Are You Ready for What’s Ahead of Us?

If you’ve been aware of what is occurring across the planet lately, it’s likely you are noticing a sharp uptick in dire situations that are currently happening around the world – floods, earthquakes, fires, triple-digit temperatures, droughts and water shortages, food shortages, and disruption of transportation.

And all this, of course, is on top of ever-increasing lockdowns and fear-inducing reports about a new variant and stronger mandates to get the shot and a certain kind of passport.

Staying Positive

Perhaps like you, I have managed, through all we’ve been experiencing in the last year and a half, to keep positive about our future; and I do still remain positive and optimistic.

I continue to know we are now solidly on a positive timeline; we are on our way into the Fifth Dimension. The high-frequency waves of light streaming onto the Earth are becoming more and more powerful, and increasing numbers of people are waking up.

Indeed,  even as far back as March of this year, a gigantic Worldwide Rally for Freedom took place, involving hundreds of thousands of people in over 40 countries. Since then, protests have continued to happen, and a new one on September 18 is planned.

Just recently, other groups staged huge demonstrations that took place in a number of European countries, protesting the new orwellian mandates that have now been put in place.  Unbelievably, the mainstream press has continued to either completely ignore all these events, or totally downplay the numbers involved.

Yet, the tide is turning. There was a mainstream news outlet in Germany that recently issued an APOLOGY for the fake and frightening news it has published. This is monumental – unheard of – up to now. And, if this trend continues, it is indeed incredible news that the truth is finally coming out.

For this reason, I continue to focus on our bright future and the awakening of humanity. And, till now, I have hesitated to write about anything that might cause a great deal of concern or anxiety.

The Not-So-Good News

However, the time has come in which I think it is important to awaken to the probability that, actually because humanity is beginning to  experience a momentous shift at this time, these times ahead of us may now be even more challenging than they already have been – at least for a while.

This is because we can probably expect a powerful push-back to occur from the controlling powers. We have certainly been warned often enough by different sources about the “storm” to come this Fall. Whether this storm will be caused by the “dark hats” or the “white hats” is unclear; it may be a combination of a number of events — it may be a false flag of some sort — or it may simply be a battle between both forces that we will finally be aware of. It will likely include some serious disclosure information being released. And it may even include profound earth changes that have been predicted for a number of years.

Some reports talk about ten days or two weeks of disruption – others speak of a couple of months. Still others predict very rough conditions happening for about a year.

At any rate, a powerful warning was given to an ex-military officer in the US, who passes it on to us very plainly in this video.  He explains that the higher-ups in the military are warning him and other high-ranked officers to “get their houses in order” now, to ensure that their families are safe — because something big is about to come down. Whether we can fully trust this warning to be true intel or not is unknown; but it’s probably important to take it seriously, in case it is.

Although certainly losing traction, the powerful, controlling Elite are now likely going to be pulling out everything left in their arsenal to try to keep themselves in power. In many parts of the world, it is clear what they are still able to do to create chaos, misfortune, and upheaval. And there are probably some more surprises we are yet to see.

And, although it’s exciting to see people awaken to what the powers-that-be have been doing to humanity – as this awakening continues, many are likely going to respond not only with confusion, but also with rage and despair. In addition, as truth continues to come out, it seems probable that in the next year or so, many of our political, medical, religious, educational, and military institutions we’ve lived with all our lives will begin to collapse, leaving society in further disarray.

Of course, all of this disruption and chaos has been predicted for many centuries by numerous prophets and indigenous elders. We know that a cleansing of all dark 3D energies needs to happen in order for ascension into 5D to occur. And we’ve understood that the “transitional times” were never going to be easy.

But reading and hearing about these things in the future – and actually being about to experience them – are two very different things.

As I say, I don’t wish to be in the position of being a doomsday predictor. And yet, I do think it is necessary for us to be prepared for what may be ahead of us at this point – and in particular, in the very near future. As you may be aware, according to many varying sources, even those living in countries where the lockdowns, weather anomalies and food shortages haven’t yet occurred to any great degree, these conditions are now likely to happen at some point. And maybe even soon.

