Dismantling your Inner Critic

Do you ever get fed up with that irritating voice in your head that is always ready to tell you how inferior or inadequate you are – or how you’re doing something wrong?

How, no matter what you’ve done or how you’ve done it, it tells you either that you shouldn’t have done it, or that you should have done it better in some way – faster, more calmly, with more confidence, or more love – or whatever?

Or maybe you hear messages at times that simply tell you that you’re a terrible person, and you don’t deserve to be happy – or to be financially secure, have loving relationships, or rewarding work. Or maybe that you simply deserve to be miserable.

What can be really tricky with this voice that’s been called the inner critic or the superego is that it will take everything you believe to be true, especially spiritual truths, and use them against you.

No matter what you do, it will inevitably tell you that you’re not kind enough, loving enough, detached enough, or spiritually evolved enough. You’ll hear that you’re selfish; you should be out somewhere saving the world. Or you don’t meditate enough, you’re in your ego, you don’t give enough to others.

Maybe you know enough by now not to believe your inner critic. But, unless you stay constantly alert, no matter what, that nagging voice in your head can somehow drag you down into 3D consciousness each time without your even realizing it. Your reaction to it may be so habitual, that you just automatically fall into feeling bad about yourself, somehow believing the message is true.

Attempts to Heal Yourself from the Inner Critic

If you’ve been a conscientious lightworker, you have probably attempted to heal yourself from this vicious voice. You’ve been aware that it’s just something inside your mind that produces guilt, shame, fear and self-judgment and you somehow need to heal it – or heal yourself so it’s not so powerful in its attempts to weaken you.

Psychological and spiritual work with the inner critic can be helpful – at least to a certain extent. Perhaps you’ve found that the messages don’t erode your self-value so much anymore, and you’ve experienced a deeper sense of self-love.

And yet, this kind of inner work can really wear you down. It can seem endless. And if you have an especially strong inner critic, you’ve perhaps ended up at one time or another attempting to shut its messages out by turning to drugs, alcohol or sex – which, of course, if you’ve indulged in these for too long, can create even louder and more frequent messages about what a failure you are.

In fact, you may have also discovered that no matter how much healing work you’ve done, the inner critic mechanism still carries on with its messages inside your head. The haranguing doesn’t go away; the messages just get more subtle.

So why oh why does this continue on, making self-love and inner peace so difficult to attain, no matter what you do?

The True Nature of the Inner Critic

What you may not understand is what the inner critic actually is. Your assumption might be that it is a natural part of you. You might even assume it has a positive purpose in a certain way, to help keep you from doing something wrong or harmful.

But what if you were to discover that this inner critic mechanism was never part of the original human blueprint – that it is not a natural, inherent part of us as human beings?

What if you were to understand that it is a type of AI implant that was spliced into the human DNA thousands of years ago by non-friendly beings who have been controlling humanity ever since from within the lower Fourth Dimension on the planet?

Conspiracy Theory or Reality?

Now, this may sound like conspiracy theory to you, but read on – because this is the answer to what this malicious voice inside your head actually is – and why you have never really been successful in “healing” it.

Many thousands of years ago, there were a great number of off-world beings who frequently visited Earth to do experiments with what they found here — including a developing race of human beings. Many of these visitors were highly-evolved Beings who wished to assist humanity to evolve more quickly. Others were not especially benevolent, simply curious.

And then there were those who were actually not interested in assisting humanity at all, but only in doing experiments that would benefit their own race and agendas. And there was one group that eventually took control of the main experiments being done on the human race. Unfortunately, although they were very highly-evolved technologically – especially in tinkering with DNA – they were not at all evolved spiritually.

And one of the things they created in their experiments was the inner critic mechanism, a programmed AI implant designed specifically to create weakness in humanity so that the natural connection humans had to Source was impaired and muted, and they could thus be better controlled.

As technologically-advanced beings, they managed to insert this technology into the DNA as an implant on the etheric level of the frontal lobes of the human brain. And that is why, no matter what we may do to try to change its negative messages through healing methods we’ve developed, its programmed function can never fully be stopped or taken control of.  It’s not a part of who WE are. It’s alien technology.

The Good News

And yet, there are things you can understand about this implant that can create a sense of ease in dealing with it. And there are ways to work with it that will eventually assist you to step free of its controlling force inside of you.

