Frustrated with Your Healing Process?
5D Healing May be Your Answer


5D HealingFor many of us, the process of ascension demands the use of a variety of healing methods to assist in clearing out old, limiting patterns of emotional imbalance and ill health.

These uncomfortable patterns are arising for just about everyone these days, and it can be difficult to make it through everyday life if they are not recognized and addressed in a conscious manner.

Indeed, you may find that certain health and emotional issues keep arising, over and over again, no matter what you do. Or maybe you have experienced healing at some point—but then later on, you find you’ve “lost” the healing. And you’re feeling frustrated, wondering what is wrong, what you have missed, or if you will ever experience true and full healing.

If so, you may be ready for what I’d call 5D Healing.

A New Healing Paradigm

Over the last number of decades, I have both experienced and offered sessions using a great variety of healing methods; and for the most part, I have found them helpful to a certain degree. In the last ten years or so, however, I’ve found that none of the methods I was using are all that effective anymore.

It’s as if, with the rising of the frequency in humanity, new higher-frequency methods and perspectives on healing are needed. To understand this better, I have come up with a paradigm which designates whether a healing method might be considered a 3D, 4D or 5D type of healing modality.

In this paradigm, it’s not so much the actual kind of healing modality used that gives it its “dimensional designation”, as it is the consciousness and understanding that are present when using it.

3D Healing

Most allopathic medicine practices are 3D HealingFor instance, an approach that focuses solely on the body or on the mind can be helpful to some extent. But if there is no idea or understanding that who you are is a Soul—or even that there is a connection between your body and your mind and emotions—it can be extremely limited in its effectiveness. Methods used with this lack of understanding I would designate as 3D Healing modalities.

For the most part, 3D Healing methods for the body have generally included most of those used in Western allopathic medicine, along with pharmaceuticals prescribed. If you’re like many people, you may have decided to only use allopathic medicine when absolutely necessary (for things like surgery), because you don’t like taking drugs or how allopathic doctors tend to lack a holistic approach to your health.

If you’re old enough, you may remember how, in the early 60s, chiropractic was introduced, offering a greater understanding of the human body, the importance of diet, and what began to be called “health supplements”. This approach created a greater understanding of the body and its needs. But even this method has proven only partially helpful for many people.

Psychotherapy can be helpful for a while.If you’ve reached out for psychological healing in the past half a century, perhaps you’ve tried traditional talk-therapy. With this, you’ve probably experienced an exploration of your mind and personality traits that have contributed to your suffering, by ferreting out the “causes” of wounding you received as a child.

Or you’ve learned better communication skills and learned how to develop more fulfilling relationships. Perhaps, to some extent, this method has been helpful—especially if you had initially done little self-exploration.

The important aspect to be aware of in both of these healing approaches, however, is that the practitioners using these methods generally perceive you as someone who is sick or wounded. There’s usually the belief that something is wrong with you, something is broken. And you need to be fixed. And this, added to the lack of acknowledgment of anything like a Higher Self or Soul, is basically why I would call them “3D Healing” practices.

4D Healing

Acupuncture would be considered 4D Healing.You may have tried at some point since the final decades of the last century what I’d call 4D Healing—methods stemming from Eastern spiritual and health traditions that have been introduced to the West.

These alternative healing methods began proliferating all across the West, and have included such practices as acupuncture, Ayurvedic, homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, and certain forms of yoga.

Perhaps you’ve also been introduced to Eastern spiritual traditions themselves, offering forms of meditation that might assist both the body and the mind. Maybe you’ve been pleased with the results you’ve gained from some of these healing modalities.

Somatic therapy can be considered 4D Healing.It’s likely you’ve also experienced new forms of transpersonal psychotherapy that began appearing back in the 1980s, many of them with a somatic emphasis of connecting the mind to the body to access the unconscious mind.

You may have also tried other experiential methods of expanding the consciousness that have been added to psychotherapy, sometimes using different forms of hypnosis—such as inner child work, dream therapy, past life therapy, soul retrieval, shadow work, rebirthing, entity releasing, voice dialogue, and shamanic practices.

