Navigating your Way through the Chaos

A month ago, we were all thinking that 2020 had been a rough and chaotic year. And yet, we are now beginning to realize those earlier months were probably just a mild preview of what is still ahead of us. On many levels, we are likely heading toward even darker and more tumultuous times.

The confusion and fear amongst most people around the world continue to rise, as predictions of greater challenges and confusion abound, especially around the Covid-19 situation and the US election.

How can we prepare to meet these increasing challenges, while continuing to stay in tune with 5D consciousness – and on track with our spiritual missions? It often seems a daunting feat.

Which Channel are you Tuned into?

One way is to be aware of different “channels” that are available for us to tune into at any moment these days — bandwidths of consciousness filled with information and events we can focus our attention on. There seem to be four main ones that people are tuning into, perhaps all within a given day.

I’m calling them the “US Election Channel”, the “Covid-19 Channel”, the “Personal Life Channel” and the “Observer Channel”.  I believe that all these channels are important to tune into to some degree. If you’re attempting to stay “above” the first two, thinking you’d rather not focus on anything negative, you might be setting yourself up for shock. At some point, certain events in these outer world channels may directly affect you in your life, and you’ll want to be prepared for them.

However, these channels can also create great confusion, anger and anxiety within you. It’s therefore also important to keep track of how much time you spend in them on a daily basis and to learn how to absorb the information in a way that keeps you balanced and calm. In addition, it’s helpful to remember you may be unconsciously picking up energies from these outer world channels, even though you might not put much conscious attention to them.

Let me describe each of these channels as I see them in order to demonstrate what I mean.

US Election Channel

I’ll start with the US Election Channel, as this seems to be the most confusing and anxiety-provoking one we can tune into at this point, especially as we await the result of the Electoral College vote on December 14 – or the eventual decisions made in Congress about the vote.

This channel actually has two distinct bandwidths within it – each of them filled with information that is totally opposed to that of the other, each generally calling the information given by the other one “fake”. Each side of the division is calling out “lies” by the other side, and accusing the other of trying to steal the election.

One bandwidth can generally be found on all the mainstream media outlets, and the other on alternative journalist sites online (although these are now being widely censored by google, youtube, twitter, and facebook).

For the most part, news outlets on both bandwidths avoid giving both sides of any issue they report about. True journalism as we used to know it is all but absent. All we generally hear or read is a particular narrative, backed by a set agenda to convince people of a fixed point of view. Indeed, the “news” today exhibits very clearly one of the basic third-dimensional attributes — that of polarization – the “us against them” attitude, the fixed position of right and wrong, the assertion of what is good and bad.

If you’re alert, you can realize that the lines drawn between these two agendas are no longer the political left vs right paradigm we’ve known in the past – it’s more accurately pro-Trumpers vs anti-Trumpers. Most journalists are either in one camp or the other — and avidly so.

However, there are some journalists who do attempt to stay out of this divisive tendency in their reporting. One I’ve found that does as good a job as any is the Epoch Times. It’s a site you can at least find updated news about the details of what’s happening in each of the states with contested votes.

The important thing to remember when tuning into the US Election Channel is that no matter who eventually “wins”, there will very likely be even greater disruption, violence, and general chaos than we’ve known so far.

Too many people are going to be enraged, no matter which candidate wins. It’s important  to be prepared for this in any ways that may be necessary – especially if we live in or near dense areas of population in the US.

Also, no matter which way the election ends up swinging, there seems to be a great deal of information coming out about the rampant amount of corruption that has evidently taken place in the voting process in this election – and actually within elections over many past decades. And this information will likely shock a great many people when it is revealed.

Whether you happen to like Trump or not, his legal team is promising to reveal much of this corruption. It may be proven that the Dominion voting machines used by many different states have been greatly manipulated against him. It is also being revealed that many thousands of ballots were brought to voting centers between 3-4 pm the morning of November 4, all for Biden. Many dead people somehow voted; and there’s even someone’s dog whose vote was counted – even though its owner’s vote had not yet been.

