Ascension Anxiety
How Shift into 5D Consciousness

Ascension anxiety is difficult to handle.If you’re like many people these days, you’re probably dealing with one issue or another that can pull you into anxiety. It’s no wonder, with all that’s happening in the world and the stress it’s causing in people’s personal lives.

Perhaps you’re dealing with financial survival issues, or a serious physical health problem. Or maybe it’s an important relationship that’s wobbling or ending, or a past trauma or wounding that has never been resolved.

It can sometimes feel like nothing is safe anymore. You might barely catch your breath after making it through one challenge, only to find you’re having to let go of the next thing that was helping you to feel safe.

Ascension Anxiety

If you are experiencing any of this, know that this is to be expected: you are in the process of rapid ascension. You are being pushed forward into uncharted territory and having to let go of familiar situations and relationships that are not vibrating at the level of consciousness that you have now achieved.

It may seem as if your anxiety is simply due to the state of the world and how this has affected you; and, of course, this is true. But what is going on in the world is also a reflection of the ascension process of humanity as a whole. You are experiencing both your own personal ascension and also that as a member of the human collective.

ascension energies flowing inTo push the ascension process forward, there are increasingly powerful fifth-dimensional energies now streaming in that are offering great opportunity to shift into 5D consciousness and experience greater joy, harmony, peace and beauty.

But, at the same time, they are bringing up within you all patterns that are not resonant with the frequency of 5D. And they are revealing these patterns so that you can resolve and let go of them, because you cannot bring them with you into that higher dimension.

This can be seen as a type of purification, a purging of everything within you that does not resonate with the 5D frequency. It’s a challenging and uncomfortable process – but a necessary one on the journey to 5D. In one way, you just have to go through this purification process in any way you can to get through it. But there are some things that can make it easier.

Stay in the Present Moment

staying in the present momentIf you’ve ever been able to pop into the present moment during a time of emotional crisis, you’ve probably realized that this is a space of surprising safety. There’s a sense of reprieve, a feeling of pause and clarity and comfort. What has happened is that, in coming totally into the present moment, you have entered 5D consciousness, where anxiety does not exist.

It’s helpful to realize that most anxieties tend to arise out of imagined future events and situations – the danger that might happen in the future, based on your perception of what is currently happening, and what has happened in the past. They also stem from your beliefs that have developed due to a 3D sense of being separate, helpless, and alone.

Most of the time, when you pull yourself out of the imagined future scenario and take stock of the actual situation you’re currently in, you can see there truly is no actual danger you’re facing: you are not being physically endangered, you probably have enough to eat, you likely have a roof over your head, and there is nothing you absolutely have to do in that moment to ensure your safety.

Of course, there are times when those kinds of decisions do have to be made – but most times, this is not true. You really are okay in that moment. It’s just your thoughts about the possible dangers in the future that are freaking you out.

Therefore, if you can just pull yourself into the present moment and see this, you can realize that perhaps, just as you really are okay in this moment, the same will probably be true in future moments, as well.

Trusting is the Key

What this calls for, of course, is trust – trust that Source will continue to support and guide you and keep you safe. It can be huge leap of faith you may have to make; but this is what is required.

In the process of fully trusting, you enter into 5D consciousness — and you discover that whatever you need always comes to you in perfect timing in the perfect way. There’s no stress or impatience or fear. If a choice or decision needs to be made, it’s clear what it is, and you make it. You feel held in a divine safety net of comfort.

And you also discover something very important: that your only true security ever comes from Source. It does not originate from anything outside of you. Outer security, in the end, is only an illusion. And often, for you to finally discover this, all outer supports you mistakenly thought were keeping you safe may disappear, at least for a while.

Remember the Bigger Picture of What’s Occurring

Ascension is the bigger picture.Another thing that can be helpful when you’re feeling anxious, especially during these times just ahead of us, is to remember that you are in the process of making a quantum leap of consciousness into a profoundly higher dimension of reality – something that’s never occurred before on Earth.

This is no easy leap; indeed, it’s monumental. Take a moment to really take this in:

You are participating in an immense transformational shift taking place in humanity’s evolutionary process. You’ve come into embodiment during these times to do just this.

But what this involves is neither simple nor easy. You are in the middle of shifting out of identification with your 3D self – an identity you’ve likely had for thousands of years since the Fall of Consciousness. This is your “ego-personality self”, an identity which is essentially composed of your body, your rational mind, and your emotions.

This identity also holds all your beliefs about yourself, about the reality you’re living in, and everything you think you know and believe to be true on a spiritual level. It’s a very limited identity that has kept you in a realm in which fear, anxiety, polarization, judgment, self-doubt, and guilt exist.

From this identity, you are now in the process of shifting into another very different one, your 5D Self – a multi-dimensional Self, a gloriously-awake eternal Being that exists in an entirely new reality. Shifting out of an identity you’ve had for so long into something so radically different and unknown – although exhilarating in some ways – can also be really frightening because of all you have to let go of in the process.

Humanity is taking a quantum leap in consciousness.In this quantum leap you’re in the midst of taking, you are shifting into a reality in which none of the familiar things you’re used to exist. You aren’t just taking another step in waking up gradually, as you might have in the past; you’re not simply experiencing yourself as a more “spiritual” self.

It’s not even like those incredible awakenings you’ve maybe experienced that have left you breathless and in profound bliss for days or weeks – or those shifts of consciousness you may have experienced through drugs or with gurus and teachers – as valuable as those may have been.

