Is Ascension Impacting Your Relationships?

If you are experiencing challenging conflicts in your relationships, it is no surprise. Indeed, it appears to be a common ascension symptom at this point.

Ever more powerful 5D frequencies are now flooding the Earth, causing a rapid rise in the vibration of everyone and everything on the planet. So disruptions in relationship patterns are naturally occurring, because most of our relationships have at least some 3D elements weaving through them — and nothing resonating with 3D energies can go with us into the Fifth Dimension.

If a relationship is important to you, any disruptions in it can be extremely distressing. This is especially so if it is one that has been long-term, such as that with family members or with a partner or spouse. You may be finding that old, painful patterns that have never been clearly resolved are coming to the surface. Perhaps communication between you has become more difficult, old unhealed traumas are arising, and your emotions are running high.

Change Must Occur

Many people are having similar experiences. In some cases, they are are seeing that, if they are are going to continue on in their relationships, things are going to have to change rather dramatically.

Some are discovering that no matter what they do or say, it’s evident that the relationship cannot last. A number of marriages have become quite rocky; others are actually breaking up, even after long years of being together. Business partnerships are also splitting up. People are having to learn how to let go of loved ones and friends who have been in their lives for a long time.

In other relationships, people are managing to stay in relationship, but it’s become clear that certain changes in their behaviors and relating patterns must occur. For example, if a couple has been playing out an enabler/abuser scenario in the relationship, it becomes clear this can no longer continue. If both people have been holding onto past hurts, betrayals or anger – and especially if there has been a great deal of blaming of each other – these patterns also can no longer persist in the relationship.

In other cases, people are discovering that, if they’re to stay together, they can no longer hide things from each other. If either person has not been expressing his or her true feelings, if they’ve been dishonest in any way, the truth must come out. And, at the same time, if the two people are too emotionally dependent on each other, this too is no longer working. Everyone is now being compelled to be responsible for creating their own happiness and their own sense of feeling valuable and lovable.

In general, people are discovering that, in order to stay in a relationship, all  patterns they’ve developed in the old 3D reality that are not based in love and respect must now change to match the new frequencies.

Positive Aspects of the 5D Frequencies

If any of this is happening in your life, it’s important to realize that, as challenging as these disruptive high-energy frequencies may be to your relationships, they have a very important and positive purpose: they are here to assist you in your evolutionary process as a Soul.

They are serving to help awaken you to who you truly are beyond your third-dimensional ideas of your identity. They are also offering profound opportunities for creating greater honesty, integrity and freedom in your relationships.

In addition, there is also the opportunity now to experience a much deeper love, both for yourself and for those you are in relationship with – and to see how your commitment to each other can be greatly strengthened. The 5D frequencies are ultimately coming in to “set right” all relationships that are destined to remain in the coming years of ascension into the Fifth Dimension. No dysfunctional pattern can survive this shift and must be resolved in one way or another.

In certain cases, in order for a relationship to heal and rise in vibration, a drastic event, such as a death or a severe medical diagnosis, may occur to help this come about. A lot of fear and upset may ensue; but when the people involved can take responsibility for themselves and are motivated to mature emotionally, their relationship can not only survive, but actually greatly deepen. They can experience a more profound love connection than ever before with their loved one, as well as greater respect.

It’s really important to step back from any relationship conflicts you may be experiencing to see these important and positive opportunities you are being offered. What the ascension waves of light are offering you is truly a blessing.

Rather than seeing all the issues and negative emotions that are arising as problems you have to work hard to resolve and get rid of — be aware that they are arising in order to be released. The energies are actually releasing them for you, if you can just be wise enough to let them go.

Ending of Karmic Contracts

There is an interesting type of relationship change that is also occurring for some that has less to do with conflict, and more to do with just feeling an energetic shift in the relationship.

It can feel like something has somehow changed – sometimes rather abruptly – or that something that has always been present in the relationship has disappeared. There’s somehow more freedom, less struggle occurring. There’s more space for reflection, greater clarity, and surprisingly more ease in communicating.

If this is happening for you in an important relationship, it is likely you are experiencing the ending of a karmic contract with the person. You have completed the karma you came in to resolve together, and you are now free to see if there is any reason to continue staying together.

This can be a greatly freeing experience, but it can also be disorienting. If it is with a family member or a long-term relationship with a friend or partner, it can also be greatly disturbing. There can be a sense of “What now? Where do we go from here? Do we still want to be in relationship with each other?”.

