The Quantum Leap into the Fifth Dimension has Begun
How to Handle the Chaos

I have just posted the youtube below with this same title on it, which sounds rather innocuous – and you may decide to just save it for later when you have time to listen.

But you may wish to listen to it sooner rather than later, because there is some important information in it that may be greatly affecting us all soon. I have used this title to avoid censorship, something that has recently happened on a massive scale on youtube and all social media platforms — as well as within the mainstream media.

In the first part of the youtube, I lay out the bigger spiritual picture of what is now occurring in the world at large, and this is important to understand. But then I begin with information about the event in the US that began on November 3 – and has not been accurately reported by the mainstream news. Finally, toward the end, I give some information of great importance that is occurring right now on January 10.

The reports continue to come in, and I will attempt to keep you updated as best I can – but at least, with the information in this youtube and information I post below it, you can perhaps continue to do your own research.

The Quantum Leap into the Fifth Dimension has begun – it’s just in a way we might not have imagined it to!


About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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8 Responses to The Quantum Leap into the Fifth Dimension has Begun
How to Handle the Chaos

  1. Holly Wadden says:

    Great summary & advice 🙂

  2. Lee D. says:

    Excellent overview of the situation we’re in. Looking forward to the 2nd posting.

  3. Seb says:

    Thank you Vidya.
    I have been getting pretty much everything you have said for years and I knew this was coming. I didn’t know how or when, but I knew it was going to be insanely chaotic in order to break down society (globally) as we know it and the virus was the only way to bring us all to our knees, in essence. Our inner traumas that have created anger, fear, jealousies, abuse, corruption and all the other things that have kept us separated and at loggerheads between family members all the way through to nations from eons of ancestral trauma, long denied or not even consciously noticed need to be healed and forgiven and released as we are the major part of the global healing and rise into 5D. Most people always have an excuse not to face their inner hell be it kids, work, partners, social life or whatever, so what better way to force 8 billion tormented souls into isolation and made to go within than a virus. Most are too stubborn or in denial or afraid to go willingly into their depths by choice. I was forced into mine through a major mental breakdown in the mid 90s that lead to my awakening. The Dark Night of the Soul is always a gift even though it seems like hell at the time. We are in a global Dark Night of the Soul and the inner reflects the outer and vice versa.

    Trump triggered this final big element of the fall of civilisation as we know it by his election showing us the utter monster of this feral human ego that we all are part of to one degree or another and through his narcissism and ignorance revealed much of the corruption at various levels which is leading to the exposure of the handfuls of Elite who are at the core of it all. I totally agree that Trump is just a pawn. Weinstein triggered the beginning of the healing of the feminine with the MeToo movement forming, George Floyd triggered the BLM movement to help the race aspect and the LGBTQ+ has also been triggered with the gender awakening showing the importance of the balance of the masculine and feminine within and without (I’m gender non-binary queer and have been all my life).

    Given the multi-leveled complexity of the toxic world we have created over centuries it was never going to be rainbows and unicorns that take us into the 5th and the Dark Side (for lack of a better name) was always going to fight the dirtiest and most power game it possibly could to retain it’s power. A cornered monster is always the most dangerous and it’s as if we are all being asked to be Frodo right now, carrying the heaviness of the One Ring to it’s death in the Fires of Mount Doom as the Great Eye watches and conducts it’s forces against him. We are in the Final Battle I believe and this is the 3rd World War: The Battle between Ego and Spirit.

    I’m in the UK and Brexit is playing a big part of things in shifting Europe and it’s painful as a Brit to be out of the EU, but I believe we will reunite when other pieces fall into place, but it’s not fun just like the US. But, I know something beautiful will be born from the chaos when the rot at the centre of our global society (that is spread all over the world) is erradicated and those who have masterminded the global suffering have been imprisoned.

    I also understand this to be very much a Christ Consciousness time when compassion will be awoken in everyone as they are shown the suffering first hand, no longer shielded by the elite-owned media and puppet governments. Having said that, there are still millions all over the globe who have hearts caged in granite and will need a bigger jolt to free their compassion not just towards their fellow humans, but towards the animal kingdom and the planet herself. I know there’s much much more to it all than this, but this is my cliff notes version of understanding and why I am not afraid. I’m feeling the energies of my own last remnants that must be faced and understood and the global angst, but personally I’m not scared at all by what is happening. If anything I feel an underlying excitement through the trauma and chaos because I know we are finally on our way Home.

    I was shown all this in ’99 when I was awoken and more and more has been shown me over the years from within me. I rarely read channeled materials or watch channeled videos as there are too many charlatans and elitists, but yours has always resonated.
    I wish us all courage, faith, integrity, patience and good humour!!
    Peace, Love, Light and Laughs.

    • Ffion says:

      Donald Trump is going up against the forces of darkness Seb – he is (crudely) exposing the corruption. The President is operating under divine guidance.
      I am British and I thank God for Brexit, is a blessing for our nation. Anything that thwarts the evil of theaccelerating anti-Christ global agenda is a true blessing.

  4. Betsy Mc says:

    Perfectly said…and comforting on many levels❣️ I am looking forward to the 2nd part ?

  5. Catherine Viel says:

    This was such a helpful and uplifting video. I was glad to see confirmed so many of the same things that I have noticed and been experiencing. I was also glad to note that Vidya was using neutral enough language that nonetheless made clear that she believes in President Trump and his agenda of Light. Things are happening so fast right now and this is an excellent, grounding video with pertinent and current information. Thank you, Vidya!

  6. Paula Fardulis says:

    Thank you. I felt as though I was listening to myself – hearing another speak the words that I hold.

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