Ascension Symptoms—or Psychic Attacks?

Ascension symptoms and psychic attacks can feel the same.Note: I am posting this blog with a great deal of reluctance and would not post it at all, except for the persistent urging of my inner guidance to do so. The whole notion of psychic attack is such a negative one, and I generally hesitate to focus on negative subjects.

Yet I keep hearing that this subject is important to address during these times of Ascension when more and more of us are awakening and raising our vibrations. We need to be aware of the existence of psychic attacks, as we may be increasingly vulnerable to experiencing them—especially those of us who are Ascension lightworkers.

Many people will probably never need to know this information. But if you work in the healing arts, in particular, you may find this information important to know.

Ascension Symptoms

Many of us at this point are aware of what’s known as Ascension symptoms—a wide variety of both psychological and physical symptoms that don’t seem to have much to do with what is currently happening in our lives. They often seem to appear out of nowhere and they come and go rather quickly.

Ascension symptoms are generally mild.These symptoms are due to the rapid awakening that is happening within us caused by the Ascension energies now flooding the Earth, and by the shifts in vibration we are experiencing.

Old dysfunctional patterns are arising within us in order to be released. Old injuries and imbalances in our physical bodies are also coming to the forefront for healing in order to help our bodies match our higher vibrations.

Some of the more common emotional Ascension symptoms I hear about from people are depression, anxiety and despair. Often the feelings are somewhat mild and vague.  I sometimes hear people say, “There’s no reason for me to be feeling depressed. Nothing bad is happening. I just woke up this morning feeling it.” The next time I speak with them, I hear that the feelings just kind of disappeared at some point.

I myself occasionally have days like this. I wake up in a strange mood of feeling anxious or depressed. I know nothing has changed since the night before when I was feeling good. I generally decide I’m in the process of releasing emotions that are coming up in the Ascension process, and I allow them to simply be present without giving them much energy. At some point, they just seem to disappear.

However, there are times when intense anxiety, depression, despair—and even terror—can seem to appear out of nowhere and roll through us in great waves. And they don’t pass through so easily.

There may be different explanations for these intense episodes. One is simply that something traumatic we experienced at some point in our life (or perhaps in a past life) that we were unable to fully experience and integrate at the time is now suddenly coming up to be experienced and then released.

Psychic Attacks

Another explanation is one that is kind of scary to contemplate—and until lately, I have avoided thinking about it. It’s that certain difficult experiences we have mentally, emotionally—and even physically—may be the result of what’s known as a “psychic attack”.

Discarnate Entities

There are different kinds of psychic attacks. One can occur when we’ve invited (usually unconsciously) disincarnate entities into our auric fields and bodies. This is a surprisingly common occurrence for people. Many people with entities walk around with no idea there is anything at all in their auras.

But people who dwell in a lot in negative emotions or who have experienced traumatic experiences in their lives are often subject to the invasion of these entities—especially if they are empaths and very sensitive to energy. Those who indulge in alcohol and drug consumption are also vulnerable, as these substances weaken the aura, allowing entities free access to their fields.

Usually, the entities are human in form—people who have died but haven’t found their way into the light and have gotten stuck in the in-between worlds. They’re lost and want to be with souls who are still incarnated in form for a feeling of comfort. Other times, the entities are not human and hold an especially low vibration.

Until recent times, entities who have joined with people have only perhaps caused a degree of disturbance to the people they’re with. These people generally experience depression, rage, and despair that may seem somewhat “normal.”

But currently, as people are waking up and their vibrations are rising, the entities who have felt a vibrational comfort to this point with their “host” are starting to feel disturbed by this new higher frequency in the body they’re attached to; and they are pulling on the person, attempting to bring their vibration down again. This can cause a great sense of emotional and physical disturbance for the person.

The good news is that there are a great number of practitioners who can be found online who can help to release these entities, often long-distance, from a person’s aura. You can just type “spirit releasement” into a search engine and find them. You can also read about particular symptoms of entity attachment on these sites.

However, what’s important to remember is that just because the entities are released doesn’t mean a person is home free. If they don’t consciously work to keep their vibration high, stay as positive as possible, choose high-vibrational company, and hold protective light around them—they may simply attract more entities back to their field.

This whole focus of keeping our vibration high is one all of us going through Ascension need to keep in mind; in essence, Ascension is all about raising our vibration. But those who have been susceptible to entity invasion especially need to be vigilant about doing this.

