We are Living in Two Realities

During these strange and wild times we’re currently living in, one interesting thing you can discover is that there really are two very different realities available to us now.

Depending on your frequency and how much you choose to be aware, you can notice how very different your experiences can be from day to day, both internally and externally. And that you’re probably actually flip-flopping back and forth between two realities.

3D Reality

One reality is the old, familiar one in which increasing amounts of chaos, disruption and division in the world are occurring, and you sometimes find yourself really reacting to it.

In addition, you probably also find yourself facing profound challenges in your personal life at times, and you’re reacting to them with either despair, fear or rage, or some combination of these. Other times, in this reality, it just feels kind of boring, nothing new happening, kind of flat. It’s clear, of course, this is the reality we can call 3D.

5D Reality

And then, the other reality is one that can suddenly appear, seemingly for no particular reason. It’s the one in which all the external chaos may still be happening, but you’re somehow not focused on it.

Everything seems to be going very smoothly for you in your life, and you’re feeling happy and peaceful – even at times, excited and full of fun and adventure. You feel greater clarity about your life, a lack of self-doubt and anxiety.

When in this reality, you may find yourself suddenly struck by the beauty you see around you in the world. Or, out of the blue, you are filled with profound love for people – or all of creation, feeling a sense of total oneness with all that is. You find that synchronicities – even miracles – are occurring for you. You are easily provided with things you didn’t even realize you needed, even before you need them.

And, even if things are a little rough in your life, you nonetheless realize you’re feeling stronger, more awake, and less reactive than ever before. You’re somehow learning to deal with challenges in a much more peaceful and effective way.

Shifting between the Two Realities

This reality may not be the full experience of 5D yet – but it is certainly the beginning of it. It’s a glimpse into it, a sense of getting a foothold into it, at least for a while.

And you can see how extremely different it is from the experience of being caught in 3D reality, especially in the way this lower dimension is manifesting these days during these transitional times we’re now passing through.

The shifting between these two experiences of reality can be kind of crazy-making. And, once experiencing the 5D reality, the falling back into 3D reality can really be a let-down.

But you can realize that your experience of one reality or the other tends to depend on the frequency you’re able to hold. You become aware that, in order to land more and more in the higher-vibration reality, your frequency needs to match it. And that you have the power to choose that frequency.

So how can you become aware of this choice when you really want to experience it?

Love vs Fear

You’re undoubtedly aware of the familiar refrain from the Course in Miracles: that we always have a choice of acting either from fear or love.

And you probably agree this is good to remember,  that it’s a real key in keeping your frequency high, thus attracting the 5D reality.

But you kind of have to stay on it, right? You can’t just think it’s a good idea and then forget about it as your life continues on, throwing challenges at you left and right. When you’re in the thick of it, it isn’t always easy to remember this wisdom.

You have to stay awake and keep conscious of your immediate reactions of hurt and anger in difficult situations and not fall into them.

At times, you need to keep aware in every moment, with every decision you make and with every person you interact with, to stay in charge of your mind and your emotions. You have to maintain your focus to make sure you’re not falling into fear.

And, actually, as wise as the love vs fear teaching is, it seems a bit too simplistic at times. It’s not always clear how to respond to situations with love: Feeling love toward whom? How to express it? What if feeling love is simply too hard to come up with in the moment? In addition, it’s not always fear we’re feeling. Sometimes it’s anger, despair, depression or even horror.

It can be helpful to have some guidelines, ways in which to approach situations that can help us find the love within us to respond with. When greatly triggered, love doesn’t always feel immediately accessible.

Here are some simple but powerful suggestions that might be helpful to do this.

Focusing on the Love You Already Feel

For instance, if you’re having difficulty in trying to find love within yourself when you’re with someone who is really challenging or irritating you, one thing that can be helpful is to first bring to mind someone you already love.

Take the time to feel that love in your heart; feel the softening of your emotions, the way your body and your mind relax with it. The love is already there with you; there’s no struggle to find or create it.

Then, when you’re really feeling the full sensation of this love, you can see if you can bring your focus to the person you’re having difficulty with. Perhaps you can realize they are a fallible human being, like all of us – probably doing the very best they can, given the situation and what they truly understand on a spiritual level. Maybe you can then feel some empathy and compassion for them and respond to them with love.

Love for Yourself

Another way to transition into a loving response to people or situations that are challenging you is to turn toward yourself with compassion.

All too often, you can fall into judging yourself or even feeling self-hatred when you’re in difficult situations. And this is what is making it hard for you to respond with love to the situation or person you’re in conflict with.

If you can find the wisdom within you to see that you, yourself, are doing the very best you can, given the situation and the wisdom you hold, you can be aware of the sense of compassion for yourself that will well up inside you. During these times when ascension is really challenging you, when all your unresolved traumas are surfacing, and grave uncertainties in your life are developing, you really do deserve compassion, understanding, patience and support from yourself.

Once you can begin to experience this self-love, then compassion and understanding have an opportunity to blossom in you in your response to whatever or whoever has been troubling you.

The Magic of Gratitude

Yet another focus that can be greatly helpful when you’re finding it difficult to respond with love is to turn toward gratitude for anything and everything in your life.

It can sound trite, but if you’ve ever tried this, you can see how powerful a feeling of gratitude can be when you’re feeling despairing or full of outrage at what life is dishing out.

It may seem at first like you’ve got nothing to be grateful for; but, if you just stop to contemplate it, you can realize there is probably a great deal. So much more could be hitting you – so many more tragedies that other people are experiencing, so many more serious difficulties you could be facing.

Once a sense of gratitude begins filling you, love isn’t far behind. You can feel your vibration rising and be aware of how to approach the difficult situation in a higher- frequency way.

The Power of Trust

Moving into trust is yet another powerful decision you can make when you feel yourself reacting with fear or other low-vibrational responses to life. In the end, it is what is going to pull you through these times.

As crazy and frightening as things can now get, as the third-dimensional world continues to collapse, it’s important to keep remembering that this must occur so the new world can arise out of its ashes.

And as scary as your own personal experience of dismantling can get, the same thing is true: your 3D identity has to be let go of, so your full fifth-dimensional Self can come  fully onboard. Trusting the process is what you have to finally come to. And in doing this, you are then open to experiencing the new reality that is now increasingly available to us.

About Vidya Frazier

Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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4 Responses to We are Living in Two Realities

  1. Betsy says:

    Thanks Vidya!

    Question: Can the switching from 3D to 5D also include physical symptoms?

    I’m almost 72. I have days when my body feels old & stiff like I’m 90…yet others when it feels young, vibrant & alive…sometimes with mysterious new feelings of body energies! This happens without any changes in diet, exercise or mindset! It’s very puzzling 🤔

  2. Rozanna Herring says:

    Thank you so much for these comforting and timely words Vidya. Just what is needed. Blessings.

  3. Guncha says:

    Thank you Vidiya, right timing as always. It us challenging but exiting time, to be alive.

  4. Mimma says:

    Hi Vidya, great article, useful guidelines, thank you🙏🏻
    I find myself 100% in that story: in, out and between🤪
    I’m happy to recognize though, that almost every day I feel
    more stable in the 5D❣️ I’d like to share with you and everybody
    else here, that I made a “quantum leap” when I started asking
    MYSELF to LET GO of 3D – HABITS and addictions!
    This process starts immediately and clearing goes
    instantly❣️ And… suddenly you FEEL FREE like
    never before❣️Such a GREAT feeling❣️
    Let us all do our best in stabilizing our 5D HOME
    Again, I appreciate your words and valuable advices.
    Stay in the 5D 😍healthy, happy and loved💗

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