Luminescent Love: A New Ascension Experience

There is a new emotion that appears to be arising within many of us who are now fully engaged in our process of ascension. Perhaps you have been experiencing it.

It’s a complex form of profound Love that unexpectedly wells up within your chest and washes all through you, leaving you in a state of wonder and awe. It’s hard to think of a name for it, but I have just decided to call it “Luminescent Love”, because there is a certain luminosity to it.

In one way, it makes sense to be experiencing a greater Love during these times: it’s undoubtedly a part of our ascension process. As most of us on a spiritual path have come to know, the very Essence of who we are is Love.

And many of us are also experiencing a deepening of our love for other people in our lives, as well. We’re realizing that our love is totally unconditional. In fact, our love for certain people can be so profound, it almost hurts our heart to feel it.

A New Kind of Love

But this new emotion I’m pointing to is different even from these experiences, and from what we might have previously called “spiritual Love”.

There is a combination of several different elements within it, some of which even seem contradictory.

If you feel into it, you realize that right alongside the intense Love, there is somehow also a sense of deep sorrow that flows through it. And then you can become aware that there’s also a burst of glorious joy that sparkles through it, as well. And a feeling of profound gratitude. And even, at times, perhaps a sense of longing. All of these emotions well up together, intermingling, and tend to bring on tears, as you attempt to make sense of it all.

And perhaps most importantly, this Love seems to be quite specific in that, although it may initially arise as a love for a particular person or group of people, it eventually becomes a feeling of love and compassion that is directed toward the whole of humanity.

You realize you have a compassion for the entire human race on a level you have never experienced before.

In experiencing it, there is a feeling of great movement flowing through your entire body, as wonder carries you into a sense of bright, open awareness of a new reality that is more profoundly moving and real than you’ve ever known before. You have to stop whatever you may have been doing, and just focus on experiencing it.

It’s as if you’ve suddenly entered a new world – one that feels brand new – yet is also somehow familiar – as if you’ve known it before, long, long ago.

At times, this Luminescent Love arises in response to something you see, hear or learn about. Other times it just seems to well up for no discernible reason. And it can feel almost overwhelming.

Appropriate for These Times

When you think about it, it is quite fitting that this complex emotion felt toward the human race is appearing during these times on Earth. As the shift into a much higher dimension of consciousness humanity is experiencing continues to accelerate, it makes sense that we’d be discovering a deeper sense of Love for this race of Beings we find ourselves a part of.

The sorrow that paradoxically flows through it seems to stem from a profound realization of the pain and suffering that has been occurring for so long on the planet – the horrendous state of slavery that humanity has been subjected to.

And we are especially impacted by the present day suffering so many people are experiencing due to the deaths of loved ones, either by the jab or the current wars that are escalating.

You can feel your heart breaking with this deep sorrow, as if you are personally experiencing the pain of all people on the planet who for so long have been caught and imprisoned in what seems like senseless suffering. You’ve maybe felt this kind of compassion before – but never in such an intense way.

But then, right alongside the sorrow, there is also a joy about what seems to be occurring on the planet – the awakening of millions of people world-wide that is now occurring and how they are fighting for their freedom and sovereignty. And how communities are already involved in creating the New Earth in various parts of the world.

You can feel a joy bursting forth within you, just from the realization that we’re almost there, almost at the point of turning it all around after thousands of years. It’s a joy of knowing we’re now nearing the finish line after a long and arduous marathon of needless pain on Earth.

And finally, you can become aware of the element of profound gratitude that enters into the mix, as you realize how thankful you are to be here during these momentous times when this huge change into a higher vibration on the planet is occurring. You get to be here to not only witness it, but to also be part of it, to help bring it in.

What an amazingly complex emotion this is!

The Beauty of Humanity

When tuning into this love for humanity, you can also realize that you are actually in enormous awe of us as a species.

This is especially so when you really begin to understand the enormity of the efforts that have been made by controlling forces to dumb us down, cut us off from our connection to Source, and cause unimaginable suffering.

Despite all of the attempts at extinguishing our essential spiritual nature, we can see how humanity has not only survived, it has actually thrived in certain ways. Look at the music and the art that have been created, the wondrous words of wisdom that have been written over the centuries! And the scientific discoveries – despite being held back in countless ways by the Deep State, the Secret Space Programs, and the Dark Nobility families.

Look at how certain abused and traumatized groups of people in the world have so often arisen out of the ashes, time and time again, and learned how to survive through supporting and loving each other. It’s awe-inspiring to contemplate the amazing strength and fortitude some populations have demonstrated over the centuries. We can see the joy and hope that continues to arise in these groups – and even forgiveness – despite all the unbelievable hardships they’ve endured.

Not All of Humanity is Beautiful

Of course, we can also see the horrors certain groups of humans have caused, the mindless wars and horrifying actions against people they have committed.

But, when you really consider this, you can remember that most of these atrocities have been instigated and committed by a very small minority of people who consider themselves the “Elites” – the people who run our governments and head multi-million dollar corporations and institutions.

And if you listen to certain whistleblowers who grew up in these kinds of families, you realize that even these Elites have been infected, both biologically and culturally, by dark non-human forces that have greatly controlled them since birth.

Most ordinary people who have participated in wars and other atrocities have been forced or compelled in a variety of ways to join in committing these crimes.

It’s true, especially in recent years, that people have become very divisive and hateful toward groups with different beliefs. And yet, when it comes right

down to it, it’s clear that most people on the planet do not want war. And they do not really wish to harm other people. Frightening circumstances usually cause people great fear – and this is generally what pushes them into adversarial attitudes toward others.

And yes, there are always the individual criminals who have committed murder and other horrendous crimes throughout the ages. But isn’t it clear that many of them are people who have grown up in poverty and/or suffered from a lack of love and opportunity in their lives?

In fact, it’s kind of amazing more people haven’t turned into criminals – considering we have all had to live with the constant messages of divisiveness from authorities in our governments and certain religious institutions.

And we have all had to somehow find our way in a world that has been constantly darkened by needless lack and suffering.

We have been messed with in a whole variety of ways. Among other things,  our food, water, soil and air have been poisoned for many, many decades. We have been taxed up the kazoo – and our hard-earned tax money has been spent on things that in no way benefit us. It’s amazing that most of us have held it together as well as we have for so many years.

Loves Makes it all Moot Anyway

But none of this matters anyway, when it comes to Luminescent Love. No matter what we may decide about these aberrant humans who cause harm to others — when we experience this new emotion of Love, it doesn’t matter.

It’s an emotion that embraces all of humanity with compassion and tenderness.

There’s a knowing that we are a race of Beings of great Light – and that we are finally waking up to this reality, after millennia of being asleep. We are finally breaking the shackles that have held us back for 26,000 years – and it is glorious!

About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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  1. Marsha Showstead says:

    Thank you for your article on Luminescent Love. I experienced a few days ago exactly what you described. Love for humanity filling my whole body in a transcendent way and tears starting to flow from my eyes. It was joy and sadness. The sadness I wasn’t sure why I was feeling. Appreciated your explanation of it.
    The experience let me know that we are very close to living from that inner place in the now. JOY!

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