Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
with Vidya Frazier

We have entered times of great transition. A new Earth is emerging. People are awakening. But old structures are crumbling around us and new ones are not yet in place. Many are experiencing great uncertainty and confusion.

It’s time for those of us who feel called to assist in this planetary awakening to step forward to help usher in this new age of human evolution on the planet.

All Lightworkers, Starseeds and Frequency-Holders

awakening to the fifth dimensionFinally – the times we’ve been waiting for are here!

As chaotic and challenging as they are, these are the times we were born for, when humanity is about to make a monumental evolutionary leap in consciousness into what is known as the Fifth Dimension.

What we see all around us in the outer world is the collapse of an ancient system of control that has taken place in a very limited and distorted reality, known as the Third Dimension. Understandably, this collapse is producing confusion, fear, and despair as we see it all falling apart around us.

Yet, from a higher perspective, it’s all actually good news: this old world, filled with corruption, greed, control, manipulation and hatred, needs to collapse, so that a new higher-frequency world can come into being. Ancient prophesies have foreseen these times and called this emerging new world the Golden Age. Others have called it the Age of Aquarius; still others have referred to it as the Sat Yuga. Now it’s common among many to call it the Fifth Dimension.

The Dimensional Shift is Already Underway

Whatever we call it, it is very exciting! Especially since this dimensional Shift is now fully under way – and the new 5D Reality is already coming into being. It’s a frequency that is getting stronger and stronger on Earth, and we can tune into it and begin to live our lives within it.

What is essentially occurring is an awakening into the knowing that we are powerful multi-dimensional Beings who have been controlled and shut down for eons of time – made unaware of the magnificent source of Light that we are. And, in this awakening, we are re-discovering the power we have to create a world of beauty, harmony, peace, and justice – a world in which people can live their lives in unity and love.

This evolutionary journey we’re on – often called Ascension – is not an easy one; for many of us, it involves a great deal of loss and change, as well as periods of fear, despair and rage. And it often entails walking alone through uncharted territory, without a sense of where we’re headed. It’s a time of letting go of trying to force things to happen in the old ways we always have before, and learning to trust our higher Selves to guide us into a whole new Reality.

But it’s also a time of great joy and profound openings of love and deep peace, as we shift in consciousness from 3D to 5D. And it’s a time for us to work together as a collective of light Beings to bring about the New Earth.

* * * * * * *

Tools to Assist You on Your Journey

If you are experiencing challenges in navigating this Ascension journey, I offer some tools to assist you – personal sessions, books,  a variety of posts and youtubes, and free online courses  on the whole subject of Ascension and the Fifth Dimension.

These are designed to help ground you in your knowing that you are here not only to awaken to the reality of who you are, but also to help start building a new fifth-dimensional Earth. They will assist you in discovering what your spiritual mission is and in learning how to begin fully expressing it.

And, if you are already aware of these things, these tools can help to remind you of your power and magnificence and serve to spur you on. Either way, they will also help you to see the “bigger picture” of what these chaotic “transitional times” are all about and your role in them.

Ascension Sessions with Vidya

As time goes on, you may realize that the leap you are needing to make into the Fifth Dimension is indeed a quantum one — and that you need healing and assistance in understanding what is occurring for you.

As a licensed psychotherapist and Quantum Healer, Vidya can offer you this help. She currently gives three different types of sessions — Quantum Healings, Ascension Readings and Ascension Coaching Sessions — which can help you to find secure footing within yourself as you make the shift into the Fifth Dimension.

Quantum HealingQuantum Healings: This is a powerful energetic form of healing that takes place in the Quantum Field. The healing occurs on the level of the DNA — a level that is much deeper than many other types of energetic healing. It is given remotely. You will receive a written report about what has been healed.                     Read more


Ascension Readings: In a reading, Vidya can give you information about the particular energetic changes that are occurring within you and answer questions you may have about relationships, your work, your spiritual mission, and your spiritual gifts. She can also give you resources for self-help and healing. The reading comes in a comprehensive written report. Read More

Ascension Coaching Sessions: These hour-long sessions are offered online or by phone. As Vidya listens, she can offer helpful information — about your relationships, your work, past lives or your starseed origin. You may also experience healing during the session through the energy exchange that occurs.                           Read More

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Vidya’s Books

Get the Full Story about Ascension into the Fifth Dimension

Vidya’s books describe in detail what many of us are experiencing on our journey into 5D — and also the deeper reality of what is occurring in the world behind the scenes. The books are easy to read and serve as an effective way to introduce the information to friends and family members.

Living Free in 5D
Embodying your Multidimensional Self

This is a guide for fully shifting into the freedom and empowerment of fifth-dimensional consciousness, while still navigating your way through the tumultuous times of the Fourth Dimension we are still living in.

At some point, in your Ascension process, it’s important to realize that, in order to fully shift into 5D, it’s necessary to do more than just becoming a more aware, powerful and heart-centered person. And it’s more than simply being aware that you are a multidimensional Being of Light – whatever that might mean to you.

