Choosing 5D Consciousness

choosing 5D consciousnessThere’s a lot to read these days about the Fifth Dimension and what it will feel and look like once we have ascended into this higher dimension. The beauty and peace of an existence within this higher frequency can cause an intense longing.

Just imagine walking around in a consciousness of profound well-being on all levels—peaceful, happy, free—with an open and loving heart. Present, curious, enthusiastic, optimistic. A sense of feeling powerful, confident and capable.

In other words, experiencing a state of being in which a number of emotions are absent, such as fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, a feeling of lack, and survival fears. In essence, an experience of profound and expansive freedom and joy.

Glimpses of 5D Consciousness

Glimpses of 5D consciousnessPerhaps you’ve had glimpses of this kind of state of being—or even longer periods of time—in which you’ve been graced with this high-vibrational consciousness. But maybe, like most people, you’ve ultimately shifted back into the default 3D-4D consciousness you’d previously been living in. This backward shift can sometimes cause a great deal of distress and confusion.

This need not happen if you realize that what’s happened is you’ve been gifted with a reference point of where you’re headed—a state of being in which you will feel infinitely freer and happier than you do now. It’s a preview of what’s to come—and probably only a somewhat dim version of what’s really in store for you, once your ascension to the Fifth Dimension has taken place.

The important thing to realize, however, is that you don’t have to passively wait for 5D consciousness to “happen” to you. Indeed, it is something you can tap into and experience more and more as time goes on, until 5D becomes your everyday default consciousness.

Developing 5D Consciousness

mastering every thought, emotion and action are essential for 5D consciousness.It’s been said that 5D consciousness involves mastering every thought, every emotion, and every action, in every moment. This requires awareness and vigilance—but it need not include anxiety or hyper-alertness.

It simply involves a commitment to discover negative, habitual thought and emotional patterns you’ve unconsciously learned over the years and being honest with yourself about them—but without any judgment about what you find, and without falling into shame or guilt about them. Simply making a choice to shift them to a higher frequency, if necessary.

Discover the inner workings of your mind.In particular,  it entails becoming aware of what automatic negative attitudes or reactions you unconsciously fall into when triggered—like fear, anger, blame, guilt, judgment, or shame.

For instance, you can ask yourself if you generally go through life with a pessimistic or fearful attitude. Or if you automatically react with anger, shame or fear when faced with certain situations. Do you perhaps fall into depression when nothing much is going on in your life? Do you turn to food, alcohol, drugs or sex to distract you from your pain?

It’s also important to be aware of what your default attitudes about people, politics, relationships and life in general seem to be. Are you often judgmental of others? Do you polarize into positions on certain subjects with people? Do you have negative beliefs and attitudes toward the opposite sex?

If you discover you strongly hold any negative reactions and attitudes like these toward anything, you can realize how they are not conducive to developing 5D consciousness. But it need not be overwhelming to think of turning them around. This process can be done gradually, with ease, remembering to remain compassionate with yourself.

In particular, it’s important to not see yourself as someone who is flawed in any way or that you need to “fix” yourself. There’s nothing wrong with you—it’s just habits you’ve developed, like anyone else living on this 3D planet, that are not helpful to you.

Choosing 5D Habits

You can choose optimism.So how to go about developing new higher-dimensional habits? Here are some choices you can make that can lead you more and more easily into a 5D consciousness.

1. Choose Optimism. If you pay close and constant attention to all the tumultuous events taking place in today’s world, it can be difficult to be optimistic about the future. More than one geopolitical situation seems dire at this point, not only for certain groups of people or countries, but for the world at large.

In addition, your own life may be coming apart, as you experience ever-increasing losses and uncertainty. It may feel wise and “realistic” to stay pessimistic so that you can feel safe from disappointment and be prepared for the worst, should it happen.

Optimism is an essential aspect of 5D consciousness.And yet, an important aspect of 5D consciousness is a sense of light-filled optimism—a focus on what is going well and an easy trust that all will work out well in the end. It includes a knowing that there is a higher plan at play, and that you can depend on it.

There’s also an understanding that the universe responds to your thoughts and feelings by creating more of what you focus your attention on and which emotions you allow to run freely in you.

If you choose to be optimistic about life and expect it to give you what you need, then you can see how this does always happen. This doesn’t mean just occasionally thinking in a hopeful way that something good might happen. Occasional hope doesn’t cut it. It requires choosing to be consistently optimistic, knowing that life will play out in positive ways— sometimes differently from how you were hoping it would—but always positive and beneficial in the end.

