Learning Trust
On Your Journey into the Fifth Dimension


The following is an excerpt from my new book, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, describing an important aspect of the Ascension process many of us are now experiencing: Trust.


 Ascension demands learning to trust.If you learn nothing else on your journey into the Fifth Dimension, it’s going to be trust. In particular, trust of the Unknown…trust that you’re being guided, no matter how alone you may feel…trust that whatever is happening to you is absolutely right for you–as unsettling and unfamiliar as it may be at times.

Over time, you will see that you are traveling on the “road less traveled”. There are not yet a lot of road signs where you are going, nor obvious pointers as to which way to go. Unidentified crossroads may confuse you; apparent dead ends may cause you to doubt. You may feel lost for a while until you get your bearings again.

Another description of these times, especially when we find ourselves struggling to hold on to our old lives and identities, is one given to us by Indigenous Elders. They describe a river we’ve all been swimming along in, in our lives. Till now we’ve generally been swimming close to shore where the current is relatively gentle, stopping off here and there along the way, taking a rest and setting up house for awhile in different places.

They tell us that it’s now time to move away from the shores of the river—to not hang on to anything there anymore. It’s time, rather, to swim out to the middle of the river and just let the powerful currents there take us. It’s time to surrender to the river and trust it will take us where we need to go.

You are Being Guided

You are being guided on your Ascension path.These analogies may bring up fear and uncertainty. But fear not. As you become more and more aware on your Ascension journey, you will see that you are being guided, held and protected—and that you are always being kept on course in the right direction, in right timing.

When in doubt, avoid listening to other people’s opinions; they may not be familiar with your unique path and may point you back onto old familiar roads that are no longer right for you. Instead, trust your intuition. Stop and listen inwardly when confused. It’s okay to stop for awhile until you get clear.

Remember that before you incarnated this time around, you knew full well what would be happening on the Earth during your sojourn here. You fully understood and gratefully signed up for it and all it would entail. And you trusted that all would fall into place as you made your way along your journey.

Now you must trust that decision you made. You must trust that you are being guided every step of the way—not only by your Higher Self, but also by your guides, celestial beings, spiritual masters and galactic beings here specifically to assist in the Ascension process. They’re all here with you, whether you’re yet aware of them or not.

Developing Faith

One of the signposts that you may be resisting where your Ascension path is taking you is when the feeling of struggle arises. If you find yourself attempting to achieve something and it’s clear over and over again that it’s not working, stop. It’s important for you to cease striving and give up trying to make something happen that isn’t going to happen.

Instead, assume that something else is wanting to happen and surrender to this probability. Watch to see what else may unfold. You may initially feel that what’s happening is not right, not what’s “supposed” to be happening. But if you have faith and stay tuned to your inner knowing, you’ll realize in time that it’s exactly perfect. You’ll see that everything coming into your life is what will help you ascend in the fastest, smoothest way.

You will begin to see this more clearly if you shift your perception from your mind to your Heart. Intuitively, you will sense the rightness of all occurrences and experiences in your life as they happen.

Choice of Survival or Faith

 During these times as you travel through the Fourth Dimension, you will often have the choice of two different approaches to life: the third-dimensional choice of survival, and the fifth-dimensional choice of faith.

The third-dimensional mode of “survival” in this context doesn’t just apply to getting food and shelter and other material needs met. It refers to a generally unconscious approach to life in general in which you may be trying to be in control of everything in your life.

There’s a belief that you’d better make sure everything in your life is in place or you won’t survive: you’d better have enough money (which may mean a reliable job, money in the bank, or a close relationship with someone who will support you), and good relationships to feel emotional support when you need it.

You may not look at relying on these things as a mode of survival, but they are. You’ve just lived with them for so long that they don’t seem to be a form of survival.

Looking Inward for What you Need

 The important thing to realize is that when you’re in the mode of survival, you are looking outside yourself for all you need. You’re using your limited third-dimensional mind to determine how you’re going to maintain yourself here on the planet: how to get the things you need to physically survive, and how to get the emotional support you believe you need from people around you. And this can keep you in a continuous state of anxiety, especially as you come to realize in the end that you may have very little control over outer conditions.

As you move toward fifth-dimensional consciousness, you will find that you need to let go of this limited perspective. You’ll see that your belief that your needs are going to be met by things and situations you’ve set up outside you and by people you’ve brought into your life isn’t working anymore.

If you are strongly attached to believing these things are responsible for your sense of safety and survival, you will probably be given the opportunity to find out that they are not. Many of these outer supports may disappear (either temporarily or permanently) to show you this.

If, for example, you lose your job, your life savings, or an important relationship, know that it is this learning dynamic that may be what is operating. Instead of panicking, see if you can drop inside yourself and align with a faith that you will find the means of survival in other ways—perhaps in ways that will bring you an even greater sense of joy and freedom.

Reliance on Faith on Your Journey into the Fifth Dimension

 In fifth-dimensional consciousness, there is no reliance on anything in the outer world for a sense of safety or survival. There is only reliance on faith—faith that life will bring you absolutely everything you need, when you need it.

Eventually faith is replaced by a secure knowing, a certainty based on your own experience that you are always taken care of. But until that fully develops, faith is what you need to rely on, a trust in a higher power—whether you name this God, Spirit, Source or your Higher Self. You trust that it is guiding your life and taking care of you with utmost compassion and wisdom.

This doesn’t mean you just sit on your couch and watch TV all day long, trusting that you’re being taken care of (although it might mean this for a while, if this is appropriate or necessary for you). It just means that you have faith that you will be shown the way to live, support yourself, and find not only a sense of security—but also a sense of well-being.

It may actually mean that you gear up to explore doing all the more out in the world to take care of yourself. But your motivation will come from a calm intuitive nudging to do those things, not from an anxiety arising from your mind.

With faith as your guide, you will find synchronicities blooming all around you; little miracles will become commonplace in your life. And the more you live from this place of faith, the stronger your faith will become. You’ll see that there is nothing outside in the world that is permanent or dependable for your safety or survival. But with the faith you have inside, it won’t matter.

Learning to live fully from a place of faith is not always easy. But the relaxation and the freedom from fear you experience when you begin to achieve this are monumental and will change your entire experience of life.


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