Meeting your Grief, Despair and Fear with Compassion

As I’ve described in my recent posts, many exciting signs of awakening are occurring across the planet. There is much for us to celebrate – especially now, after the incredible response to the call for a mass meditation the other night on April 4. (We were successful, by the way!)

So many of us experienced intense light flowing through us as we participated and felt the excitement of being part of such a huge effort to clear the planet of the virus and help nudge humanity further toward 5D consciousness.

Nonetheless, there is still unbelievable horror occurring on a daily basis in many areas of the world, with all the deaths, the loved-ones grieving, the overflow of dead bodies in certain cities, and mournfully-fatigued medical staff attempting to deal with it all. And then, there’s the global financial collapse that’s also occurring, creating great fear and trauma in many people. It can be overwhelming to take it all in.

Children in Distress

And — as if all this were not enough, there is now also news that is slipping out about the children that are being rescued — at long last — from underground bunkers beneath certain cities. In response to this situation, there are now MASH units that have been hastily set up in Central Park in New York City, to administer first aid to them, as a first step in saving their lives.

The “official” story about these MASH units is that they are for an overflow of patients with Covid-19; and, to some degree, this may also be true. However, other sources tell another story that has to do with rescuing children. Some state that the two ships off of America’s coasts, the Mercy and the Comfort, are also set up to take on the children.

If you are new to the information about how children have been trapped, tortured and killed for many decades in these bunkers for use of the dark Illuminati Satanists, not only for pedophilia purposes, but acts much, much more horrific – this may be news you don’t want to hear.

I don’t suggest you delve too deeply into the subject. But, if you are someone who truly wants to know the truth about one of the atrocities that is now finally being dealt with in the world, it may be important to at least read or listen enough about the subject to become aware of what is happening. As terrifying as it is to contemplate this issue, being aware of these kinds of things is part of the awakening now taking place on the planet.

This is a post with a video that describes the underground bunkers that have existed all across the world, many with children in them — and how they’re now being rescued.

You can read here about Mel Gibson’s whistle-blowing about the dark activities involving children by the Hollywood elite.

This is a paper published in the Journal of Psychohistory about the subject.

Here’s one of many youtubes on the subject.

Even if you have already been aware of this news about trapped children that has been circling the internet for a number of years, you have perhaps not been willing or able to go down this particularly dark rabbit hole to fully understand the gravity and horror it involves. But, now with news slipping out about the release of some of these children, you are faced with having to finally deal with it.

Experiencing the Collective Suffering

It’s almost impossible for anyone to take in this kind of news. But, as a naturally empathic lightworker, aside from having to face this horror on a personal level, you are probably also experiencing the suffering occurring in the collective human consciousness, as this news — both about the virus and about the children — is released.

You may be trying to avoid the gripping in your gut that occurs when you read or hear some new form of horror people are enduring. You may be attempting to distract yourself in any way you can, pushing the pain down out of your conscious mind.

But you may find that you can no longer do this — it keeps surfacing, taking over your mind and body — demanding to be met, transmuted and released. And, as a lightworker, once you have done this for yourself, you are probably realizing that, before incarnating, you signed up to also assist others in clearing the collective horror and grief as well, as it surfaces.

Learning to Transmute the Pain

So how can you do this? You may have found ways in your spiritual practices to meet this kind of pain and release it in effective ways. If so, you are fortunate.

But perhaps the techniques you’ve learned through your years of meditation or yoga and other spiritual practices just aren’t cutting it now. Your mind is too frenzied, your body too contracted. And you find yourself grasping at distractions. Or holding onto a belief that just kind of centering yourself and following your breath for a bit will take care of it — only to find that something else you learn or experience later on pokes at the grief in your gut, stirring it to life again.

If so, I offer here some pointers on one way to successfully meet, transmute, and release the horror and grief you may be experiencing.

1. Summon Your Courage: Because of the depth of grief that may be arising in you, and because of a natural impulse most people have of wanting to resist dealing with it, it may take some courage, time, and concerted effort in learning how to transmute pain when you initially try this. But, once you become practiced in however you learn to do it, it can be completed successfully much more quickly.