It's important to trust the Divine.2. Choose Trust. In order to stay optimistic, there’s a need to trust what is going on. And to have faith that you will be taken care of and be given what is truly best for you, even if something isn’t clear in the moment as to how it may be serving you.

Trusting the Divine also means choosing to let go of those things and situations that are being taken from you in one way or another—and trusting that these things you’ve lost were hindrances to your further evolution.

Trust is not always easy to develop. It’s important to take it one step at a time slowly, so that it doesn’t cause you anxiety. It’s also essential to remember the saying about trusting in Allah—and also tying your camel. It’s a dance in which you need to hold the 5D Reality you’re beginning to experience in one hand, and the 3D/4D reality that is still playing out in the world at this time in the other.

So be wise about what you trust; take care of yourself. But, if fear arises, question it.  Ask yourself honestly if there is real reason for fear in the situation you’re in. So much fear is an automatic reaction based on past traumas and fearful decisions made in those situations; and, when you take time to investigate the fear you’re feeling in a current situation, you can often see it is not really warranted. It’s just a habit, one you can choose to change.

It's possible to choose to be happy.3. Choose Happiness. This can be a challenging suggestion, if you believe that happiness is caused by outer events, circumstances and relationships—as most people do. What you can discover is that happiness is something you can choose to experience.

You have the knowing of this emotion and state of being within you. Tune in and find it. It is there for you to choose at any time—no matter what is happening. Actually, in fully committing yourself to choosing optimism in your life, you can find that happiness naturally appears. But keeping both of them in mind can be helpful.

4. Choose Love and Compassion. This is probably a no-brainer; of course, you understand that love and compassion are of a high vibration and you’ll choose this response whenever you can. The problem is it’s possible to be triggered so quickly at times, that this spiritual understanding doesn’t even arise in the difficult interaction you’re having with someone—or with yourself. But again, this is an awareness you can develop in yourself if you make it important.

Whenever you feel yourself shifting into anger, blame or shame, do your best to know that not only are love and compassion of a higher frequency than these and most other emotions, they are more powerful as well. An open, loving heart is one of the main aspects of 5D consciousness.

Gratitude is a high vibration.5. Choose Gratitude. Yet another powerful response to situations or life in general is gratitude. Consciously choosing to feel this emotion can automatically raise your vibration. And it can change your entire outlook on a situation and help you see things you weren’t seeing before. In addition, focusing on gratitude alerts the Universe to continue giving you situations and things to be grateful for.

6. Choose to Stay in the Now. In a certain way, the most powerful choice you can make in any moment is to pull your awareness into the Now, into what is happening in this moment. So much fear, anxiety and depression stem from keeping focused on the past and the future. When you consistently bring your awareness into the immediate moment, you can feel all those mind concerns fade away and experience a sense of clear, light and joyful Presence that you’ll find is inherent in every moment.

Truly Valuing your Spiritual Awakening

All this may seem like a lot of work and perhaps too difficult to pay attention to in the middle of a busy life. And this may be true for you. It does definitely take some time and effort and it may not feel that important for you—or at least at this time.

Is spiritual awakening a high priority for you?However, if you are at a point in your life in which spiritual freedom is the most important desire you have—and you also know you’re here in this life to assist others through the dimensional Shift—you will find a determination within yourself to do the inner work necessary to change the consciousness habits that continue to lower your vibration.

Remember—there are powerful frequency waves of light now streaming onto the planet to help you do this. As you make any attempt to raise your consciousness on a consistent basis, you will be able to catch these waves and ride them. And the more you do this, the easier it gets to catch them—because you will have created new, high-dimensional habits that are shifting you gradually into 5D consciousness.


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  1. OAKLEY KINLOK says:

    Dearest Vidya

    You are the Queen of timing. My morning hikes have been pondering this exact question.
    I am poised for a new shift which is fraught with excitement and insecurity
    Thank you for the “hand up”

    With love

  2. Sue says:

    Over past six months or so I’ve been experiencing intense moment of bliss – but in the past two weeks I have slipped back into a state of 3D loneliness and separation. I KNOW this is a massive pattern for me, so I am sitting with it and allowing it to tell me what I need to do to break free of it. Right now I am in the thick of it, so your posting is very timely, encouraging and supportive. Thank you Vidya.

  3. Bev says:

    Great article. Thank you.

    • Shannon Bogle says:

      This article was very inspiring and a reminder of why we are truly here. Soon, we will all understand true consciousness.

  4. Kay says:

    Hello – Thank you for your contribution for bringing attention to this important understanding <3

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