Negative Energies and Thought Forms

Negative energies can cause psychic attacks.Another form of psychic attack is one that is perhaps less disturbing in a way, but it is equally puzzling in that it’s something of which we often have no awareness.

This is an attack of negative energy or thought forms we receive on the mental and emotional level that someone can send to us. Although there are incidences in which this psychic energy is sent deliberately, most often it is sent unconsciously.

Those of us who are empaths are again especially vulnerable to these energies—and they often find us if we are working conscientiously to raise our own vibration and that of the collective. Lightworkers in general can become particular targets.

As I say, until recently, I have not thought much about the phenomenon of psychic attacks. At one time, I myself offered the service of spirit releasement, but I gave it up some time ago, as my interests veered in other directions.

My understanding and experience at the time was that if I kept my own vibration high and called in protective light around myself when I was working with clients or went out in public, I was probably safe from attracting either entities or negative psychic energy.

Casual Attempts at Protection Aren’t Enough

We need to protect ourselves energetically. But lately, I’ve become aware that this is not enough. I realize that I am becoming more vulnerable to psychic attacks, now that the Ascension energies are really “working” me, lifting my vibration, and now that I am also working with more and more clients who seem to be harboring entities.

Most of these clients are beautiful, positive, awakening souls—so it often surprises me to find they have the entities they do. But they’ve picked them up somewhere along the line in their lives, and it’s now time for them to be aware of them and act to release them.

If I can’t assist these clients to release the entities themselves, I generally refer them to practitioners who offer spirit releasement. But in the meantime, it seems that even though I only work long-distance with people in the quantum field, I am still susceptible somehow to picking up negative energies and thought forms from the entities with my clients.

I always do some casual practices to protect myself. But because I haven’t been serious enough in these efforts, I have had several experiences that I now realize have been psychic attacks. They were quite intense and had no apparent reason for happening to me in my life at the times they did.

I will share the most recent one here in case you have experiences of your own that might be similar—and you can perhaps understand them with greater clarity.

Despair Attack

This story began a while back with a week or so during which a sense of meaninglessness kept wafting through my consciousness. Questions kept coming to me, like: “Why even get up in the morning? For what? Nothing means anything. There’s so much suffering in the world. Why does anyone keep on going? There’s so little joy or pleasure to compensate for it all.”

Psychic attacks can bring a sense of despair.This feeling of depression and these kinds of questions were not unfamiliar to me. Many times throughout my earlier life, I’d experienced the existential despair of feeling a lack meaning in anything occurring in life.

At one point as I experienced this in earlier years, I became aware that objects, situations, and experiences don’t actually have any inherent meaning to them, except what we assign to them.

Although this realization may sound fatalistic, it somehow didn’t deepen the depression. It simply freed me up to clearly understand a facet of truth, and I was therefore paradoxically released from the pain of the sense of meaninglessness.

But this understanding did nothing for me during this recent week. Again, there was no apparent reason for this sense of depression to be happening at this point in my life. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening. In fact, life was pretty good; I was feeling quite content and even joyful about certain events that were occurring.

Yet the sense of meaninglessness kept grabbing at me, bringing on a vague sense of despair with it. I kept on top of it, so to speak, not allowing it to take over. It just required some vigilance, and I kept telling myself that it was probably just another Ascension experience of ego dissolution I was experiencing.

Indeed, the whole experience was mild enough all week, until the seventh night of it. I was in the middle of what was usually a rather pleasant task—making some great sugar-free cookies I loved. Suddenly, out of the blue, it was if a strangle-hold sensation of despair gripped me. It was so intense, I dropped my spoon and just stood there clutching the counter in shock.

As I say, it’s not like I was a stranger to despair. I had felt this emotion many times earlier in my life, and had managed to survive thoughts of suicide during several of these times. But back then, there were always reasons for the despair—events or situations in my life that felt unbearable. At this moment in my kitchen, there was nothing like that present. There was just despair so intense that death was the only solution I could think of that would make the experience bearable.

Fortunately, I had just enough presence of mind to call in the Holy Spirit for assistance. I couldn’t think of any of the other powerful inner tools I’d normally use in situations in which I needed help—but this one fortunately came to me and I used it.

At once, at the back of my mind, a very faint realization came to me that perhaps I was having this experience, so I’d have the direct knowing of what it’s like when other people get to the point of where they just jump off a building or bridge or put a gun to their head and pull the trigger. For all of us who are healers, it’s always helpful to have direct experiences of such states of mind so we can better assist our clients.

But this thought was very faint, and I could barely feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I just stood there as the despair gripped me for about five long minutes. And then it just suddenly released. I sat down, recovering from what I then realized had been a psychic attack.

