Following the News
through a 5D Lens

Watching the news can be distressing.

If you’re someone who follows the news on a daily basis, you likely find it difficult to avoid feeling either angry, depressed or fearful about what you’re hearing—or all of the above. Most of the time what’s reported is somewhat distressing in one way or another.

And, to make matters worse, these negative emotions probably get absorbed into your everyday consciousness as you go about your life, dampening your whole outlook on life. It’s hard to not be affected by so many different reports of conflict, injustice and corruption occurring in the world.

So how can you continue to be someone who deeply cares and wants to know what’s happening in the world—and not get pulled down into negative emotions and the sense of powerlessness that tends to accompany them?

It seems to require a certain amount of deep understanding, both about what is actually going on in the world, and about yourself and how you get drawn into negativity with what is occurring.

Beliefs about Compassion and Suffering

Having compassion doesn't demand suffering.First, it can be helpful to be aware of any beliefs you may have about how an intelligent, aware, and compassionate person “should” feel in hearing about terrible events or conditions in the world that are affecting people.

Often, in childhood, we learn that in order to be a good, compassionate person we need to deeply feel the suffering that others go through—that suffering with those in pain will assist them and will somehow make us a better person.

If you explore this belief for a moment, you can see that there isn’t any real truth in it. Your upset and disturbance for people starving or being bombed don’t actually do anything to help these people. Nor does anger you may have about decisions the current administration is making change what’s happening.

Of course, if you are moved to actually go into action to bring relief to people in danger or suffering, or know you can at least try to change the minds of politicians in power, then perhaps. Feeling the suffering or anger just enough to move you into positive action can be beneficial.

But most of the time there really isn’t anything much you can do for those experiencing conflict in the Middle East or hunger in Africa—or those affected by decisions made by people running a country. So, somehow, an old conditioning of guilt can move in—and unconsciously, you shift into the suffering of depression, anger or fearfulness in an attempt to alleviate the guilt.

If this is occurring, it’s important to ask: Does your suffering actually alleviate any suffering on the planet? Does it serve any positive purpose? It certainly doesn’t serve you. It doesn’t even prove that you’re a compassionate person—nor do you need proof of this. You know you are. So you don’t need to feel despair, sadness or anger for the sake of others to prove what a good person you are.

Focusing instead on keeping your vibration high with positive fifth-dimensional emotions, such as joy, love, and peace, as much as possible seems to be a much wiser and more compassionate decision to make. These energies add positivity and hope to the collective consciousness—which, in turn, will assist those currently in pain. Holding divine Light for them can also help, as can focused meditations.

Are You Actually Being Affected?

Another approach you can try in taking in the daily news from a higher vibration is to ask yourself the question: Are any of these terrible things happening in the world actually directly affecting me or my life at this time? In some cases, the answer might be yes. But most of the time, if you’re honest, you can see they aren’t actually impacting your own life.

You may argue that you might possibly be affected sometime in the future—but even this you really can’t know. At this time, the impact is all in your mind; it’s not actually real. It’s what you think it could mean about how your life or that of others might be affected at some point.

So what is the purpose of sadness, worry or anger now, when nothing is actually happening? Experiencing these emotions about something doesn’t prevent it from happening. If anything, it may even help cause it. So, again, experiencing negative emotions doesn’t help anything. It just keeps you unhappy and stuck in third-dimensional consciousness.

Recognizing the Limitations of Mainstream News Sources

Mainstream media information is limited and distorted.

A third approach to following the news from a higher perspective is to remember that the news reported through mainstream channels is generally tweaked toward constant negativity (“whatever bleeds leads”). It’s how they get viewers or readers to stay tuned—by reporting news that keeps them focused on fear and anger.

In addition, what you may not realize is that mainstream news sources are owned by just a handful of large corporations—all apparently with an agenda to keep certain Elites in power and negative forces at play. If you research the matter, you’ll find there is an agenda behind how mainstream news is reported that keeps it not only greatly limited, but also twisted to create fear and a sense of disempowerment in people.

This may sound like an extreme take on what mainstream news sources present, but there is a great deal of proof that this is so and can be found through alternative news sources on the internet.

If you look, you’ll see that increasing numbers of websites and videos online provide a much broader and more accurate account of events that are happening internationally—and that are happening at home far beneath the surface of what appears through the mainstream news.

