Dealing with the “Inner Police” in Your Head

Inner freedom comes when the inner police are gone.One of the most salient features of 5D Consciousness is the complete absence of guilt, shame and self-doubt. Can you imagine experiencing this? Can you feel the glorious sense of inner freedom this would bring you?

Perhaps you have experienced this feeling from time to time, but have found it difficult to hold onto when challenging circumstances arise. It’s rare to be totally free of these emotions. They appear to be an inherent part of the human psyche.

Some would even argue these emotions are healthy and necessary. That may be true for a very small percentage of the population dealing with sociopathic tendencies. But for most of us, it’s not true. Guilt, shame and self-doubt are actually tremendously unhelpful for our spiritual awakening and growth.

So why do these insidious emotions continue to arise—no matter how much spiritual practice and healing work we may have done over the years?

The “Inner Police”

How do you experience the inner police?As you’re probably aware, there is something that exists within everyone that’s been called the “superego” or the “inner critic”. It has also recently been identified as a type of AI technology that exists on the etheric level of our pineal gland, called the “primary implant”. I’ve described this at length in other writings and youtubes. (1)

But in order to keep it light and humorous here, I’ll simply refer to it as the “inner police”.

Whatever name you give it, it functions as a voice and/or feeling that consistently tells you in some way that you are not okay—that you are not doing something right, fast enough, or in the way you “should” be doing it in. It is always there, judging your thoughts, emotions, decisions and actions.

For some people, this voice is very loud; for others, it’s more subtle. Sometimes reactive emotions can arise so quickly, you don’t even realize that there’s something you’re reacting to.

It’s important to understand that the function of this mechanism is to essentially cause you to feel disconnected from Source—and to experience shame, guilt and self-doubt. And, far from being a living, integral part of your consciousness, it’s actually just a mechanism in your head that is programmed to keep you weak and unempowered.

Many people are not even aware of this mechanism within their psyche. But those who have done healing work on themselves tend to be very aware of it and focus on lessening the impact of its judgments and concentrate on healing the wounding it has caused.

Despair comes in with loud inner police in your head.Some people have been literally pummeled over the years by the judgments of the inner police and are constantly focused on attempting to heal feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy. When inner judgment is severe like this, it is usually due to the addition of criticism and judgment they received from their parents, teachers, and other authority figures in childhood, which has added fuel to the inner critic mechanism that was already in place.

A lot of substance abuse can probably be attributed to the presence of a very powerful inner police force within a person. Drugs and alcohol can temporarily shut its voice off—or at least diminish the reaction of guilt or shame to it.

Identifying the “Spiritual Police”

Perhaps the most insidious contingent within the inner police force is the “spiritual police”. This aspect of the inner critic can be extremely sneaky. This is because the spiritual police force will very craftily take all spiritual ideas, ideals, beliefs and goals you adopt and co-opt them to fit its own agenda—to create feelings of shame, guilt and self-doubt when you’re not living up to what you believe in.

The spiritual police create hard and fast rules.The way it does this is by distorting and twisting your spiritual ideals and beliefs into hard and fast rules, about what is “good”, “right” or “spiritual”—and metes out emotional punishment if you don’t obey these rules. Have you ever noticed this?

As an example, suppose at some point you adopt the belief that meditation is an important practice to develop for your spiritual awakening. And you set about to begin meditating and do your best to live up to this ideal. But perhaps you fall short of doing what you initially intended. How long does it take for that inner voice to begin nagging you, telling you you’ve failed, you’re lazy, you’re not committed to your own growth, you’ll never reach enlightenment—or whatever?

Or perhaps you’ve decided you really want to forgive someone who has done something hurtful to you. Being able to forgive feels spiritual to you; you don’t want to hold onto anger and blame. But, try as you may, anger and hurt keep coming up, and you find you really can’t honestly forgive that person. Again, how long does it take for the spiritual police to take over, judging and belittling you, causing shame and guilt for failing in your spiritual intention?

Distinguishing between your Higher Self and the Spiritual Police

Now you might believe that this voice is attempting to assist you, to help keep you on track on your spiritual journey. After all, you do want to be disciplined in your spiritual practice, and you do wish to experience high-vibrational emotions and forgiveness.

This is where it’s important to be able to distinguish between the inner voice of the spiritual police and that of your Higher Wisdom (which may include voices of your Higher Self, spirit guides, archangels, or other teachers). These are two distinctively different kinds of voices, but they can be difficult to tell apart if you don’t pay attention and keep conscious when you are hearing an inner message.

Your Higher Self speaks with love and kindness.One way to know if it’s a voice that’s speaking truth to you is if there is a feeling of inherent benevolence within the message. Your Higher Self and guides do not speak to you in such a way as to cause guilt, shame or self-doubt. They do not judge. They speak with love, kindness and understanding. They make suggestions. They offer guidance and protection. When they speak to you, there is a profound sense of being enveloped by love unconditionally, no matter what you think, feel or do.

The messages of the spiritual police, on the other hand, are always at least somewhat negative and critical. Your immediate response of guilt, shame or self-doubt—or depression, fear or despair—is a key that it’s the voice of the spiritual police you’ve just heard. It’s a very familiar voice, one you’ve heard most of your life, so it’s hard to catch.

