Handling Ascension Stress

handling ascension stressI’ve been hearing from a number of people lately that they’re experiencing new levels of stress in their lives. I’ve been noticing this with myself, as well.

Some of it can be understood as a reaction to the ever-increasing craziness that’s happening in the world and also to certain changes we’re all facing in our lives as part of our ascension process. But sometimes the feeling of inner stress doesn’t make any sense. Anxiety, anger, worry—or just plain grouchiness—at times will suddenly overwhelm us, for no apparent reason.

And, to make things worse, all our usual spiritual practices we’ve used in the past for raising our vibration and clearing our fields somehow don’t seem to work very well when these irrational spells come on. Even surmising that we’re probably picking up “stuff” from the collective that may not have anything to do with us doesn’t seem to shift the uncomfortable mood.

An Amazing Little Device

In case this is happening for you, I’d like to tell you about something I’ve come across that has rather amazed me in how it lifts my mood—in a rather subtle but surprisingly effective way. First off, however, I’ve got to say, I don’t usually like telling people about things that work for me, because I know we’re all different and I can’t guarantee anything’s effectiveness for other people. But, if you’re interested in hearing about this, just feel into what I describe here and you can see if it intuitively calls to you.

LifeForce OptimizerIt’s a little product called the “LifeForce Optimizer”, designed to “strengthen the life force energy within and around your body”, helping “the energies to flow in a more harmonious, healthy vitalized way”.

These words sound promising, but you can never tell with these kinds of things. In my experience, sometimes these types of objects kind of work, and sometimes they don’t.

But one day a while back, I had a strange experience. I was dealing with an intense sense of nausea after eating something, when someone I was with picked up her phone and said, “Here, try putting this against your chest.”

I said, “You’ve got to be kidding. Put your phone on my chest? Why would I do that?” She answered, “Because of this.” And she pointed to an attractive little square thing that was attached to her phone. She said, “This device is supposed to help lessen the effects of electromagnetic fields that come out of the phone—and I do feel fewer headaches since I attached it to my phone. But what I’ve also discovered is that it helps to balance discomfort and pain anywhere in my body.”

Needless to say, I was skeptical in hearing this—it sounded so improbable—but I put the phone against my chest. Suddenly, a few minutes later, I was stunned to realize that the nausea that had been overwhelming me just moments before was actually subsiding. I felt gurgling happening in my stomach and also in my gut—something was moving finally, and I knew I was going to be okay. I was amazed. But still really skeptical—I figured it had to be a co-incidence.

From Stress to Bliss

from ascension stress to blissI finally took the phone off my chest but just continued to hold it in my hands as we began talking about other things. About ten minutes later, I was further surprised by something else that occurred: I realized that a certain feeling of inexplicable stress that I had been experiencing even before I’d eaten and become nauseous had evaporated. And, in fact, I was feeling a lovely sense of relaxation and calm—and even a sense of what I had to call “bliss”. It was delicious. I began smiling.

She smiled back and said, “Now you’re feeling the mood enhancing element of that Optimizer.” I looked at the phone in my hands and said “What?” She explained that she’d found that the “harmonizing of the energies” in the product really worked to help her feel both more relaxed and yet energized at the same time. Really balanced.

Well, by then, I was fascinated. I started experimenting—putting the phone across the room for a while and then back on the table near me—and watching my mood shift into the delicious calm rather dramatically every time I’d bring the phone back near me. I still couldn’t quite believe it, but I realized I’d decided to get my own Optimizer.

another version of the LifForce OptimizerIt’s so strange—it’s just a little thing you put on your phone or computer (or any electronic device, I guess)—but it’s the first thing I think of when I’m dealing with anxiety or irritation or my body feels uncomfortable. I just grab my phone and it’s not long before something has definitely smoothed out in my energetic field and my body. And—it’s also worked rather miraculously on specific pain I’ve had in my hip at times.

I can’t explain how this LifeForce Optimizer works or what the technology is, and I have no idea if it would work for you—but if you’d like to give it a try, here’s the website:


(They give a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Ascension Stress is Natural

Meanwhile, keep in mind that experiencing increasing stress in both your mind and body really is a common ascension symptom—especially for those of us who are on the “fast track” in this ascension process. We are all shifting more and more rapidly into a higher dimension, and this is no easy task.

So be easy on yourself and watch judgments that may arise telling you that you “shouldn’t” be feeling angry, irritable, anxious, or stressed. It’s all very natural to be experiencing these emotions—they are coming up so they can be released. Just do everything you can to balance and then release them when they appear.

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