Again, it doesn’t matter whom we think should be president (if either) – the fact that great corruption appears to have occurred in the election is important to be aware of, as it is probably one aspect of the great darkness that has been running planet Earth for eons of time – and is now being revealed.

Covid-19 Channel

A second channel we can tune into, of course, is the Covid-19 one. In this channel, we are now reading about how lockdowns across world are becoming more and more severe — all this despite the thousands of doctors and scientists across the world telling us there has never actually been a “pandemic”.

Within this channel, you can focus on how the economies in the world are collapsing, how people are being disenfranchised and forced into poverty, how there are highly increasing numbers of suicides, domestic violence, and child abuse that are being reported — and how there seems no end in sight for the lockdowns.

The powerful and unrelenting divisions between the “maskers” and “non-maskers” is also very disquieting. In addition, the set positions between the “vaxxers” and the “non-vaxxers” are also strengthening, and battle lines are being drawn. Family members and friends are finding themselves on opposite sides of these debates.

But perhaps most frightening are the reports about how some countries are setting up what have been called “concentration camps” for people who have tested positive for Covid-19.

No matter which side of the debates you are on, this is scary. There has been a comparison drawn between what happened in Germany before WWII and what is happening now across the world, as we are led into greater control, manipulation and loss of our inherent rights and freedoms.

You can see how the burning of books in the 1930s in Germany can be compared to the huge online censoring of news that has been occurring lately. The Authorization Act of 1933 is now the Infection Protection Act; the Aryan Identity Card is now the Immunity Certificate … and what the Jews were back then, the mask-refusers are today.

Deep State Sub-Channel

There is a “sub-channel” that spans both the Covid-19 Channel and the US Election Channel and could be called the “Deep State Channel”. This is one you’re probably aware of; and you may know too that you can get caught in it for great lengths of time, if you choose to fully go down the rabbit hole.You can truly discover that what has been labeled “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream press is actually true conspiracy.

Although many sites and youtubes about this subject have been censored, there still are many you can visit and learn about such things as the New World Order that may have permanent lockdown as part of its plan or the “Great Reset”.

All of this information can lead you into despair and fear if you’re not careful; but it is important to be at least somewhat aware of it, as there is much evidence of the truth it reveals; and, in the times to come, much of the information may well be exposed as true.

Personal Life Channel

So then, next in my channel paradigm, there is the one we could call the “Personal Life Channel” that we all tune into every day, probably for the better part of the day – all the events and circumstances occurring in our lives, along with all the inner reactions, spiritual openings, realizations, and emotions that flow through us.

For many people, this channel has been equally as bumpy and confusing as the other channels have been. So much is happening in such a short period, and some events are extremely abrupt.

We may experience a stretch of time in which everything seems to calm down and smooth out, and we might think, “Ah, I’ve finally reached a point when very little can negatively impact me.” And then Bam! — out of nowhere, a new challenge appears. It can be a brand new issue, or one that is so old, you groan, “This again?! Haven’t I cleared this one yet?”

What you have to keep in mind is that anything arising now is on its way out. It’s leaving. You don’t have to do much with it, especially if it’s an issue you’ve done a lot of inner work around already. Do your best to not engage with it too strongly. Acknowledge it without reaction, maybe even thank it for what it’s taught you, and then do what you can to let it go.

Many people are finding that, in particular, issues with relationships are showing up. Maybe it’s with a partner or family members they can’t really relate well to anymore. Or it’s an old friend who is just drifting away. If this is happening, it can be heart-breaking; but, if a relationship isn’t working anymore for you, it may be wise to let it go.

Another experience you may be meeting on this Personal Life Channel is a sense of “Who am I anymore?” Somehow, all your old identities are being peeled away. You don’t know what you think anymore, what you actually feel about anything. You’re not sure of any of your old beliefs you used to feel so certain about. All your old reference points are gone, and you’re in a whole new landscape of uncertainty about yourself.

At the same time as all this is occurring, you may also, paradoxically, be feeling a powerful sense of joy – and for no perceivable reason. Or a profound feeling of love that makes your whole chest swell. Perhaps you’re noticing that tears are constantly near the surface of everything you’re experiencing – tears of grief, of compassion, of longing, of joy. You don’t even know what is causing them — there’s just powerful emotion passing through your body.