It’s true that these alternative sources also report some very distressing news—and not all of them offer any more accurate news than the mainstream sources. As with anything these days, it’s important to practice discernment. And yet, with research and intuitive guidance, you can find some reliable sources of news that can feel a lot more accurate than what you find in mainstream news sources. It’s a matter of intention when you seek the truth about what is really going on.

Events are Turning Around

Positive global events are occurring.But the really important thing is this: Aside from becoming aware of the deeper issues going on world-wide and seeing how everything happening makes a lot more sense, what you can also find on the internet are reports of how all the terrible things that are occurring on the world stage (and in some cases have been occurring for hundreds, even thousands, of years) are now turning around.

With some research, you can find sources that indicate there are teams of “white hats” in the intelligence agencies, the military forces, and political positions in the US, as well as elsewhere, who have been in the process of battling the forces that have been controlling and manipulating people for a long, long time. And that they have recently begun to meet with success.

It is actually very exciting to read and hear these reports. You get the bigger picture of all that has been occurring—and how things truly are beginning to shift. You hear about the thousands of sealed indictments that have been accumulating over the last few months. You learn about the arrests that are probably going to be made on a broad scale. And you hear about the huge number of arrests already being made world-wide for human trafficking and pedophilia.

You also find out that an extraordinary number of CEOs of large corporations have been resigning. Something big is truly happening.

Even mainstream news is beginning to disclose some of the deeper news at this point. They are covering the investigations into sex scandals and pedophilia rings happening in Hollywood, and to some extent, those in Washington DC. And this is a good sign that mainstream media is finally beginning to disclose some of the “real” news going on.

But this emphasis on sexual harassment is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s news that will assist people to gradually get used to the darkness below the surface currently being revealed so they will be able to handle with some equanimity the even darker news that will eventually be disclosed.

Mainstream News about ETs and UFOs

UFOs are in our skies.Mainstream news is now also beginning to report news about some of the US space program secrets that have been kept for years about extraterrestrials and crafts that have brought them here. This news is actually not new, and it’s been reported on for years on the internet. But at least something on the subject is now being reported by the MSM.

At some point, the “real” news will have to emerge about the ET presence on the earth that has actually been here for millennia and has deeply impacted humanity’s history and development. This is actually very exciting information you can also get on the internet from a number of credible sources.

So, although almost everything we read or hear about that is occurring on the geopolitical scene is rather frightening and seems to be out of control—a much bigger drama seems to be playing out here. And a much more positive one than may be apparent. Learning about it all can initially demand an open mind and some courage. But it can be enlightening and uplifting, in the end.

Practicing Discernment

However, it is still important to not simply believe anything we hear or read from any source of news these days, whether it’s mainstream sources or alternative. We need to remember that unless we have direct and personal experience of something, we are only getting the information, at best, as second hand—and it may well be skewed. So it seems wise to not take anything in as truth, simply because someone is reporting it.

It also seems wise to keep our minds open and be aware of any hard and fast beliefs we may hold, especially those based in polarity and division. Although our beliefs may feel comfortable and “right” to us, they may not actually be based on truth. Truly nothing these days that seems to be happening in the world is clear-cut. Division and separation are rampant mindsets everywhere, deeply steeped in a 3D mentality.

Maintaining a 5D Consciousness

What seems to be most important for lightworkers is keeping a 5D consciousness going, no matter what may be happening—which includes keeping a hopeful and optimistic attitude about humanity’s fate as the planet shifts ever-more-swiftly toward the Fifth Dimension. In fact, a positive outlook and optimistic expectation are essential aspects of 5D consciousness.

We can follow the news through any means we choose and stay involved in it—but we need not be depressed or angry about what we learn. What we are witnessing and living through is actually a very exciting and hopeful period of time on planet Earth.



Triumph of the LightFor a deeper analysis of what is occurring below the surface of what most news sources tell us—as well as the exciting news about how all those involved in creating the corruption and manipulation are in the process of being taken out of power—you can read my newest book: Triumph of the Light.

I present all the disclosure currently happening within the positive and uplifting context of the ascension paradigm—describing how the chaos and craziness that is occurring world-wide now has been predicted by many sources for a long time. And how it is a necessary phase for humanity to pass through in its ascension to the Fifth Dimension.


The following is a short list of the many alternative websites documenting the news you might find of interest:

You may also be interested in listening to my latest video that spells out in more detail what is currently being disclosed:



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