is learning to trust – trust in a way we’ve never had to before. Trust that we are somehow being guided in a loving way along our ascension path in the best way possible. Trust that we will somehow make it into the reality of the Fifth Dimension. And trust we will know what to do, in right timing, in the right way, at each turn along our path there.

This involves a deep leap into the Unknown, one we may think we’ve made in the past, but come to find that this is a much more profound leap than we’ve ever had to make before.

It entails a letting go of much of what we’ve believed to be true, both in how the world works and what has actually been happening out there – and also even what we’ve believed and thought we’ve understood about the spiritual world. Much of what we’ve depended on to feel safe and secure in life is being stripped away.

Ascension Anxiety

So it’s no surprise to find a nagging sense of anxiety fluttering in our gut that can sometimes feel unbearable. We can be aware of what the anxiety is about, and focus on attempting to come up with solutions.

But sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be any real reason to feel it at the moment. Either way, it seems as if we just need to learn to live with what could be called “Ascension Anxiety”.

If you can relate to any this, you might find it helpful to listen to my latest podcast: “Learning to Live with Ascension Anxiety”. It will perhaps remind you of practices you’ve learned over the years in how to deal with anxiety — and also offer you some new ways.

You’re in Good Company

And – you’ll probably realize you’re in good company. Many lightworkers lately seem to be dealing with more intense challenges than ever before that naturally bring up intense anxiety.

In listening, you might further realize that we’re all being prepared for our work that’s probably just ahead of us now.

Those of us who are out on the front lines, understanding the big picture of what is happening, are experiencing at this point the radical transition that ascension requires. In living through it now, we will be better able to assist others who have no clue yet what ascension is all about.

Just remembering this can be helpful. It can at least add a sense of meaning and purpose to all we’re experiencing!

Learning to Live with Ascension Anxiety


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Experiencing Yourself as Source Love

If you’ve been on a spiritual path for any length of time, it’s really old hat to come across the idea that love is the answer to all problems … or, we should feel love, not fear … or, enough love will heal all wounds.

When you hear this kind of statement, you probably just kind of nod, acknowledging yeah, you know this – it’s a great thing to remember.

And then, the idea kind of vaporizes, and you’re back to trying to find a new way to feel better about yourself or more positive about life. Or, you’re busy attempting to get the latest news about what’s happening in the world – anything to distract you from the niggling dissatisfaction you have in your mind and gut about your life.

Why is this?

What We Sometimes Miss

Perhaps, although these kinds of teachings about love can really be helpful at times, and they do point the way to greater awakening to who we are as spiritual Beings, they somehow miss the mark.

They only point to understanding that we need to change our emotions toward people and life, and do things that are more loving. In simply focusing on love in this way, we may be missing a much deeper truth about Love – and about the reality of who we are. We may be missing that who we actually ARE is Love, Itself.

And sure, this idea floats around out there also. It’s nothing new. But have you ever actually focused on what it’s pointing to – and experienced the reality of it? Have you ever let go of all thoughts about love, all you think you know about it – and simply felt into the reality of it within yourself? And discovered that, yes, you have a body, you have thoughts and emotions, and even a sense of who you are as a spiritual Being – but at the very core of your beingness, you simply are Love?

Trying to Fill the Empty Void Inside

Again, this idea is probably familiar to you – and you may have experienced it from time to time. And yet, somehow the experiencing of this reality likely comes and goes.

Perhaps, to your surprise, even after you’ve had a profound experience of yourself as Love, you find you’re back into feeling a subtle sense of emptiness inside, like something is missing. And, maybe at times, as if there is an unfillable void within you, an unfathomable yearning for love. You are again somehow looking outside yourself for someone or something to fill it.

If you’re honest, even if you have a romantic partner or spouse in your life who is truly loving toward you, someone who really gets you and gives you many reasons to assure you they love you – you realize in your private moments that this feeling of a void doesn’t really go away.

Or maybe you have friends or family who truly love you. You can feel their love and be very grateful for it; and yet it too doesn’t always seem to fully land inside you. It somehow doesn’t fill that empty, painful void. Perhaps, when you’ve just experienced something really loving they’ve done or said to you, for a while, you feel fully loved. But, somehow it never really lasts. You discover there’s still something missing inside.

The Emotion of Love is Different from Source Love

And this, of course, is because you’re attempting to fill that void with something from outside of yourself.

And, you’re also trying to fill it with the emotion of love – when what you’re really craving is something much more profound and powerful: the kind of love that is the very essence of Source. Both of these energies are known as “love”, but they are actually very different.

When you can really understand this – and learn to fully experience yourself as the loving Essence of Source, itself – you realize you don’t need to feel loved by anyone. You can certainly appreciate and treasure the love you might receive from others, but there’s no longer a sense of need of this for you to feel lovable, valuable, important, and special. The void within you is filled with your own knowing of yourself as Source – a force of Loving Presence that completely fills you.

In fact, you can realize that this void is the true source of your dissatisfaction with your life, as a whole — that you mistakenly believe the lack of certain things or circumstances is the problem. But, once you really feel a strong sense of oneness with Source Love, with All That Is, you find you are suddenly free of so many problems and issues that plague you. You feel whole, loving and at peace.

Experiencing Source Love

You might be able to experience this Loving Presence within you surprisingly easily. Just take a few moments to tune in to yourself, and focus on feeling into the very core of who you are.

Shift your awareness past your thoughts, past your emotions and even your body sensations, and put your attention on your Heart center in the middle of your chest. Feel what’s there, quietly present and alive.

At first, it might be just a flash of a knowing, a brief sense of joy, a bright light – or an electricity that begins flowing through your body. There’s a feeling of power with it, a wholeness … a living, dynamic energy of Love that can begin to flood your entire being. And then there might appear a profound understanding, a knowing that this Living Source Love is who you are.

If you can experience this, even for a few moments, it can have a profound effect on you. You might shift into an altered state, as a powerful current of warmth begins flowing through you. As you breathe in and out, you may feel a smile forming on your lips. You fall into a sea of bliss. It’s an experience you won’t want to forget.

And yet, you probably will. Your mind, your emotions and distracting external events grab your awareness once again, and you’re back into experiencing that you’re simply a limited human form with thoughts and emotions and problems to solve.

Our Weakened Connection to Source

This is not unusual. As profound as this knowing of yourself as Source Love might be to experience, it’s somehow easy to forget.

What it points to is a condition humanity has suffered from for eons of time – a type of weakening of our connection to Source, of our knowing that who we actually are is a spark of the very Essence of Love we have issued forth from.

We somehow have to keep trying to be in touch with this truth; we have to keep meditating, praying, and doing other spiritual practices to keep remembering and experiencing that we are Source.

There are many stories as to why this state of being humanity suffers from exists. Some teachings indicate that it’s essentially humanity’s fault, an inherent weakness that needs to be corrected and remedied. Others say it’s a condition that was created by certain unfriendly forces to keep humanity weak – but that this control is now crumbling.

Yet it doesn’t matter what you believe. In the end, until a full transition into the Fifth Dimension occurs, you still have to somehow continue doing whatever you can to keep experiencing your knowing that you are Source, you are that infinite presence of Love.

Keeping Focused on Your Connection to Source

Fortunately, at some point,  you will no longer have to do this. A constant knowing will be with you; the empty void will be gone.

You will no longer be seeking a sense of being loved from other people. You will know yourself to BE Love – and you will experience yourself as whole and complete.

But meanwhile, if you can just take the time each day to focus on your Heart, be still, and experience the truth of who you are — pure Source Love — this knowing will take hold more and more. You’ll feel lighter, more at peace, and more optimistic about your life. With the 5D energies now flooding into the Earth, you’ll find that it truly is getting easier and easier to achieve this.


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Slipping into the New Reality

Have you maybe noticed lately how you’re losing interest in the 3D world around you?

Especially how the political events just don’t grab you so much anymore, and the old irritations and hopes about them just aren’t so pronounced as they once were?

Maybe, also, the physical world and all the people you see on the street and in stores don’t quite look or feel the same to you. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but they’re harder to relate to somehow. It’s almost as if they’re living in a different world from you. You’re interacting with them like always, but they’re somehow in a parallel existence to the one you’re now living in.