Fully making the shift into 5D actually involves a shift of your entire sense of identity into a higher dimension of reality and completely embodying the divine Essence of who you are, on an ongoing basis in your everyday life. It’s about achieving total freedom from the suffering you’ve endured while living in the controlled and distorted reality known as the Third Dimension. And it involves realizing that, although you are an individual Being of Light, you are also pure Consciousness, itself – that primal Essence that flows through all of creation.

In this book, I offer ways in which you can begin to make this momentous shift into an entirely new sense of identity. It helps you to experience a sense of yourself that is totally different from the one consisting merely of your body, your mind, your emotions, and even your “spiritual self” or “soul”. You fully realize that this familiar sense of yourself is only a very limited and temporary aspect of the greater Self you essentially are. Because of the high-frequency waves of Light now streaming into the earth, you can now make this shift into freedom with relative ease and comfort – and with great joy and love in your heart.

                     The Ascension Lightworker Guide                      Handbook for Weary Souls

If you are still reeling from the intense and complex events that have occurred worldwide since the beginning of 2020 and are experiencing unprecedented change, loss and uncertainty in your life, this book will be a godsend, as it spells out a surprisingly hopeful and exciting explanation of all that is occurring.

It also offers a great variety of tools and keys for how to handle the challenges you may experiencing during these tumultuous times. This is not just another new age book giving advice and suggestions on how to heal yourself and wake up spiritually. It focuses on how to do this specifically in today’s world, when so much rapid change is occurring, both externally and internally.

                                 Triumph of the Light                                   

Story of Humanity’s Enslavement and Impending Liberation

Triumph of the LightThe increasing chaos, disasters and violence playing out on the world stage can be both confusing and frightening, if you don’t understand why this is all happening. In outlining in detail why it is all occurring, this book will introduce you to a world that may at first sound like science fiction or conspiracy theory — but it becomes a fascinating story difficult to dispute or deny, as it finally makes sense of what is happening.

And, best of all, you get to understand the positive trajectory all world events are taking us on, no matter what it may look like now.

Ascension: Embracing the Transformation

If you are feeling disoriented, discouraged or stuck, not understanding how to proceed in your life due to so much change and the many challenges you are facing, it’s probably because you are shifting rapidly now into a much higher consciousness.

This book will explain a great deal about the Ascension journey and also guide you in creating a life in which you are operating more and more from a fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

                             A Guide for Navigating the Global Shift                                   

Feeling a strange sense of disorientation in your world? Or an increasing need to adapt to change very quickly? Perhaps a loss of old relationships or a disturbing lack of passion about your life? How about fascinating new openings in consciousness? Profound experiences of love and joy that seem to arise out of nowhere?

If so, you are part of an increasing group of people awakening very rapidly all across the planet in what has been called the “Shift.” This book will introduce you to the Fifth Dimension and the Ascension process — and guide you to navigate all the tumultuous changes with both ease and grace.

Free Blog Posts & Youtubes by Category

What is the
Fifth Dimension?

Ascension Symptoms

Experiencing 5D Now

Understanding the World through the Ascension Lens

How to Make it Through the Transitional Times

Ascension Lightworkers, Starseeds & Spiritual Missions

Relationship Challenges during Ascension

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Free Online Courses

Wanting to understand the Ascension process better? Or know more clearly what the Fifth Dimension is all about? Here are pages with audio tracks to guide you through your Ascension process.

Introduction to 5D and the Personal Ascension Process

If you are new to the concepts of the Fifth Dimension and Ascension, these Level 1 classes will give you a clear introduction to what these terms refer to and will help you make sense of what you’ve been experiencing during these times of great turmoil and disruption on the planet.

Ascending as Part of the Human Collective

In these Level Two classes, you will learn about your role in the collective Ascension that is also occurring to humanity as a whole. Subjects include starseed experiences,  information about the Cabal and ETs, and preparing for the “Event”.





58 Responses to Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
with Vidya Frazier

  1. Karan says:

    You chapter on the “Inner Shift” resonated with me and I would love to have you guide me through my “dark night of the soul”. With much appreciation and love.


  2. Pamela Parkes says:

    Through astral projection I have had a glimpse of the future in a spiritual body. The second man Adam, one who is born of spirit not matter. Just as the womb sustains the physical, so does our body contain the spiritual learning of our existence through many incarnations. The astral is connected like the umbilical chord to the physical body, and is only separated at the time of death. When the spiritual body has gained enough experience through physical incarnations, it will be born again into the spiritual realm where it will no longer need a physical body, but can manifest as one at will. This is divine wisdom and must be treated as such. As Jesus said “I will give you what has never entered into the heart of man” This is quoted in the book of Thomas.

