Awakening is Happening!

It’s an interesting phenomenon: Just a few years back, any mention of the term “5D” was only ever made by a small group of people who were seeing that a momentous shift into greater spiritual awakening was beginning to occur on the planet.

Nowadays, everyone’s throwing the term around. Even the most unlikely people are referring to this shift into 5D – like hardcore “truthers” reporting on political events in the world, and relatives and friends who haven’t ever been interested in spiritual phenomena before. It truly does seem that a global awakening is happening.

But what is really exciting is how those who have been spiritually awake for some time are now also experiencing new levels of awakening, as well. The 5D frequencies are definitely flooding the planet at this point, creating more and more opportunities to wake up more easily than ever before to the true nature of who we are.

Noticing Signs of Spiritual Awakening

You may be noticing this happening in your own life. Perhaps, even despite challenging events occurring, you are occasionally having experiences that reveal who you are on a deeper level than ever before. Or your understanding of your spiritual Essence is suddenly clearer than it’s ever been.

Maybe you’re having profound experiences in which you seem to temporarily pop into a higher reality and you’re experiencing yourself as a much more powerful, light-filled Being. And you’re yearning for them to last longer and to know how to have more of them.

All of these experiences are signs of the new awakening energy now present on the planet that is rapidly transforming every living Being in preparation for the shift into 5D.

And this energy is something you can more consciously tune into and take advantage of in your spiritual journey. If you pay attention to it and add your intention to shift more quickly into your higher 5D identity, you can find that you actually can do this more easily.

It’s true that very rapid spiritual evolution for everyone is happening anyway. No matter what you do or don’t do at this point, you are going to be transformed into a much higher version of yourself.

But how that transformation occurs — how rocky and painful or smooth and easy — that process turns out to be, can be determined by you, by how consciously you make that transition. You can become more awake to how your 5D Self is already beginning to make itself known to you and be alert to the ways in which this is happening.

Sudden Experiences of your 5D Self

There are lots of ways to do this. One is to be alert to how these “glimpses” into your true nature can occur at any moment, and in multiple different ways. They can occur with your eyes open or closed. They can be momentary – or last for a while – even months.

Perhaps you have had them at times in meditation or during another type of spiritual practice – or with plant medicine. Or maybe even while you’re just going about your daily life.

You may have discovered that sometimes these glimpses into your True Nature can just bring an experience of quiet joy and peace into your life for a while. But, if you’ve ever had a really profound glimpse into your deeper nature, you may have had a sensation of exploding into a feeling of rapture and ecstasy that has altered your life in the most profound way.

Some radical awakenings like this focus specifically on the Heart. You find you are suddenly experiencing profound energies of Love that are washing through you.

An overwhelming sense of compassion, joy, connection and passion is flooding your entire being. Tears may suddenly appear, as this profound experience of your eternal 5D Self radiates throughout your entire being.

Glimpses You Can Miss

If you have never had such an impactful awakening experience like these, it doesn’t matter. There are other experiences of your true eternal nature you may have during your everyday life that you don’t recognize, because they seem so faint or fleeting.

But if you can become aware of them, there are things you can do to cause them to deepen into more profound experiences. And there are ways to help prolong them, as well.

If you are interested in learning how to do this,  you might enjoy listening to my newest video I’ve recently produced. I also discuss how to handle the experiences you may have, once these glimpses begin to recede.

If you’ve been feeling challenged by difficult events happening in your Ascension process lately, or just feeling in a funk for no apparent reason, it can bring a little light and delight into your life to discover how your 5D Self really is showing up now, inviting you to experience it. And you can learn how to cultivate your inner environment to bring more of these 5D experiences into your life.

Experiencing Your 5D Self

About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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