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Ascension Ain’t Easy

Remember when the idea of ascension sounded like an exciting and blissful journey in which we’d somehow magically blossom into our true multidimensional selves as we shifted into the Fifth Dimension?

Well, in some ways, it is kind of like this, right? We do have those incredible periods of time in which magical synchronicities occur, joy flows through us, and deeper and deeper spiritual awakening occurs.

Sometimes we expand in our awareness of all-that-is, and we discover ever-greater inner horizons to explore. Deep love streams through us, and profound gratitude fills our hearts.

But then — there are also the times when the ascension process gets really, really hard.… Read more ...

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Experiencing Yourself as Source Love

If you’ve been on a spiritual path for any length of time, it’s really old hat to come across the idea that love is the answer to all problems … or, we should feel love, not fear … or, enough love will heal all wounds.

When you hear this kind of statement, you probably just kind of nod, acknowledging yeah, you know this – it’s a great thing to remember.

And then, the idea kind of vaporizes, and you’re back to trying to find a new way to feel better about yourself or more positive about life. Or, you’re busy attempting to get the latest news about what’s happening in the world – anything to distract you from the niggling dissatisfaction you have in your mind and gut about your life.… Read more ...

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Slipping into the New Reality

Have you maybe noticed lately how you’re losing interest in the 3D world around you?

Especially how the political events just don’t grab you so much anymore, and the old irritations and hopes about them just aren’t so pronounced as they once were?

Maybe, also, the physical world and all the people you see on the street and in stores don’t quite look or feel the same to you. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but they’re harder to relate to somehow. It’s almost as if they’re living in a different world from you. You’re interacting with them like always, but they’re somehow in a parallel existence to the one you’re now living in.… Read more ...

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Creating 5D Relationships

One of the many things people are dealing with these days is handling challenges in their relationships.

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve probably been having to face old, painful relationship patterns that are now coming to the surface and causing difficult conflicts and divisions with loved ones, friends and business contacts.

Relationships are an extremely important part of life for most of us. And this will become even more so, as our bonds of love with people will be what we rely on more and more to see us through these chaotic transitional times.

Any challenges we are now experiencing in our relationships can therefore be all the more painful – especially if we don’t understand how these relationship changes are primarily due to the powerful 5D frequencies of light that are now streaming onto the planet.… Read more ...

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Cobra Report on the Portal of Light Mass Meditation

For those of you who participated in the May 1 mass meditation to activate the Portal of Light, Cobra has finally posted his full report on its success: About 160,000 people participated in it, far surpassing the 144,000 needed. He claims it was a massive success.

He goes into detail about things that were accomplished. Some of them were on levels difficult for most of us to comprehend, involving such things as Mjolinr technology, the etheric matrix, and Subquantum anomaly; you have to have followed his reports for years to understand these subjects. But what was accomplished was evidently major.… Read more ...

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Ascension Blahs

The Ascension process can be downright unpleasant at times, especially when a lot of change and loss are rapidly occurring in your life. It can feel as if your whole world is falling apart and nothing will ever feel safe or comfortable again.

And yet, there are times when it can also be very pleasant and exciting. New abilities suddenly appear and deeply meaningful and expansive experiences occur.

But then there are the periods of time when it feels like nothing much is happening at all. And you can begin to wonder if you’re somehow off on the wrong track – or even if Ascension actually exists.… Read more ...

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Mass Meditation: May 1, 2023
Portal of Light Activation

If you have been keeping up with astrological information lately, you’re probably aware of a momentous event now occurring in the skies that is affecting all of us. Some are saying this is the most powerful planetary activation of our lifetime thus far.

They describe it as the “Portal of Light” and say it began on March 23rd, when Pluto entered Aquarius for the first time after more than 200 years, and that it will reach its peak intensity on May 1st when Pluto turns retrograde. It will then slowly phase out until June 11th when Pluto exits Aquarius again. more ...

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Awakening is Happening!

It’s an interesting phenomenon: Just a few years back, any mention of the term “5D” was only ever made by a small group of people who were seeing that a momentous shift into greater spiritual awakening was beginning to occur on the planet.

Nowadays, everyone’s throwing the term around. Even the most unlikely people are referring to this shift into 5D – like hardcore “truthers” reporting on political events in the world, and relatives and friends who haven’t ever been interested in spiritual phenomena before. It truly does seem that a global awakening is happening.

But what is really exciting is how those who have been spiritually awake for some time are now also experiencing new levels of awakening, as well.… Read more ...

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Birth of Your New Identity

It seems Ascension is no longer a somewhat challenging process to be experiencing. Somehow, the heat has now been turned up. The crunch is on.

If we thought things were getting tough before, we can be amazed at what is now occurring in our lives. The process of shifting into a higher frequency has become even more complex, messy and confusing – and even frightening at times.

We’re finding that if we’re still clinging to old patterns, beliefs and emotional reactions, or to relationships or conditions that are holding us back in our awakening process, this push to let them go can get quite harsh.… Read more ...

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Creating Your Own 5D Reality

Waiting for humanity to finally shift into 5D can get so discouraging — especially if you’ve been waiting for this event for quite a while and you’ve been excited about it.

The world’s continuing chaos and humanity’s sluggish progress in waking up to what’s really happening can make it seem as if nothing will ever change – except maybe for the worse. It’s enough to make you want to give up on all your dreams for the future.

Yes, you can accept that the Earth Alliance is likely doing their best; they probably didn’t realize just how widespread and deep the corruption has been.… Read more ...

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Marching into March Madness

We have barely slipped into March, and it’s as if the world has suddenly jumped onto a much faster timeline, heading into even greater madness.