Meeting the Energy

In a certain way, it doesn’t matter what these kinds of experiences are or what has caused them. What does matter is how we learn to meet them. Often, while we’re in the experiences, there is seemingly no room for awareness to exist; there is only the meeting of the energy in whatever form it attacks us.

But it is in the very meeting of it that we gain more power and awareness. And it’s in the surviving of it that we emerge strangely enriched with deepened understanding and greater awakened empowerment.

 Protecting ourselves energetically is important.At the same time, I came out of that experience with the awareness that I need to pay greater attention to protecting myself both when I’m working and when I’m around anyone at all out in public. Consciously keeping the Holy Spirit around me is essential; calling in the archangels and ascended masters also really works for me.

There are actually many tools like this many of us have learned to use for protection. Again, the internet is also a great source for finding energetic protection tools we can use. It’s just that we may all need to pay more attention than ever before in using them. Our lightworker heads are now rising above the crowds; we’re beginning to be more visible.

All this said, I can also say I believe that if we can approach the protecting of ourselves with a sense of inner confidence, empowerment and a strong love in our hearts—rather than with fear—there is little we need be concerned about.

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Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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22 Responses to Ascension Symptoms—or Psychic Attacks?

  1. Rhonda Marin says:

    I appreciate your wisdom regarding this obviously important subject. my husband and I were talking about the powers and principalities last week and how they come at us without our knowledge and we find ourselves in dark places without even knowing how we got there. So extremely important to not be complacent about having our heads popping up there unprotected. I will be much more vigilant in my requesting Holy Spirit and Angelic protection. Thank you for the reminder and many blessings to you.

  2. Dan peterson says:

    Good Article Vidya of a very real and dangerous issue. I was able to get some short term relief from the help from you and others. But the dark stink would continue to slither back into my life to creat more kaos as it hid like a coward in the shadows. Psychics and healers alike would continue to comment about my lack of grounding. And after years of suffering from relentless attacks I bought a grounding fitted sheet for my bed. And the first morning I laid down on the sheet from Earthing, I heard finger nails clawing at the pillow beside me. I thought my pillow was clawed onto the floor. That was about a month after I saw a large dark figure bolt out of my bedroom around 5:30 in the morning. I had a chiropractor test my meridian system and he said that the maridian down my right leg that has had lots of traumas over the past few years wasn’t flowing or grounding. So grounding has really been a huge key for my safety and piece of mind.
    Hope this helps,
    Sincerely, Dan

  3. J says:

    Hello and thank you so much for this post. I have been experiencing similar things for the past few months and was thinking it was just me. Most websites I find focus only on the positive so I was beginning to think there was something seriously wrong with me and that I was being ‘left behind’ spiritually in some way. I am so grateful for your words.

    • User Avatar Vidya Frazier says:

      Glad this was helpful for you. There is a lot to be said about staying positive and not focusing on dark subjects; it can keep our vibration high. However, ignoring certain experiences in the process is not productive. We’re still living in the fourth dimension where some darkness exists; and if we get caught in it, we need to know how to free ourselves from it. It’s also helpful to know that those of us working toward bringing more light onto the planet can become targets for certain dark forces and we need to know how to stay alert and protect ourselves effectively.

  4. obrein Lawson says:

    Hello everyone. Thank you for all your testimonials. I am feeling all the symptoms that this website has outline as sometimes the energies feel so overwhelming as sometimes I can feel all my chakras opening up sometime all at once making my body feel every light even when I am walking it sometimes feels like my feet ain’t touching the ground. I am born pisces an on march 20 on my birthday it was like a heavyweight of energy came upon me from the solar ecilse, since then my hands felt like electricity run through them day and night. I was happy for your testimonials when I came upon this website as it help to enlightened my understanding towards ascension thank you.

  5. Tamara says:

    Thank you Vidya for this post! I was seriously questioning myself and wondering if I was loosing my mind or so far out of touch with the energies or misreading the energies. The depth and intensity of the miserable down in the dumps depression and anxiety I have experienced is so not like me. I have experienced similar feelings before but all manageable and passing as you have said but currently the emotions and feelings are intense and have stopped me mid-step much like whilst you were baking your cookies.
    Thank you for the reassurance and the re-enforcement that we need to take care and call on the Divine energy, Spirit, Archangels, Angels, Assended Masters and guides for protection and help. Thank you again for sharing helping all Lightworkers with Ascension.