Your Old Identity is Disappearing

Your fifth-dimensional self is emerging.And maybe, to compound this strangeness, the events in your own life that were once so important and time-consuming just don’t pull at you so much anymore, either.

Perhaps there’s nothing replacing these old interests at this point, but somehow, your enthusiasm for them is just gone. And so many of the people you used to want to spend time with are now kind of boring to be around. They seem to be traveling down a different path in life from you now.

In fact, your old familiar sense of identity seems to be disappearing – those ways you would have described yourself in the past: your interests, your beliefs, your relationships, the things you spent time on, the things you were good at, what you liked and disliked,  even your spiritual mission. Everything familiar about you is kind of up in the air now – but somehow, it doesn’t matter very much.

Something has definitely shifted in your life and in your awareness, but you can’t quite name or describe it. Somehow, reality itself is different – and you yourself are different.

You might try to explain in what ways, but the words don’t quite describe the sensations and the awarenesses you’re having.

Could it be that you have somehow just slipped into a new reality – and you now have a new identity – and you just haven’t realized it?

Maybe you’re not in this new reality all the time, but you do seem to slip into it at times, without quite noticing what’s happened?

The New Reality

Perhaps if you were to try to describe this new reality, the word “empty” might come up. But not in a bad way. Just clear, new, kind of pristine, without a lot of clutter.

And maybe “peaceful”. There’s not much noise or annoying movement happening, just a quiet kind of newness and clarity. Energetically, everything is somehow quieter, without so much static in the air. There’s a timelessness you feel bathed in.

Situations in your life may not be as you’d prefer them to be, but you realize that everything really is okay.

And beauty definitely stands out, even in the smallest ways, everywhere you look. Everything seems to have a presence, a type of intelligence with it. Even objects sometimes look alive. Everything seems to exist in a type of perfect and natural alignment.

Especially in nature! The plants and animals are alive in ways you’ve never noticed before. It’s as if magic and miracles are constantly happening everywhere within the natural world.

You feel a sense of wonder as you glance around at the trees, the plants, the streams, the rocks – and hear all the animals and insects communicating with each other. Joy bursts open in you.

And – what’s happened to the attention you used to have on all those things that were happening out in the world? Well, they’re probably still going on. And, out of curiosity, maybe you still kind of check in on them from time to time. It would be great if positive things were finally happening.

But all the chaotic events and situations in the world feel far away now and not as important to you anymore. They’ll probably work themselves out somehow. This new reality you’re in is much more engaging.

Your New Identity

But maybe what’s really different when you become aware of this new reality is that when you’re here, you are very different.

That old identity you used to carry around of things you did, who you were to other people, and what really grabbed your interest, is something you can’t relate much to anymore.

When you find yourself in this new reality and you feel into who you are, there’s a much more ethereal quality to you. For the most part, you’re still a someone, an individual entity that has a physical body, a mind and emotions – but those are kind of ephemeral now. They float around in something much larger, an energetic type of Presence that is now much more who you are.  You might call this the Soul or your Multidimensional Self. Perhaps it feels like a field of Light or Love. At times, you realize you are actually vast spaciousness.

You are still thinking, but thoughts feel lighter, and there definitely are not as many of them as there used to be – and they are not the kind that constantly assail you. You still feel emotions, but they too are less heavy and substantial. You somehow feel happier, freer, lighter, often for no reason at all.

The other heavier emotions still occasionally come present, but they’re somehow not such a part of you as they used to be. You’re aware that they, like your thoughts, come and go — all within this clear space of Presence that is you.

And perhaps your body is still feeling the same aches and pains and ailments you were feeling in the other reality, but somehow your attention is not on them so much anymore.

Any fears you used to have about being sick or getting old are probably still within you somehow, but they’ve receded into the background. If something serious does happen to your body, you know you’ll somehow be guided to do what is necessary, and all will be well.

Are You in 5D?

So, is this 5D? When you become aware of such a different experience of yourself and the world you’re in, have you shifted into the Fifth Dimension?

Who knows? And does it even matter, really, how you define this experience?

When you’re still laboring your way through your life in the old reality, it might be important to name dimensions and realities in ways that can make life feel more hopeful. But when you experience what has recently been happening to you, definitions aren’t so important anymore.

Simply marveling, with joy and gratitude, seems to be enough. And the knowing that you can now begin to create a new life for yourself in this new reality you are more and more stepping into. You realize there are no rules or real directions for how to do this – these need to come from within you, as your own personal instructions begin to reveal themselves to you.

And, although you’re excited and maybe somewhat impatient to start really moving into your new life, you know you can just relax and enjoy the journey, trusting all will reveal itself in right timing.

Not Feeling Any of This Very Much?

Now, maybe you don’t experience what’s described here very often — maybe just slightly or just once in a while. You’re still dealing with really challenging situations and heart-breaking traumas that crash into your life from time to time.

Well, that’s to be expected; the old reality is still playing out and collapsing both within and outside of you. It’s on its way out now, and it’s taking everything that’s of a lower frequency with it. And this can cause, for a short time, great pain and discomfort.

But the good news is that this new reality is also here now — it’s available to you, and it’s flooding more and more into the old reality. You just need to be still for a moment and search energetically for it — and you’ll feel it. You’ll sense the lightness, the clarity, the freedom within it, and it will make you smile. And then you can just…slip into it and you’re there!

Becoming More Aware

And there are certain things you can do to become more aware of this new you that is being birthed. You can learn how to pay greater attention to how your perception and experience of yourself have altered – and feel the great joy and sense of freedom this gives you.

In my newest podcast, called “Experiencing Yourself as a Soul”, I offer some suggestions and a guided meditation that might be helpful in learning to do this.

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Creating 5D Relationships

One of the many things people are dealing with these days is handling challenges in their relationships.

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve probably been having to face old, painful relationship patterns that are now coming to the surface and causing difficult conflicts and divisions with loved ones, friends and business contacts.

Relationships are an extremely important part of life for most of us. And this will become even more so, as our bonds of love with people will be what we rely on more and more to see us through these chaotic transitional times.

Any challenges we are now experiencing in our relationships can therefore be all the more painful – especially if we don’t understand how these relationship changes are primarily due to the powerful 5D frequencies of light that are now streaming onto the planet.

3D Relationship Patterns Need to Shift

One thing you may be finding is that you seem to have little in common now with certain people you’ve related to for much of your life. This can be confusing and unsettling. People who were once so important in your life seem to be drifting away.

You perhaps don’t miss them, but there may not yet be anyone else replacing them in your life. Because of this, you might be feeling isolated and somewhat lonely these days, with very few people, if any, you can really call friends anymore.

Even those relationships that are still intact seem to be demanding changes in them. Old unconscious patterns, understandings and agreements aren’t working so well anymore. You can’t get away with letting misunderstandings, hurt, anger or disrespect slip by. They are coming to the surface, demanding to be seen and resolved. And, if you don’t know what to do to fix the situation, it can sometimes be agonizing.

This is because your relationships are needing to shift in vibration to match the new frequencies now on the planet. Unless you begin creating new higher-frequency 5D patterns of relating to those in your life, your relationships will likely continue to get all the more rocky and painful.

So what needs to change? How are 5D relationships different from those based mainly on 3D patterns, behaviors and beliefs?

Greater Detachment and Responsibility

In general, when you’re in a relationship that is fully immersed in 3D patterns, one of the most difficult experiences is how deep and powerful the emotional pain you can feel is.

You can get caught in believing you’re going to die, if the relationship doesn’t work out, or if a loved one decides they don’t want to be with you or in contact with you anymore. Or even if they’re simply ignoring you, blaming you for something, or shaming you in some way, it can sometimes totally flatten you.

In a 5D relationship, emotions certainly arise, but there is more of a sense of detachment with them. You know yourself to be more than your emotions. And someone’s anger or rejection do not affect you as they might have at one time. You are steadier, stronger, and more centered in your love for yourself.