When this karmic completion occurs, it may mean that you will choose to stay together, but you will likely be engaged in a freer way of relating to each other. New agreements will probably be made, either acknowledged or not. You will likely go through a period of awkwardness, as you get to see each other more clearly and come to know each other in new ways, without the familiar knot of karmic connection present. But you will find your new and freer rhythm with each other.

However, the ending of a karmic contract can also mean that it’s time to terminate the relationship. The karma is complete, so it feels like there is no need to be together anymore. As scary as this may initially be for both people, they will probably eventually find that the sense of freedom they feel from no longer being tied to someone in this karmic way is greatly uplifting.

Different Paths of Ascension

One of the most obvious ways we are seeing relationships break up these days seems to be around the choices people are making about whether they are choosing to take the shot or not.

Family members are battling with each other over this issue. Spouses are amazed in finding they are on opposite sides of the question. And friends are disappointed in seeing how they do not agree on the issue, after years of feeling so similarly about all things in life.

As a result, we are seeing a clear split taking place in humanity as a whole – between those taking the shot and those who are adamantly refusing to. Similar issues arose in the US during the last presidential election – hard and fast lines were drawn between family members and friends on that issue as well.

It’s common to think that it’s just politics or fears about the pandemic that are causing these strong breaks in relationships that are occurring. But, in reality, these issues are just bringing into greater focus the splits that would be forming in one way or another anyway, due to the 5D frequencies of light that are flooding the planet.

In truth, what is occurring is that people are making their decisions to go in whatever direction is right for them at this time. As Souls, we are each being inwardly directed onto the path that will best serve our own unique evolutionary growth.

It can be painful to see loved ones going in a different direction than we are; but as sovereign Beings, we must all make our own choices. And, if it is clear we are headed in different directions, we must be able to let go of our old ties that we’ve had with them.

Sometimes, when we feel doubt about which relationships to hold onto and which to let go, it can be helpful to tune into our body to see what it is telling us. So often, our mind and emotions can muddle our sense of intuition; but our body can tell us clearly.

In the end, we need to be courageous in trusting that if love truly is there between us and another person, at some point we will be reunited again. And, in truth, the love we feel for them will still remain in our hearts, no matter what occurs.

Finding New Relationships

If you’re having a difficult time letting go of old familiar relationships with people who seem to be traveling in a different direction at this point, it can be helpful to see your situation from a higher perspective.

You can become aware that a space is opening up for new people to come into your life, people more like yourself, people who perhaps have a similar spiritual mission as you, people who resonate with your worldview at this point.

Be aware that a new life is actually opening up for you during these times, and everything and everyone new coming in needs a clear and open space, without old 3D energies in it, in order to enter in. So it’s important to look around you and see who does seem to be on the same path with you and feel into them. Again, feel into them with your body, as well as with your mind and emotions. Is there an energetic resonance between you?

Some of these people you may already know but have not thought about getting to know more deeply. Others may be brand new in your acquaintance – or the only connection you can have with them at this time is online.

Nonetheless, it can be important now to try to deepen these relationships. These people are likely part of your Soul Tribe – those you will be traveling together with on your continuing ascension path into 5D. You may be destined to work with them on humanitarian projects together. You may have similar passions you never knew about before.

New Phase of Ascension

We are definitely in a new phase of ascension now — a much more rapid one. The tensions will likely be heightening as we ride this year out. But remember to keep in mind that this is all due to the ascension energies coming in – everything in our lives, including our relationships, must now come into alignment with these energies.

We need to be wise in letting go of what is leaving, and to welcome what is coming into being in our lives. Truly, all is perfect; we are now being guided more closely and lovingly than ever before on our path to 5D freedom.

If we can just trust this and allow the ascension energies to have their way with us, it can be so much easier!

About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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  1. Lori says:

    You put in words exactly what I have been experiencing since my divorce 22 years ago. Thank you.

  2. Carol Reid says:


  3. Vidya Frazier says:

    There are a number of common ascension symptoms that people are experiencing — both physical and psychological. These are symptoms generally that come and go and there seems to be no logical reason for them. Blood pressure issues could be one of these. We are all unique. Also conditions and injuries that occurred in the past seem to be arising once again for many, at least for a short time. But the important thing to pay attention to is if the condition comes and goes and doesn’t continue to worsen. If it does, it is probably important to find help for it.

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