  3. daniel says:

    i am already going through different phases of awakening. i have already started my assignment deep in the society and very few people are understanding or atleast glasping.i thought i was going clazy but after doing so much research in my neighbourhood,country,and other world events,i fully came to have certain kind of awareness that never existed before please contact me and i will give you my fullstory.

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Hi Daniel–You can contact me through email. Get that address on at the bottom of the page. I’d love to hear from you.

  4. Ivy says:

    Did the mayas or someone else also forecasted when, around which year, the complete earth will be shiftedinto the 5th dimension? How long this transition time will take, approximately, for all beings together??

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      I am not aware of any precise predictions from anyone who has been credible. I think no accurate prediction can be made, due to the element of free will humanity has. However, my inner guidance tells me that it will be within the next couple of decades. The important thing to understand though is that we don’t have to wait to have life push us into the Fifth Dimension when the Earth decides it’s time for her to enter it–it’s available to us when we are each individually ready beforehand.

  5. Paulo says:

    Hi Vidya
    I know and agree with all that you have written. (didnt like the part about the shift happening in the next few decades lol) Anyway, I discovered the path about 10 years ago and that has brought me a sense of calm away from fear (coming from strict Christian background) The past few years I’ve taken some steps backwards when my elderly mom moved in with me. I don’t meditate any longer etc. I know its just an excuse but i need some guidance. I get up very depressed but then i focus on the positives and i feel that by uplifting others and get them to see “The Truth” Spiritually that is. I’ve been told by a few ppl that I’ve changed their lives but I’m not progressing and feel stuck. Please could you comment on this.
    With Thanks and Appreciation – Paulo

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Hi Paulo–It sounds as if you may be working through the finishing of karma with your mother at this time and that your awareness is being kept in that vibration–one that is likely not as high a vibration as you have reached into in the past. This is a call for bringing in as much love and intention to finish the karma as you can muster. Don’t worry–it will happen–karma with family members is happening now for many during these times. Do not think of yourself as “stuck” or moving “backwards”. You’re simply moving “through”. And the more attention and intention you put on that idea and feeling, the more it will propel you through the uncomfortable feelings and judgments about yourself and bring you into a higher vibration. Finishing karma is all part of the journey of Ascension. How quickly you move through it depends on how strong your intention is to complete it. It’s important to focus on loving yourself during the difficult periods as karmic patterns release–no mattering what you’re feeling. And bring love to everything that arises within you. You will be serving the collective as well as yourself in doing this.

  6. Paulo says:

    Dear Vidya
    Thank you so so much
    Love & Light

  7. Sari says:

    My awakening has happened only within the last few months. I was raised in a VERY Christian home, and went to Christian high school and University. I was always closed off to these ideas and but then it happened almost within a week. I ventured out, started doing my own research and listening to the wisdom of a close friend of mine (who has been trying to speak to me for a whole year), and I have never felt so much peace. Even as a Christian I never had peace, I was afraid of God and always felt like I wasn’t good enough or that I was going to hell. But now, through what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown, and what I am still discovering, I feel so much peace. I feel so excited to move into this Fifth Dimension. But I need some advice, my parents are strong Christians. I have an uncle who had his awakening about twenty years ago and my family has alienated him. I told my parents I am no longer a Christian (I’m twenty by the way), and my mom said she’s sad for me. She also got mad when I said I don’t believe in heaven or hell. Is it almost not worth it to even try with them? I so badly want to guide them into their own awakening so that they can experience the joy and peace that I have and be with me through this shift, but I almost feel like they’re so conditioned that it’s not worth it to even try. I’m just not sure what to do or how to go about talking to them! Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Hi Sari — an amazing story, how quickly you realized the truth inside of you! It can be heart-breaking to not be able to reach family members with what you know and understand. If your attempts with words have no effect, the best thing is to simply love them exactly as they are–and to live your own life based on your own values and wisdom. If they are ready at some point, they will notice how at peace you are and how well you are living your life–and they will want to know more about what you know.

      AND they might never be at that point. Not everyone as souls has chosen to make the transition to the Fifth Dimension. Some souls are choosing to leave the planet before the earth makes her transition and will be taken to other places in the universe that still offer the Third Dimension experience. There is no right or wrong or better or worse choices in this matter. Each soul makes a sovereign choice about what is appropriate at this time in their spiritual evolution.

      Simply continue to love your family and respect whatever choices they make in their belief structures at this point. There’s no point in arguing or trying convince people about Ascension or the Fifth Dimension. And continue to follow your own heart wherever it takes you in your own evolution. This is what’s most important.