In addition, each person in the relationship is able to take full responsibility for what they are bringing to the relationship — in particular, anything that is out of alignment with love and respect. And they can acknowledge if they have been projecting their own stuff onto the other person. There is a deep desire to keep communication open and flowing.

Unconditional Love

But perhaps one of the most obvious aspects of a 5D relationship is that the love you feel for someone is unconditional.

You have probably felt this kind of love in certain relationships you’ve had over the years with people you’ll just always love, no matter what happens or what they may do. You somehow know them on a deep level as a Soul, and the love is just there, unchanging, within you.

You know it because your heart hurts when they’re in pain; you feel thankful when you see them happy. No matter what happens, even if for some reason you need to leave them and never really relate to them on a close basis again, you will still always love them.

It is, of course, important to make a distinction between unconditional love and unconditional allowance of any kind of behavior toward you. Some people are confused about this. Allowing disrespect or hurtful behavior toward you is not unconditional love – it’s a pattern due to a of lack of self worth. It’s important to keep strong and loving boundaries with anyone who does not treat you with love and respect.

And yet, when you truly begin functioning in 5D consciousness, you find that boundary issues generally don’t even occur, simply because you have unconditional love for yourself – and people feel it and tend to treat you with the same kind of respect and love you feel for yourself.

The Difference between 5D Love for a Partner
and Need, Desire or Lust

When the relationship is between intimate partners, another important element involved in a 5D relationship is that love is not confused with either a sense of need, a strong desire to be with someone, or a feeling of lust toward them.

In 3D type relationships, a sense of need is often very much involved. “I love you” usually actually means “I need you – please don’t leave me”.

When someone says this to you, it can emotionally grab your heart, because maybe you may feel a need for them too. But this kind of element in the relationship brings in all sorts of challenges if, at some point, someone feels their needs are not being met by the other person. It can sometimes keep you in a type of 3D hell, where you’re each demanding that the other is not “meeting your needs”.

When in 3D consciousness, desire can also be construed as love. Sometimes it’s simply lust that’s involved. And, of course, when this eventually diminishes, it can feel as if love has died.

Other times, the feeling is an emotional of type of desire that gets mistaken for love. It may even simply be a desire to be seen with someone or to be connected to them in some way. There’s a focus on image – a desire to be seen and respected in a certain way, because you are connected to this person. This, of course, is not actually love either.

Unconditional Self Love

In a more 5D type relationship, there can, of course, be some sense of need for support involved – or, if it’s with a partner, a feeling of desire or lust – but these are not the primary elements within the relationship.

Each person has learned to unconditionally love him or herself, so that is the love that is the most sustaining and reliable for them.

The other person’s love is a bonus, a very welcome and cherished gift – but it isn’t what is most relied on for a sense of well-being and happiness. It’s your own love for yourself that gives you a sense that you’re valuable, important, and worthy of love.

Transitioning to 5D Relationships

Making the transition from a relationship based on 3D patterns and habits to one that resonates more with 5D consciousness is not an easy process for many people – especially if the relationship is an old one in which set patterns have been in place for a long time. But, if this transition isn’t paid attention to, difficulties will inevitably arise at this point. The Ascension process is now demanding it.

In fact, the 5D energies flowing through us now can be ruthless at times. They are cleaning out anything that cannot remain with us as we shift into a higher frequency.

But if we pay attention to this and are honest about the 3D patterns we’re still running, we can avoid severe hurt, anger and struggle.

We can consciously make the shift into a higher frequency through inner vigilance, clear intention, and conscious healing practices. And we can create truly beautiful, supportive, and fulfilling relationships with people we can be together with, as we travel this path into the Fifth Dimension.

For greater understanding of  how to make the transition between 3D and 5D   relationships, you may wish to listen to my latest podcast:

Navigating Relationship Challenges
during the Ascension Process


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Cobra Report on the Portal of Light Mass Meditation

For those of you who participated in the May 1 mass meditation to activate the Portal of Light, Cobra has finally posted his full report on its success: About 160,000 people participated in it, far surpassing the 144,000 needed. He claims it was a massive success.

He goes into detail about things that were accomplished. Some of them were on levels difficult for most of us to comprehend, involving such things as Mjolinr technology, the etheric matrix, and Subquantum anomaly; you have to have followed his reports for years to understand these subjects. But what was accomplished was evidently major.

And there are things you can kind of guess at, such as how the Light Forces were able to accomplish the elimination of all “physical black holes around the surface of the planet, including all black holes in the auric fields and all black holes inside implants of the surface population”.

Toplet Bombs Destroyed

Also, very importantly, he reports that the Light forces were able to finally destroy all remaining toplet bombs. He’s reported before that any one of these bombs – which are far more destructive than anything mankind has ever created – could have completely destroyed the planet; and how difficult it was for many years for the Light Forces to get to them and safely destroy them.

He therefore says that this is a huge victory, since toplet bombs have represented an immense barrier against planetary liberation. He adds that with these bombs gone, “removing all remaining obstacles will be much easier, relatively faster, and much less risky than removing the toplet bombs.”

Dark Agenda Decreased

In addition, the meditation was successful enough so that most of the  plans of the Dark Forces have now been made imposs- ible.

The only things that unfortunately still remain in place are global conventional war and a hard financial crash with the implementation of CBDCs.

This, of course, is a disappointment, but he does indicate that even these will now have a more gentle impact on humanity than before. And that there were a lot of other horrors that had been planned that will now not occur.

He also adds that “in the days after the activation, the COVID pandemic was finally deplatformed”:

Of course, it’s difficult to determine for certain what may have brought this about, but the timing is certainly a coincidence.

It’s Taking Longer than Anticipated

It’s also interesting to note that Cobra admits that over the years, he has been overly-optimistic about the liberation of humanity, not realizing how deeply asleep the population has been.

In this, he is echoing what a lot of other more cabal-focused intel providers have been saying for a while now about how much more work the “white hats” have had to do to free humanity than they’d anticipated . They too seem to have misjudged the situation — how immensely brilliant the dark forces have been in manipulating humanity.

And yet, Cobra – as well as many others – do still maintain that humanity is now on a solid positive timeline. We just need to be patient — and continue on a while longer, in our own individual ways, doing what we each can to continue bringing the positive future into being.

At any rate, for those of us who participated in the mass meditation and are interested in this galactic aspect of the ascension process taking place on the planet, it’s good to get this report.

You can read his full report here:

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Ascension Blahs

The Ascension process can be downright unpleasant at times, especially when a lot of change and loss are rapidly occurring in your life. It can feel as if your whole world is falling apart and nothing will ever feel safe or comfortable again.

And yet, there are times when it can also be very pleasant and exciting. New abilities suddenly appear and deeply meaningful and expansive experiences occur.

But then there are the periods of time when it feels like nothing much is happening at all. And you can begin to wonder if you’re somehow off on the wrong track – or even if Ascension actually exists. The old emotions are still present – the same irritations, the same pleasures. And the same mundane things you have to do in your life.

And when you look out at what’s happening in the world, it’s no help. The same old things are still happening there too: war in Ukraine, protests that don’t seem to produce any real change, the world economy tanking.

You see that the people causing the pandemic are still out there pushing misinformation, and the same corrupt world leaders are still in charge.

It’s enough to make you doubt that anything new can ever change what’s happening to humanity – or to you in your own personal awakening process.

Time to Recalibrate

I call these periods of time the “Ascension Blahs”. It can feel depressing, especially when you’ve felt excited before, really experiencing important shifts in your personal life, seeing how you are waking up spiritually into a new reality. You remember feeling expansive and having experiences of 5D that were exciting and new – and you could really see a whole new world coming into being.

What you need to realize is that these kinds of periods do occur within the Ascension process, times in which everything seems to settle into a relatively calm and steady rhythm, without a lot of fanfare.

Although maybe kind of boring, these are times of recalibration, times in which both your consciousness and body are busy integrating new energies and coming more into stasis, without the old 3D beliefs, emotions, and misconceptions that have been released.

Realizing that Much Has Changed

If you check within, you can discover that yes, there’s apparently not much going on, either positively or negatively – but you do feel somewhat clearer than ever before. More relaxed, more detached when  problems or emotional issues arise. You’re stronger, steadier. Not so reactive. More grounded.