2. Meet the Grief without Resistance: You first need to fully meet the pain and grief, without resistance, and without judgment. So you’ll want to begin with taking some deep breaths.

a. Call in Light Forces: Because you may be wanting to release collective energies as well as your own, it’s important to initially call in every kind of celestial help you can think of — Divine Light, angels, Ascended Masters, galactics, your Higher Self, the Holy Spirit, the Christ, the Buddha, etc. Call in all the support you resonate with and allow yourself to be surrounded, embraced and filled with the radiance of Light they bring. Keep breathing.

b. Move Your Focus from your Mind to your Body: Then it’s time to consciously pull your attention out of your rational mind – a part of you that actually does not know how to successfully meet pain – and to focus instead on the part of your body that is actually experiencing it. This is usually your gut and/or your heart. This area is where most of your pain-body is located. It’s where your body experiences it as a gripping, a contraction. Place your hand there where the pain is most intense.

c. Breathe into the Fear: Intense fear may arise in you when you first do this, but just keep breathing deeply into the pain in your gut and heart area, and you will find you can keep steady in your focus and simply allow the fear to be there. If you find yourself back in your mind again, gently bring your focus back to your body.

d. Feel the Relief: At this point, as you continue breathing deeply into the pain, you will likely begin to feel a sense of relief beginning to occur. This is because the pain is being met without resistance, without judgment. It is feeling seen, accepted and acknowledged. This is all any emotional pain ever wants – to be fully experienced, allowed and accepted. The body’s pain is its call for you to do this.

e. Meet the Pain with Compassion: Now see if you can then embrace the grief – and all other emotions that may be arising with it, including those from any memories of similar experiences that come present. Meet it all with full and complete compassion for yourself. You can calmly speak to it as you would to a small and frightened child. You may be amazed at the peace that arises when you experience the gentle salve your compassion for yourself brings to you.

f. Release it into the Light: When you finally feel a sense of quiet and peace in being so fully with yourself like this, it is then time to call in Divine Light or angels to take all the pain, grief and fear from you. See it all being wrapped in Light and lifted out of your body, and then transmuted back into its original form – which is, paradoxically, light.

3. Send Light to All in Pain: When you have completed the release of the pain from your body, it is then time to begin sending divine Light and your love and compassion to all those in the world personally experiencing the horrors occurring.

Bring to mind all those suffering from the virus, their loved-ones, and all medical staff assisting them. Bring attention to all those suffering financially, fearful about feeding themselves and their families.

And then focus on the children being rescued – shower them with divine Love in every way you can think of. And finally, focus on the military and the medical staff who are rescuing the children – most of them likely totally unprepared and traumatized by the horrors they are encountering.

At the same time, continue bringing light and love into your own heart and gut as you do this. Feel yourself completely enveloped in the embrace of divine radiant Light. You may find you are experiencing yourself as the large, expanded Being you inherently are, floating somewhere out in space, looking down on Earth and all its inhabitants. You are somehow detached and free – and yet still totally connected to everyone and everything through your powerful love.

A Condensed Version of the Healing Technique

There may be times when you are suddenly struck with a sense of pain orgrief that is so powerful that you can’t remember any of these steps clearly. Your mind freezes. If this ever happens, here is a quick and easy memory technique that might help: Remember your ABC’s!


B: BREATHEBE with your BODY.

C: CALL in Light to CARRY away the pain.

Give Yourself Love and Appreciation

You may find other ways to release your pain that work better for you. If so, practice them and see how you can fine-tune your personal method to release the grief and despair you’ve taken into your body. Don’t let it fester.

And each time you’ve accomplished this, remember to give yourself love and appreciation for the service you’re doing — not only for yourself, but for the planet.

Every time you can fully release pain from your being, you are serving all of humanity. You can realize that this is a good part of what you have come to Earth this time to do – to help clear out all the dark distortions and mutations that have developed in the Third Dimension over the last 26,000 years. You’ve come to transmute them into the Light.

In doing this, you have created a “Bubble of Heaven” around yourself that many can find solace and nurturance from. And you are accomplishing an important part of your spiritual mission.


We need to live in our 5D bubbles.


Here is a youtube that leads you through the meditation:




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