  8. Lennae says:

    Dearest One,
    I was born through great hope and knew things from a very early age (4 years old) and my mother knew. She and i had a special bond. Many lessons were brought to me. I became frutrated. I gave way to “normal” thinking. I lost my mother to cancer. I never cried. I had just gotten married to an abuser . I got out, but I bounced back and forth from what I should have been doing and shouldn’t and my reasoning was altered. then i thought I found someone I could live the rest of my life with. we got married. Two weeks later my father died. Everything changed yet again. There were challenges I was willing to take but my husband was not. I think I became devastated and angry. in the next ten years, I settled. Through all of this I became ill. I did things because I felt angry and alone. I felt I had given up everything for a lie. I searched. People saw the special potential inside of me Natives, people of sensitivities, healers, and others that looked presumably ordinary. I reaffirmed the need for health, went to a healing center for pain management, and found out I was pregnant, but I had been taking the prescribed medicine for three weeks…I quite. I felt amazing through my pregnancy-alive and robust.At 7months I fell, tearing all of the muscles on the one side of my body trying to catch myself. But, for a person who had surgeries in the past ans so much abdominal scar tissue that “she would never carry full term if she became pregnant…” I gave birth to a healthy boy of over 10 pounds, 10 days after my first set of contractions and 8 days past my due date. I believe things about him are different as well, but my marriage never fully recovered. Now, my son is angry at , well everything and has so little hope, but knows that things are about to go through a big change. I am a skeptic by nature , perhaps not my true nature, but I do like to test and retest everything to prove beyond most doubt . This is why people come to me for advise. But, I am back at the crossroads. I want certain things, longing for my past happiness when my mother tried to show me beauty in life around us. What do you see in store for me?
    With Love and Light

  9. Paul says:

    Hi Vidya
    In recent months the date of September 2015 and more specifically September 28 2015 has come up via various sources when i read articles on the Shift in Human Consciousness … Further to that the word “Synchronicity” as apposed to “Coincidence” has taught me to look out for said synchronicities… that said what do you make of the article written and posted on “wake up world”
    Im not really one for conspiracy theories but one cant ignore whats been happening in recent months and it seems to increase in intensity, ISIS, Climate aka storms, Volcano’s Floods, Racism in US, World markets etc. link to this article below.

    Please reply via my email and this blog if you dont mind.
    Much Love

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      You’re right—there has been a lot of speculation as to what might happen in September by a number of people—from channels to visionaries to mainstream analysts. I only have time to skim most of what comes into my inbox from people. But it does seem as if there’s likely something to it all.

      My hunch is, that if something does happen, it will be on the political and economic fronts, as there are so many events occurring even now that seem to put us on the tipping point into some sort of drastic change. I have heard similar kinds of predictions of disaster or dramatic change before, a number of times, in the last few years, however–and nothing dramatic happened. So we never know with these things.

      Nonetheless, we all know many things are in the process of shifting during these times. The old structures are crumbling, and the elite is trying to hold them together and create events to maintain their control. But in the end, their efforts will be fruitless—humanity’s consciousness is awakening too rapidly and there are fifth-dimensional energies now beginning to flood the Earth to assist this awakening.

      Meanwhile, however, chaos may have to reign for a while as the old falls away and the new is not entirely here yet. We’re undergoing both a death process and a birth process–both of which can generally be messy.

      The main thing to remember if things do begin to disintegrate around us is–either through political/social means or through Earth changes—is to keep our own “5D Bubble” around us and to not get caught in our own fear or that of others. It’s important to keep the big picture in mind, of what we’re in the middle of—and where we’re headed.—Vidya

  10. Paul says:

    Hi Vidya
    Not sure if the link in the above will work but if you check out the site for wake up world and September 2015 Convergence
    Many Thanks

  11. Cat says:

    Where can I find the chapter on the Inner Shift?

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Hi Cat–Not sure what you mean by “chapter”. If you’re interested in the subject of the inner Shift, all my blogs speak to it–as well as my last book, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension. Some sites are more focused on the “outer” Shift manifesting in the world. This is very exciting and important information. But my focus and interest is always more on the inner Shift taking place within each one of us. — Vidya

  12. Marty says:

    I am writing because I am awake and have been for about 6 months. The only way I know how to explain what is happening to me is like this: I sent on an infinite plain of silence, with my subconscious listening and interpreting to my conscious about how to act on this 3rd dimension. I have learned that being on this plain of infinite silence is everything and nothing. I have also learned to be an observer of life without emotion and to not speak things into existence because it is all chaos. What I try to explain to people is that we live in a pool of complexity…i.e..religion, race, politics and it’s all an illusion. I have also tried to explain to people, you should handle all situations with the thought of unconditional love in you heart as you approach a situation. As an observer, I understand that people will cause you to participate in events and after the event is over, you should come out of the pool of complexity, wipe away the things that bound you to that event and go back to your infinite plain of silence where everything and nothing exist. As I see it, humanity is so emotionally frail, it is very difficult to have people transcend through their own norms.

  13. Srividya Shivkumar says:

    I just finished reading many lives many masters… Dear Vidya, when you say finish your karma with this do we do that? I know there are certain difficult people in my life that I have distanced my self from, in order to avoid the pain. But also have a strong feeling that avoidance is not the solution and that I need to work out my Karma with them. How do I do that? Please help.

