Responding to Global Violence and Chaos

resond to chaosIt’s getting a little scary now, watching the world fall into increasing chaos and further depths of violence and uncertainty.

As I explained in my last blog, “World in Transition”, this progression toward greater negativity in the world has been predicted by many sources describing humanity’s ascension process into a much higher consciousness known as the Fifth Dimension. We are in transitional times now when all negativity that cannot go into this higher dimension is arising and being revealed in order to be healed and released.

However, it’s been one thing to read in past years about the coming chaotic times; it’s another to actually begin living in them. We might have thought at one time, “Oh yeah, global violence and chaos—really, what’s new? This has been happening since the world began.”

The Intensity is Increasing

world in chaos

But now that the violence is really increasing out there, can we be so nonchalant about it? Sure, mass destruction has been happening throughout the world in various countries for decades and even centuries. But now it’s happening throughout Europe and in the US in various forms, as well—for most of us, much closer to home.

Then there’s the global financial collapse that keeps threatening to occur and the corruption at the highest levels of government we’re learning about with increasing disbelief. In addition, in the US, we’ve been witnessing circus-like presidential conventions that leave us speechless. It’s as if a particularly virulent virus is finding its way into all the social, political, and economic structures that exist on the planet.

We Are All Connected

We're all connectedEven if we’re not dwelling on all the chaos and violence occurring—or even consciously aware of any of the specifics—we are all still being affected by it. We are part of the human collective, we are all connected. It’s very difficult to not experience the suffering, anger and fear so many are feeling on some level, especially for those of us who are especially empathic.

What’s important for us to remember, however, is that our falling into suffering and fear about violent events will not help those who are being directly impacted by them. Old misguided spiritual beliefs might tell us that in order to serve, we must deeply feel the suffering of those we’re serving. But this belief is not founded in truth. Indeed, it is counter-productive to allow ourselves to drop in vibration by personally experiencing the suffering of others. Our suffering doesn’t serve anyone; we’re simply adding to the suffering that is already present in the world.

And further, entering into the insane political battles occurring in the US with an us-vs-them attitude—or with fear, anger or despair—does nothing to alleviate that situation either.

Creating a Positive Field of Consciousness

We need to live in our 5D bubbles.It is challenging to stay above the fray and not get involved. But to be effective lightworkers, we need to watch our old 3D habit patterns that can pull us into lower vibrational energies. The way we can best serve during these times is to keep ourselves in as high a consciousness as possible. And to emanate this higher vibration out into the world.

This involves responding from this field of higher consciousness no matter what may be happening around us on the rest of the planet. We all know the main qualities of a high spiritual consciousness: love, harmony, beauty, compassion, peace, dignity, respect, well-being. Just reflecting on these sorts of qualities is a start. Even simply saying the words to ourselves can have a surprisingly positive impact.

But it can be especially effective if we can draw the vibration of the words through our bodies and energetically feel them fully. What we deeply feel and focus on is what flows from us out to the world—and also what we receive back.

Remaining in the Witness

Remaining in the WitnessIf we can create this field of positive energy within and around us, then when we read or hear about the next atrocity that is occurring in the world, we can attempt to take it in simply as information—but remain in the position of the Witness or Observer.

We can understand that the next thing arising to be healed on the earth has now occurred, and we can send Light or prayers to those involved. But we need not take in their pain and suffering into our own being. We can instead remain in the personal field of consciousness we have created for ourselves.

This isn’t always easy, as we can be caught unawares by certain news that stabs like a knife into our heart or plunges us into a field of collective fear and anger. But, with practice and clear intention, we can do it.

It may initially take some time to create a positive field of consciousness that is easily accessible within us even when we’re under great stress. It may take a daily practice of meditation of some kind to develop it, at least for a while. But when we do this, it can become a kind of “Home” within us, a default state of awareness that we naturally fall back into at any time.

And then, from that consciousness, we can send prayers and divine light the most effectively without any negative emotions attached. This can be done with even greater impact, as has been shown dramatically in research, if we can actively envision peace and healing on the earth while in a group setting.

It’s No Longer a Choice

choosing a changing worldIn the past, developing this higher state of consciousness has been a sort of choice, a preference that those of us on a path of awakening could make. Now it is becoming more essential, especially if we know we are here this time to assist humanity in making the shift into fifth-dimensional consciousness.

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  1. A great and timely message. You have a gift for putting this transition into simple terms.

  2. Ally G L says:

    Thank you for your practical and supportive advice which gives us a chance to respond rather than react to the shocks and apparently relentless aspects of the changes we are experiences.

  3. Paul says:

    I second Darren’s message.

    Thank you Vidya

    Love, Light & Blessings


  4. Rayeanna says:

    Beautiful clarity! Love the reminders of these predicted times vs actually living while they are happening. Thank you for such an important message reminder about having empathy & compassion vs taking on suffering to be assistive to humanity.

    Love & light to you Vidya

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