What is The Event?

The Event may be happening very soon.The following is a chapter from my latest book, Triumph of the Light: Story of Humanity’s Enslavement and Impending Liberation. I am posting it here, as it outlines what will likely be the most important event to occur within humanity’s evolution to date. And there are some indications that it may be happening at some point in the near future.

It’s been called “The Event” and it involves a quantum shift of consciousness that will affect all of us in profound ways we can only now imagine. If you have already read and heard about The Event, let this be a summary and reminder for you. If not, it can serve as an overview for you to begin more research on your own.

Being aware of The Event will prepare us to understand what is occurring when it happens, and it will also help us to benefit from it as much as possible. We will also be in a better position to assist others who may be confused and even frightened when it occurs.

* * * * *

The Event

Chapter 16

By now it’s abundantly clear that the ascension process is not simply an inner shift we’re each making into a higher vibration as individuals. It definitely is this, and each of us needs to attend to whatever that might mean on a personal level for us. But ascension also includes a process all of us are going through together as a collective group. And this process, as we’ve seen, is both vast and multi-layered with gradual events occurring on different dimensions.

And yet some say this process may soon erupt into a single powerful event that will become both the end of a long, long era in human history – and also a new beginning. David Wilcock and author Gordon Asher Davidson have used the term “the Day of Revelation” to describe this event. Cobra has simply called it “The Event”, a term that has caught on with a great many people.

Much of what you’ll read in this chapter about The Event may sound fantastical to you – too strange and perhaps too good to be true. This is understandable. But, as always, I encourage you to simply take the information in and see if it resonates with you on a level deeper than your mind. Just accepting the possibility of what is being described here about The Event can help prepare you for it, should it indeed occur.

What is The Event?

What is The Event?Both Wilcock and Cobra tell us that The Event will be the sudden beginning of the collective ascension process. It will initially manifest with a “galactic pulse”, a solar event that is said to occur every twenty-six thousand years or so. This pulse will release a blindingly bright light arriving directly from the central sun which in the past has triggered a mass ascension (a quantum leap in spiritual evolution) on Earth each time it’s occurred.

As an avid scholar of ancient texts, Wilcock claims that this phenomenon is described in the Bible and in Zoroastrian, Hindu, Greek and Roman texts, and that 35 ancient cultures hid the science of this cycle in their mythologies. He adds that there is now scientific data and also insider testimony that support this idea of a solar pulse event.

According to both Wilcock and Cobra, when the galactic pulse happens, it will start a process of transforming matter, energy, consciousness and biological life as we know it. The incoming energies from the pulse will begin to flow through the energy field of all humans as a palpable “wave of love”. Everyone will have their own individual experience of healing, release of the past, and inner transformation. But also, there will be a general rise in consciousness of all humanity on the planet.

Directly After the Event

Cobra explains that for the first few hours after the solar event, the Resistance Movement will take over all satellite and communication stations in the world, through which we will be able to receive information about what is occurring. Disclosure about the secret space programs and the crimes of the Cabal will be broadcasted on TV channels.

He further claims that intel packages of disclosure have already been downloaded into the computers of major newspaper agencies around the world. Videos have also been prepared. In addition, messages will appear as pop-ups on countless computers.

Mass Arrests

Mass arrests will be taking place soon.According to a number of sources, part of what we’ll be seeing very soon after The Event is a series of mass arrests of the Cabal, who will be taken into custody and held until trials can take place. Within this group will be members from both political parties in the US Congress. We will be assured that they will be prevented from ever having access to positions of power again. Gordon Davidson adds that, in the meantime, the executive, judicial and military will be in charge, although some Superior Court and other justices will be removed.

Global Currency Reset

Once the mass arrests have been accomplished, another momentous occurrence reportedly will take place – a reset of our global financial system. There is a group known as “the Eastern Alliance” which will put this in place. This group is also referred to as the “Chinese Elders”, ancient Chinese families who, through their benevolence and wisdom, have been planning the financial reset for quite a while and have been waiting for right timing to put it in motion.

It is said that the new financial system will include the provisions of an act named GESARA, an acronym for “Global Economic Security & Reformation Act”. This act is designed, among other things, to reset the planet and humanity on a foundation of sustainable governance and benefit everyone on the planet through a global currency reset (the GCR). It will put the entire global economy back on the gold standard. When implemented, it will affect all 209 sovereign nations in the world.

Suppressed Technologies Released

Natural abundance will be restored to everyone on the planet.As this reset happens, free energy technologies and products will also gradually be released to the public, and everyone will eventually have access to natural, renewable sources of energy. Other important technologies developed in the secret space programs which have been suppressed by the Cabal will also be released.

All this will ensure that the natural abundance of this planet will be distributed to everybody, and our eco-systems will eventually be restored. In time, as the earth recalibrates back to its originally-created frequency, organic food and clean water will be easily available to all.