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this–as our karma with other people is all unique, and resolution of it is thus also unique. However, I have found that intention to work through the karma and to learn what is needed to learn is key. It’s important not to see “karma” as punishment. It’s a balancing mechanism, designed to help us learn and awaken to our true selves. If you have been avoiding certain people to avoid pain, it may be time to decide you wish to learn what you as a Soul set up for yourself to learn by being in relationship with these people. In one way, you can see difficult relationships are all about opportunities we’ve given ourselves for learning, growing in awareness, and ultimately transitioning into higher consciousness. They can be seen as opportunities–not problems. With this approach, the resolving of the karma is made a lot easier.

      With Ascension now happening to all of us, all unclear relationships are going to be coming up to be resolved, one way or another. So it can be very empowering to decide to be proactive, so to speak, and call up the unresolved karma you have in your relationships and to consciously work it through–rather than just allowing it to wreak havoc and suffering in your life.

      This can be easier said than done, I know. But with intention and self-compassion, it need not be a painful process. You will come to be aware of who these people are on the Soul level–and realize the unconditional love you have for them and have likely had for many lifetimes.

  14. Cilla Jayne says:

    I just wanted to comment to Sari. I am awakened and I embrace the shift. I am also a lightworker and I have a high natural frequency of healing. I was raised as a christian and even as I went through my awakening I would not say that I’m no longer a christian. Jesus Christ went through his awakening and wanted to teach man the powers they possess within themselves. We were created by a divine power greater than ourselves that has put us here with a purpose and a plan that is shifting us into a fifth dimension. Many people have different names but I personally believe that divine power is God. Being awakened to my life purpose only makes me stronger in my spirituality but I definitely would not say that I’m no longer a christian. Just because man has taken christianity and spun man’s perspective on it and overtime chosen to pick and chose what parts of christianity they want our society to live by I don’t believe that makes me no longer a christian. If anything I feel I learn from Jesus Christ our purpose in creation so what can be anymore christian then that? I may not follow organized religion in modern day christian churches because many are stuck in believing their purpose is one that society has made them believe but then that’s my purpose to help awaken people. One person at a time. We definitely possess the power I have no doubt but I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m not a christian especially if I knew that may upset someone I love because with that strong of a statement I think it may alienate or scare them from embracing the awaken consciousness when nothing can be more spiritual. Everyday I feel like I only grow stronger in my purpose and becoming closer to god and that is the goal your parents wish for you as a christian. Vidya Frazier I love your website. And just one last comment to Srividya Shivkumar because I have had that same question myself and I learned my karma I had to finish was on a positive level. So that is an excellent point Vidya because I feel like I was looking in the wrong areas for so long not realizing Karma can also be positive. But thank you again for your website Vidya Frazier and thank you for the opportunity to comment.

  15. Oziegbe collins says:

    In this recent times, I feel so alienated from the society. Modern activities like parties, games,shows, worldly music don’t freak me any more.I am just so grounded,and my antention is based squarely on spiritual enlightenment. Is this really a sign of ascension on my part? please reply I need your guidance.


    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Yes, indeed, it is! — Vidya

    • X says:

      Yes ,beautiful,,..,…! Meditation is so powerful u need to read and reserch within a positive loveing projection for knowlege. Day dream . Be a dreamer in this state. This is a solely selfish time with u and light u need no interferences. Trust me, sweetheart u will amaze ur self. I just cant wait know u

  16. stephen says:

    ive suffered all my life.
    lucifer visited me as a babe.
    then attacked and controlled by demons since age of 5.
    a vision of good spirits told me to use the wishes granted to me,to rid the demon after 40 years and no more.
    hell on earth for me then!
    ive awakened big time since spring 2015/end of 40 years i had to grant,endure.
    feel like some kind of rogue/good antichrist.
    not willing to play ball with evil!

    • H says:

      U are farther than u think . Please keep going dont stop . Just trust me when I tell u I know ur on the right track ????☻?????

  17. I always have dreams of adventures .please, is there any spiritual meaning to this? please reply. THANKS.

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Dreams almost always have some significance for our awakening–either we’re attempting to clear something that is not resolved in our waking life–or it’s an out-of-body experience in which we’re learning, exploring, or communicating with other beings on other dimensions. If you’re dreaming of adventures, enjoy them! See if you can wake up within the dream and become aware of where you actually are on the inner realms. That’s where the real fun and depth of spiritual understanding begin!–Vidya

  18. Gaynell says:

    I had a vision of a surrendered king piece on a chessboard. Surrendered ego?

  19. I’m going to inform my little brother, that he should
    also pay a visit this website on regular basis to obtain updated
    from latest information.

  20. James says:


    People don’t seem to realized this:
    Jesus Christ spoke long ago to me and others about structures and energy.
    you see, wine, water and blood where often used as symbols as energy.” But you don’t put new wine into old bottles”. Wine represented the energy and the bottles represented the structures.

