Do You Feel It?
Is “The Event” Beginning to Happen?

It’s totally irrational. Serious illness and death are occurring across the world; people are in fear and despair. Political squabbles are worse than ever.

And yet…and yet…if you tune in, you may become aware of…

*a feeling of profound joy and excitement bubbling up inside you
*a sense of deep inner peace
*a knowing that all truly is well, despite what it may currently look like.

Do you feel it?

There’s a sense of pause in the ethers around us…a stopping and a resting…

…as if the proverbial hamster that’s been running on the wheel for centuries has suddenly stopped – and is now set free, finding itself in a field of golden sunshine and wild flowers. There’s an amazing lightness in the air.

How can this be possible? It all seems so irrational, given the circumstances; and yet, many of us are feeling it. Something profoundly magical seems to be happening.

Surprisingly Positive Things are Happening

One factor that is likely contributing to this experience is that we are now spending more time at home; we’re less hurried, less distracted by outer events and responsibilities. It can feel as if all worries and stress have somehow been temporarily suspended. In stopping all the usual activity in our lives, there’s more time to relax and drop into a deeper experience of reality, in the moment.

It’s especially easy to feel this out in Nature. Have you noticed how everything outdoors somehow seems more vivid and vibrant?

It actually is: There are signs that Nature is reviving herself amazingly rapidly, now that humans in so many places have sequestered themselves at home. Dolphins and swans are returning to the Venice canals; birds are returning and blue skies are appearing in places that haven’t seen them for decades. Chemtrails seem to be vanishing everywhere.

The crisis has also encouraged people world-wide to gather via phone and internet to support each other. And to assist others in danger or fear. The best of humanity is blossoming on so many different levels; it seems people are waking up in ways they probably couldn’t have, had a huge global crisis not occurred.

And, further, if you’re part of the “disclosure” community, you’re hearing from the alternative news about what is going on behind the scenes in the world – and this too is reason for celebration. It’s very probable that the “mass arrests” of Deep State figures will finally be occurring in the near future, along with a possible global currency reset and debt jubilee.

But Is There Something Else?

So, all these outer events are most likely creating a greater sense of joy and excitement for many of us. But I believe there is something beyond all these outer events and manifestations of positive change that is creating what we are experiencing. There’s an even more subtle energy we can tune into, below the obvious outer causes for love and joy.

It’s an energy of higher-dimensional Light that is suddenly streaming onto the Earth in greater force than ever before, helping people to wake up spiritually and heartfully. It’s a clear, soft and gentle energy of joyous celebration that lifts and expands both mind and heart.

When you tune into this energy, it’s as if you’ve landed in a space outside of time, a space in which you can simply BE. There’s a sense of quiet expansion into a timeless spaciousness.

You find yourself in a world that is somehow more profoundly silent on a level you were never fully aware of before. Indeed, it’s almost as if some global energetic control mechanism that had been constantly pushing us down emotionally has been shut off for the first time in history. It’s somehow easier to stay positive than before, easier to stay connected to Source.

Is This “The Event” Happening?

Hmmm…all of this is sounding a whole lot like descriptions of the Fifth Dimension, isn’t it? Could this be an obvious sign that we are now, at long last, approaching the long-awaited “Event” – the monumental transformational shift of the Earth into the Fifth Dimension? Are we getting a small taste of it at this point?

I have expressed in previous posts and books that the Event would probably be both a gradual process and an abrupt one that would take place in a moment of time, brought on by what’s been called a “solar flash” from the sun. This still seems accurate, and that what we are experiencing now are increasingly powerful waves of light designed to gradually prepare us for the final experience when all on Earth will be transformed.

If you’re experiencing the energies I am describing here, even just once in a while, you can probably see that we are receiving early transmissions of the grace we will at some point be experiencing in the near future. We are being energetically prepared to absorb the astronomically-higher frequencies when they arrive, with greater comfort and ease.

So, take time to tune into these extraordinary energies and enjoy them, if you can! Allow yourself to be lifted into the frequency of joy and love they offer and ride the waves with the natural joy that emerges from within the depths of your being. These waves of light are here to offer us this gift.

Transitional Times

And if, at times, you still feel yourself getting pulled into a downward spiral of despair and fear about the state of the world, don’t worry.

Remember that all prophesies about these “transitional times” leading up to the time of the Event have foretold utter chaos, disruption, and collapse of global structures that would occur in order to make way for new, humane structures to be birthed into a new world. These events are frightening to live through, but they will be ultimately liberating.