Included in the new technologies will be those which provide healing on all levels. Humanity will finally have the opportunity for true healing, both physical and psychological. In particular, there will apparently be “healing chambers” that will be available to the general public. We will still go through an aging process but it will be a much easier experience.

Inner Healing Made Easier

Inner healing will be easier after The Event.Cobra continues to assure us that, with the removal of the Archons from the inner planes, their interference with human relationships will disappear. Many of the old conflicts and dramas which now exist, especially those between men and women, will diminish and unconditional Love will prevail. War will be obsolete.

However, even once the Event has happened, we will all initially still be involved in our individual ascension process, releasing our old third-dimensional habit patterns. Although the Event will give us a collective boost in vibration, reportedly only a small group will make their full ascension into the Fifth Dimension at that time. Most people will continue on with their ascension process.

Nonetheless, it will be a whole lot easier. After the Event, there will be a lot of energy support from the Galactic Central Sun to help us shift into 5D consciousness. The Event will also make it much easier to develop psychic abilities, such as telepathy and clairvoyance. The Light Forces will give guidance and instructions on these tools natural to 5D consciousness.

First Contact

First contact will happen soon.We are told that at some point when enough people on the planet are able to comfortably accept the reality of ETs, Beings within the various galactic civilizations who have assisted us in the liberation process will reveal themselves in an event known as “First Contact”. Over time, humanity will eventually be ready to become co-partners in the Galactic Confederation and be able to connect with other sovereign races throughout the galaxy.

                                      Not Everyone will be Ascending

However, as may be obvious as we consider the whole of humanity at this point, not everyone will be making the shift toward 5D consciousness at the time of the Event. The anticipated solar event will require a shift which will prove to be too much for those people who are not ready to ascend at this time. If they haven’t already left the planet by the time of the Event, they will leave at the time it occurs or soon thereafter. At death they will be taken to another part of the universe still functioning in the Third Dimension where they can continue their soul evolution.

It’s Just the Beginning

Although abrupt in some ways, the Event is not going to be a sudden miraculous shift that changes everything overnight. It is simply the beginning of a gradual process which will eventually result in a much higher consciousness for humanity as a whole and a better physical, psychological and spiritual existence for everybody. In essence, it will be a transition from a 3D-4D world to a 4D-5D one.

At some point, all of humanity will eventually be functioning in 5D consciousness. Although it will take a while for everyone to make this shift, the Event will be the initial boost to get the process in gear and make it a lot easier for us to make the shift.

When Will the Event Happen?

The New Earth is already here.Of course, everyone wants to know when the Event is going to happen. No one speaking about it can give a concrete answer, as so much is still unfolding, and the ever-present factor of free will makes it difficult to predict anything for certain.

Although presenting a somewhat different scenario from that of Cobra for the Day of Revelation, Gordon Asher Davidson concurs with him that all is being very carefully planned and orchestrated by the Light Alliances so that the shift will be universal, seamless and easily accepted by people across the world. He states that the timing will be determined by a large number of factors, including energetic astrological alignments, final preparation and readiness of new systems to be put into place, and the openness and demand of humanity for deep and true transformation in the world.

Also it seems clear that the Event cannot occur until the Light Forces have been absolutely victorious – until all the dark ET-run forces are completely eliminated from our planet. It’s also necessary that the grid circling the Earth keeping us in quarantine be completely dismantled.

As we’ve seen, this is happening fairly rapidly at this point, late 2017. Also, according to Cobra, liberation includes the elimination of the beings known as the Archons existing on the inner planes who have been controlling humanity through their manipulation of the karmic process and the implants and other AI technology they have employed to impede humanity’s spiritual evolution.

One of Wilcock’s insiders said to him, “The event you expected to happen in 2012 will more likely occur in 2017”. Corey Goode states that his intel indicates it will more likely occur sometime between 2018 and 2023.

Even if it takes that long, it is definitely an event worth waiting for. Ascension into the Fifth Dimension is what we are all here for. A few more years will whiz past us, just as the last few years have. And, who knows? The Event could happen tomorrow.

Do you feel prepared for it?

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Vidya Frazier is the author of four books on the subject of Ascension: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Ascension: Embracing the Transformation, Triumph of the Light, and The Ascension Lightworker's Handbook . As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.
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15 Responses to What is The Event?