  6. Ananda says:

    Why do we have to keep asking for protection every time. If there really is no time space issue in the fifth dimension cant we ask to be protected all the time by all the help possible? Why do we all live separated, isn’t there more power and protection in numbers. Living together is also cost effective and much easier, especially to raise children and have deep meaningful relationships. Is everyone so selfish and disagreeable that they would be divided and waste all the collective potential on paying rent and food and saying I have my space and doing nothing of real tactile interaction? If we are one, lets start acting like it and not just talk about it. It seems that most people live in silent desperation and dont really honour the body’s need for close family, friends and intimacy. United we stand. I live in Ontario, Canada if anyone wants to be real and true together email me [email protected]

  7. Allah-na says:

    Hi Vidya,
    Wondering if we may re-frame the idea around psychic attacks. My ascesion process came on hard and strong, and I was thrown into a storm of an awakening. Thing is, my awakening was swift and sure, but the storm I experienced had little to do with me – I was facilitating on behalf of others. What I have learned, and experienced, and been guided straight from source to understand is that the Wheel of Life stopped, and where we landed in our karmic circle was where we were (by design, of course). Many “individuals” awakening now are waking up and resolving their own issues – but given the interconnectedness and interdimentional nature of us All, the process is complicated by the fact that there are many who, because of thier own genetic/biological/psychological make-up, are unable to do their own work. These individuals are still an expression of God, but they are farther out from source, and the further one is from Source, the more polarity will be assigned to experience of the Light and the Dark(rebirth) which tends to start looking more like “good” and “bad” from that vantage point. Thing is, this energy doesn’t just go away, it needs to be PROCESSED, and that requires EXPRESSION in the physical world, and who better to do the job than those whose genetic template proves them a wonderful representation of Source LOVE.
    It is hard work, to be sure, and if you are doing this work, it is because you can. The idea of needing to protect oneself during the ascension process belies the whole notion of LOVE as the Process and the Outcome – Protection originates in separation and the idea of having to separate ourselves creates the notion of ‘us’ and ‘them’ and externalizes the ‘problem’ all over again. Trust the process, and know that even experiencing a complete lack or abscence of trust in the process, IS PART OF THE PROCESS. There is a HUGE population out there who will not understand this, and yet it needs to happen. We embody their experience, we embody their fear, their anxiety….We do this for them. They are the scared, the angry, the hopeless. And ultimately, they are an aspect of you. Understand that you are helping to bring them Home.

    • K says:

      Thank you. ^_^
      It is the job of a Lightworker to bring love to those who struggle to create it for themselves. We are meant to transform all of the negative we encounter into love. Every time I’ve met intense negativity with love, it has waned and eventually dissipated.
      I’ve just recently begun understanding my place as a Lightworker. This is scary. It’s hard. But it’s truth.
      So again, thank you.

  8. Rashashanna says:

    On this day, I want to thank all Ascended Masters, Teachers, Guides, Archangels, Holy Spirit, Dearly Departed friends, family, pets and nature for allowing for such empowering awareness to be brought forth in order for all of us light bodies to understand that the cleansing of our auric, inner selves and inner sanctuary is essential and necessary in order for us to be free from all forms of fear in order to Ascend into the Fifth Dimension. Thank you for your empowering message during such transformational times where we must walk by inner faith and not by outer visual sight. Blessings to all light bodies.

  9. Igekele emmanuel says:

    Thank you very much this blog has helped me so much God bless 6ou

  10. rodrigo says:

    Hi Vydia It’s my second time Attempting ascension, my body is so tired I can barely walk. I am an ashtanga yoga teacher and Tcm therapeutic. I don’t know what to do I lost all my joy all passion I am going like this for 2 months now. I only now I am in 5d world cause time passes so slow and I see the colors of the world more bright. But my body is feeling so dense. Can you tell me if it’s going to heal?
    Thank you

    • User Avatar Vidya Frazier says:

      Hi Rodrigo–Our physical bodies are all very dense, and it is my understanding that it will take some time for them to transmute into 5D lightbodies. Part of the process is going through “Ascension Cleanout” first, as past traumas and stress have left patterns of negative energy in various places in our body on the DNA. During this process, there are times when deep, deep exhaustion can occur, telling us we need to rest and sleep as much as we can so our bodies can heal and continue to transform into a lighter form. It’s important to have patience and give your body as much love as possible during these times. Losing all your passion and joy, as uncomfortable as it is, is actually a sign that you are in process of Ascension–it’s the death of your 3D identity. Again, have patience with yourself and allow it all to unfold. You’ve likely been through thousands of years living in a 3D body in a 3D reality–it’s going to take some time! — Vidya