The prophesies have also indicated that every human being would be experiencing the same kind of chaos and disruptions in their personal lives.

If you are deep in the process of meeting your own personal challenges during these times, be aware that this is an experience to be expected, no matter how awake you may be. Know that you are on track in your ascension process. It’s a time of clean-out for many of us: everything that cannot go with us into the Fifth Dimension has to be faced, accepted, and balanced, so it can be released.

The high-frequency waves of light coming in are bringing these issues up to be healed and released; but they are also carrying profound love and joy to make the healing faster and easier. Tune into them, and you will see: it’s now much easier than ever to let go of old patterns and traumas and to experience healing and relief. No more need for long, protracted healing processes.

Also pay attention to your dreams. Are they more vivid than usual? Are they actually out-of-body experiences? Perhaps, like many lightworkers, you are extremely busy on the Other Side, bringing light and understanding to people across the world in the sleep state.

Be aware too of intuitive abilities that may also be turning on during these times. Watch the synchronicities happening. Allow for multidimensional realities to be happening simultaneously. Remember: you’re not crazy — you’re simply waking up to who you are and always have been.

Humor and Laughter are Important

It’s also important to keep your sense of humor going about the chaos and confusion everyone is experiencing. Find things that make you laugh. Laughter both raises your vibration and boosts your immune system.

And keep remembering: we are going to make it through this as a collective human consciousness, and we will be stronger and wiser for it. The world will never be the same again. And, in fact, it will eventually be fully vibrating in love and peace and harmony – a world so many of us have been waiting for, for eons of time.

About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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14 Responses to Do You Feel It?
Is “The Event” Beginning to Happen?

  1. Betsy McCullen says:

    OMG…I have been waiting your email with your next post…hoping you would mention “The Event”‼️ I almost wrote to you because of my experience the other night. So when I got your email just now I was so excited❣️YES…I feel it ALL ? I think what is happening will change the world for the better in coming months. I could write so much right now!! Everything you say resonates within me at the deepest level I have ever felt since I first recognized I was ascending. Two nights ago I had THE most vivid dream about The Event. It started with a ‘familiar’ high pitched frequency that I somehow recognized from deep within..almost like I had waited my whole life to hear it! Then the earth started to quiver and things started to melt…a rainbow of beautiful iridescent colors swept over the landscape like a fast moving storm. At first I was afraid…I thought I was dying ??…but quickly realized what it was. I relaxed deeply and it calmly swept over me. I woke up immediately. It was 3am. I felt this amazing lift of pressure released from my body! It was so real that I wondered if it actually happened. Many people have been talking about hearing a high pitched noise this past week. A huge number of them were awakened at 3 am. It didn’t matter what time zone they were in…but since we all know about timelessness…it doesn’t matter. What mattered to me was the exact timing of it. I trust the absolute CALM I am feeling during this chaotic time…and I feel profound joy & excitement. It’s hard to put into words. I am a Frequency Holder & Nature Empath. I live by a river. This past week the birds & animals have been acting much different…less afraid…more alive…and more playful than I have ever seen them. The river is bluer. The flowers & trees haven’t started blooming yet (in fact today it is snowing)…but they literally seem calmer. I am excited to see how much more beautiful they develop once they pop. Everything around me has a profound sense of peace, quiet & stillness. It is truly an Introvert Empath’s Wildest Dream ?? I am happy to be alive during this exciting time on Earth. THANK YOU Vidya❣️❣️

  2. shyla m cook says:

    Nice One, Vidya!
    Sending you mucho LOVE. ~Shyla

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Vidya – so grateful to have more confirmation of how I am feeling. Woke up with great excitement and a sense of freedom last Thursday, right after California was put on lockdown. I also am noticing it in people when I go out, when walking at the beach, folks were happy, friendly and again a huge sense of freedom was present.

    I feel like this is what we have been waiting for…for years. And I am so grateful to be here at this time, and knowing that this is WHY I am here, to be a beacon of light and help those who are still in the dark.

    Many blessings,

  4. Dina Madi says:

    Thank you so much Vidya for your reassuring words and soothing energy. Much needed. Much love

  5. Rhonda Marin says:

    Thank you for the confirmation. I have been noticing the brilliant wildflowers in the field where we walk our dogs every day. They seem to be standing up so proudly and displaying their brilliance in an unprecedented way. I’ve been getting calls from people I’ve never met, to support them as they too go through their treatment for stage 3 and stage 4 cancer. The love and open heartedness among strangers as we speak on the phone or text is beyond any experience I have ever had. And I am receiving help from complete strangers that I meet on the phone through their connection to someone I know, and they are thrilled to engage and help us create our new home after the fire. WOW!