All these experiences are to be expected during these days, as we move into the increasingly-turbulent waters of transition into the much higher consciousness known as the Fifth Dimension.

Observer Channel

Journey of Ascension LightworkersFinally, there is what I call the “Observer Channel.” Although this is not a channel most of the population is aware of, all spiritually-awakened people have probably touched into it, either consciously or unconsciously, at one time or another.

When tuned to the Observer Channel, you find yourself simply observing all the chaos occurring on the other channels. You’re staying informed, but you’re steering clear of falling into lower emotional states in response to what is occurring on those channels.

It’s a type of paradoxical dance you’re doing – you’re involved; and yet you’re not, at least not in the reactive ways so many others are.

It’s important to understand that tuning into this channel and attempting to live within it as much as possible is not a type of spiritual bypass in which you ignore or avoid emotions and thoughts that arise within you. It’s not a form of pretending or avoiding what you consider “negative”.

Instead, you are fully aware of the other channels you tune into, as well as all your emotions and thoughts that get triggered by what’s occurring in them. And you do what you need to do to meet these with compassion for yourself and others. But you do not get caught in them or allow them to pull you into unconsciousness. As much as possible, you do your best to accept all that is occurring and to stay balanced, neutral and detached.

In order to stay in this channel, you find that you need to step out of any fixed position you may find yourself in around the triggering issues of the election, the Covid situation, or any other issues people are polarizing around. You stay fluid and open to all opinions and possible truths.

Living Above the Chaos

In essence, you are living above the chaos. When tuned in to this channel, you can easily access 5D consciousness – a wavelength of joy, peace, love, abundance, coherence and optimism. This is because this consciousness is all the more available to us at this point. And it is a choice we can make to respond to all the chaos from this higher consciousness.

We can also keep in mind that all the chaos we are experiencing and seeing in the world is temporary — it is a necessary phase we are passing through on our way to the Fifth Dimension. All that cannot go with us into this higher realm of consciousness must be left behind.

It is indeed a great challenge to stay attuned to all these channels I’ve described; and yet it seems important to do so, especially in our role of ascension lightworkers. We are here to assist humanity during these transitional times, and so it behooves us to stay informed about outer world events, attend to our own personal healing challenges, and to assist others to do the same as much as we can – all at the same time.

But this is what we are here for. And we can do it. We just need to know how to essentially live above the chaos, as we navigate our way through it.

About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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6 Responses to Navigating your Way through the Chaos

  1. Seb says:

    Hi Vidya.
    Thank you for this. I stay an observer of the C-19 and elections, but I get caught in the personal because of health issues. My central nervous system is shot because I have ME and a year ago (late October) the anxiety got triggered out of nowhere (I thought). It turns out I had a large gallstone and was put on the urgent list for 10 months because of C-19 (I’m in the UK). Then of course the whole C-19 kicked off and triggered the shut down of life as we had known it. I saw this all coming 21 years ago, but I didn’t know how it was going to happen or when, but I knew something epic was going to happen to bring about the changes. Back then I had been in a state of bliss and peace. Long story short, something happened to me out of the blue in 2003 that caused me PTSD and the ME developed from there which changed everything for me.

    So now I have the memories of the bliss and the peace (which keep me going) and I know why all this is happening on the planet so I have no fear, but it’s the personal side that I’m struggling with, the health (anxiety). I live alone and have no relationship problems etc. I had my gallbladder removed in September and that was fine, but now I’m dealing with this anxiety that just kicks off like a fire alarm when there isn’t a fire. I’m aware that there are such intense energies flying around everywhere and so not all of this is mine. I have aphantasia (can’t visualise) which makes meditation etc really difficult for me so I just tend to have fun or interesting stuff on the TV in the background to keep me from getting lost in the anxiety. I have someone in the States who does healing through Quan Yin for me in sessions, but I’m not sure they really work even though I want to believe. Maybe I’m not doing my bit right. I’m not exactly the poster person for spirituality!

