Mass Meditation on 9/11
To Extinguish Fires on Entire West Coast

So far, 2020 has felt like a weird, chaotic sci-fi movie we’ve all been living in. In the last couple of days, those of us in California have been experiencing what’s now morphing into a violent horror film – filled once again with hundreds of raging, out-of-control wildfires. Along with highly toxic air quality – and eerily strange skies that glow neon orange.

People who have finally been able to go back home after being evacuated in the last two weeks are now being evacuated again. People who somehow survived the disastrous Paradise fire two years ago, having lost absolutely everything, are now also having to evacuate once again. Hundreds of people had to be airlifted out of a mountainous area. Precious national parks are burning.

And these fires are not all in California at this point – now there are more of them burning all the way up the coast through Oregon and Washington state.


It’s time for another mass meditation – and what better day of the year to do one — on 9/11!

 Please join me on

Friday, September 11, at 7 pm Pacific Time

in listening to this 14-minute audio of a meditation, using our powerful unified consciousness to assist everyone being affected by the fires.

And please send this far and wide to everyone you know — put it on facebook and all other social media you use. Thank you!




Or you can hear the meditation on youtube:



To check a fire map, go here:


To check the air quality index, go here:


To check an evacuation map, go here:

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To Extinguish Fires on Entire West Coast

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