  11. Sasha says:

    I have to comment on this- I am an empath- all of my life- and the target of a malignant narcisistic sociopathic mother. It is impossible to recount what I and my daughter( and dogs) are experiencing. But, we are being targeted on both a physical and psychic level. It is quite out of control right now- I am praying,and calling in the Light continually, but “it” gets angrier.We are being stalked in every sense of the word, and I am not sure how to deal with this. It has tried anything that it can to destroy me- This is difficult for me to speak about, since I am extremely well educated, an artist, musician and scientist. It hits me on every level of incredulty, but it is real. I have also been experiencing ascension symptoms since Dec 2015- Started again a few days ago= extreme heating in my chest and solar plexus- seeing sacred geometry with my third eye, destroying all electronics around me. Setting off burglar alarms and generally frightening everyone around me. I also am being attacked in a big way – SOOO, what do I do? the scary thing, is that I have never felt more sure of myself in the core of my being. Feathers and dimes appear for me out of thin air= Other freakier things are happening too…..

    • User Avatar Vidya Frazier says:

      Sasha–find help to release these energies. There are many out there who can do it remotely. Search online for “entity releasement”. Often this kind of release cannot be done by yourself. — Vidya

  12. Jz Slangly says:

    I have entities that put me into poverty and so I have no money for any type of healing services. What do I do then?

    Also, how do you if its a person releasing rage and hate from ascension symptoms or from entities? Personally, I don’t really believe in the whole ‘entities’ thing you’re speaking of or maybe thats my entities talking right? Please let me know.

    I’m healing child sexual abuse trauma, going through withdrawals from a 25 year addiction, and also healing my liver. How do you know if a person’s anger isnt because they are healing the liver? Which I am.

    • User Avatar Vidya Frazier says:

      If you are needing to heal your liver, you can be sure that there probably are emotions–probably anger and rage–in your liver. Intense and disturbing emotions tend to create energetic residue in the physical body, and that is what can eventually cause physical disease. And I can imagine, with the kind of childhood you endured, you likely have a great deal of anger stored in your body.

      There are many books out there these days describing what entities feel like and how people act when they have them in their field. You can also read stories online about “spirit releasement”, and they will give you a clue. Ascension symptoms tend to come and go. Deep anger can arise for a time–but then it eventually releases. Anger caused by entities tends to continue for long periods of time, and it is often expressed in ways that the person generally does not use.

      The most effective way to rid yourself of entities is to raise your vibration with positive thoughts and emotions–so as to make your aura uncomfortable for them. You can also call in archangels and ascended masters and ask their help in escorting them into the light. Or you can simply stand in your power and order them to leave, knowing that you are a sovereign being and you have the right to accept into your field what you wish and reject what you don’t want. One way to keep them with you is to drink alcohol or take drugs, which create holes in your aura. I hope this is helpful. — Vidya

  13. I am so thankful for this article. And I am so thankful that the Universe made my process the way it did.
    I’ve had terrible encounters with “entities”, but always on the 3D level, always visible, always able to analise it, more or less. It was difficult to grasp such scary monsters did actually exist. Maybe they were normal people inhabited by terrible entities themselves. I’ve had dark aura people sexually harrassing me in the middle of the street, lightful open streets on sunny nice days. I couldn’t undestand it, but, actually it started when I started meditating at 13. Harassment and attacks at university, church, colleges, public transport…
    But always actual people, visible, feasible, traceable, objectivable. Men with dark auras around them.
    I thought many times of myths about heroes anihilating monsters, I remember especially Lord Rama and all the devils he encountered and fought on the Ramayana. Those dark attackers looked evil as myth characters.

    I’m thankful that they were visible, audible. That they weren’t invisible entities intermingling with my aura. I understand that they were of very low vibration and subject to terrible entities possessions themselves. And I find enlightening to see that it happened when they sensed I was ascensing too much for their liking.
    I’m thankful that I have learned to be protected by light, angels and pure determination. It’s important to read in your article that I must keep on inviting the Holy Spirit to guide me.

  14. JC says:

    Hi Vida …thank you.

  15. Iqbal singh says:

    Hi there
    I do meditation n do get out of such attacks. But recently i have been attached some kind of entity which comes back whenever i try sending it back to the originator. Its giving depression n bad smell.

  16. Ulrika says:

    Varning för accention glossery index box they try to sell my soul the massiv energi mind controling program help

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