These are subtle changes, but they are significant. As intense or exciting as Ascension symptoms can get at times, in the end, it’s all about an internal shift into a higher, clearer vibration of being – a steadier, more solid understanding of who you are as a multidimensional Being, currently residing in a dense human body. Signs of this shift can be obvious and unbelievably exciting in some ways, but they can also be very quiet and, at times, known only by you.

We’re Pioneers

As we continue on in these higher levels of the Fourth Dimension we’re currently traveling through on our way into 5D, we continue to discover all the subtle aspects of this profound shift in consciousness we’re making. Those of us aware of this process at this point are out in the front of the line – we’re the explorers, the pioneers who are discovering what exists in the terrain that humanity is destined to travel through in the shift into the Fifth Dimension. It’s uncharted territory.

And it seems there are times on this journey when there appears, for the time-being, to be nothing new on the trail to experience or get excited about. There are times to stop and rest and reflect on subtle but significant changes going on within us.

In addition – perhaps these times occur in order to prepare us for the next part of the journey, which may include a great deal of intense change, unexpected events, and the appearance of abilities we don’t even know we have yet. They may also finally include monumental changes occurring out on the world stage, as well, to which we will need to respond.

Ascension Symptoms

Meanwhile, it can be helpful to review the Ascension symptoms you are probably still experiencing. There are a lot of them people are having, both challenging and very positive ones. Remembering these can remind you that yes, you are definitely in the process of awakening into a whole new reality known as the Fifth Dimension. You just sometimes lose sight of them or forget what they indicate.

To help you remember – or to learn what Ascension symptoms are if this concept is new to you, you might enjoy listening to my newest podcast on youtube, called “Recognizing Ascension Symptoms”.

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Mass Meditation: May 1, 2023
Portal of Light Activation

If you have been keeping up with astrological information lately, you’re probably aware of a momentous event now occurring in the skies that is affecting all of us. Some are saying this is the most powerful planetary activation of our lifetime thus far.

They describe it as the “Portal of Light” and say it began on March 23rd, when Pluto entered Aquarius for the first time after more than 200 years, and that it will reach its peak intensity on May 1st when Pluto turns retrograde. It will then slowly phase out until June 11th when Pluto exits Aquarius again.

Help from the “Light Forces”

One of those speaking about this cosmic event is Cobra, a man who calls himself a “Pleiadian Contactee”. Thousands of people around the world have been following his reports for years about galactic events occurring above, on, and inside the Earth.

He states that what is currently happening is part of a huge cycle with long-lasting consequences for the liberation of humanity — and actually for the end of darkness in this universe, altogether.

For many years, he has been tracking what he refers to as the “Light Forces”, extraterrestrial forces that are here, dedicated to helping free humanity of the darkness that has enveloped the planet for thousands of years. If you know yourself to be a starseed or feel drawn to news about positive ETs who are here to assist us in our ascension process, you might be interested in following his reports.

He is now stating that, after many years, the Light Forces have progressed enough in removing the darkness on Earth so that the powerful energies now streaming from the Galactic Center are finally able to reach the surface of the planet without causing massive destruction; and instead, they will simply accelerate our spiritual growth as the removal of the remaining darkness continues.

Are We Ready for a Huge Leap in Consciousness?

Cobra also claims that this is a time in which humanity has an opportunity to demonstrate that, as a species, we are now ready for a huge leap in consciousness – and, if we can manage this, benevolent galactic races will then be willing to contact us more directly and assist us in our ascension process.

For those who have been waiting for years for this to occur, this is very exciting news. If you’re new to this galactic aspect of the Ascension process taking place on Earth, it might be something interesting for you to research and contemplate.

May 1 Portal of Light Mass Meditation

At any rate, it has been determined that on May 1, due to the position of Pluto, the energy from the galactic center will begin to flow toward the surface of this planet with full force. So this will be an ideal time for a mass meditation to take place to help direct it to affect the planet in the most beneficial and harmonious way for humanity.

Therefore, the many Cobra followers around the world will be holding a mass meditation on this date. It will have a two-pronged purpose: One, to signal that humanity is ready for liberation; and two, that we are ready for the direct and personal help of the galactic forces that have been watching our progress and waiting for our ability to directly receive their assistance.

If you’ve been watching how slowly and painfully humanity has apparently been progressing toward creating the New Earth and wondering what you, as one individual person, can possibly do to make a difference, joining this mass meditation can give you this opportunity. You can know you are contributing to a powerful collective effort of awakened Souls to assist humanity toward liberation and feel a sense of personal empowerment.

Here is an uplifting 5-minute promotional video on this meditation to get a feel for it. (Click on the youtube words so it’s large enough to see the words on the screen.)

This video has been produced in 34 other languages besides English. This gives you an idea of how many people all around the world are involved in this movement with Cobra.

The Power of Mass Meditations

If you’re not familiar with the power of mass meditations, you might be interested in researching them. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society. They really do have a powerful effect.

144,000 Meditators are Needed

However, it’s the number of meditators involved in this upcoming meditation that is especially important.

Cobra states that the galactic forces involved say that if we manage to gather at least 144,000 volunteers doing this meditation on May 1, the energy from the galactic center will be securely anchored on the surface of the planet in a balanced way. This will ensure the fastest and most harmonious transition for the Earth and will create an energetic upgrade for the whole planet.

He adds that, if by chance this critical mass of 144,000 people is not reached, the ultra powerful energies from the galactic center will still reach the surface of the planet — however, they will manifest in a much more chaotic and disharmonious way.

He is therefore encouraging us to join in this meditation on May 1, so we can help direct the energies to flow into humanity and the Earth in the most balanced and harmonious way possible as they serve to awaken and lift us into a higher frequency.

The meditation will occur at the time that will have the maximum positive effect on humanity: beginning at 10:06 am PDT on May 1st in Los Angeles.

This means 11:06 am MDT in Denver, 12:06 pm CDT in Chicago, 1:06 pm EDT in New York, 6:06 pm BST in London, 7:06 pm CEDT in Paris, 8:06 pm EET in Cairo, 1:06 am CST on May 2nd in Taipei and Beijing, 2:06 am JST on May 2nd in Tokyo and 3:06 am AEST on May 2nd in Sydney.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

The Meditation

If you wish to listen to a guided meditation for the mass meditation, I offer this one for your convenience.  If you prefer to do it on your own, instructions are at the end of this blog.

Music by David Gibson:

This is Exciting!

Again, if you haven’t yet watched this uplifting promotional video about the meditation, take the time to watch it now – it will excite you:

Joining the May 1 meditation certainly can’t hurt – and it may truly help bring humanity onto a much smoother and faster timeline into the Fifth Dimension. It’s one way we can take charge of how events play out on Earth in the next couple of years. So let’s do it! And send this on to your friends to get the word out.

You can check updates about the Portal of Light meditation a few days afterward, as well as other reports about what is happening with the Light Forces here to assist us:

Instructions for the Guided Meditation for May 1

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool that will help opening the Portal of Light.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe, flowing also through the Central Sun of the M87 Galaxy. Then visualize this light activating the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, ending all wars, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a grand spiritual awakening of humanity and contact with positive extraterrestrial races. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Suggested time for the meditation is 20 minutes.


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Awakening is Happening!

It’s an interesting phenomenon: Just a few years back, any mention of the term “5D” was only ever made by a small group of people who were seeing that a momentous shift into greater spiritual awakening was beginning to occur on the planet.

Nowadays, everyone’s throwing the term around. Even the most unlikely people are referring to this shift into 5D – like hardcore “truthers” reporting on political events in the world, and relatives and friends who haven’t ever been interested in spiritual phenomena before. It truly does seem that a global awakening is happening.

But what is really exciting is how those who have been spiritually awake for some time are now also experiencing new levels of awakening, as well. The 5D frequencies are definitely flooding the planet at this point, creating more and more opportunities to wake up more easily than ever before to the true nature of who we are.

