Challenges of Being an Ascension Lightworker
Amidst the Covid-19 Crisis

Not that long ago, being what could be called a “lightworker” felt pretty easy – it simply entailed being on a conscious spiritual path, generally holding light and love for everyone, and being of service to others.

Today, it’s a different story. Now that the world is fully in the throes of ascension due to the high-frequency waves of Light flooding the Earth, being a lightworker is not so simple. The world is falling apart; many people are in fear and pain; and loss, change and uncertainty reign everywhere. Our role has become more intense, more focused, and more demanding.

We are not just assisting others in the usual ways we have in the past: we have morphed into being “Ascension Lightworkers”, assisting people in awakening very rapidly into an immensely higher state of consciousness – whether we do this in a visible, active way, or in a quieter way of holding a high frequency of light for others to experience.

The Role of an Ascension Lightworker

What complicates things is that we are also, at the same time, having to heal our own unresolved traumas, past karma, and false beliefs about ourselves and about reality, itself. It can feel as if we’re constantly being pushed out of our comfort zone and being compelled to let go of formerly-reliable supports. We’re finding we’re needing to trust life to a degree we’ve never had to before.

In addition, many of us are also clearing karma for whole generations before us in our family-line or for certain aspects of the collective consciousness. It’s no wonder so many of us are experiencing times of profound weariness!

Transmuting Dark into Light

In one way, it could be said that our overall task as Ascension Lightworkers is to transmute the Dark into Light. We’re here to clearly see all the dark anomalies and distortions that have been created during humanity’s sojourn through the Third Dimension, experience them, and then work to transmute them through the powerful love and light we hold deep within our Hearts. We all do this, each in our own way, with our unique skills and gifts.

But, as we’re all learning, this is a monumental task. So much violence, polarization and hatred are now being revealed and played out, and people are suffering all across the world.

In my experience, because of this, there is the temptation for many lightworkers to avoid paying attention to this darkness of consciousness; they attempt to simply focus on the Light. In particular, there’s sometimes the tendency to dismiss any suggestion that true darkness even exists – or, in particular, that there might exist small elite groups on the planet who have dark agendas in play against all of humanity. It feels too negative to take in. And too scary to even consider. This is certainly understandable.

And yet, can we truly assist humanity through the chaos into the much higher consciousness of the Fifth Dimension if we avoid acknowledging the presence of the Dark that really is so obvious? Of course, we don’t want to totally focus on it or get stuck in it; that will not serve us. But it seems we do need to at least acknowledge its presence and learn about the darkness we are being called to transmute into Light.

Confusion about the Covid-19 Pandemic

Naturally, what is front and center these days in this regard is what has been called the “pandemic” of the Covid-19 virus.

The challenges everyone has gone through in dealing with this virus are overwhelming. But many of us have been discovering that there is much more to learn and take in about the pandemic than even these hardships we’re all aware of. What we are finding is that there are things even darker to be discovered — mainly about those who are giving us the official narrative and handing down mandates about the situation.

Although it is definitely true that many people have gotten sick with the virus (especially at the beginning, when there seemed to be more virulent strains being transmitted), and there have certainly been people who have died from it, it has become clear to those who have researched it, that there has never actually been a pandemic. Even the CDC has recently reported that only 6% of the deaths they’d previously reported were actually caused solely by the virus.

What is going on?

As becomes clear when you begin researching the whole subject is that we have been lied to in so many different ways in the official narrative about Covid-19, it’s enough to make your head spin. It becomes obvious there is a covert agenda being played out, designed to weaken the economies of the world and also to weaken and control people through ill health and poverty.

If this sounds like “conspiracy theory”, you can discover, with just a little research – and some courage – that it is not theory at all; it’s real.

Hundreds of front-line doctors, both in the US and in Europe, along with immunologists, epidemiologists, and independent journalists have been reporting for months about the lies we are being told – about the inflated numbers of infected people and deaths, about the faulty tests for the virus, about the lack of need for lockdown, masks or social distancing, and about the cure for it that has been banned in the US.

Ebook on Corona-19 Virus

If you are interested in learning more about all this, you can click HERE for a brief ebook I’ve written about it, called “What You May Not Know about the Covid-19 Virus”. Including links to dozens of sources, it can get you started on your own research. If none of this information is new to you, you might wish to send it to friends and family members who may be ready to learn about it.

Just to be clear: I don’t claim to know that all I’ve included in the ebook is the absolute truth. I just believe that, based on the credible sources involved, the information probably contains a great deal of truth and it all needs to be considered and researched.

As Ascension Lightworkers, it seems important that we learn as much as we can about this situation – because this is one of the big aspects of the Dark we are here to transmute during these times. We need to wake up and be courageous enough to see the true story behind the official narrative as clearly as possible, so we can respond to it with the power of our love, wisdom and high-vibrational energies in order to begin transmuting it.

At the same time, if this is your first introduction to this kind of material, it can be important to initially prepare yourself for reading and listening to it. It’s helpful to surround, fill and protect yourself with Divine Light to keep you in a detached space while taking the information in.

And always ask for inner guidance about the information – not all you find online that counters the official narrative is accurate; there is misinformation on both sides. Do remember, you don’t have to believe any of it or come to any conclusions; just be open to see what eventually comes clear inside you to be probable truth.

Integrating the Dark

Again, it’s very important that we do not get caught in the stories of control and manipulation and live in low-vibrational states of fear, despair, anger and polarization about them. We need to maintain our sense of balance, our consciousness of love, and continue to experience as much joy in our lives as possible.

But  we do need to understand what is happening and integrate it into our own understanding of reality – because, at some point, all that till now has only been released through alternative sites on the internet will likely eventually be revealed to the general public.

And it’s probable that even more alarming information about what’s happening behind the scenes will be coming out to the public, as well. So we need to be prepared for it – for it may well rock us to the very depths of our being.

And, if it rocks us, we can only imagine the fear, despair and rage that will be arising within the majority of humanity who not only have had no clue about it all, but also have little or no spiritual awakening to fall back on.

Becoming Warriors of Light

So, the more aware we are of the dark story humanity has been caught in, and the more we are able to integrate it emotionally within ourselves, the more effective we can be in assisting others through these times.

Again, this does require courage. In essence, during these times, we perhaps need to adopt more of a “warrior” consciousness – and become Lightworkers who have the courage to look the Dark in the eye, knowing we can help to defeat it. Even just seeing it for what it is, without flinching with fear, helps to transmute it, because darkness feeds on fear. In one way, we need do nothing more than hold this courageous energetic force in our hearts.

The Transitional Times Won’t Last Forever

Remember, we have entered into the very depths of the “Transitional Times” now – the times that will eventually usher us into the Fifth Dimension. And these times will not last forever.

In fact, the more of us who become courageous Ascension Lightworkers in whatever way we can, the better we can affect the length of time it will take to shift past these times into the radiant peace of the Fifth Dimension.

Together, we are a powerful force. We can make an immense difference when we choose to enter into our spiritual missions with full intention, igniting the powerful Love we hold deep in our Hearts.




Here’s an auditory version of the ebook:

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To learn more about how humanity is being controlled and manipulated – as well as how there are now powerful Light forces that are putting an end to this – read my book Triumph of the Light: Story of Humanity’s Enslavement & Impending Liberation.

For a briefer version of this story – plus a whole lot more on how to heal yourself and become a powerful Ascension Lightworker — read my more recent book, The Ascension Lightworker Guide: A Handbook for Weary Souls.

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