Keeping Focused on Love, Joy and Peace — No Matter What

So, things are really heating up out there. We’ve been warned for some time about this period of time we’re now entering. And it’s probable that the Afghanistan crisis – along with unbelievable lockdowns in certain countries – are just the beginning of ever-increasing chaos in the world that will be occurring for a while.

Perhaps the most important thing to do, whatever happens or doesn’t happen, is to not get caught up in the events that are apparently occurring out in the world. In particular, it’s wise to not totally believe anything you read or hear from any news source, mainstream or alternative: there is a lot of misinformation being reported that is either purposely or unconsciously skewed to fit one agenda or another.

At the same time, do remember that there is some good news that is probably occurring: it does sound like the globalists are finally on the run. Although they will likely continue to throw at us whatever they still can to keep us in fear, their numbers are diminishing, as are their resources. So do take in whatever you hear or read that sounds positive – but, always, always, check within yourself to see if it feels true or not. If you’re not sure, put it on the “table” for now – see if it might maybe make more sense later on.

Keeping Focused on Love, Peace and Joy

And — you might be tired of my saying this 🙂 — but it is very important to remember to keep focused on love, peace and joy as much as you can, no matter what is happening. Keep in your own personal 5D Bubble.

You might wonder, “Well, how can I do that when I’m feeling so sad, angry, hurt, disappointed? I can’t feel any love, peace or joy, when I’m in the middle of all this stuff I’m going through!”

You actually can — and you only need choose one of those emotions. If it’s love, take just a few moments to tune into and focus on the love you have for just one person in your life — and feel the sense of comfort this person’s presence in your life brings you, the gratitude you feel that they’re there. Feel the warmth of love that gathers in your heart.

If you choose joy to tune into, think back in your life to a time in which you felt it — a special event in your life, a particular relationship, or a situation in which you experienced deep joy. Your body remembers this feeling; and your focus on that time and feeling will bring up the feeling of joy within you again.

And if you choose peace, think back to a time in which you felt a deep peace within your being — perhaps a time in Nature, or in deep meditation, or a time when you felt, out of nowhere, a divine stillness float through you and you knew all truly was well. Allow that body memory to surface and sink into it.

Once you shift into just one of these states, you will be surprised at how all the things that are already positive in your life now — those things you’ve somehow lost track of — float back into your awareness. A warm energy fills you, and you find yourself within the frequency bandwidth of 5D, smiling and positive about all that is occurring.

New 5D Bandwidth

And what you’ll find is that this new 5D bandwidth on the planet is getting stronger and stronger – and easier to access.

Once focusing on love or joy or peace (or any positive emotion, actually), all you need do is focus on staying there, allowing it to carry you along, through and above all the tumultuous change that is occurring around you.

You’ll know when you’re in this bandwidth when you begin noticing synchronicities and magic that happen over and over again, along with the laughter that can just bubble up inside you out of nowhere.

Trusting Your Spiritual Heart

Another key to help you through these times is to trust what your spiritual Heart is telling you. It’s helpful to focus on this area in your body (just above your emotional heart), to keep you out of your rational mind, which really cannot figure things out well anymore in the frequency we’re now entering. In 5D consciousness, it is your Heart that consistently guides you – not your mind.

Do your best to keep focused on letting go of old emotional patterns that are no longer serving you. In general, continuing with deep healing work is perhaps the most effective thing you can do now through these times.

Remember: you are here to navigate through these times of chaos and collapse in the world and in your life with ease and skill. Know that you have all you need within you to do this. And just keep going, one step at a time, no matter what is happening. A bright dawn will eventually break — and there will be numerous previews of this dawn all along the way. Watch for them!

Two New Podcasts

Below are links to two talks I’ve recently given that may be helpful. The first is an interview with Host Michaela Johnson from several weeks back; and the second is a youtube I recently created on the times ahead of us at this point, along with an encouragement to prepare yourself for food and supply shortages which may be happening soon.

Above all, keep remembering: we are still on a very positive timeline into the Fifth Dimension. All the 3D debris simply has to come fully to the surface now in order to be seen – even by those who have been fast asleep. Once this occurs, much will begin to shift toward the positive events that will eventually provide room for our positive future to occur.


Preparing for the Ascension Storm

About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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4 Responses to Keeping Focused on Love, Joy and Peace — No Matter What

  1. Betsy Mc says:

    Loved the podcasts❣️ Thank you Vidya for always keeping a positive outlook on things to come…even when some of it looks so rough! I’m seeing lots more 5D in my world every day ?

  2. Dear Vidya,
    I was born and live in Mexico City, where I have not found a single soul who knows anything about Ascencion. Certainly not my friends or my family. No spiritual teachers or psychics. I myself stumbled upon this information by chance while doing a search on YouTube. I ask you to please, please, please answer this email.
    I am already 77 years old, have had a very difficult life, and I wonder, as much as I would like to, if I will still have a chance to ascend, which is today my greatest wish. I am currently very depressed because my long standing problems with my two sons, 46 and 52, seem to be getting worse every day. They have never wanted or been able to hold a job and I am still supporting them, although I am retired and have very little money. Days ago I decided to cut them off, but I love them unconditionally and went into deep despair just thinking they could go hungry. I want to feel the joy, the love and the peace but am just not able to let them go without feeling very worried and guilty. What is in store for them and for me in this Asension time. I wish I could have a reading but I have not found anyone to do this for me. Please say something that will lift me up. I feel that you can do that. I am extremely lonely. No friends or family.

    • Betsy Mc says:

      I can only help with one thing since I’m single and never had any kids. I am in the Northeastern US and don’t know any people where I am that are on this path either…but I use the Internet to find information. I know it can feel lonely on this path sometimes. But you are NOT alone on this journey! I’ll be 70 in a couple of months and YES…you CAN Ascend❣️ In fact…just by finding this post means you ARE on the path of Ascension with us all. Nothing happens by mistake! So rest assured…you have found your place ?

    • Vidya Frazier says:

      Dear Margarita — I would have to agree with Betsy here — if you have found this site, you are most definitely on the path of ascension. And you are also likely a lightworker, here to assist others on the path. It is common for most lightworkers I know to be going through very difficult times at this point: all third-dimensional patterns we all have, especially those we have in our relationships, are being exposed for us to see clearly, and then release. This is, of course, easier said than done — but it can be helpful to know that this is what is behind the challenges you have having regarding your sons. All three of you are in the position to see what needs to be cleared, purified, and released. My sense is that your sons will be okay; they won’t like what you’ve done, but they need to learn to take responsibility for themselves. Take care of yourself and continue to love them unconditionally — and let them find their own way. And realize you are not alone, Dear One — there are many, many of us around the world who are living within the same bandwidth with you and you can tune into this consciousness we all are a part of. Find people like yourself online and communicate with them. In time, I suspect you will find people local to you with whom you can relate. Much love, Vidya

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