All these attempt in different ways to shift past the traditional methods of simply exploring the unconscious through the rational mind. And many people—especially those still somewhat new to healing and spiritual awakening—continue to gain great benefit from all of these modalities and are learning to live a more healthy, integrated and fulfilling life.

And yet, in my experience, many of these healing methods still often carry a perspective that you need to be “fixed” and “healed” in order to become a “more whole” person. Even though practitioners of these methods may acknowledge the presence of a Higher Self or Soul, they often still see people as fragmented and wounded and in need of healing.

5D Healing

5D Healing is the most comprehensive type of healing.There are certain healing modalities that could be considered 5D Healing approaches simply due to the fact that they involve working with energy rather than with physical or mental means. And, at times, because the mind cannot understand how the healing works, the results of healing can feel “magical” or “higher-dimensional”.

Many of these modalities include using amazing new technologies. Others involve healing within the quantum field, and are sometimes offered remotely.

However, there are certain principles and understandings that are perhaps more important in designating a healing modality as 5D. One understanding is that negative emotions and core beliefs are almost always at the core of all physical illness. The mind and the body must be considered together as a whole.

Another is that you are responsible for your own healing: you go to a healer for help—but the healing is a partnership process. Indeed, it is often understood that you are actually doing the healing (or consciously allowing it)—the healer is just assisting you by holding the space for you to do this.

Yet another healing principle I’d consider 5D is the realization that both emotional and physical issues may have initially developed in previous lifetimes, and so the role that karma is playing out in your life is something that needs to be understood and considered.

In addition, the process of ascension and the symptoms you’re experiencing in this shift of consciousness also need to be understood, so your path of healing can be as clear and comprehensive as possible.

The Body and Mind are Tools for Navigating 3D

But perhaps the most important aspect of a healing method I would call a 5D Healing approach is the perspective taken by both you and the practitioner: that of not seeing you as wounded or someone who needs to be fixed.

You are already whole and perfect.Instead, it’s one of truly perceiving that you are already whole—because you are not, in your essence, either a body or a mind. You are a Soul, a powerful spiritual being who is incarnated in human form, which happens to come with the use of two tools—a physical body and a mind—both of which are greatly hampered by the frequency of the Third Dimension you are existing in.

From this perspective, you can see that it isn’t so much healing you might need, as it is spiritual awakening. Yes, your body and your mind may need some help to shift into greater harmony and wholeness. This is very important; it’s essential to learn to fully love yourself and also take good care of your body.

But it’s important to keep in mind that this outer shell of body-mind is not who you essentially are. Your mind and body are temporary, imperfect tools you are using to navigate with on this 3D level of reality. They aren’t who you are.

If you can wake up to this truth, then healing becomes an entirely different game. You understand that you are not healing your wounded, fragmented self; who you are is already whole and perfect. You are simply attempting to improve the efficiency of the tools you’ve come in with for getting around in this 3D world. And you can understand these tools are intrinsically imperfect and may never become “whole”—or ever need to be.

Of course, the process of healing is never clear-cut; everyone is unique in how they can take this path. And sometimes you can “upgrade” 4D and even 3D healing methods to 5D by simply bringing in the higher frequency consciousness of 5D Healing.

Keeping in mind who you actually are can make all the difference in the healing process—both in how you experience the healing work and in how effective and rapid it is.


About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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5D Healing May be Your Answer

  1. George Denney Noble says:

    Thanks Vidya! for your interesting thoughts on this matter. I’ve come to love chanting, singing and toning together with others , which I’ve found leads to my experiencing my “Self” as a greater being. Either doing kirtans with a yogic group or the “Dances of Universal Peace”, a form of circle dance and song that’s often called “Sufi” dancing. We make use, however now, of yogic, Buddhist and native chants, not only Sufi. I don’t whirl so much, tho whirling is another tool to create expanded states of awareness I understand.
    I”ve just returned from Mt Shasta, where I did a weekend sound healing retreat with David Gibson and 36 others. Some didactic stuff….’n lots of harmonious toning. “Harmonic Choir” Tom Kenyon called it.
    Yes, Awakening may be a better word than “healing” for what we need to do in the process of reclaiming our power—-or awakening to the fact that WE HAVE it. It may eliminate any NEED for healing……for as you point out, WE clients/ patients ARE the healer and healee simultaneously.

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