Triumph of the Light
Story of Humanity’s Enslavement and Impending Liberation

Triumph of the Light If you’re feeling disturbed by all that’s occurring on the world stage these days—the increasing chaos, disasters and violence—you might be interested in a book I’ve just published, called Triumph of the Light — Story of Humanity’s Enslavement and Impending Liberation. It will help you understand the reasons for everything that’s going on.

This book is one I never imagined I’d be writing. Up till now, I’ve basically focused my writing and teaching on the personal journey of ascension, only referring to the collective ascension of humanity as a backdrop for this individual process.

But I became aware at a certain point some months ago that this larger ascension process is one that now must be highlighted, as there are many significant events, both on-planet and off-planet, that are occurring to bring about humanity’s liberation into a freer consciousness that can shift into the Fifth Dimension. I realized that it’s important for us to be aware of these events in order to assist us in deepening our individual ascension process—and also to help us in our individual missions in assisting humanity as a whole to shift much more easily into a higher dimension.

If you haven’t been aware of these events I describe, Triumph of the Light will introduce you to a world that may initially sound like science fiction or conspiracy theory—but you’ll see that it becomes a fascinating story difficult to dispute or deny, as it will finally make sense of all that is happening.

Disclosure is happening.The story I present in the book is largely based on information revealed by increasing numbers of courageous whistle-blowers from within the military, governmental, and intelligence communities who are speaking truths long kept secret from the public. In reading the book you will learn how humanity has actually been controlled for thousands of years in insidious ways most people are unaware of. And that there is a cosmic battle currently being waged for humanity’s liberation from this control.

If this is all new to you, I need to warn you that reading Triumph of the Light may lead you to question your beliefs, your conditioning, and what you’ve believed to be true about the world and humanity’s history. However, although disturbing in certain ways, what I offer in the book is also exciting and uplifting, as you’ll see that within this story is great hope for our future.

Humanity is waking up.It becomes clear in the book that, even with all the chaos and violence that is now occurring, humanity is actually on the verge of an incredible leap in consciousness into a state of much greater freedom, harmony, justice and spiritual awakening. As awful as it now looks, we are really living through a very exciting period of humanity’s history.

You can check this book out on Amazon now.

(And—if you do read it and find it valuable, I’d very much appreciate a good review on Amazon. It would really be helpful to get it out to everyone who needs to read it. Thanks!)


Triumph of the Light available on Amazon


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Story of Humanity’s Enslavement and Impending Liberation

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