Crises, Disasters & Tragedies:
Opportunities for Rapid, Radical Evolution

Crises, disasters and tragedies all give us an opportunity to ascend more rapidly.I don’t think there’s anyone these days who isn’t having to handle one kind of crisis or another — whether it’s happening in their own life or in that of others they know.

This is a time in the Ascension process in which all negative third-dimensional patterns, thoughts, emotions, and actions — from this life and from past lives, as well — are arising within us to be seen, understood and finally resolved. The powerful waves of Light flowing into the Earth at this point are demanding this.


Running the Lightworker Obstacle Course

Running the Lightworker Obstacle CourseFor those of us who feel we have a spiritual mission to accomplish, the crises seem at times to come one right after another. Or to occur all at the same time. It can truly feel like we’re on a lightworker obstacle course — scaling high walls, carrying unbelievably heavy packs, crawling on our bellies, and all the other crazy things obstacle courses offer.

Whatever our unresolved issues are, they’re in our faces. Whatever our 3D patterns are — our limited core beliefs, our low-vibrational emotions — we are having to deal with them. It can at times get extremely intense and feel like there’s no way to resolve what’s happening; or, at times, to even continue on.

Many of us are experiencing a lot of loss. Some people are losing loved ones, experiencing profound grief. Others are losing work, their good health, their homes, friendships, marriages and partnerships. Everything that is not vibrating in the higher frequencies of love, harmony, and peace needs to be left behind on this journey into the Fifth Dimension.

All of this is compelling us to walk courageously into unknown territory with full trust that we are being led safely to our next level in our spiritual evolution, no matter what it may look or feel like at this time. If we don’t make this choice, we are generally left tumbling around in confusion, pain and uncertainty.

Opportunities for Rapid, Radical Evolution

opportunities for rapid, radical evolutionThe only good news about all this is we can discover that the only way to survive the onslaught of these intense and uncomfortable energies is to rise in consciousness. We can discover the enormous opportunity we have to accelerate into a more rapid awakening process.

We can come to understand that we’re being given a radical wake-up call to see all energies that are not serving us in our spiritual evolution and to do something about them.

It’s often not a lot of fun to be rising rapidly in frequency. The road can get very bumpy. It can feel disorienting and confusing to not feel as if you know yourself anymore. All your old, familiar reference points can disappear, leaving you in a type of void.

And yet you can discover that this is exactly what you are here to do—to make this rapid transition into a much higher frequency. And that you are likely here to also assist others to do the same.

California Fires

California FiresOf course, this is easier said than done in many instances. Especially for those people who are currently in unbearably intense situations — such as the Californians who have had to evacuate because of the out-of-control fires demolishing their homes and robbing them of all feeling of safety and comfort — and in some cases, loved ones.

The situation these people have been in is one that probably no one can even imagine, unless they’ve experienced the same kind of situation. The shock, grief and disorientation this kind of event causes is often devastating, creating enormous trauma to both the mind and the body.

And yet, there are those I personally know who have lost their homes in the Camp Fire in Paradise who are rising to the challenge of handling their personal calamities with an empowered and liberated consciousness they have consciously shifted into. They have made the decision to choose life and empowerment over despair and victimhood. They are seeing the opportunity to completely let go of their past and begin a whole new life from a higher consciousness of joy and freedom and peace—no matter what is going on.

They are ones who will now be able to lead others through the crises that will likely continue to occur on the planet as we move on through these Transitional Times. They will know the territory intimately—how to heal, how to rise in vibration, how to continue on, no matter how tough it gets. They are here to learn this so they can, in turn, help heal the world.

Sending Light to all in needI call to all of you out in the world to keep remembering to send light and love to all these people undergoing the California fires—even after other news inevitably pushes the plight of these people into the background.

These fires have been engulfing the entire state, causing not only destruction and obliteration of thousands of homes and many deaths, but also causing enormously unhealthy smoky air for all people living in the state. The situation is further distressing, if you’ve read any of the reports about the fires being geoengineered.

Holding Light for Other Disasters and Crises

Of course, the same situation of disappearing from the news is true for all the other people in the world suffering from similar disasters such as hurricanes, volcanoes, and earthquakes that seem to be ever-increasing as time goes on. And, of course, there are those who are caught in war zones.

We may gasp in distress or horror when we read or hear about these kinds of events taking place somewhere in the world—but then we generally allow more recent news to cloud our memory of the thousands of people who are still undergoing enormous challenges in their lives following these calamitous events.

As we know, feeling distressed and depressed about these disasters does no one any good. But what we can continue to do (aside from contributing whatever we can on a physical level) is to tune into all of humanity across the globe in our daily meditations and continue to send light and love to those groups of people who are still suffering greatly during this time of great upheaval in the world. We can consciously tune into our connection to everyone on the planet and experience the Oneness we all share.

Oneness with all of humanityThis is one important way for us to begin creating the New Earth: truly staying aware of how our consciousness is connected to the whole of humanity, and remembering that these are momentous times for the evolution of our entire species.

Using our Disasters as Fuel for our Journey

And—we can also consciously choose to ride this unfamiliar roller coaster into the Fifth Dimension in as high a consciousness as possible, meeting the tumultuous challenges we encounter with courage and trust. We can actually choose to take advantage of all disasters taking place in our lives by using them as opportunities for rapid and radical transformation.

As frightening as it can be at times, this transformation is what we have chosen to experience in this lifetime. We will make it through it; we will help to create the New Earth of our dreams. We just need to take one step at a time — even if, at times, it’s on our hands and knees. We are going to make it!




About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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Opportunities for Rapid, Radical Evolution

  1. Betsy McCullen says:

    THANK YOU for this post‼️ As disturbing as all that is happening around me is…in some strange way…I also have a weird sense of calmness that ALL is as it should be…and that it’s all nearly over and we’re rapidly moving towards the New Earth. Some days my whole insides feel like a RAGING wildfire of overwhelming strange uncontrollable thoughts and unexplained physical symptoms…that disappear as quickly and strangely as their onset…and at the same time a huge release is taking place inside me…like the way a forest fire brings new growth ?

  2. Linda miller says:

    Thank you again and again for your steadfast encouragement and bright vision. You are indeed one of the things I am very grateful for this Thanksgiving morning. Love to you.

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