    Love, James

    I was also told following:

    Divine Inheritance

    I bequest to thee
    thou great staggering soul
    that thou rise and follow after me
    into the fire of thine own heart
    cast desires still seething
    O, thou encumbered blessed
    I can not leave thee shattered
    but take a breath of nectar from Heaven
    and stars be thy home forever
    For when light breaks thy dawning day
    they will look up to shimmering skies
    And their eyes will be blinded not by the sun
    but by thee shinning and rising

    The Master wants me to tell you;

    I Am in all things great and small
    I Am the essence of all
    I Am the truth and the awareness
    Behold the Lamb of God who takest away the sins of the world
    Do thou good works and love thyself for there is nothing not to love
    Be thou in peace for there is only peace
    Thou art peace and beauty
    Behold thyself and takest away the sins of the world

    I Am James and I love my Master greatly as he loves me
    That’s all there is
    There is nothing else
    Amen, Amen, Amen

    The Master said to meditate on these words daily:

    I Am the Light
    I Am the way
    I Am the truth
    I Am the center of the Om
    I Am the center of the I Am name
    I Am In Heaven as I Am on earth
    I Am the meditation
    I Am all that is
    Amen, Amen, Amen

  21. Christopher says:

    Hi Vidya, I just finished reading your book, “Triumph of the Light” and wanted to congratulate you on your courage to expose what is really happening out there, which is the cause of so much of the misery upon this planet. I am one who is very aware of what “the Cabal” are up too and it was refreshing to see that you and many others are starting to bring to “The Light”. The Cabal is a group of very evil, satanic people who have been overseeing the world for centuries and really do have a ‘depopulation control’ agenda in mind, where they want to remove 70-90% of the world’s population. We have to hope that the Light Alliances will be able to win out before it’s too late. There will be much struggle and resistance as the light shines upon us, but the fight will be worth it. I also wanted to let you know about a book I read that follows much of the same thinking as your book called, “The Day of Reckoning” by C.H. Perry. The end of the book depicts a possible world when good would be in control instead of evil. Really worth a read! God bless!

  22. ANNE HAMPTON says:

    About a year ago I randomly stopped at a garage sale in my neighborhood. The house was nothing special, set a little back from a curve in the road. Books at a garage sale are not something I typically am interested in, but at this one I found an entire box on yoga, breathing, metaphysical studies, etc. Eureka! Tried to talk with the owners of the books but family hindered the communication.
    That was a year ago and only today I picked up your book, “The Art of Letting Go, A Pathway to Inner Freedom”. The 1st chapter had me totally absorbed because you were describing my life…depressed, yet having the spiritual tools and know how to know better and lift myself out. But all efforts are short lived.
    Another book on the shelf was “The Fifth Dimension” by Vera Adler. I honestly got bogged down about 1/2 way through.
    I look forward to reading the remainder of the book…learning techniques to pass through this stage of my journey. Perhaps I will contact you for an appointment after the reading. Thank you!

  23. Denise Wizzard says:

    Hello Vidya,

    I have a sister who is mentally challenged. She is very sociable and, at times, very aware of her disability.

    I was wondering how someone with her limited abilities could be taught about awakening to the transformation taking place during our time on Earth.

    My sister definitely understands the concept of God and, when I tell her how special she is in God’s eyes, HER eyes light up and a mile-wide smile appears on her beautiful face!

    Can you give me any suggestions on how to help me gently explain some of what is now taking place on Earth that would plant some “seeds” of spiritual awakening within her?

    Also, do you know of any reading materials written on explaining this concept to those with limited mental capacities?

    Or, do you think that I should not say anything but hope that somehow her inner feelings would be enough to awaken her on her spiritual path to the Fifth Dimension?

    Thank you so much!


    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Hello Denise: You know, it’s hard to tell–but it’s possible your sister may understand about the vibrational Shift the Earth is taking very well within her being–it might not just be on the level of the rational mind or something she can articulate with words about. The Shift, after all, is something that is occurring beyond words, beyond the realm of the rational mind. It’s basically an enormous shift that is occurring in the Spiritual Heart.

      If your sister is a good-hearted, loving being, she may well be making her way along the path of Ascension–just not in a way that may be observable to others. Actually, mentally-challenged people often have an intuitive knowing about things that others don’t have a clue about. I wouldn’t worry about her. If she’s a Soul who has decided to make the voyage into the Fifth Dimension, she will find her way to do this.

      The best thing you can do for her is keep enfolding her in your love and holding light for her in whatever way you can. Trust that her guides are leading her along her spiritual path in the best way possible. All is well.

  24. TARSHER L THIMES says:

    Good Afternoon,
    Thank you so much for all your work. I have been experiencing an awakening off and on since I was four years old. Back then in the pentecostal chruch it was called being “Filled with the Holy Gost” ? I am now 45 and I have gone through a full blown Kundalini awaking in the last 7 years. I have traveled through meditation some where not of this world beautiful but I don’t know where it is and also don’t know much about 5D demision. It took me some time to even figure out what was happening to me as there was no one a round me that had Experience an Awakening. I was wondering if you could point me the right direction as far as learning. Have open up a camp for children with PTSD apart of the program is I want to help heal the hearts and minds of children and give them back there voice and their power through love. That being said I am on a knowledge seeking mission.