Scary agendas are being implemented. Things we used to think might happen someday are already beginning to occur in different parts of the world — like under-the-skin chips, 15-minute cities, banks failing and legally using “bail-ins” to keep afloat, transhuman experiments, and certain types of restricted passports.

And, of course, there are the highly dangerous chemical spills that have occurred, multiple rail accidents, gigantic earthquakes, continued war, and colossal weather events, such as the recent one in California.… Read more ...

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Learning to Love Yourself Unconditionally

If you are weary of all the emotional baggage coming up within you recently – old traumas and unresolved dramas from your past – you can know you’re right in the flow of what is happening for many lightworkers these days. At times, it can feel as if you’re dealing with one emotional crisis after another, without much of a break in between. It can be exhausting.

But the good news is that this means your vibration is rising, and there is no longer any room for all the residue of painful events and experiences you couldn’t fully handle in your past that had to be stuffed into your unconscious mind.… Read more ...

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Is it Ever Going to Get any Better?

This has got to be the question most people on the planet are asking these days.

There is so much turmoil occurring all over the world in so many arenas, and so many predictions about dire situations that await us as time goes on, we can’t help but wonder: Can it all truly ever be resolved? It’s hard to imagine that humanity isn’t simply headed for extinction.

And yet, there are those of us who are aware of the fact that we are currently traveling through what has been called the Transitional Times. We understand that this chaotic period on Earth has been predicted in numerous and diverse spiritual scriptures throughout the centuries and also in teachings passed down through indigenous tribes across the planet for a long, long time.… Read more ...

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My New Book Now Available in Paperback!

Just a quick note to let you know that my latest book, Living Free in 5D: Embodying your Multidimensional Self,  is now available in paperback on Amazon.

In brief, this book is a guide for shifting into the freedom and empowerment of fifth-dimensional consciousness, while still navigating your way through the tumultuous times of the Fourth Dimension we are still living in.

It describes how you can shift your sense of identity into a higher dimension of reality, embody the divine Essence of who you are, and begin living your life as this new multidimensional You.

In addition,  I explain why it has been so very difficult for all of humanity to spiritually wake up and become free of suffering, poverty and war.… Read more ...

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NEW BOOK: Living Free in 5D
Embodying Your Multidimensional Self

I have recently published a new book, entitled Living Free in 5D: Embodying your Multidimensional Self.

It’s a guide for fully shifting into the freedom and empowerment of fifth-dimensional consciousness, while still navigating your way through the tumultuous times of the Fourth Dimension we are still living in. As I’m sure you know, this is not an easy feat!

In my previous books, I have described the process of Ascension in detail, outlining numerous ways in which to become more positive, loving, empowered and spiritually-attuned, in order to let go of third-dimensional patterns and raise your frequency. These are important steps in the initial Ascension process.… Read more ...

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How to Make it through the Storm in the Coming Days

There is so much chaos and upheaval going on in the world these days, it’s hard to keep up with it all. As we near the full-moon eclipse on November 8, the anxiety and confusion in the air is almost palpable.

And, of course, in the US, with the midterms about to occur, great unrest and heightened emotions are only adding to it.

You’ve probably heard intel about all sorts of things that might begin happening any day now — things that could either be very exciting or rather frightening, depending on your point of view. Either way, for many people in the world, the events that are being predicted are ones that could cause great anxiety, confusion and grief.… Read more ...

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Have You Recently Jumped onto a New Timeline?

Have you noticed lately that something strange has happened – that you seem to be existing in a reality that is somewhat unfamiliar to you?

Maybe nothing much has changed in your external life, but somehow you are experiencing a sense of greater ease and well-being, less inner pressure? More self-love? And even at times a feeling of joy that wells up out of nowhere?

If so, this may mean  you have recently shifted onto a new timeline that holds a higher frequency. Or, it could be said that you’ve “gone up a gear” in your Ascension process – or that you’ve moved up a level within the Fourth Dimension.… Read more ...

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Resting in the Deep Silence Within

Being able to relax and truly experience peace for any length of time these days is becoming increasingly difficult for most of us.

There’s so much craziness occurring in the world. Between threats of food shortages, energy shortages, drought, war, a global financial collapse, strange new illnesses continuing to come on the scene – it’s really challenging to find a sense of peace and optimism about life – or about the future of humanity.

Especially now that there are so many sources warning us about something momentous that may be happening soon. It could be something wonderful – but it could also be something that initially looks and feels really frightening.… Read more ...

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The Dance between the Old You and New You

Life these days can certainly be confusing. Sometimes, from day to day, you can’t know how you’re going to feel, what might occur during the day, or what you’ll be able to do.

A friend recently described her life  like this: “I wake up in the morning, knowing I have planned to accomplish A, B, C, D and E that day. Later, I’m just finishing up A and B — and suddenly, K walks in the door. And that’s it for the rest of the day.”

To make matters worse, you can’t even depend at times on which part of yourself is going to show up on a given day.… Read more ...

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Are We Emerging from the Matrix?

Many people I know are reporting a strangeness in their experience of life these days. Something new, but rather subtle, is occurring. Perhaps you can relate to some of these experiences:

New State of Consciousness: You realize you’re somehow in a new state of consciousness, but you can’t quite describe it yet. It’s as if you’ve entered a new reality somehow — a reality that’s kind of empty and quiet; and there’s often nothing much happening in it.

Even despite all the chaos occurring out in the world, there’s a feeling of being somewhat detached from it now, like it’s happening in some other parallel reality.… Read more ...

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