Stocking up on Essentials

In particular, there are many apparently in the know who are reporting that food shortages in the US and other countries may be occurring soon, along with skyrocketing prices.

Between droughts and floods, farmers giving up, tankers with food and supplies sitting for weeks out in harbors, and the increasing price of oil/gasoline affecting truckers delivering food, it seems likely some sort of food shortages may be happening for some time, especially in certain areas.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever want to be in the position in which I don’t have at least basic foods I know my body needs. So I have been stocking up on food essentials, along with water, seeds, supplements and toiletries. Prices where I live in Northern California haven’t risen sharply yet, but I have been noticing their gradual rise in the last two months; and I want to buy things now while these prices are still somewhat reasonable.

The important thing is that I am not doing any of this out of fear; I just feel a certain pragmatic wisdom that tells me to prepare, just in case. Knowing I will be be at least somewhat prepared around food, I figure all other things that may be going on – such as stricter lockdowns and mandates that are already happening – will probably not be as challenging to my sense of well-being.

So take this information in, to see if it resonates with you. If it doesn’t ring true, put it aside. Maybe in your area of the world, not much will happen, at least in the short run. But if it does resonate and you don’t wish to take chances, perhaps begin stocking your cupboards now with essentials to ease your sense of well-being – just in case.

Keep a High Vibration

And meanwhile, as always, focus on keeping your vibration high: stay in joy, peace and love in your heart – so that anything difficult that does end up happening will not affect you as strongly.

Stay tuned to the good news that is happening in the world. Spend time in Nature. Trust your inner guidance and your body’s wisdom. Your body sometimes knows things your mind and even your Heart don’t quite know. Ask it questions and see what happens.

As much as possible, stay balanced between the two worlds you are now living in: the one in which great awakening is taking place — and the one that is still in the process of dying. It’s necessary at this point to learn to straddle both these worlds. Not easy — but you were born to do this. As a lightworker, you have come to assist humanity through this very transition we are all now learning to navigate.

And remember – as difficult as these times may be, they are also thrilling times – we are truly standing at the doorway of the most momentous event humanity has ever experienced.


Here is a youtube with essentially the same information as this blog for those who prefer to listen to information:

About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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6 Responses to Are You Ready for What’s Ahead of Us?

  1. BAM says:

    As always…perfect timing again. NY is on top of the news with both compliance mandates and “exposure” of a prime head figure. It’s all in the news today. I feel like I have to talk in codes. I’m fine but things are starting to hit home…and to be brutally honest…I’m a bit nervous! I need to try to stay strong, hold my own truths and have faith that better things are just around the corner. I truly hope our benevolent forces are nearby…and on standby.

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi Vidya, thanks for this terrific post. Your gentle encouragement on stocking up hits just the right balance, and isn’t lecturing.

    Appreciate your wise words, good energy, and high vibe!


  3. Judy Mapes says:

    Dear Vidya,

    I drink Matcha green tea. Magenta Pixie says green tea can interfere with the building of natural light speed momentum. It would interfere with full stargate Ascension in the light worker. What do you think?

  4. Vidya Frazier says:

    I have no idea about what she is saying about Matcha tea. I myself drink it every day and do not sense it interferes with anything in my ascension process. But this may be something you have to ask your own body about. We are all different; our bodies are unique and their needs can even change from time to time — so it’s good to keep in touch with what is going on in your own body. Ask your stomach about drinking matcha tea — what feeling sensation occurs for you? Is there a very quick answer that comes into your body through a felt sensation — or even into your mind?

  5. Judy mapes says:

    With the matcha tea, she is comparing it to caffeine in coffee, that false lift in the tea. The same reason that caffeine is bad for us. But sometimes I feel that lift and sometimes I don’t.

  6. Anonymous says:


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