Noticing Signs of Spiritual Awakening

You may be noticing this happening in your own life. Perhaps, even despite challenging events occurring, you are occasionally having experiences that reveal who you are on a deeper level than ever before. Or your understanding of your spiritual Essence is suddenly clearer than it’s ever been.

Maybe you’re having profound experiences in which you seem to temporarily pop into a higher reality and you’re experiencing yourself as a much more powerful, light-filled Being. And you’re yearning for them to last longer and to know how to have more of them.

All of these experiences are signs of the new awakening energy now present on the planet that is rapidly transforming every living Being in preparation for the shift into 5D.

And this energy is something you can more consciously tune into and take advantage of in your spiritual journey. If you pay attention to it and add your intention to shift more quickly into your higher 5D identity, you can find that you actually can do this more easily.

It’s true that very rapid spiritual evolution for everyone is happening anyway. No matter what you do or don’t do at this point, you are going to be transformed into a much higher version of yourself.

But how that transformation occurs — how rocky and painful or smooth and easy — that process turns out to be, can be determined by you, by how consciously you make that transition. You can become more awake to how your 5D Self is already beginning to make itself known to you and be alert to the ways in which this is happening.

Sudden Experiences of your 5D Self

There are lots of ways to do this. One is to be alert to how these “glimpses” into your true nature can occur at any moment, and in multiple different ways. They can occur with your eyes open or closed. They can be momentary – or last for a while – even months.

Perhaps you have had them at times in meditation or during another type of spiritual practice – or with plant medicine. Or maybe even while you’re just going about your daily life.

You may have discovered that sometimes these glimpses into your True Nature can just bring an experience of quiet joy and peace into your life for a while. But, if you’ve ever had a really profound glimpse into your deeper nature, you may have had a sensation of exploding into a feeling of rapture and ecstasy that has altered your life in the most profound way.

Some radical awakenings like this focus specifically on the Heart. You find you are suddenly experiencing profound energies of Love that are washing through you.

An overwhelming sense of compassion, joy, connection and passion is flooding your entire being. Tears may suddenly appear, as this profound experience of your eternal 5D Self radiates throughout your entire being.

Glimpses You Can Miss

If you have never had such an impactful awakening experience like these, it doesn’t matter. There are other experiences of your true eternal nature you may have during your everyday life that you don’t recognize, because they seem so faint or fleeting.

But if you can become aware of them, there are things you can do to cause them to deepen into more profound experiences. And there are ways to help prolong them, as well.

If you are interested in learning how to do this,  you might enjoy listening to my newest video I’ve recently produced. I also discuss how to handle the experiences you may have, once these glimpses begin to recede.

If you’ve been feeling challenged by difficult events happening in your Ascension process lately, or just feeling in a funk for no apparent reason, it can bring a little light and delight into your life to discover how your 5D Self really is showing up now, inviting you to experience it. And you can learn how to cultivate your inner environment to bring more of these 5D experiences into your life.

Experiencing Your 5D Self

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Birth of Your New Identity

It seems Ascension is no longer a somewhat challenging process to be experiencing. Somehow, the heat has now been turned up. The crunch is on.

If we thought things were getting tough before, we can be amazed at what is now occurring in our lives. The process of shifting into a higher frequency has become even more complex, messy and confusing – and even frightening at times.

We’re finding that if we’re still clinging to old patterns, beliefs and emotional reactions, or to relationships or conditions that are holding us back in our awakening process, this push to let them go can get quite harsh. We are rising rapidly into a higher frequency now, and what this entails can sometimes be emotionally painful – and, for some, physically so, as well.

Death of the 3D Self

It can be somewhat easier if we can stay aware that what we’re experiencing is a type of death process. Our old 3D identity is in the process of dying; and if we aren’t able to easily drop those things that are attached to this identity, they will be, sometimes rather abruptly, stripped away from us.

We need to understand that the new high-frequency energies on the planet are no longer allowing us to carry on with our old, limited, low-frequency understanding about ourselves. It’s too small, too limited, too powerless for who we truly are.

So sometimes radical changes need to happen. Sometimes things that are really important to us are pulled away, seemingly by external forces – but it’s really our deeper Self that is doing this. We need to trust that, if something is disappearing from our lives, it’s because it is something we can no longer take with us.

We are Also Being Reborn

And yet, at the same time that this death of our 3D self is occurring, we are also, simultaneously, being reborn. A new 5D identity is rising up within us. As old patterns are dropped, more and more room is made for this new Self to manifest within us.

It’s just generally not as visible yet as the old identity that is fading away is. It can be difficult to notice it when we’re in pain, confusion or exhaustion.

And yet we can, if we can just shift out of our old and familiar 3D consciousness and our passive acceptance of our limited and constrained 3D life. We can be aware that the ascension birth process, much like the physical birth process, can be painful, messy and exhausting — until we are fully born and free.

And we can also begin seeing ourselves through the eyes of 5D consciousness, recognizing the magnificence of who we really are as powerful multidimensional Beings — and realize how our life is already beginning to function in 5D reality. We can trust we are being guided in the best direction we can go in to get where we are headed – into a whole new world and life that operate in a radically new way.

New Youtube

I’ve recently posted a new youtube that can help you learn to recognize the signs of this death/birth process and assist you in navigating your way through it — and then feel reassurance that, at some point, you will be through to the other side of it, because you will be. You are now in the birth channel.

Your Higher Self and guides are with you, very carefully guiding you at this point. You just need to trust the process and have faith that whatever is occurring in your life has a definite purpose – it is getting you to where you need to be in the days to come.

Birth of Your New Identity

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Creating Your Own 5D Reality

Waiting for humanity to finally shift into 5D can get so discouraging — especially if you’ve been waiting for this event for quite a while and you’ve been excited about it.

The world’s continuing chaos and humanity’s sluggish progress in waking up to what’s really happening can make it seem as if nothing will ever change – except maybe for the worse. It’s enough to make you want to give up on all your dreams for the future.

Yes, you can accept that the Earth Alliance is likely doing their best; they probably didn’t realize just how widespread and deep the corruption has been. And yes, you can understand that maybe they do have things kind of under their control at this point, as some people claim; perhaps they simply want more people to wake up before they really step in and take some control of what is happening.

But sheesh! How much longer are they going to let things go on this way? How many more people are going to have to die? How many more are going to starve or slip into poverty? It’s enough to make you lose faith and want to give up.

Understanding How 5D Works

And yet, if you really understand how 5D works, you can realize that at least you, as an individual, don’t have to wait for this new higher dimensional reality to completely arrive on the planet in order to  experience it for yourself. You can create it now in your own personal life.

You can understand that this can occur by shifting into 5D frequency yourself – and then watch how your life starts to shift in order to resonate with this higher frequency.

You can begin to experience a sense of peaceful well-being on a daily basis, excitement about what you’re involved in, and a profound feeling of love and gratitude in your heart, no matter what is occurring out in the world.

You can actually realize that incredible miracles are occurring in your life. You can see that you are being gifted things you didn’t even know you needed till you received them. And you can find yourself suddenly surrounded by people who seem to resonate at the same frequency as you – soul tribe members you would never have thought you’d meet.

Your Own Personal 5D Reality

You finally learn what the phrase “consciousness creates reality” really means. It becomes clear that it doesn’t matter what is still occurring out in the dying 3D world. By functioning from within 5D consciousness, yourself, you can create your own personal 5D reality.

You may still find you have to continue to go out and function within the 3D world for periods of time; but you won’t be caught up in it it. You won’t let it get you down. You will carry your 5D Bubble around with you, wherever you go.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily easy to do on a constant basis. There are likely inner forces that are pulling you down, as old traumas, woundings and negative emotions continue to arise in their process of releasing – as well as the ongoing outer challenging conditions in the world you still have to deal with. But it can be done. The 5D energies are now flooding the planet, here to assist us in this process.

Two-Part Series

I’ve recently created a two-part series on youtube to describe this process of creating your own personal 5D reality. I first briefly review what the term “5D” refers to, because there does seem to be some confusion out there about what it is, especially for people new to the term.

