Ascension Lightworkers, Starseeds & Spiritual Missions

If you are on this site, it is almost certain you are an Ascension Lightworker with a spiritual mission to be accomplished during these particular times on Earth. And you are likely also to be a Starseed — a highly-evolved Soul who has come to this planet from other places in the universe.

And if so, you have probably never felt that you really “fit in” with humans in certain ways, you have not understood how people can be violent or even unkind to others, and you may sometimes find yourself longing for “Home”, wherever that may be.

Know that you are not alone — there are many on the planet who are now waking up to the reality that this is who they are and what they’re here to do. Hopefully, these blogs and youtubes will assist you in remembering who you are and wake you up more clearly to what your spiritual mission is.


Challenges of First-Wave Ascension Lightworkers

If you consider yourself an Ascension Lightworker—someone who knows it’s their spiritual purpose to assist humanity and the earth through the Ascension process during these times—you may be feeling especially challenged lately.

Ascension Lightworkers Have a Specific Task

I used to assume that everyone on a conscious spiritual path was here on the planet at this time with a specific mission to assist humanity and the Earth through the Shift into the Fifth Dimension. I have realized this is apparently not so.

Are You a Frequency-Holder?

I am not an activist, myself—at least not in that physical kind of way. It’s not my calling. Nor is it that of many people I know. We’re more of what Eckardt Tolle has called “frequency-holders”…


Activating your Spiritual Mission

Meditation for Ascension Lightworkers

A Message for Starseeds

Are You a Starseed?

This is a written transcription of the above video “A Message for Starseeds”.


And here’s a book written especially for Ascension Lightworkers:

If you are still reeling from the intense and complex events that have occurred worldwide since the beginning of 2020 and are experiencing unprecedented change, loss and uncertainty in your life, this book will be a godsend, as it spells out a surprisingly hopeful and exciting explanation of all that is occurring.

It also offers a great variety of tools and keys for how to handle the challenges you may experiencing during these tumultuous times. This is not just another new age book giving advice and suggestions on how to heal yourself and wake up spiritually. It focuses on how to do this specifically in today’s world, when so much rapid change is occurring, both externally and internally.