  6. Angelika says:

    Hi Vidya, I have been thinking about you. I have completely lost my ministry, livelihood, events have all been canceled even the important big healing retreats I do music for, but I am not in the least stressed or concerned. Thank you for writing about the joy and bliss, because I thought I was crazy feeling such peace and even joy, like a release in such times when most are stressed to the max. wow. So what you shared was helpful. I feel release is finally imminent. For the longest time I couldn’t handle feeling the earth and the nature in such pain and chaos. I sense there is a chance of change now and that makes me feel free and happy. And I dedicate my spiritual practices to the well being of all , especially those who cannot yet connect with the truth of who they are, with the Divine bless you and thank you Angelika
    “I am the same. I am ever the same. Nothing has changed just because there is panic on the planet. I am only here to be truly helpful. I am here to give everything I am to the all that is. I am the all that is. I am the frequency of God, the Gratitude, the love song and the infinite field”. Angelika Schafer

  7. Jess says:

    Hi, I just found your website – researching 5D for the first time ever. My friend had been telling me about it, but I never took the time to look into it. The synchronicity of that search and your posting about “The Event” is Exactly the thing I needed to experience right now! I have been experiencing vivid dreams and multi-dimensional “overlays” of time events lately. This is all VERY new to me, this last year has been a great spiritual awakening journey for me, so I’m pretty mind blown to find you posting this tonight. I would love to learn more, and will be going through your site in depth! With Light and Love to you! ☀️?

  8. Nina says:

    Well Done, My Beloved Friend
    Aloha Blessings To ALL

  9. Stephen Long says:

    Good morning Vidya,

    I hope this note finds you well – surviving this strange time along with the rest of us.

    Thank you for your message. I am writing because I feel what you are describing. I know that “all is well,” and this is all part of the Fourth Turning – preparation for the new world that is evolving. Humanity had thousands of years to learn the lessons of love, compassion, and caring for one another, but it blew it. The old structure has to come down before the new one appears, and I know we are going through that now. Thank you for the confidence you instill in me, and for the love that you are.

    I think of you often and bless you every day in my meditations.

    Stay safe.

    Love you,

  10. Alice Light says:

    Just WOW! Your writing! And WHAT a piece!!! Simultaneously, I am singing, and writing songs in real time as I water the yard/garden in my back yard…. a back yard I haven’t REALLY appreciated until THIS year. I’ve maintained it certainly but I’ve not LOVED it. This year I have fallen in love. And it’s responding.

    And then I get inspired to go inside and get my computer for the sole (Soul) purpose of writing you my list/condensed story via email, also in real time. And BAM! There is your notification of a new writ. OMG! And then there is the reality of its content, ALL of which I am experiencing!

    Just WOW!

    Show original message

  11. Wayne Hansen says:

    This article looks at events from the spiritual point of view. But it is predicting chaos and a collapse of society; and it is saying not to worry. But if there are many deaths to happen this could indicate that many lightworkers are going to die in the near future also. Should lightworkers prepare for survival? Hare Krishna.

  12. Frances Blackburn says:

    Oh my goodness me yes. The energies i feel in my body are overwhelming and uncomfortable, as if i am grounding the light. They have been building up and up over the last 7 years yet now i feel excited ,happy and confident, with a sense of anticipation. I truly believe this is the time we have all been waiting for?
    Thankyou Vidya for all your blogs. X

  13. Oakley KINLOK (Karan Ward” says:

    Hello My Friend
    It was 6 years that I sent my first response to you. At that time we were “prepping” for this time. I have to say,
    this is one scenario I didn’t imagine but it’s elegant actually Sad as it is the fact we can see tangible evidence that the Earth can heal when we humans take a break might be just what “we” need to see and experience what it feels If as a child in China you are just seeing blue skies you might never want to go back
    I’ve just printed your latest message out to put in my journal It saved me from writing the same thing
    You helped me in 2016 as I approached an EXIT POINT Thank you I wouldn’t have missed this “for the world” please keep up your emails We need the reminders Namaste Oakley

  14. Thank you, Vidya,
    You have beautifully described what so many of us are experiencing right now!
    Love, Diane

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