First, be aware that this technology of the inner critic is currently weakening in all humans, as the frequency of the planet and humanity continues to rise. This kind of technology cannot go with us into the Fifth Dimension.

Nor can the many other technologies created by these beings that have hindered humanity’s evolution over the thousands of years they’ve been here – the disastrous results of which we can see in the world today now manifesting through Big Pharma, secret space programs, geopolitics, banking institutions and mega-corporations. Indeed, these beings themselves are currently being pushed out, due to the new frequencies streaming onto the Earth.

However, this will be a process. It will take some time. And meanwhile, we are still dealing with the inner critic technology that remains in our brains, continuing to create its messages of fear, blame, guilt, shame, and judgment of ourselves and of others.

What can be done about this? What is the best way to handle these messages when they automatically arise in our minds?

Dismantling the Inner Critic

The most powerful thing you can do is to simply become aware of it, right as it begins with a message – and to recognize it as something that is not a part of YOU.

You catch it. You acknowledge it as a foreign, programmed technology that is just playing out its negative message to you in order to weaken your love for yourself and your awareness of who you are as a powerful multi-dimensional Being. And you consciously refrain from falling into an emotional reaction to it.

This approach can sound simplistic, but if you try it, you will discover how incredibly powerful this focused awareness is. It will stop the programmed message in its tracks. It will silence it.

It’s important to realize that it’s not helpful to respond with anger or an attempt to fight against it. Or even to respond with love to it, as you might be tempted to do. None of these approaches works. Simple awareness and recognition does – especially if you can feel yourself standing up strong inside yourself as you do this, and just kind of stare it down without any emotional or mental reaction. When you just see it for what it is, it will go silent.

In doing this over time,  you will see how the voice gets weaker and weaker within you. A bell just goes off inside your mind when it starts to try to bully you or convince you that something’s wrong with you. And you can just say, “Oh shut up!” — or simply smile or even laugh, as it slinks away in silence.

Living in 5D Without the Inner Critic

The inner critic is just one of the many mechanisms that have kept us trapped in 3D for so many thousands of years. But just imagine what it will be like even to just be free of this pesky, mechanism constantly annoying you with messages that weaken you.

In 5D, you will no longer be run by this kind of technology that produces self-doubt, conflict, and confusion within you – or with any other person on the planet.

Keep focused on this new Reality. We are on the positive timeline now toward freedom. We are moving more and more toward a beautiful world. We’re just traveling through a time at this point in which all that cannot go with us into 5D must be seen clearly and brought down.

It’s a rough period and may get worse for a while. But if we can keep aware and focused on 5D consciousness within ourselves, we will be helping immensely to bring all of humanity that will be continuing on with us into that higher consciousness, as well.


About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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4 Responses to Dismantling your Inner Critic

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for your inspiration. It really helps during these tumultuous times. <3

  2. CAROL REID says:


  3. Vidya Frazier says:

    My information essentially comes through my inner guidance. I am often aware of ascended masters and galactic beings in my field speaking to me. The information I have received regarding this particular blog has also been validated by certain information that has come through the Pleiadian contactee, Cobra, and Jacqueline Hobbs (aka Oracle Girl). You can read more about my background here: https://vidyafrazier.com/about-vidya-frazier/

  4. Shaunie L says:

    Thank you so much for this message. It has clarified and validated my experiences. Recently, after 2 weeks of being in a deep state of depression, and sleeping during most of my free time, I became aware of this implant and the horridly demeaning messages it was broadcasting. It’s also the hidden compulsion behind people making unhealthy choices that sabotage one’s life path to create more frustration, anger and misery for it and its creators to feed on. It has names that it likes to call itself, the great imperator, the great imprecator, the great parasitor. Those names just came to me, I’d never heard them before, but their meanings can be found in a web search. Once you know something’s name, it turns the tables because it can no longer hide and masquerade as part of your own subconscious landscape. Cobra mentions using phrases that contradict each other to disable it. Such as: I am one with God; I am not one with God. God loves me; God does not love me, etc. what ever contradiction is present in your life. Write them down over and over again, or verbally repeat them over and over, everyday for a month, and it is supposed to short circuit the implant. Thought my low opinion of my self and my self sabotage stemmed from the extremely dysfunctional childhood I had, and that tied into it, but it was precipitated by that implant and reinforced through the family who also suffered from it.

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