And then I describe the aspects of both 3D and 5D consciousness, as I understand them – and I also insert a short piece on what I consider to be 4D consciousness. Within this discussion, I describe how the shift into 5D consciousness can be made on an individual basis, thereby creating a new reality for yourself.

In hearing these descriptions, you may discover you are already falling less and less into 3D consciousness and are experiencing at least certain periods in your life you could call 5D.  It is very exciting!

What Exactly is 5D?

And How do We Get There?

Part 1

Part 2

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Marching into March Madness

We have barely slipped into March, and it’s as if the world has suddenly jumped onto a much faster timeline, heading into even greater madness.

Scary agendas are being implemented. Things we used to think might happen someday are already beginning to occur in different parts of the world — like under-the-skin chips, 15-minute cities, banks failing and legally using “bail-ins” to keep afloat, transhuman experiments, and certain types of restricted passports.

And, of course, there are the highly dangerous chemical spills that have occurred, multiple rail accidents, gigantic earthquakes, continued war, and colossal weather events, such as the recent one in California. And what about the threats of war with Russia and China? These things are all suddenly here, already happening.

The Importance of Staying Conscious

Now, we may think none of these events or situations will likely reach us in our part of the world; things are maybe still kind of calm where we live. But who really knows?

Step by step, with the whole era of covid mandates and lockdowns we’ve recently lived through, we have  been programmed to accept greater control, suppression and chaos in our lives. How much have we just allowed it all to happen and simply gone along with it?

Somehow, it seems we truly have to sit up now and pay attention – and be prepared for maybe having to make some important decisions in our lives. This is not a call to shift into fear – but it is one to encourage greater attention and focus. If you’ve basically been trying to ignore world events and simply stay focused on love and light, this may no longer be wise.

Individual Life Changes

But then, of course, doing this isn’t always so easy, because tremendous changes may also be occurring in your individual life, as well. You may realize that huge chunks of your life are suddenly falling away, sometimes very abruptly. Or even pieces of your very identity. This can be extremely uncomfortable and anxiety-producing.

If this is occurring for you, the important thing is to realize that it may feel as if you’re being “tested” or that something is wrong with you that you need to fix. This is often the default view spiritually-attuned people go into. And perhaps there is some truth to this view.

There’s Purpose to it All

However, it can also be helpful to realize that what is falling away or being taken from you is probably something that is holding you back from stepping into a higher frequency. Realizing this can take a lot of the stress out of a situation.

You can discover that whatever is leaving or being taken away is likely something that is attached to a past trauma, or that it’s something existing in a denser frequency than the one you are now shifting into. You can understand that it needs to fall away, so you can embody more of your Higher Self that is now descending into your body and anchoring itself there.

It can further be helpful to realize that whatever challenging experience you are having is probably also occurring in order to strengthen you, to help you step into the power and wisdom within you that you may not even be aware of. These times are demanding that this process take place so you can handle what is ahead of you.

Trust and Spontaneity

And yet, it can still feel as if a powerful energetic wave is pushing you in a direction that is unknown and frightening. Or like you’re in total free-fall – or you’re being suspended over a great void, having no idea where you are going to land.

At times, you may find yourself in an intense situation in which you have no time to think about your next step or make a considered decision about it. You just have to act and trust you’re going in the right direction. You find you have to be more and more spontaneous in everything you need to do.

As scary as this might be, be aware that this is actually how you naturally respond to situations when you’re in fifth-dimensional consciousness: you trust that what is in front of you is what needs to be done in that moment. You spontaneously make decisions, based on inner guidance, knowing you are being led by your Higher Self in the best way possible.

Of course, since these are especially challenging times, and you may only be operating from higher fourth-dimensional consciousness, you might also have some fear and trepidation in responding to situations like this. But if you continue trust what is in front of you anyway, you’ll likely find out later that you have made the best decisions all along.

It’s important to stay aware that we are all in training now in these pivotal times of transition. All that is occurring is preparing us to make the evolutionary leap in consciousness that we came here to achieve in this lifetime. It ain’t easy or fun – but sometimes what feels like overwhelm and madness is necessary in order to shake away the eons of controlled programming and trauma we’ve experienced.

We just gotta just keep going, one step after another, trusting the path we’re on — and also take time to rest and sleep as much as we can.

Questioning Certain New Age Teachings

Another thing to be aware of during these times is how it might be wise to begin questioning some of the new age teachings you have taken in over the years and simply accepted as truth – especially if they haven’t actually jived with your own experience or inner guidance. We are now entering a new age in which many of these teachings may no longer be relevant.

And perhaps, even more important, you might realize that certain dark agendas have crept into these teachings over the centuries, just as they have the religions of the world and so many other institutions we’ve lived with. As wonderful and helpful as many of these new age teachings may be, you can discover that there are ideas inserted into them that actually serve to weaken you and make you believe that you have to constantly change and fix yourself because you are inherently flawed.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally woven through these teachings, these ideas are there – and they serve to weaken and disempower people and cause even greater suffering. In any case, it may be important for you to consider all this, as your consciousness rises in frequency and you become more clearly aware of how trustworthy your own inner guidance has become to guide you through these tumultuous times. You may no longer need to rely so much on external teachings and teachers.

You might be interested in listening to my latest youtube on this subject:

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Learning to Love Yourself Unconditionally

If you are weary of all the emotional baggage coming up within you recently – old traumas and unresolved dramas from your past – you can know you’re right in the flow of what is happening for many lightworkers these days. At times, it can feel as if you’re dealing with one emotional crisis after another, without much of a break in between. It can be exhausting.

But the good news is that this means your vibration is rising, and there is no longer any room for all the residue of painful events and experiences you couldn’t fully handle in your past that had to be stuffed into your unconscious mind. So they are now coming up to finally be seen, understood and then released. They are clearing out so that you can embody more of your Multidimensional Self which is now descending more and more into your body.

You may be attempting to heal yourself, either with techniques you’ve learned yourself or with the help of a healer, and perhaps you’re having some success. But one thing that can really be helpful is to understand that, if you are in any way not accepting and loving yourself unconditionally – exactly as you are, no matter how you are feeling – the healing will likely be incomplete and not last for long.

Unconditional love for yourself is a prerequisite not only for full and lasting healing, but also for Ascension itself. So long as you are holding onto any guilt, shame, self-hatred, self-doubt or self-judgment, it is very difficult to raise your frequency.

The “Inner Critic”

Understanding what the “inner critic” truly is – an ancient, advanced AI technology that is not natural to human beings – is an important step in getting free of these kinds of negative emotions.

The youtube below outlines steps in how you can better understand how this this technology operates and what you can do to begin dismantling it within your mind and body — which then automatically brings you greater freedom and dramatically raises your vibration.

Learning to do this also has the added benefit that you need not depend on anyone else in your life to give you unconditional love, because you’re already giving it to yourself. If someone does give it you, it’s a bonus — but it’s not necessary for you to feel a sense of being lovable and valued.

And what’s really ironic is that once you learn to love yourself unconditionally, you will find that others who can also easily give you unconditional love are attracted into your life.

Note: It is actually just a coincidence that this youtube was ready to be posted on Valentine’s Day – but what a fun synchronicity!



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Is it Ever Going to Get any Better?

This has got to be the question most people on the planet are asking these days.

There is so much turmoil occurring all over the world in so many arenas, and so many predictions about dire situations that await us as time goes on, we can’t help but wonder: Can it all truly ever be resolved? It’s hard to imagine that humanity isn’t simply headed for extinction.

And yet, there are those of us who are aware of the fact that we are currently traveling through what has been called the Transitional Times. We understand that this chaotic period on Earth has been predicted in numerous and diverse spiritual scriptures throughout the centuries and also in teachings passed down through indigenous tribes across the planet for a long, long time.

We know this is the period of time in which humanity is in the process of making a momentous leap into a much higher frequency of consciousness known as the Fifth Dimension.

We understand that all the disruption and collapse of old systems and institutions that are now occurring must take place.

We realize that, in order to make this leap, all the darkness – the control, the manipulation, the corruption – that has existed on the planet for thousands of years must first come to the surface to be clearly seen and dealt with. People have to wake up to it all and reclaim the powerful sovereignty the human species is capable of. In essence, it requires an extremely rapid spiritual evolution for humanity.

