Experiencing 5D Oneness

experiencing 5D OnenessOneness is a word that’s used a lot these days in spiritual circles. The word reminds us that we’re all connected in a deep and important way. And that we therefore need to try to live and work together harmoniously, taking everyone concerned into consideration.

This is a notion most of us would agree with. It feels compassionate and resonant with a truth we feel within our hearts. And for the most part, we try to live our lives guided by this principle.

3D Sense of Separation

At least until we’re triggered by something someone does or says—and bam! the old, familiar 3D feeling of separation arises again, and we’re stuck in emotions and thoughts that are far from an experience of Oneness.

Or we may be listening to the news and hear about some stupid or atrocious thing some person in power has said or done; and, without a thought, we shift into righteous judgment and anger toward them. This is an easy thing to do these days, as there do seem to be certain individuals, in particular, who are committing downright criminal acts and taking political positions that are not in the best interests of most people. It can seem “right” to oppose them and verbally demean them.

And yet—if we believe in Oneness, where does that notion go when we move into righteous judgment about someone? Is there a way in which we can remain in our knowing about how a country should be run or how people should act with integrity and caring—and at the same time, not create a sense of separation within ourselves toward them? Is there a way we can remain in compassion toward them, while not condoning their choices or their behavior?

It seems that if we are truly going to live the principle of Oneness, we need to find a way to do this. And this demands an ability and willingness to catch ourselves when we fall into divisiveness and separation or a sense of righteous superiority, and see clearly what we are choosing to feel.

Oneness Includes Everybody

Humanity is all one consciousness.It’s important to understand that no matter how “right” we may feel to criticize or demean someone, when we do this, we’re keeping ourselves in 3D consciousness—one of separation, opposition, and duality. Feeling a true sense of Oneness is a 5D experience. This includes a knowing of Oneness with everybody—not just all those who happen to agree with us about what we believe to be right and wrong.

Somehow, we need to learn how to step back from whatever the situation is—whether it’s within a personal relationship, or a reaction toward a public figure—and shift into the deeper picture of what’s going on.

Humanity is a Collective Consciousness

To start with, it seems important to realize that as humanity, we are all a collective consciousness. We’re each here on this planet together at this time, because we chose to experience the Earth’s shift into the Fifth Dimension during these times.

As a collective, we all have vastly different roles to play in this great cosmic drama. Some are here to break apart the old, corrupt ideas and structures (however brutally or clumsily this may occur), and some are here to bring in new, higher-vibrational ones. Both roles are serving a purpose. But because both these phenomena are happening simultaneously, it can feel overwhelmingly chaotic, confusing, and even scary at times; and people tend to react with fear and anger.

So what’s needed is not just an intellectual understanding of Oneness—but a deep experience of it within ourselves so that we can know it as a truth. And then live this truth and invite others to join us in this consciousness.

Oneness Starts Within

We need to compassionately accept all of we are.So how can we do this? As always, it has to start with an experience we have within ourselves—about ourselves. We have to find the experience of Oneness inside, a Oneness of all parts of ourselves—a sense of allowing, accepting and embracing all aspects of ourselves, not just those we approve of.

It truly demands taking an honest look at the aspects of our personalities, and our thoughts and emotions we tend to deny, try to hide, or judge ourselves for. And then deciding to embrace them all, both the dark and the light. This doesn’t mean acting on negative emotions with the less-than-awake parts of ourselves; it simply means allowing them to be there without judging them, accepting them as part of the whole of who we are at this time.

Resolving Judgment

Only then can we be at least relatively free of feelings of separation toward other people. When we’re not judging ourselves, it tends to be a lot easier to avoid judging others. In fact, if we find ourselves judging someone else, we needn’t bother trying to convince ourselves that we “shouldn’t” be judging them. This usually doesn’t really work, anyway.

Instead, we can see our judgment of someone else as a sign that we’re judging ourselves in some way. Maybe not for the exact same thing we’re judging them for, but probably for something similar. So if we look back toward our own judgment of ourselves and shift into a compassionate mode toward ourselves—we’ll find that our tendency to judge others will dissipate.

So that’s a first step toward developing a knowing of Oneness, not just an intellectual belief in it: Do whatever we can to create an experience of Oneness and compassion for all parts of ourselves. And then see how this begins reflecting in our relationships with others and also in our reactions toward people who have very different ideas about how things should be run in the world.

Just One Consciousness

We are all just one Consciousness.But there’s a further step we can take in experiencing Oneness. This is an experience that goes even deeper than just knowing we’re all connected and that we need to live and work together in harmony. We can realize that Oneness isn’t something we create; it’s a reality that already exists.

If we can tune into this deeper reality, we can discover that more than just being connected to each other, we are all actually just one Consciousness. We all spring from just one Source. There is actually no separation at all between any of us.

In fact, not only are all humans just one Consciousness—everything we see around us is that same Consciousness: all things in Nature—the trees, the flowers, the clouds, the animals, the Earth, herself. We are all these things. If we can sense this truth, a quiet bliss can arise within us.

We can find that this same consciousness actually resides even in inanimate objects in our world. Everything is made of the same stuff—Consciousness, God, whatever we want to call it.

There is just One Source, and we are that Source. We are everything that exists. There is no separation between us and anything in existence.

The Mystery

Accepting the reality of OnenessAnd—at the same time, we are also individual sparks of this Source—Souls—all here playing out the story of creation. It’s a mystery, a paradox—how we can be both individual beings and yet also all of existence at once. But this is the reality of who we inherently are.

And in developing this deep knowing, we can then go about our lives and experience the Oneness that naturally exists between us and other people with greater ease. We can avoid falling into judgment, righteousness or divisiveness so readily. We can live our lives from a deeper, truer place within ourselves.

And we can know that, with this experience, we are doing a great deal to help usher in the New Earth.


Here is a brief meditation that may assist you in experiencing the deep Oneness you share with all of creation:



About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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3 Responses to Experiencing 5D Oneness

  1. James says:

    Ms.Frazier, In My opinion is right on. There is nothing either good or bad only thinking makes it so, Shakespeare. The intellect can never know God. Your Mind and your thoughts are the same, J. Krishnamurti.
    In the beginning God knew everything but had experienced nothing. He experiences everything through us.
    We are God individualized and still remain the whole. It’s not written your law. I said, Ye are gods, Jesus the Christ.
    Blessing to all. You are the Eternal Light.

  2. Pat says:

    Beautifully expressed and a much needed teaching for these seemingly insane times. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, dear Vidya.

  3. joan Oliver says:

    Thank you …thank you ….thank you.
    Your overview or summary was perfectly timed.
    Each paragraph will serve as a starting point for discussion in my little ladies group.

    All the work that you put into its creation is totally appreciated

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