    I live in the middle of a city and I don’t drive. Right now we are in another lockdown. So I do my best to keep centred and I do pray. I write stuff on FB to help others and talk to friends who call/video chat (if they’re in fear) about the bigger picture and how we are going through this chaos to evolve into a higher consciousess and we must be brave. I believe that the old stagnant and toxic foundation is crumbling as it must through all these levels of chaos (C-19, Trump and Brexshit being the main triggers right now) so that the new world and consciousness can be born as it can’t be born on the old one so it must crash and burn. Every aspect of the old ways must be cleansed or erradicated all over the world and I know something beautiful is going to come from this.

    Well, thank you again and I wish you and all of us courage, centredness and Grace in these times.
    One Love in the Light

  2. BMc says:

    WOW Vidya…another amazing post that hit me at the perfect time. I had a horrible day on my Personal Life Channel…ALL of the stuff you mentioned…like the confusion & chaos in my head…is just so overwhelming. I have no words to describe most of it. But one part stands out like a sore thumb for me: I can’t seem to find an ounce of love within myself for the last couple of weeks. It does not help that I am living in what I call The 3-D Prison…a senior housing 55+ atmosphere that already reeks of gossip…nasty people…negativity on nearly every level anyways.

    Time-wise it seems connected to the election, yet I honestly have no reaction myself one way or the other. It is what it is. I do feel that a lot of the hate I am feeling inside is from the collective…but not all of it. My anger and rage is so overpowering!! It’s actually down right scary! And I don’t want to project it back “out there”.

    I moved here a year and a half ago…and I love my 3rd (top) floor corner apartment overlooking the river with lots of birds and wildlife. It’s peaceful here. In fact, it might be the ONLY way I am Living Above the Chaos! The Universe was incredibly kind to me as this came available at a time when I had no intention of moving. The synchrony of this move was glaring. I am an HSP Introvert and a Earth/Grid Frequency Holder. On that level…I know why I am here and I have no immediate plans to move. And last night on my late-night walk I came across a deer standing about 20 yards away looking at me. We literally froze and stared at each other for 10 minutes connecting on a deep undefinable level. It was amazing! I feel love for the birds and wildlife but not the people (even as much as I try).

    Like I said…this feeling is only about 2 weeks old. I have asked for help from the Universe to take away what’s not mine (because I know that sooooooo much of this hate isn’t even mine). I try to surround myself with love & light, but I’m just not feeling very protected. It’s making me feel physically sick and I don’t know how to fix it…if there even IS a fix right now???

    I am incredibly grateful for your timely posts…today’s especially!

    THANK YOU❣️❣️

  3. Angelika says:

    Dear Vidya, this is such a clear summary. I can totally relate to all that you are writing. Well done. Thank you for holding the space of wisdom and possibility. I came from Post War Germany and my parents were young people during WW2, I find myself very sensitive to this Deja-Vu experience and sometimes want to despair. It is just so hard to believe that this is happening worldwide. I often feel like the musicians in the movie Titanic: They played to the very end. One of my CDs I have produced is called: Love Keeps Singing. That is a very appropriate message for these times. Thank you for your sharing. with much love Angelika

  4. Kathryn Rose says:

    Thank you Vidya,

    Your words of wisdom and guidance are much needed and appreciated.
    Two of my sisters Ann & Tambre have had a session with you per my recommendation and I feel it is time and in fact overdue for my session. ? I have read all of your books and we met back in Petaluma.
    I moved to Nevada and am very great full to be out of the “city”energy.
    Please let me know how many questions I can ask and how the session would go.
    Sincerely, Kathryn Rose

  5. Rhonda Marin says:

    Hello Vidya, Thank you for this conversation regarding the channels that are present during these auspicious times.i appreciate the clarity and strength of the message and the gratitude that we have the observer channel in which to flow all of the other channels through. I find this connection to source that is us a powerful stable platform in which to stand as I live with the cancer challenge and the emotional challenges of loved ones in my life. Thank you Ascension Sister…onward and upward with open grateful hearts. Love Rhonda

  6. shyla m cook says:

    This is a great piece, explains a lot! It takes some fortitude to be aware of the channels all at once, and not get sucked into the whirlpool. We have known all of this was to happen, just not how.

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