  1. Holly Davis says:

    At the age of 62 and lifer in this shift I’ve noticed that every so often, maybe 6 years or so someone does this, gets people pumped up for an event to happen soon, then it doesn’t happen and depression sets in for those that believed them. The event has already occurred and is now occurring and will continue to occur. There’s a lot of misinformation, both intentional and unintentional. Setting someone’s sights away from now by saying an event is coming soon keeps them from seeing that it’s already happened, it’s here now, it’s taking place now. THIS is it. We’re in it. It’s miraculous. Rather than sticking your antenna up for information, be quiet, be still, and listen with your inner self. Light is love, not information, information will continually keep you ‘not there.’ The path is so simple, no information is required, simply be quiet, be still, and listen to your inner self and follow it’s direction. Each person’s inner self knows the path for that person. Someone else’s path or information keeps you from your final step, being totally sovereign by aligning with your inner self (some people call it higher self, soul, divine spark). You’re moving into higher and higher vibrations, being sovereign, in love, will allow you to dance in these higher vibrations. The easiest and most fun path is not by trying to master, control or learn metaphysical laws, which don’t apply here; it’s to surrender, take a deep breath, and surrender to this present moment, go within and ask you’re inner voice how to proceed, now, today, and don’t let fear keep you from following it.

    • Carol howatt. says:

      Lovely way of expressing how you see and experience this new life, thanks for sharing. This helped me to more easily,patiently move with the flow.

    • Betsy McCullen says:

      Oh Holly…I love this!! I’m 67. I’ve been very spiritual most of my adult life, but I’m fairly new to Ascension. The whole idea of “waiting” for something to “happen” kept me from seeing what’s happening NOW. Why am I only just seeing this!?! I’m sure it’s because NOW…I’m ready ? I woke up this morning feeling so FREE and so much different. A definite shift has happened within me! I came to Vidya’s site…not really knowing why. I was drawn to stuff I’d never read before. I’m sure some of it was because I just wasn’t ready to know it yet…and the fact that I just finished “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle (yes…I’m a late bloomer ?) over the weekend which really opened my eyes! I feel like this amazing shift is happening inside me. I suddenly see the world and everything around me differently. Thank you for sharing your post❣️

    • Annette says:

      Holly I totally agree with you!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you Holly for sharing your thoughts, it really helps me a lot of the journey I am going through! You are SO RIGHT about the shift is happening now and we need to align with our higher self for guidance. Truly, there can’t be a sudden moment where everything will be just different, it’s a gradual process and occuring now and will keep occurring till we are healed from life times of 3D experiences.

    • Grant Miller says:

      Holly , I send you love. Your take on “the event” is…shall I say less romantic, less imminent and fantastic, but surely more realistic. I found Vidya’s article by searching “what is the event” and while I really enjoyed it, the idea that it is “coming” certainly causes some looking “out there” and into a hopeful point in the future. I really enjoyed Vidya’s article, but I also really appreciate your refocus to the here and NOW! We may have BOTH!.. “the event” that is a process of years, AND made up of momentary events!! I love it!

  2. shyla cook says:

    Hi Dear Vidya!,
    And the BEAT goes on. I relish your most wonderful blogs. They solidify and confirm those things included in my present studies. What a great time to be alive and witnessing it all! I send you gratitude and blessings, Love~Shyla

  3. rob prescott says:

    Kryon has offered that we control our own reality and can drop our own karma.

    Say: “I drop my karma, I am in control, I do not have any more karma that would create bad things occurring in old souls.”

    Add this great affirmation: “Dear Akash, Dear Higher Self, Dear Innate, Dear Corporeal Structure, listen, there is no fear of enlightenment in me, because now I am in an energy that supports me instead of one that was against me; the fear belongs to the old energy, not this energy- I Am Free.”

    We can co-create our own micro-Event by collectively meditating, such as participating in the daily Global 8000 Guided Meditation led by Jared Rand. ( info at https://vimeo.com/257020578 or conference call at 3 pm EST 641.715.0857, access code 303471#) or by following Blossom Goodchild’s Game Changer Project at https://youtu.be/3cUD63O3fyw

    There is a new paradigm not using tools of the old energy and there already is a new frequency that one can tune into by just affirming that “I will allow for new things to come in.”


  4. ViCOROB says:

    Thank you so much Gina!! have a nice day

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  9. Conn says:

    I want to see this. I want to be free. Now!! No more worry. No more stress. Complete peacefulness everyday. I want to see the beauty and everything like all of you. I want my health I want unconditional love with everyone. I want to open up. How do I open up?

  10. The Empath says:

    I have always been able to see what life here could have been, what should have been, what would have been, without all the manipulation. All the forus on empty material crap, people willing to step on one another to get to the top of some imaginary mountain, only to find, the emptiness remains, so they find another mountain in hopes it will finally bring them the completion for which they long for, yet it never does. All the while they are neglecting the very things that have the only hope of offering what they are searching so desperately for and that is the real life connections with other living souls.

