Ascension is an Adventure

Ascension is an adventure

Many of us who have been consciously experiencing the Ascension process for the last few years might hesitate at this point to call our journey to the Fifth Dimension an “adventure”. If we were initially excited about it a few years back, by now the process itself has perhaps rubbed some of the sheen off our enthusiasm.

Sure, there have been some high points, some expansive awakenings, realizations, and huge growth. But at times there has also been a great deal of loss and challenge. And there have been periods of time in which it feels as if nothing at all is happening, that nothing much has changed. The whole idea of an adventurous journey feels meaningless.

The Excitement of Adventure

But if we can stop for a moment and step out of the mundane details of our everyday lives to look at what we’re actually doing from a broader context, we can maybe again begin to feel the excitement we initially started out with.

We are indeed engaged in an adventure—one we likely signed up for before coming into this lifetime. According to many sources, we enrolled in something that’s never been done before—ascending into a much higher dimension in a very rapid fashion.

An Unknown River to an Unknown Land

Think about it: It’s as if we decided to be explorers to a new land. In signing up, we knew we would be taking our canoe down an unknown river to a land we’ve always wanted to go to—one we evidently lived in long ago, but could not really remember.

 Shifting to the Fifth Dimension is a feat at times.We understood that the river we’d be taking had rarely been traveled before. No one much knew about what lands it passed through, where the falls or rapids would be, how fast the current was. We didn’t even know for sure if the river would take us to where we hoped it would.

There had been a few scouts who’d gone somewhat ahead and then come back to report to us what they’d found. And there were seers who claimed they knew what was ahead. But we knew we’d pretty much have to go on faith, since we didn’t know for sure about any of it.

Yet we made the choice to take the journey. That’s because we are explorers, intrepid adventurers in the land of Consciousness. And most of the time, we know deep within us we’ve made the right choice: whether we know for sure where we’ll land, we have faith we will get there safe and the trip will all be worth it.

Our Discoveries

We planned for this trip the best way we knew how, depending on the knowledge and wisdom we’d gained through many, many lifetimes here on Earth and probably in other universes, as well. In fact, we had probably been waiting impatiently for lifetimes for the time in which we could finally set our canoe in the river and begin paddling our way to the unknown shores of the Fifth Dimension.

On the way, we have discovered where the rapids are, where the river gets shallow, and where dangerous rocks jut up out of the water. At times, our canoe has sprung a leak or we’ve lost our supplies, or we’ve even capsized.

But think about it: Invariably, hasn’t someone or something always come along to give us a hand? Haven’t synchronicities happened over and over again, ensuring that we would be on our way again—often enhanced by what only looked like a “misfortune”?

 Enjoy the show on your Ascension journey.Even those times when we’ve had to pull our canoe ashore because we haven’t known how we could continue on anymore—haven’t we at times been suddenly struck by the beauty of the sunset over the river, or by the music the breeze is playing in the trees on the shore? Haven’t we been brought to tears by the sweet scent of wild flowers blowing in the grasses?

Or perhaps we’ve discovered other fellow adventurers who have also been swept ashore through some mishap, and we’ve found immediate kinship with them? Such joy to find cosmic family members in a strange land!

And truly—what about the adventure in all this? The excitement, the fun, the discovery that awaits us around each bend of the river?

Stay in Adventure Mode

This is the frame of mind we need to keep in, fellow Ascension Travelers, as the river twists and turns in unfamiliar ways and leaves us doubting ourselves—and even, at times, not knowing who we are anymore.

Ascension truly is an adventure of the highest caliber. Keep your life jacket on, but trust the river, trust the wind, trust every small adventure along the way. And remember to laugh. In many ways, this whole Ascension trip is nothing, if not high comedy.


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