More Challenging than We Expected

Still, although we have certainly expected some disruption in the world to occur during these times, we perhaps did not expect just how rocky and challenging all of it might be.

We didn’t quite foresee how frightening events in the world might become. We didn’t realize the magnitude of what we are all likely going to be experiencing in this coming year. According to some experts, when all the disruptions are counted, we are about to enter the most chaotic period in recorded history.

In addition, did any of us really imagine how much we would each be challenged in our personal lives, as well? Or how much dedicated inner work in our individual awakening process would be necessary to navigate these times? Many are in shock in realizing how radical the changes within themselves and their lives have been. Many do not even recognize themselves anymore – sometimes in positive ways, but often in very confusing and frightening ways, as well.

We are Still Going Forward

Nonetheless, here we still are. All of us who know ourselves to be Lightworkers are somehow handling it all, in one way or another. Sometimes it’s on our hands and knees; sometimes it’s with great fear and confusion. But we keep going forward, don’t we?

We know we are alive here and now on Earth because we are meant to be here. We have within us what it takes to not only make the leap into fifth-dimensional consciousness ourselves, but also to assist others who are ready to make the shift, as well.

It’s important to remember this. We have strength and power and gifts deep within us, that are now revealing themselves, specially designed for navigating these particular times on Earth. We will surprise ourselves. As Japanese author, Haruki Murakami, has stated:

“Once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain: when you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

Yes, It Will Eventually Get Better

If you are still asking the question, “Is it ever going to get any better?”, try tuning in and asking your knowing Heart. You will undoubtedly hear the answer: YES, it will. The events in the outer world will eventually sort themselves out.

In fact, perhaps some of the predictions about disclosure and tribunals in the coming year may even finally come to pass. The fifth-dimensional frequencies on the planet are simply getting too powerful now for the lower frequencies to continue to exist here. It will just take some time. Certainly, it will take longer than we have been hoping for; but eventually peace and sanity — and a whole new fifth-dimensional world — will exist.

But what’s important to remember is that we need not wait passively for that time to come. We can continue on in our own awakening process, even amidst the continuing chaos in the outer world.

We can begin living as much as possible in fifth-dimensional consciousness in our own lives – and focus on creating islands of light wherever we find ourselves.

And, whether we realize it or not, it will be this action we take now that will help guide humanity toward the 5D world we all envision and yearn for.


Here is a youtube I created to assist you in making it through the roughest days that may await us in the coming year:


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My New Book Now Available in Paperback!

Just a quick note to let you know that my latest book, Living Free in 5D: Embodying your Multidimensional Self,  is now available in paperback on Amazon.

In brief, this book is a guide for shifting into the freedom and empowerment of fifth-dimensional consciousness, while still navigating your way through the tumultuous times of the Fourth Dimension we are still living in.

It describes how you can shift your sense of identity into a higher dimension of reality, embody the divine Essence of who you are, and begin living your life as this new multidimensional You.

In addition,  I explain why it has been so very difficult for all of humanity to spiritually wake up and become free of suffering, poverty and war. I describe how we have been deliberately held back in our process of evolution for many thousands of years by certain elite groups of humans, as well as even darker forces that have, from deep behind the scenes, influenced and controlled them.

With all that is occurring in the world now, this background and wide perspective of what humanity is currently dealing with can be helpful in understanding what is really going on during these transitional times and seeing how momentous they are in terms of humanity’s spiritual evolution.

I also emphasize that it’s important to remember that, as frightening as the events during these times can be, we truly are now on a timeline into a very positive future.

It’s going to take some time for the whole of humanity to make a full shift into the Fifth Dimension. And yet, as individuals, even as we watch life as we’ve known it continue to collapse around us, we can learn how to start living our lives within fifth-dimensional consciousness with relative ease and comfort. And we can begin our work now of creating the New Earth, even before the Earth shifts into the Fifth Dimension.

A fuller description of the book can be found here. You can order it on Amazon here.

If you enjoy the book, it would be great if you’d leave a good review of it. Thank you!


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NEW BOOK: Living Free in 5D
Embodying Your Multidimensional Self

I have recently published a new book, entitled Living Free in 5D: Embodying your Multidimensional Self.

It’s a guide for fully shifting into the freedom and empowerment of fifth-dimensional consciousness, while still navigating your way through the tumultuous times of the Fourth Dimension we are still living in. As I’m sure you know, this is not an easy feat!

In my previous books, I have described the process of Ascension in detail, outlining numerous ways in which to become more positive, loving, empowered and spiritually-attuned, in order to let go of third-dimensional patterns and raise your frequency. These are important steps in the initial Ascension process.

However, at some point, it’s important to realize that, in order to fully shift into 5D, it’s necessary to do more than just becoming a more aware, powerful and heart-centered person. And it’s more than simply being aware that you are a multidimensional Being of Light – whatever that might mean to you.

Shifting Your Sense of Identity

Fully making the shift into 5D actually involves a shift of your entire sense of identity into a higher dimension of reality and totally embodying the divine Essence of who you are, on an ongoing basis in your everyday life.

It’s about achieving total freedom from the suffering you’ve endured while living, probably for many lifetimes, in the controlled and distorted reality known as the Third Dimension. And it involves realizing that, although you are an individual Being of Light, you are also pure Consciousness, itself – that primal Essence that flows through all of creation.

In this new book, I offer ways in which you can begin to make this momentous shift into an entirely new sense of identity. It helps you to experience a sense of yourself that is totally different from the one consisting merely of your body, your mind, your emotions, and even your “spiritual self” or “soul”. You fully realize that this familiar sense of yourself is only a very limited and temporary aspect of the greater Self you essentially are.

Understanding Humanity’s Struggle throughout the Ages

In addition, in this new book, I explain why it has been so very difficult for all of humanity to spiritually wake up and become free of suffering, poverty and war.

I describe how we have been deliberately held back in our process of evolution for many thousands of years by certain elite groups of humans, as well as even darker forces that have, from deep behind the scenes,  influenced and controlled them.

I further explain the good news that humanity is now gradually rising into a frequency these controlling dark forces cannot enter. In addition, there are powerful positive human forces that are now in the process of liberating humanity from the age-old systems of control. Nonetheless, this will take time and will likely create increasing chaos for a while. Millions of people will be given a huge wake-up call that will initially shake them to their core, and time will be needed for a great deal of healing.

And, very importantly, even those of us who are already somewhat awake to all of this darkness still need to fully realize how much of what we have learned in our lives from all sources in society has been false. Nefarious lies to trap and hold us back in our spiritual evolution have infiltrated every aspect of our lives – even within many of the new age teachings we have derived help and inspiration from.

So, along with learning how to let go of all old identities based on believing ourselves to simply be a body with consciousness, understanding all this other information about the reality we’ve been living in is also an essential part in our Ascension process.

Ascension is Challenging

As we’re all learning, Ascension is not an easy path to navigate. Even in a peaceful kind of world, attempting to shift into 5D consciousness would demand a great deal of awareness, intention, and resolve.

But now, with so much conflict and uncertainty occur-ring in the world, and all the disastrous predictions about where humanity is headed – it is all the more difficult.

And yet, it can be done. And this is what I describe in this new book, giving clear and practical steps you can take in making the transition into an entirely new and liberated identity, despite what is occurring in the external world. And, when approached with sincerity, this can be done with relative ease and comfort – and with great joy and love in your heart.

The book is now available on Amazon in ebook form and soon to be in paperback.

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How to Make it through the Storm in the Coming Days

There is so much chaos and upheaval going on in the world these days, it’s hard to keep up with it all. As we near the full-moon eclipse on November 8, the anxiety and confusion in the air is almost palpable.

And, of course, in the US, with the midterms about to occur, great unrest and heightened emotions are only adding to it.

You’ve probably heard intel about all sorts of things that might begin happening any day now — things that could either be very exciting or rather frightening, depending on your point of view. Either way, for many people in the world, the events that are being predicted are ones that could cause great anxiety, confusion and grief.