This shift into 5D is a shift into an entirely new reality – in which everything is changed, both within and around yourself. So keep remembering that you are in process of profound transformation. And it’s understandably going to take some painful bumps, some losses, and a great deal of uncertainty and confusion as you make such a huge shift. But if you keep focused on your destination and the purpose of all the purging and loss, you’ll see it makes it much easier to endure through it.

Have Compassion for Yourself

Remember to always, always have compassion for yourself, no matter what is happening, or what you have done or said. The issues creating your anxiety may be profoundly painful ones, some that have likely been stored in your unconscious for many years, because they were too difficult to fully experience when they happened. But know that if they are now arising, you can handle them, you can resolve them. The powerful fifth-dimensional energies available at this point are here to help you do this much more easily and more quickly than in the past.

There’s a Purpose for the Anxiety

Anxiety has a purpose.It’s important to trust that, if anxiety is coming up for you, it is pointing to something that needs to be resolved or balanced so that your ascension process can continue.

If you are going to keep moving forward in your ascension, these issues causing anxiety need to be dealt with. They’re coming up because they’re in your way – not because you’ve done anything “wrong” or you’re inadequate in any way.

The issues arising must be seen clearly for what they are, acknowledged, accepted without judgment, and resolved – and then released. There are no accidents here: your Higher Self knows exactly what is needed for you to shift into 5D, and it is bringing the unresolved traumas, woundings, miscommunications, misunderstandings, out-of-alignment relationships, and misguided actions to your attention so that they can be released.

With their release, new, clear, uplifting 5D energies can then flow into your being, raising your vibration even higher than before you had to deal with the challenge you’ve just released. And there is also room for new, high-vibrational experiences, relationships and situations to come into your life.

You are becoming a whole new Being of light.This process of loss can be especially difficult when it entails the loss of something very important that helps you feel safe in your life, such as a relationship, a job, a home, or something else that has felt essential for your well-being. And yet, if you see that something like this is already gone or is in the process of really leaving, it is wise to simply let it go.

Trust that there is something in that situation, relationship or thing that was not healthy for you, not nurturing, not supportive to your awakening process. It was holding you in a confined and limited position, creating 3D energies within you that have not been compatible with the new Being of Light that is now being birthed within you.

When you can finally let it go, then something new and exciting can come in to take its place – something more resonant with the new YOU.

Be with the Anxiety

Be with your anxiety.If anxiety continues to arise, over and over again, take the time to be with it rather than trying to avoid it or get rid of it. It’s an emotion that wants to be felt and experienced – and not judged in any way.

This entails shifting your focus out of your mind and all your thoughts – and focusing, instead, on the area of your body where the tightness or pain exists, which is usually in the gut or the chest. Take some deep breaths into this area. Put your hand over it.

In doing this, tears may come, and this can be helpful. But do your best to not get lost in pain or to wallow in self-pity. Bring your power of observation with you, and strive to both observe and to compassionately be with the emotion at the same time. Ask the anxiety what it wants. Listen and be understanding. You don’t have to resolve the issue or have any answers; you just need to be there as a compassionate, non-judgmental listener. That’s all the anxiety really wants.

When you can do this, you will feel the tightness and pain begin to relax and release. If it still doesn’t fully release, bring the anxiety up into your spiritual Heart and let it rest there in the Love. When you have fully felt and accepted it with compassion for yourself, the bodily experience of it will eventually release. And your mind will then be clearer and more able to make better decisions about the issue.

Picking up Collective Anxiety

Collective anxiety and traumaKeep aware that you are likely being affected by the chaotic and fearful collective energies in the world. Occasionally, anxiety can seem to arise out of nowhere. It has no context for you. Your life seems to be relatively okay for the time-being; there’s nothing going on that should be causing you anxiety. This can be really confusing.

If this happens, know that these spells of anxiety may not even personally relate to you; they involve something you are picking up from the collective consciousness or from people with whom you’re connected. This can often be the case if you are especially empathic.

So when you’re feeling anxious, particularly if it doesn’t make sense, the first thing to do is tune in and ask if what you are picking up is collective anxiety. If it is, you’ll find that just this questioning will begin to relieve the anxiety. And you can then do whatever you can to bring love and compassion into your awareness and release the anxiety into the Light. Sometimes asking for angelic help with this can clear your field more quickly. If it is collective anxiety you’re experiencing, it will dissipate.

This Transitional Period is Temporary

Crossing the Ascension BridgeA final thing to remember is that this transitional period we’re going through on our way into the Fifth Dimension is temporary. It’s a bridge we’re on, as the purification and transformation take place. It will not last forever.

Keep moving forward, loving yourself at every step along the way. Do your best to stay in 5D consciousness as much as possible, and be easy on yourself when you can’t help but fall into old 3D patterns. Know that you are precious and deeply loved — and that, on all essential levels, you will always, always be safe throughout your journey into 5D.

About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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How Shift into 5D Consciousness

  1. Dina Madi says:

    Thank you Vidya for your incredible support. Your words resonate so much with me and are a soothing balm for my heart. It’s 12/12/2020, I know there’s something going on energetically as I had a meltdown as soon as I woke up. This sentence basically sums it up for me: “You might barely catch your breath after making it through one challenge, only to find you’re having to let go of the next thing that was helping you to feel safe.” And I am starting to wonder just how long this bridge is as it started in 2012 for me. Thanks for being there and for making us feel we are not alone. Blessings to you and to all.

  2. Greta says:

    This divinely timed for me, thank you for the explanation and guidance. Love all the way,

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    Perfect. Thank you so much for this post. It helped me a lot.

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    Thank you Vidya, for the information and help you provide. I resonate with your posts. We are now going through very challenging and amazing changes as individuals and collective!

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