    • Dc says:

      Sometimes I cant control that sadness for these lil ones . It is so evil ,and all so true . I have experiences I’ll create a hail storm of tears for. Sc. Ibtbh .;) and they will finally be free .

  25. Dr. Alonso Benavides says:

    I enjoyed very much your lecture. It is clear, well delivered and realistic. I should confess that after one hour of listening my mind wondered. In other words, it was too long and repetitive. But you gave me lots of very good information which I will use in my classes. Thank you so much

  26. L says:

    Thank you, Vidya, for your site, words and videos. Your email page is not accepting 2019 as the current year so I am trying to contact you here.

    I especially appreciate your vid on The Event and your explanation about the AI implant at birth. I was saying “yeay!” while listening because it resonates. It is such a relief because I never felt like my negative/hating thoughts made sense or were deep down the truth. Yet, I felt an intense war in my head with these thoughts and failures and tragedies making me feel powerless to change them. I always thought there really was something wrong with me. I don’t anymore though I am still not completely free.

    I believe I am on the Ascension path, probably have been all my life. I have struggled and suffered and believe I have been an empath surrounded by crazy people misunderstanding and hurting me and trying to put out my light. Yet something deep and strong in me underneath all the troubles and depression has made me somehow wise and able to see through people and crap even though it has not made it any easier!

    In the past 7 years since Dec 2012, I have been experiencing extreme loss, tragedies and traumas, everything going wrong, nothing going right, everyone blaming and deserting me so that I have been living pretty much alone and in a kind of isolation working on inner healing and not much else. It is interesting that my life and shifting has been so painful though it is making more sense these days.

    There is much more but suffice to say that my shifting has created a current set of decisions for me for practical and professional reasons as well as spiritual. My dilemma is I am living in NYC and been thinking about moving to Hawaii but am so very confused. I also have a confusion over a healing/teaching-type business idea and conversely still wanting to perform which has been a pursuit for as long as I can remember but has never really broken through.

    If you think you may be able to dialogue with me on these issues, please lmk.

    Thank you & many blessings,

  27. antimony says:

    I’ll right ɑway snatⅽh your rsѕ as I ϲan’t
    in finding your e-mail ѕubscription hyperlіnk or newsletter service.

    Do you have any? Plеаse permit mе recognise so that I may subscribe.

  28. Ryce says:

    I love your work. please contact me at my email and send me more promotional material.

  29. Brent says:

    Hi Vidya

    4 weeks ago I experienced a spiritual awakening shift that climaxed to me on the front lawn completely taken over bye god, who I saw as pure white light. I couldn’t move my body at all I was clenching a bible with both hands and brought to my knees screaming thank you over and over as he showed me my absolute worse sins and where I was heading if I didn’t change my life. I’ve been a staunch atheist all my life until that day.

    It started with meditation in bed over the course of a few weeks of began to see these incredible visions of different things that would start small and then multiply to seeming universal proportions, I kept seeing the same things and feeling like I was travelling higher and higher and began to be able to channel this vortex wormhole looking thing when I close my eyes and travelling through it, I travelled to one place that looked like a fantasy style city on the clouds within space and met entities one bye one they would form in front of me and shift to the next.

    Another thing I was able to do is pull up energy in front of me using a combination of different points in my face and using my hands to see the energy around me, I could hear the radio as I moved my hand through the energy and even hear events happening, I could slow them down and speed them up and listed to them over and over.

    I was wondering if you could offer any answers to any of this.

    I see these large swirly things on the left and right top side of my vision which progressed into smaller ones higher up and below as well, i was able to manifest my imagination into things so real I could feel the physical touch from them.

    When I Do this other thing I see two colours, red and blue and can feel all kinds of things emotionally when I play around with them, I can see this thing travelling through what I feel is my soul from top to bottom.

    Before this I went into what I thought was my body at a cellular level, I felt my consciousness travel up into my forehead and felt this sensation like a rusted piece of metal pulling and being freed, that’s the point I tense in a pulsing way to get the vortex up

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Hi Brent — Wow, you’ve had quite an experience! The ascension energies flowing onto the Earth at this time are amazingly powerful, and our DNA is being activated in ways it hasn’t been in thousands of years. As startling as your experiences are, they will likely become more and more common as time goes on for certain people who are waking up. Do your best to stay grounded and centered — and ask inwardly what you are to do with these new gifts that are unfolding for you. You will be guided.