    I came to the realization at the age of 12 or 13 that I was not like everyone else, that I did not belong here, this is not home and will never be home, either I was here by accident, or there was a specific purpose for my being here, having no idea what it could possibly be, I wanted desperately to know because I have been homesick my entire life, I wanted to get it over with. I knew who I was, I knew what was in my heart and I knew being me, was never going to be to my benefit, I don’t play games, wear masks, I say what I think, I always try to be fair and honest and I always try to see the good in people, I have a need to believe people for the most part good. I give people the benefit of the doubt and I can be blind to people’s negative intentions towards me up until the point that I have concrete proof, leaving no room for doubt what their intentions are and once they do that, there is no going back and (honestly this cost me approx $600k which was pretty much everything I had due to someone I considered family for 20 yr, playing the role of the overprotective parent I never had, the only one in my life who up until then really promised and honestly acted like they truly loved me unconditionally, only to find out in the end, it was all a con, I really do not want to go into it, but this person, when it all was exposed, was responsible for far more loss in my life, of far more profound meaning, then the simple loss of the money he stole. I lost custody of my son to his father because I stood by him when he was in trouble with the law, which drug me into being charged as well, believing he was as completely bewildered as I as to what any of it was about or why it was happening, luckily for me, the charges were dropped, they never re-filed on me, but they did on him, enough about all that, I am so tired of telling the story) In regards to him, honestly, I wholeheartedly believe he has nothing to offer anyone on this planet but grief and I believe I would be completely justified no matter what I do to him, he is the one who decided to play this game, he should be prepared to deal with the consequences, only I can’t find him. Yes, I have tried the courts, spent about $12k having all the documents drawn up to sue only to find when they went to serve him he was gone and top of all of that, the last time I called him, when I realized what he had done, I called him and threatened him in a voicemail, after all of that, he actually tried to have me arrested for terrorist threat. I have tried to report what he has done to the sheriff, he has stolen countless personal items, sentimental ones, they police would not even take the report. I have reported him to every agency I could think of that I had a legitimate reason to do so, disability, elder abuse, using his nursing license to prey upon elderly women, you name it, nothing came from it, so, I can’t honestly think of anything I could possibly do to him that is too extreme, he has nothing to offer anyone.

    Some people I know think I am an idiot, I do not share their sentiment, honestly, I can’t for the life of me see what the purpose is in this life, if after twenty years of knowing someone, them always being there when I need them, even when I do not ask, them bending over backwards, always going overboard to make sure was safe and always making sure I made it home safe, etc.
    Long deep conversations (I hate small talk), if after twenty years of bonding (strictly platonic) I can’t truly trust someone with my life, I fail to see any point in life, period, I do not get it, I flat out, see no purpose in anything if it appears there is no hope of truly finding someone you can trust on that level. I have spent my entire life searching for someone I could trust to the extent I know I can be trusted and it does not seem to exist.

    I feel the pain in the world, I used to think it was my own, it took me a long time to figure out it wasn’t, but it is always there and it only gets’ worse, I observe the world constantly from the outside looking in, who is truly happy? Not many, to me it seems simply, yet people make it so twisted, confusing and complicated because they are all for the most part chasing after emptiness.

    I have spent a large portion of my time focused on what I consider to be the least traumatic way to exit this life, not really wanting to be dead but flat out not wanting to be here anymore, longing for wherever home is because I know it is not here, and I know it is filled with others like me, where I am safe and we all rejoice in each others happiness, so of course this “Event” sounds like a dream come true but to be honest, the true malice that I know to be in far to many people’s hearts these days, I just do not see it being possible for a large portion of souls here on this planet and quite honestly, people like my step dad, I do not think they deserve it. I see liars, cheats and con artists, deliberately, making victims out of others, they always take the easy road, most people have no concept of how much more difficult the road is being honest and telling the truth, even when you know it is not in your best interest to do so, because, at the end of the day, I have to live with myself.

    They are now after the kids with these God awful concoctions, I am pleading with parents not to vaccinate their kids, I would give my life to save them but what can I do? I know what is coming, this world is going to be one dark place to exist. Children and adults, suffering, children dying, some orphaned, the parents that remain will for the most part will be watching their children suffer miserable deaths leaving the parents no will to live when they realize, what they have done. I can’t, I won’t, I don’t even know how to live in a world full of so much pain, I do not want to watch the life slowly fade away from my two grown children either. I have spent twenty + years trying to rattle the cages every way I could think of to wake people up, to try to be an instrument that would help stop this all from happening to compensate for the guilt I feel for bringing kids into this world for what it appears to be having a future not worthy of the effort it takes to get out of bed every day. So I find it dangerous given the current situation to believe in fairy tales and happily ever after when their is such a monstrosity of evil threatening the lives of every last living thing on this planet. Last night, I spent hours outside, looking up to the heavens, begging to be removed from this mess & pleading for help for these children.

    I will believe it when I see it, otherwise, until then, I am plotting my escape when all else fails. I do know, within my entire being, life is just a transition, and home is on the other side.

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