Level One
Awakening to 5D with Ease and Confidence

Introduction to 5D and the Personal Ascension Process

If you are new to the concepts of the Fifth Dimension and Ascension, these classes will give you a clear introduction to what these terms refer to and will help you make sense of what you’ve been experiencing during these times of great turmoil and disruption on the planet.

If you already have some understanding about the dimensions and the Ascension process, these classes will give you an opportunity to review what you know—and to remind you about certain things you’ve maybe forgotten.

Either way, there is a lot of information here that I’ve laid out, all in a logical flow to facilitate your understanding of it, both on an intellectual and an emotional and spiritual one, as well.

In this Level One of the course, after a general introduction to the whole shift that’s occurring, I will be focusing on your personal Ascension process. In Level Two, I will be covering what you are involved in on the level of the collective Ascension that is also occurring.

Class One – The Big Picture

  • What is Ascension?
  • 3rd, 4th & 5th Dimensions
  • Transitional Times


Class Two – Ascension Symptoms

  • Positive / Uplifting Symptoms
  • Negative / Challenging Symptoms

ascension symptoms handout


Class Three – Navigating the Ascension Void

  • Ascension Void Experiences
  • Ascension Clean-Out
  • Keys to Finding your Way Through it


Class Four – Shifting from 3D to 5D

  • Detailed Description of the Mindset and Experiences of 3D, 4D & 5D
  • Keys to Shifting into a Higher Dimension


Class Five – Activating your Spiritual Mission

  • What is a Spiritual Mission?
  • How to Move Past Challenges & Blocks in Expressing your Mission