  30. Miki Emerson says:

    You are a licensed Psychotherapist? That is frightening. Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to tell people: ‘Whatever does not serve us in shifting into a higher dimension has to fall away.
    This can include old relationships, lifetime careers, approaches to life we’ve traditionally taken, an out-dated sense of identity, or any limited or negative thoughts and emotions that holds us in a lower vibration; Or do you even care if is irresponsible to tell people such a thing? If someone leaves a lifetime career or relationship, you’re ok with that? If so, you should have your license pulled for malpractice.

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Hi Miki — I can see that you are someone who really cares about people and who is conscientious about not misdirecting them. And it’s wonderful that you’re out there with the concerns you have.

      You know, I think you’ve either misunderstood what I’ve said – or you simply have a different idea of what responsibility and kindness to people are about – but I in no way take lightly what I suggest to people about what is going on during these times and what seems to be necessary to navigate them. I work with people everyday going through very difficult times, dealing with loss and change. And I see many of them attempting to hold onto things that are essentially dying or being taken away from them – and this causes them much suffering.

      So my suggestion to them, after they’ve struggled to grasp and hold onto these things without success for a time, is to try letting go of them instead and accepting what-is. It’s difficult for many at first, but they generally realize it’s the best thing they can do – simply let go of what is leaving or is already gone and surrender to how their lives are flowing. And then see what is up ahead for them – which is generally something so much more positive and supportive of them.

      These are new times we’re living in. People are waking up much more quickly than ever before, and new approaches need to be found to assist them. It’s clear that not all practitioners are going to give similar suggestions or advice, and that’s fine, because no one has the same needs or is at the same level of awakening — and each person seeking help needs to find the right fit in the healer or teacher they choose. – Many blessings, Vidya

  31. Erietta says:

    I love your Article! Thank you

  32. Don says:

    Good to see you get many comments …
    I wrote much yesterday, but should have given the contact to his Indian ashram… Also, Osho’s Indian disciples created their own website:, wherein many of his wonderful discourses are available for free …
    Please send comments, sister disciple… we are both seekers, I honor and appreciate your work … Namaste!

  33. Hillarie says:

    These messages have been coming through me for the past year. I had a near death experience in December 2019, and I agreed to come back with a different purpose, to guide others through their awakening, I was shown examples of people in my life who would understand, so I wouldn’t feel alone. It took so much courage to communicate with them, but I discovered that they too have had this message in their own way. Since all of this I have completely changed my life’s purpose. I am working now towards my last attunment in reiki. My last message was that it’s important for me to open up and share this with the people I intuitively feel know it too, and I won’t feel so alone.
    I’ve done that twice now, and we’ve cried tears of joy together knowing that this message is real and more and more of us are receiving us. We’re just too scared to share what is happening.
    I want to thank you for writing these books, and posting this on your site. I wish I had found this when I first started receiving these, I wouldn’t have felt so alone. I’ve shared your site with several people who I’ve had a difficult time explaining it to, and it’s said everything for me.
    I think that my role now has changed; I’ve become the person I wish I had. So many people are coming to me to gain validation. I’ll likely send them to this page to help them see that they’re not alone. Thank you for having the courage to live in your truth.

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  35. Susan says:

    Thank you very much for Are we emerging from the Matrix? Everything you wrote is for me almost unexpected – but beautiful to experience, and so peaceful.

  36. Just watch your recent zoom call! Spot on and all true !

  37. is het mogelijk om uw nieuwe berichten te krijgen
    groeten elisabeth

  38. Joseph William Brooke says:

    Hello Vidya Frazier,

    I did send for your book, “Awakening To The Fifth Dimension” through amazon. I indeed did purchase it online through Amazon and am waiting for that book’s arrival. How are you today??

    My name is Joseph William Brooke, and I wish to express that I have been in such dire urgent remote healing and exorcism help, even for as long as many years–yet something would keep happening over and over again, delaying me.

    I have been desperately needing to find ways, so that I can earn enough money, so as for me to be able to receive as many healing sessions as needed.

    I must point out that I have been experiencing certain, highly disabling conditions of my mind which has always tended to produce tremendous interference against any of my ability to do any visualization, affirmations, meditation, concentration, especially by tending me to experience exactly whatever thought or feeling or visualization or affirmation which I desperately wish not to experierence, especially at the time I wish not to experience such.

    Which is one major reason why I had been desperately needing to find ways to earn money, yet something would keep happening over and over again delaying me. Not only that, but my living situation won’t allow me to get a job!

    Now my situation is actually threatening my life’s intended goals of marrying and having lots of kids, for I am now already almost 67 years old!!! Devastating!!!!

    Please try to respond back to me whenever possible. Please also place me on whatever remote healing lists you have.

    Thank you.

    Most Sincerely,

    Joseph W. Brooke
    2641 W. Union Hills Drive, #216
    Phoenix, Arizona 85027
    [email protected]

  39. Tom Homewood says:

    Just need something checked. If an outside area of the house I’m living in has a black oily substance on the siding itself does this indicate a problem with this room in the house. Thanks.

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