It’s especially hard because this voice speaks with authority, like a parent or priest or teacher; and since, like most people, you’ve been conditioned to respect authority, you take it for granted it’s telling you the truth about yourself: that you’re flawed, you’re inadequate, and you need to work hard, if you’re going to ever achieve spiritual freedom—or really be a “good” person.

Gaining your Inner Authority

It's important to gain your inner authority.So what can you do to develop a sense of inner authority and gain your freedom from the spiritual police?

1. Catch it when it’s speaking to you. Vigilance and awareness are key. Become aware of it when it’s giving you a verbal or feeling message. These messages can be very subtle and ingrained. There’s usually a tendency to go unconscious when the Spiritual Police is doing its job on you.

When you do catch it, name it. Realize clearly what it is—something that not only is unhelpful to you, it also perniciously erodes your spiritual awakening process. Doing this will automatically help to distance it from you. You’ll realize it’s not telling you truth and that it’s simply a programmed mechanism in your head, designed to lower your vibration.

2. Be aware of your emotional response. A second step is to do your best to not respond with any conditioned feelings of guilt, shame or self-doubt. If the feelings do automatically arise, don’t judge them, push them away or try to change them. Just let them be. Observe them without judgment, realizing they’re just conditioned responses.

Stand up to the spiritual police.3. Stand up to it. Then, if you can, stand up to the critical mechanism—not with anger or resentment, but with a sense of grounded inner authority, of one who is master or mistress over their own consciousness. Tell it firmly to be quiet. “Stop!” or “Shut up!” can be very effective.

See the mechanism as an intruder that has been ruling you without true spiritual authority. And energetically take over its “seat” in the center of your head. You’ll see that, in doing this, it will be forced to step down. It’s as if it knows it has held its position of master over you through fraudulent means and that you ultimately have power over it.

4. Bring in Love. Then it’s time to invite love into your Being: love for the inner child who has been bullied forever by this critical mechanism. Explain compassionately to this younger self how you’ve realized that you’ve allowed it to be criticized, judged, and shamed for a long time—and you’re sorry for this.

Then add that you are now taking charge and you are going to do your best to not let this happen anymore. Also explain that you are still learning about how to stay in this role and that you may fail at times—but your intention is to keep vigilant and not allow the bully critic to be in charge anymore.

Gain spiritual freedom by breaking away from the inner police.Bringing in love for yourself naturally puts you in a higher vibration. And, in fact, when you’re in this higher frequency, you can even begin to love the spiritual police mechanism itself. You’ll find it has no defense against love—the highest frequency in creation.

You are inherently much more powerful than it is. You are REAL. You are a consciousness; it is not. With enough love, you can begin to totally free yourself from its tyranny over you.

Other Forces within the Inner Police

There are other forces within the inner police you may also become aware of. Such as the “food police”. If you’re someone who wants fervently to improve your diet, this part of the inner police force may be alive and well in you. You may realize that any time you choose to eat something containing sugar, GMOs, inorganic ingredients, or simple carbs, for example, the food police come out in full force. You may find yourself defending yourself to them, explaining why you’re eating it, or why you’re actually not a bad or weak person. You can laugh at the ridiculousness of this.

Or how about the “dental police”? Are you aware of them whenever you forget to floss or you don’t spend as much time brushing your teeth as you know you should? And of course, there’s always the “exercise police” that can also make you miserable when you just don’t feel like exercising.

Again, the goals you have around being healthy may be very worthy and helpful. But the inner police make hard and fast rules of these goals and will punish you emotionally, if you break them. This is what to look for and catch. Think about it: What arbitrary rules are you allowing to run your life?

No Hard and Fast Rules in Spirituality

There are no hard and fast rules around spirituality.There really are no hard and fast rules around spirituality or how to best live your life. There exists a tremendous variety of teachings offering guidance on the spiritual path because there is no one way. Everyone needs to follow their own unique way of finding their way Home.

It’s also important to understand that, because of all the restrictions and distortions inherent in 3D reality, it’s very difficult for anyone to make easy headway toward full awakening, even in the best of circumstances. It’s therefore important to go easy on yourself as you find your own way along your path.

Respect yourself. Stand by your choices, your decisions. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t let the inner police dictate how you live your life or how you feel about yourself.

And remember to have fun with this whole process of nailing the inner police, if you can. Be humorous. Humor can be almost as powerful as love at times in waking up to the gloriously powerful spiritual Being that you are.



(1) For more on the Primary Implant, see my PDF on Preparing for the Event, page 9. I also describe it in my youtube, A Message for Starseeds, about 13 min.



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  1. Dorothy Luciano says:

    Thank you for this very helpful article. I wonder how the inner police contribute to or even cause depression. Or, conversely, how depression increases the power of the inner police.

  2. Patrick Campe says:

    I believe this is also called “Witnessing” and helps us to stay in the NOW. Time is an illusion in the sense that Physiological time pulls us into the past with regret over things we did “wrong” and or into the future with worry about what we need to do. Why we have this mechanism within us is a mystery to me but as I learn to recognize it and love it and not judge it I feel so much better about myself when witnessing this phenomenon

  3. Jane Preston says:

    As usual you are right on target. Such a maze to maneuver, so appreciate your clarity and giving your information to us all. Thank you Jane

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