And yet, you may be someone who is excited about it all. Perhaps you have been waiting for years for the events that may be happening soon. You might even feel that these days just ahead of us are those you have been waiting for your whole life. You sense that, finally, the time for you to step into your most important spiritual mission is drawing near.

But perhaps you’re also somehow feeling anxious or oddly restless. Maybe you’re experiencing uncomfortable chaotic energies that seem to be flickering through the air. You sense that these intense times of change and upheaval we’re about to enter into are like ones we’ve never known before — and, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re maybe not quite ready for them.

If so, there is something very simple you can do to experience greater calm and empowerment through the times ahead.

The Highest Version of Yourself

ascension theaterJust tune into yourself for a moment. Take a deep breath, relax, and drop into the Silence within. And then, very simply, feel into the highest version of yourself – the one in which you are your most powerful and calm and confident.

You know this Self, you’ve been this version of yourself at times. Just tune in – you’ll see it’s right there in your awareness.

This version of yourself is also the one that is most at peace, most loving, and spiritually awake. It’s the you in which you experience great love and appreciation for yourself. You feel no fear, anxiety, or hesitation.

Feel the power of this Self – and how steady and strong it is. See if you can now fully step into it. Feel how it feels to be this version of you.

Become aware of the particular strengths you have, the abilities you know you have, your gifts. Realize what your valuable sensitivities are, and how deep the love in your heart is.

Be aware of your wisdom, and your profound compassion for people. Realize that you are inherently powerful, whether you are often aware of this or not. As this Self, immense power is a given.

This version of yourself is the one who understands so well what is wrong with the world. You’ve always kind of felt it, even if you couldn’t express it so well in your earlier years. You’ve always known about love and about honoring and valuing other people. You’ve known about justice and fairness. You’ve always been confused as to why war and violence have seemed necessary in the world. In a way, you maybe never felt totally at home here.

And yet, this highest version of yourself would be at home anywhere. Its home is the universe. And it’s the one who knows that you are here now on Earth to assist humanity into awakening to the truth.

It’s maybe the one who has natural healing gifts … or can tune into other realities … or sometimes sees the future … or knows exactly what people need and can give it to them. You know the particular gifts and abilities you have — and the ones that are now beginning to blossom, as your DNA continues to activate.

In a way, this highest version of yourself could be seen as your Higher Self, the one that has guided you throughout your life. But be aware that it is now no longer existing somewhere in another dimension you can only vaguely contact at times. This Self is now becoming embodied within you. It is anchoring inside your body so you can begin to live through it as you continue on in your life.

When fully anchored within this Self, you realize there’s no more self-doubt. No more confusion. No more self-judgment. Or great fear. There’s confidence and strength and stability. You know you can accomplish whatever it is you are here to do.

What Might Need to Change?

What would it be like if you were to begin living your life from within this new Self? Feel into it. Ask yourself if there is anything you would no longer be able tolerate in your life.

Is there maybe a relationship in which you don’t feel fully respected or valued? Or perhaps  a situation that is no longer right for you to be in? As this highest-vibrational You, what changes might you want to make?

In the days to come, see if you can continue to focus on this highest version of yourself. You may really need to, if chaotic events continue to escalate. Be aware of your power as this Self to hold steady as the world begins facing the increasing storms that may lie ahead. See how it will enhance your ability to flow with any upset or confusion that comes your way. Feel how you can meet challenges with strength and trust, confident you will know what to do, what to say, all in right timing. Because you will.

And know that, even if at times, you lose your focus on being this highest version of yourself  – you will still be guided by it. Trust this, and know truly that all is well.

Humanity is about to experience a great awakening as it prepares for its eventual ascent into 5D. And you are here, assisting this transformation, just by your very presence on the planet at this time.


Listen to this beautiful and uplifting song by Lauren Kellie, called Liberty.

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Have You Recently Jumped onto a New Timeline?

Have you noticed lately that something strange has happened – that you seem to be existing in a reality that is somewhat unfamiliar to you?

Maybe nothing much has changed in your external life, but somehow you are experiencing a sense of greater ease and well-being, less inner pressure? More self-love? And even at times a feeling of joy that wells up out of nowhere?

If so, this may mean  you have recently shifted onto a new timeline that holds a higher frequency. Or, it could be said that you’ve “gone up a gear” in your Ascension process – or that you’ve moved up a level within the Fourth Dimension. This is happening more and more for people consciously headed for the Fifth Dimension.

It can initially feel like you’ve somehow jumped onto a new moving sidewalk that is going somewhat faster than the one you’d previously been on. Events are happening more quickly, and pleasant and exciting surprises are occurring out of nowhere.

It kind of takes your breath away, as you attempt to get used to the new sensation of greater momentum pushing you forward in your life.

Initial Fear, Confusion and Stress

It’s important to note, however, that if you’re not experiencing this — and especially if you’re suddenly feeling a great deal of fear, confusion, or stress – this may indicate exactly the same thing: you have just very recently shifted onto a new higher-frequency timeline.

Because of the new frequency you’ve now shifted into, any old patterns, relationships, or situations occurring in your life that are not vibrating at this higher frequency cannot come with you. And so they are now arising in full force in order for you to see and acknowledge them. You can then decide if there’s anything you still need to learn from them. If so, very lightly ponder what’s involved, without falling into analyzing it or feeling painful emotions. And then just let it go.

The good news is that, if an issue or problem is fully in your face at this point, it means it is already  in the process of leaving.

So you don’t really have to do anything much with it except see it as part of your 3D self that is falling away – and just love yourself through the process of letting it go. It can feel really rocky and challenging; but if you can stay calm and trust the process, it can be amazing how the uncomfortable situations and patterns seem to dissipate surprisingly quickly.

Once these situations calm down and resolve themselves, you might then notice that you seem to be in totally new territory. Energetically you feel different – clearer, more relaxed, no matter what is happening. There’s a sense that reality actually works somewhat differently from before.

Somehow more synchronicity begins to happen, even things that feel like magic. What you need shows up more quickly than before, and people you need to meet are suddenly there, even before you know you need them. Emotions are lighter, freer. You feel a greater sense of well-being and peace. Divine orchestration of the events in your life is more and more obvious.

New Timeline, New Challenges

You might for a while not believe that your life could have changed so radically, so quickly. You may hear an inner voice warning you not to get too comfortable, to stay on guard. Old fears may make a feeble attempt to arise in you again. Stay alert. Be careful to not to subject yourself to old patterns of distress or anxiety.

Yet, at the same time, it’s also important not to slip back into a pattern of falling asleep again, assuming all will entirely shift into peace and happiness in your life. This is because, with every new shift into a higher frequency, you not only experience greater freedom, joy and love — you also find there are new challenges that are now arising.

With every new awakening you experience, there is new territory to explore; there are new abilities to master and new parts of yourself to learn about. This is the process of spiritual evolution: it continues on and on. There are always higher aspects of your multidimensional Self to discover, master and embody. And there are likely more lower-frequency patterns to release.

Sometimes there is incredible joy and excitement in this process; other times, it’s as if you’re constantly running to catch up with yourself. Occasionally, you may experience unfamliar sensations in your body, as it attempts to recalibrate in order to keep up with what’s occurring. You might feel strange, yet somehow comfortable, energies running through your brain.

Often, during all of this, you find you need more downtime, more rest and sleep in order to integrate all the changes that are occurring in your being.

But through it all, as you continue making these “upgrades” in consciousness, you will find there is a greater sense of peace that flows through you. And a deeper joy and gratitude for the most minute blessings in your life. There’s a more profound love you experience for yourself and others in your life.

As more and more third-dimensional patterns fall away, you continue to discover who you have always been, beyond all the various identities you’ve assumed.

You become aware of that Divine Essence within you that has never changed, no matter what has occurred in your life, what emotions you’ve experienced, or what thoughts you’ve had.

You find you are beginning to embody your incredibly exciting and complex 5D multidimensional Self. And that all of the confusion and fear and suffering you’ve experienced during this monumentally transformative stage of your evolution has truly been worth it!

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